Overview of the Virgin MB-801 petrol motoblock. Features, Benefits of the Model, Vide o-Ru n-I n-Engine, Video Work, Reviews

Motoblock Virgin Boden MB-801. Review, features, reviews

Motoblock MB-801 is a device that, when using the appropriate binding devices, can perform a lot of agricultural work both on soft soils and on virgin lands. It is recommended for domestic use, the range of processed sites is up to 30-60 acres.

Motoblock Celina MB-801

This model is equipped with a Vimpel petrol engine. The power of the engine is 8 hp. The Virgin grounds are easy to manage, its weight category allows it to be operated by any operator, even a person of small stature and strength. Thanks to the average dimensions, the device can be easily placed in small areas. Such a unit is also useful for greenhouse use.

The purpose of the Virgin Block Virgin MB-801:

  • agricultural work with attachments;
  • cultivation;
  • harvest transport, other goods;
  • Plow;
  • sowing crops;
  • digging and planting potatoes;
  • loosening of the soil;
  • cleaning the field from twigs, garbage;
  • Use as a snowman in winter;
  • Transport function (when using an adapter).
Virgin Blocks Clubs Virgin MB-801

Protective wing mills of pneumatic wheels

Technical characteristics

Motoblock MB-801 comes with Ravenol branded oil already seasoned. To refuel the engine and gearbox, the manufacturer recommends using oils from the same manufacturer, taking into account the type of engine. For this model, choose synthetic or semi-synthetic oil for four gasoline engines.

Features of the Motobobe Jungfrau MB-801:
  • The machine can work with 4 speeds, 2 of which are the rear.
  • There is no electric start, starting the unit is done manually.
  • The weight of the walking loss tractor is 110 kg without doomsday.
  • It is permissible to use weight means weighing 10, 20, 35 or more kg.
  • The volume of the MB 801 engine is 242 cm. Cube, the power of the engine is 6 kW.
  • The fuel tank is designed for 6 liters of fuel.

Equipment not assembled

A variety of folding devices from the manufacturer of the Walk behavior tractor makes it a truly universal assistant. Allowed pairing devices with a mark of 801 MB.

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application and device

The MB-801 Virgo blocks have several distinctive features that advantageously distinguish this model among analogues.

Features of the Motobobe Virgin MB-801:
  • Long continuous engine operation-the ability to work within 5-6 hours without refueling;
  • Convenient control, comfortable holder handles;
  • protection against dirt during operation (upperclaces and mutguards);
  • Thanks to wide stable rubber wheels move without problems on the ground;
  • four work programs for more comfortable use;
  • double circuit transmission for long-term operation;
  • The size of the release is 14 cm;
  • Fuel consumption is moderate (recommended gasoline AI-95, AI-92);
  • The presence of a protective arc in the front of the tractor in Walk behavior protects against a collision of a Walk tractor with foreign objects;
  • wheel width 18 cm;
  • Increased stability, ideal distribution of the mass of the walkin g-behaviou r-tractor compared to the center of gravity.


Maintaining the device is a systematic process. It must be carried out periodically, once a season a more comprehensive inspection with the elimination of problems that arise and daily oil – a visual inspection of the machine for damage, scratches, scratches . The milling cutter is cleaned after the completion of cultivation of detention land.

Tselina Motoblock device

An engine block is stored in a closed dry room or under a tarpaulin cover to prevent corrosion of metal parts when moisture enters and for engine safety.

engine block Use the han d-led tractor according to the operating instructions.” width=”650″ height=”278″ />

The classic layout of the main nodes allows you to get to the engine, fuel tank and gearbox MB-801 without unnecessary problems. Set timing: at least 5 mothers. During the run it is forbidden to work with the unit on the virgin lands or to overload the engine. Do not exceed the trolley’s load capacity of 300 kg. When transporting a crop or other goods.

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Video review

Overview of the work of the Virgin Blocks Virgin MB-801

Reviews of the owners

Eugene, Vladimir Region:

“This winter is the first time I have used a unit like this since I bought it in late fall. I immediately started cleaning the snow. A very good technique, domestic, that inspires confidence. I drive it with a shovel (small, 1 m wide), plow the garden and in general it is very economical in terms of consumables and tanker. “

Overview of the Virgin MB-801 petrol motoblock. Features, Benefits of the Model, Vide o-Ru n-I n-Engine, Video Work, Reviews

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Motoblock Virginar MB-801 is designed to process small areas of medium density soil. Many thanks to a gasoline engine with a working capacity of 8 hp. Cultivation, harvesting, transporting goods and other functions can be performed much faster and easier.

Despite its dimensions, the Virgin MB 801 sneak is very maneuverable and stable on the ground. All the necessary control points are on the handles, providing comfort and convenience to the operator.

The virgin terrain of MB 801 is equipped with a Chinese engine Lifan 173F, characterized by good characteristics and power.

The operating volume of the engine is 242 cubic meters. Clutch belt therefore does not require additional technical intervention.

The depth of soil processing reaches up to 30 cm. The manual start type does not require much effort from the operator.

The gearbox has 2 speeds backwards and 2 forwards to ensure high throughput of all sections.

To prevent mud from getting into the elements of the power unit and the operator, the manufacturer provides for large protective wings and fenders, which are included along with the extension cord and protective arch.


    • It has 4 speeds – 2 forward and 2 in front of 2;
    • Extended double circuit transmission;
    • wide wheels, 180 mm;
    • Economic fuel consumption;
    • The road clearance is 140 mm;
    • A powerful engine for a long mode of operation.

    Features of the application

    Before use, you should check all the knots and fasteners and wipe off the protective lubricant.

    If you plan to use a tractor to transport guests, it is recommended to increase its stability by following the instructions presented in the instructions. It is not recommended to press the levers of the rear and front at the same time.


        • For sale, the device is completely seasoned with high-quality “Ravenol” transfer oil. Subsequently, it is necessary to use only such an oil.
        • Check the oil and fuel level before each use of the tractor for walk behavior to avoid reducing engine life.
        • Use the han d-led tractor according to the operating instructions.


        Type of the engine Petrol, 4-stroke, single cylinder
        Engine power / speed, (RPM) 8.0/3600
        Displacement, (cm3) 242
        Maximum torque (NXM) / speed (rpm) 15.5/2500
        Starting system Manual
        Fuel consumption, (l/h) 374
        Reducer 2-course, mechanical, chain
        Number of forward/backward passes 2/2
        coupling By tensioning the V-belt drive
        Bike type 19 × 7-8
        Length, (mm) 1600 ± 50
        Width (mm) 460 ± 20
        Width with additional wings, (mm) 770 ± 20
        Height, (mm) 1100 ± 50
        Weight (KG) 110

        Video review

        Reviews of the owners

        We offer those who already have it to publish an assessment of the model presented on our website. If you have any questions, you can also ask them here.

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