Overview of trimmers, lawnmowers and lawnmowers from Lux Tools. Application and operating characteristics

Overview of trimmers, lawnmowers and lawnmowers from Lux Tools. Application and operating characteristics

Properties, advantages and disadvantages, properties of lux tools petrol and electrical lawn mowers

When choosing a variety of devices, people often do not take care of the selection, but simply go to the next big business. This also applies to the lawn mowers of Lux Tools that are sold in the OBI hardware stores. If you buy devices in this shop, you not only get German quality, but can also contact the service center at any time.


This is a German company that specializes in the production of various tools and has gradually expanded the range of services and products. To date, the Lux Tools catalog contains more than 20,000 different tools, the focus of which is in the areas of cars, accessories, household appliances, lighting and garden.

The most popular lawn care products are trimmer and lawnmowers. Below you will find an overview of the most popular models in this market segment of the Lux Tools brand.


If it is necessary to carry out work on small land, Trimmer of the Lux Tuls brand is ideal.

A normal fishing line is used when working with soft grass, the thickness of which is prescribed in the technical properties of each model. However, if it is necessary to cut bushes or drives of trees, a saw blade is installed.


Lux Tools B-FS-35/43b

The displacement of the petrol lawn mower from Lux Tools is 35 cm3. It supports both a knife (on e-time handle – 32 cm) and a fishing line (chamber width – 43 cm).

A comfortable bike handle makes the operating process very comfortable. Despite the solid weight of 7.6 kg, this lawnmower model is characterized by an improved maneuverability.

Petrol sensual Lux B-FS-35/43b

Petrol aisle Lux B-FS-51/43

Lux Tools B-FS-51/43

This is a more powerful representative of the Lux Tools series. Its engine has a volume of 42 cm3 and an output of 2.04 hp.

The weight of the lawn mower has risen to 9.0 hp, as well as the width of the fishing line to 2.4 mm.


Lux E-RT

This electrical sensual model is equipped with a 1 kW engine. It only works with 1.5 mm thick cord.

Electric Sense Lux E-RT

  • The working width of the Lux Tool electric lawnmower is 380 mm.
  • The deck and the body are made of plastic, which has a negative impact on the lifespan of the lawnmower.


Like other lawnmowers, Lux lawnmowers have problems. The owner of a country house will deal with typical problems with his own hands.

If, for example, the engine runs only hesitantly and not with full power, the owner should check whether the spark plug is dirty. If it is polluted, this affects the operation of the device. The candle is either cleaned or replaced. The same applies to the fuel filter or air filter. In addition, due to fuel poor quality, the engine does not reach its maximum speed. In this case, the petrol mower should be switched to another power supply.

If the device does not start, the tank may have to be filled with fuel. It is also possible that too much fuel has accumulated in the combustion chamber. Then the candle is removed from the chamber, the electrode is rubbed well.

The owner can find that the knives no longer cut the grass well. In this case, the blades must be sharpened or replaced.

According to the test reports, the Lux lawnmower testifies to German quality. A diverse selection of models does justice to even the most demanding buyer.

mowing machine

When working on large areas, it is advisable to use the Lux Tools brand, since the shoulder joint occurs quickly when using trimmer and regular fuel stops are required. The fuel tank of lawn mowers is much larger and enables them to work for more than an hour.


Petrol lawn mower Lux B&S 650 E

This mower is equipped with a 190 cm3 engine.

The entire body and the wheels are made of plastic to keep the weight of the device as low as possible, but it is still 40.5 kg due to the impressive mass of the engine.

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Petrol lawn mower lux b & s 650e

The LuxB & S 650 E lawn mower does not support mulch mode and can only carry out page ejection and collect vegetation in the grass catch box.

Petrol lawn mower LuxB-163/53 HMA

This is a clear example of a modern professional lawnmower model that has a sel f-driving drive principle. This means that there is no need to constantly press it.

The Lux Tuls 163/53 petrol lawn mower can work in three modes: side grass ejection, collect in a grass catch basket and mulch.

Petrol lawn mower LuxB-163/53 HMA

  • The engine has a volume of 163 cm3.
  • The width of a single slope reaches 53 cm and the volume of the grass catcher is 70 liters.
  • Due to the impressive technical properties, the weight was increased to 45 kg, which makes the transport process very problematic.
  • Fasen height adjustable in 6 positions: from 25 to 75 mm.


Lux Tools 1400 W

This electrical lawn mower is designed for private use and has an output of 1.4 hp.

Electric lawnmower Lux 1400 W

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The mowing width of the Lux Tools 1400 W grass mower is 35 cm, this model can easily cope with a vegetation height of 25 to 75 cm.

The volume of the soft grass fishing corb of the Lux Tools 1400 lawn mower is 40 liters and the weight 16.3 kg.

Lux Tools E-1600/37 lawnmowers

This is the average power model of the Lux Tools electricity tower. It has an engine with an output of 1.6 kW.

Lux Tools E-1600/37 lawnmowers

  • The cutting height of the lawn mower can be set in 6 positions – from 25 to 75 mm.
  • The grass catch basket is softly installed and has a volume of 40 liters.
  • To facilitate the model, a impac t-resistant plastic housing was installed.
  • The Lux Tools lawnmower has an organic soft grip that can be folded up compactly if necessary.
Lux Tools E-1800/40H

This lawnmower model has an output of 1.8 kW and is designed for working on lawns with an area of ​​up to 10 hectares.

Electrical lawnmower Lux E-1800/40H

  • The cutting width of the electrical Sense Lux Tools E-1800 is 40 cm.
  • The grass catcher is soft. Its volume is 45 liters, and there is a pointer for convenient control of the level.
  • The Lux Toolse-1800 housing is made of plastic and is subject to mechanical influences.

Battery models

Lux Toolsa 36 Li

This is the simplest battery model that is designed for private use. The capture width is 34 cm.

Lux-Tools a 36 Li grass

The Lux Toolsa 36 L i-Battery lawn can only work in the mulch mode of the rear emission and the side emission is not provided.

  • The height of the grasses is not adjustable.
  • The mass of battery mow is 18 kg.

Lu x-tools E 1400 Elektreta mowe r-design and advantages

This model is characterized by reliability and attractive modern design. It is equipped with a streamlined plastic housing that is resistant to strong blows and intensive warming.

The factory equipment of the device includes a reliable electric motor with medium performance. It is released by a low amount of intoxication and vibration and does not require complex planned maintenance. In order to communicate with the cutting body, the manufacturer has equipped the model with a lon g-lasting belt that is installed on stretch rolls. The wheel drive in the equipment of the device is not provided.

Electrical lawnmower Lux Tools E 1400

In order to adapt the height of the mowing in the equipment of the lawn mower, a handle is included with which you can configure the position of the cutting organ in one of the three available positions.

Model parameter:

  • Power – 1.4 kW;
  • Ride width – 35 cm;
  • Cutting height 2.5-7.5 cm;
  • Weight – 17 kg.

The device is equipped with a soft grass collector that is equipped for 40 liters of vegetation. It is attached to the support frame of the mowing with branded plastic clips.

The best models of lawns and trimmer Lux tools

The selection of the lawn provided by the Lux Tuls brand is very large, the most popular model for private use is the Lux Tools 1400 watt trimmer. It is easy, has sufficient performance to keep a section with an area of ​​up to 10 hectares in order, easy to wait and cheap. And what else does the owner of the suburban website need?

Motoblock Oka M B-1MM10 - model overview, properties.

If the work is done for professional purposes, the LuxB-163/53 HMA Lawn Mower is best suited. Its December is also sharpened to withstand the operating process over a longer period of time.

User Guide


The principle of service for trimmer and lawnmowers is the same with the exception of the fuel.

If the lawn mower works with a separate supply of petrol and oil, the fuel mixture must be prepared for trimmer, which is produced in a share of 1 fraction of the oil for 50 gasoline stocks.

Tw o-stroke Luxe 2T Oil Luxe 4T

As a fuel for these machines, it is recommended to use the fuel of the AI-92 or AI-95 brand. Oil must be used by Lux tools 2 Tols 4TV dependencies from the number of bars of your engine.

Experience in the use of battery models

In the battery setup, the Lux Tuls brand only has 1 model – Lux Tools A 36 Li.

With a complete charging, it can completely replace the gasoline model for 40 minutes. It takes about 2 hours to charge completely. In fast mode, the 80 % mark can be reached in 40 minutes. The delivery set contains a special prefix for the loading.

First start instructions

Before you start working on the lawn or trimmers, Lux Tuls should be examined by the user manual. It will help to understand the principle of correct and secure operation of a specific model.

First of all, it is necessary to assemble in accordance with the recommendations of the operating instructions, then fill in the fuel (or the fuel mixture) and to have the machine worked for 2-3 hours at minimal loads. During this time, the engine parts are thoroughly lubricated and start working as a whole.

Make sure to let the remaining oil or fuel mixture at the end of this mode.

When working on Lux Tools lawn mowers, protective clothing should be worn: tigh t-fitting suit, gloves, protective glasses and closed shoes.

Petrol sensual Lux B-FS-35/43b

Main disorders

The task of each owner is to know the possibilities to remedy the most common malfunctions. After all, it is expensive to contact a service center every time, and it makes no sense because it is as simple as peeling pears.

If the engine is not running:
  1. Empty fuel tank (refuel);
  2. The contact on the spark plug loosens (clamp the clamps stuck);
  3. Excess fuel in the combustion chamber (remove the spark plug and wipe the electrode);
  4. The spark plugs have increased (set distance according to the operating instructions);
  5. Bad fuel quality (drain and fill it up).
The engine does not develop a maximum speed:
  1. Dirty spark plug (clean or replace);
  2. Little or bad fuel (refill or replace);
  3. The fuel or air filter is dirty (cleaning);
  4. Wrong carburetor setting (contact customer service).

Lux tools electricas mower operating instructions

Lux tools gasoline lawn mower operating instructions

Lux Tools Freibneider Operating instructions

Properties of lawnmowers from the Lux brand

Both petrol and electric machines for mowing the lawn, mowing the grass are available under the product range of the brand. Production is largely open in the People’s Republic of China. However, the manufacturer reports on constant quality controls and the inadmissibility of defects. The company’s specialists offer devices for private farms as well as for public supply companies and large companies that work towards agriculture.

The device for the included lawnmowers is almost of the same type. The body stands out among the elements, the loa d-bearing structure on which the engine can be seen. A tool is attached to the engine like a knife. The knife turns during operation and mows the plants. The air stream presses the cut grass into the grass catch basket. In addition, the air finds its way outside and the grass stays inside. All models of the brand are equipped with a green tank. Tanks are mostly larg e-volume – from 40 liters. There are models with a 70-liter fan basket. The tank is made of plastic with fabric insert. The grass catch basket is removable and foldable.

The use of a roundabout founder in the garden

Important! The models of Lux Tools have an adaptation of the amount of the mowing plants. The performance varies in different cases – from 1200 to 1800 watts.

The mowing width of the area also varies and ranges from 35 to 53 cm. The manufacturer focuses on adapting the performance to the width display.

Lux lawnmower

The difference between electric models and Lux ​​petrol lawn mowers lies in the closed top. The electro on the body has a handle used to move the machine. Petrol copies have no such grip. The top is open to keep the engine cool.

The management bodies are quite ergonomic. The pens on all models are as strong as possible. Your size can be set. They develop without effort. There is a knife electric camera for convenience. The gas lever is developed in the upper part of the handle. It goes on the handle.

The characteristic of a series of Lux lawn mowers contains information about models in which additional functions are available. For example mulching function. In this case, the designers added a special nozzle to the device. As a result, the owners of country houses had the opportunity to heal the lawn.

With the nozzle, the grass, which has landed in the grass collector, is carried out again on the blades, which are also thoroughly crushed. Next, the mulch is placed on the lawn to cover it evenly. At the same time there are not pieces of plant in the grass, but immediately on the base.

Another additional function – if desired, the owner of the location can configure the device for the use of grass. But plants do not fly to one person, but to the side.

Further information. Thanks to the mulching of the lawn, the territory does not dry because the mulch contains moisture in the soil. Such green areas look healthy and have a rich emerald salad color.

Among the copies for sale from Lux Tuls, there are sel f-drawn and no n-sel f-proceedings. Sel f-propelled models are shown in a number of machines with combustion engines. 4 wheels are made of plastic with rubber profiles. However, some owners of the Lux technology complain about scrolling the wheels in raw weather due to modest size.

Check the trimmer of the Brand Forest. User Guide. The main disorders

The Forester Company is a subsidiary of Russian Holding Guard Training. This organization has been supporting domestic manufacturers for more than ten years. Forester products are one of the youngest on the Russian market for garden tools and equipment. In addition to maintaining the domestic market, garden training adapts the products of foreign companies that are not known in Russia. Despite the fact that this brand is little known, many buyers prefer it to other domestic manufacturers.

Garden technology TM Forester is shown by electrical and petrol tools, including trimmer. Most gas koculuscs of this brand are designed for domestic use. It is worth noting that many companies acquire forester equipment for refining parking zones, public locations, etc.

Petrol trimmer and benzosos

The petrol cutter of the forester is shown by five models, which are distinguished by external (structural) and internal (technical) properties.

Trimmer Forester 254

This is a small model of the house class. A characteristic of the model is a curved bar that is designed for working with greater safety and more convenient for the operator. A fishing line is 2 mm thick as a cutting element. The width of the mowing is 38 cm. The model is provided for processing a territory with an area of ​​up to 900 m.

Trimmer Forester 254

The device is based on a petrol engine with two stroke. A distinction can be made between the additional functions:

  • electronic ignition system;
  • Vibration deviation mechanism;
  • A simplified system for replacing air filters.

Trimmer Forester 304

Similar to functionality and technical properties with the previous model. Significant differences are:

  • the presence of a primer;
  • the ability to adjust the position of the handle, on this model it has a J-shape;
  • straight collapsible pole;
  • engine power 1.3 hp;
  • increased line width (2.4 mm);
  • the ability to use a bladed knife;
  • the possibility of replacing the lubricant of the gearbox.
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Trimmer Lesnik 304

The Lesnik 304 trimmer is one of the company’s most popular petrol mowers.

Motokosa Lesnik 305

The gardening equipment market offers customers a wide range of affordable models of various equipment. The Lesnik 305 trimmer is an inexpensive, lightweight household model. The device is recommended for mowing grass and small shrubs. The engine power is 960 W, the volume of the fuel tank is 0.6 liters.

Motokosa Lesnik 305

The best way to work with the Forester trimmer is on small and medium-sized household plots. Due to the length of the bar, the width of the work surface has been increased to 30 cm. The main feature of the model is a bicycle handle. In addition, the 305 is equipped with an engine emergency stop system.

Benzokosa Lesnik 334

More powerful than the previous model. Recommended for use in small and medium-sized areas up to 1,000 square meters. During operation, Lesnik 334 picks up a speed of up to 9,000 revolutions per minute. Thanks to the ability to quickly disassemble the trimmer bar, it is easy to transport and store in areas with limited space.

Benzokosa Lesnik 334

Additional features include the presence of vibration isolation, the ability to lubricate the gearbox, a simplified system for replacing air filters.

Motokosa Lesnik 335

Today this model is very rare as it has been discontinued. A major difference from the previous model is the type of handle. Buyers do not distinguish significant internal differences. It is currently almost impossible to buy a new Lesnik 335 lawn mower.

Motokosa Lesnik 335

Petrol trimmer Lesnik 305 – tool parameters

This Lesnik hobby trimmer is designed for the maintenance of small, medium-sized adjacent areas, where it successfully copes with mowing ornamental lawns, removing small weeds and newly grown shrubs.

The basic equipment of the mower includes a durable engine with forged pistons and a chrome-plated cylinder with a volume of 25 cm3. The internal combustion engine is started with a manual starter with built-in decompression system. In order to start the engine in winter, the manufacturer equipped the model with a pump for pre-sucking fuel.

Trimmer petrol lesnik 305

This mower is characterized by its ease of maintenance and repairs. The manufacturer has provided the option of keyless access to the air filter and spark plug, which simplifies manual replacement.

Mower specifications include:

  • Factory engine power – 1 hp. With. at 8000 rpm;
  • coverage when mowing with a cord / blade – 38/23 cm;
  • permissible cord diameter – 2.4 mm;
  • Weight – 6 kg.

The mower is equipped with a 2-hand bike handle that can be adjusted for height or removed for easier storage.

line of electric trimmers

Electric mowers manufactured by Lesnik are characterized by low device power and small size. Many buyers prefer products from this brand simply because of their low price. The range of electric trimmers consists of several devices:

  1. Electric scythe Lesnik E 105. Household, budget model. Maximum power – 910 watts. Both a fishing line and a knife can be used as a cutting attachment.
  2. Electric mower Lesnik E 115. A more powerful model (1.1 kW). For the convenience of the longer use, the manufacturer offered a protection system against overheating. Compared to the previous model, 115 has a curved bar type.
  3. The Lesnik E 125 electrical coast. In terms of technical properties, it is not inferior to the previous device. Among the improvements: the shape of the handle (became more comfortable and ergonomic) has been changed. The external design has been improved. The width of the cut reaches 35 cm.
  4. The Lesnik P 108 ELEKOLKOSA. In this device, the width of the work area reaches 40 cm, electricity – 1 kW. During operation, the speed reaches 11,000 revolutions per minute.
  5. The Lesnik P 128 Electric Mower-1,2 kW, D-shaped handle and foldable bar-die-like of the mowing. The trimmer is designed in such a way that it works at small and mediu m-sized locations. Due to the lack of the assembly of a knife, it is not recommended to work with weed and high grass.
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Trimmer Electric Forester E 115

Electokos Lesnik E 105

Electo cosa Forester E 108


Technical properties and parameters of the Lesnik-P108 gas stroke:

The width of the grass mowing 400 mm
The speed of the cutting element 11,000 revolutions per minute
Mulch no
The number of motor blows 2
Engine type Electrical
The brake brake of the power supply device There is
The location of the engine Upper, higher
Ant i-vibration mechanism There is
Type of bar Just
Control handle Folds, adjustable
Shoulder There is
Full equipment 4 kg
A role with an angeline line There is
Type of cutting tools knife
Wheels no
Type of design Fold
Mechanism protect devices from overloading no
Grass cutting height setting There is
Grass collector no
The loudspeaker of the tank filling indicator for grass no
The number of positions of the handle 2
The maximum cutting height 500 mm
power consumption 1000 watts
Fishing diameter 2 mm
Maximum processing area 900 m²
Type of the transmission system Belt
The material from which the case is produced Improved plastic
The power of the electricity unit 1100 watts
Noise 96 dB
Work out of the battery no
Type of transport No t-sel f-propelled

Light R-108 Electric Cosse is suitable for mowing soft lawn grass and weeds with a nozzle with a fishing line 2 millimeters thick. A cross knife can be curtailed with hard grass and small bushes.

Top models

It is extremely difficult to determine the most popular trimmer in this manufacturer. This is due to the fact that many products in the series have been removed from production or they have been suspended. At the same time, trimmers are in demand. Under the gasoline is:

  1. Forester 305.
  2. Forester 304.

These are compact benzos that do not require additional care, easy to use and wait. It is extremely easy to replace the failed parts.

  1. Forester E 105.
  2. Forester P 108.

These trimmers are the most economical and functional. These two products ensure the exchange of the fishing line with a blade knife with which you can cut more durable grass. As far as performance is concerned, you are optimal if you work in a suburban area.

Trimmer gasoline forester 305

User Guide

Before you work with the device, you have to familiarize yourself with the operating instructions. This document is attached to all products. The main provisions of the leadership are:

  1. Users security.
  2. Installation and the first trimmer start.
  3. Rules for maintenance and its frequency.
  4. Characteristics of working with the product.

Before you start working, you must make sure that all parts of the tool are intact and work properly. Next, the operator has to wear protective clothing, safety glasses and headphones – this makes working with the Lesnik trimmer secure.

During operation, it is recommended to monitor the mowing quality and the heat of the engine. After completing the work, it is recommended to inspect the device and replace the defective parts (if necessary).

Hal f-synthetic oil Patriot Garden Motor Oil Yuko Super Synt 2T

As an oil, the manufacturer recommends using oil for tw o-stroke engines. If it is necessary to replace the defective parts, contact the Gardenstraiding Service Center. The list of service centers is given on the company’s official website.

Main disorders

Garden devices Lesnik are characterized by their cheapness, but can also cause considerable repair costs. One of the main problems that can occur during operation is the lack of ignition. Buyer notice this malfunction when the trimmer starts for the first time. The reasons for this error can be:

  • Failure of carburetor parts;
  • lack of liability;
  • Damaged ignition cable.

It is difficult to fix this damage yourself. The manufacturer recommends contacting a service center.

Among other things, there is: the appearance of chips on the lid of the fuel tank, the failure of the fastening system of the cutting element. These malfunctions can be easily remedied by replacing the defective parts of the trimmer.

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