Overview of the trailer and adapter for the motif of the eye

Overview of the trailer and adapter for the motif of the eye

The adapter and trailers are varieties of hinge devices for a tractor that increase the loa d-bearing capacity of the equipment and move various loads. Next we will look at which trailers and adapters can be used with the OKA motororn note.


Motoblock OKA-MB-1D1M10

The adapter is a design with seat and two wheels. The device is attached to the device with a hitch with two parts. One is required to work directly to a mini drive factor that secondly set the distance between the fastening equipment and a walk-in tractor. The adapter can be controlled on one foot and a manual path.

Adapter PNO-1

The trailer is a design that looks like an adapter, but with a trip to the rear wheels. On the back of the adapter or the trailer directly behind the seat, a small body can be placed, in which the operator can place various loads for transport, including one harvest collected by the construction site.

Motoblock cargo trailer PMG300-1

AMPK-500 factory adapter

The manufacturer “Kadw” in the factory fortification for “Oka” developed a universal all-wheel drive adapter AMPK-500. It can be used with heavy motoblocks, including OKA.

This model is equipped with a trip to the rear wheels. The body is easy to remove. Thanks to the use of such a device, the operator can transport goods with a weight of up to 500 kg.

Adapter AMPK-500

The adapter from Kadwi can be used without a body – in combination with a potato allom, a plow, a cigarette light or a Harrow.

When the adapter is installed, the traction of the Walk behavior doubles.

Of course, the use of adapters and supporters gives certain advantages, for example:

  • the ability to sit in the implementation of agricultural operations;
  • The removable body is easy to annoy.
  • The trailer mechanism enables you to hang additional devices.
  • Increased performance of the work at least twice;
  • Give the car a greater weight.

The buyer contained in the adapter is also a packaging sheet, a company manual and two cables.

The cost of such devices begins of 33.5 thousand rubles.

The sled module of the EMC

For those who are interested in a less large adapter, an emergency module can be a comfortable option. It is suitable for Motoblocks Oka and Ugra. On this module you can attach the cigns, the mower or the snow cleaner. The device is also equipped with one seat, so that the operator can carry out more manipulations on the property and make less effort.

Driving module EMF

Motblock cargo trailer PMG 300-1

The lighter option of KADWS, which replaces the AMPK500 adapter described above, is the PMG 300-1 engine block trailer. The device can increase goods with a total weight of up to 350 kg. The size of the body is 1200 x 1600 x 340 mm.

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Motoblock cargo trailer PMG300-1

General properties
Height: 1200 mm/920 mm/1050 mm.
Weight: 95 kg.
Dimensions: 2800 mm/1300 mm/1050 mm.
Transport route: 1178 mm.
KARBUSINESS: 250-300 kg.


For heavy motboblocks, for which the OKA can not only use the adapter and supporters of the production of OJSC Kadwa, but also other Russian manufacturers, for example the Mobile K plant in Gagarin; Vulcan LLC, Kanash; CJSC VSEVOLZHSKY RMZ and LLC Mirotekh Ural, LLC plant Chuvashpiller and others.

TM-250-trailer adapter APM-350 Cargo Trailer

Nowadays there are a number of manufacturers of agricultural machinery, so high-quality factory attachments can be combined with the Oka two-wheel tractor. You just have to make sure that the corresponding trailer parameters match the parameters of the two-wheel tractor.

Motoblock OKA with adapter PNO-1:

Conversion of a walk behind tractor to a mini tractor

Converting a walk behind tractor into a mini tractor takes more than skill and time. You need a powerful, heavy-duty piece of equipment that can withstand the load on the front axle and also be able to pull out the cargo that fills the trailer during transport.

Engine block Oka MB-1D1M10

Mini tractor based on the Oka walk-behind tractor

The Oka Motoblock MB-1D1M1 model is suitable for conversion into a mini tractor. This modification of all presented in the MB1 line is the heaviest, and its engine power is greater than the others – 8 hp.

Feedback from owners of walk-behind tractors, published on online forums for farmers, indicates that other MB-1 modifications, for example, 1D1M13 or 1D1M14, are also suitable for upgrading and converting a machine into a tractor.

An example of a homemade mini tractor:

Details and spare parts

Do-it-yourself production of a mini tractor requires a large number of parts. Example list:

  • sheets, corners, pipes;
  • fasteners (bolts, nuts, etc.);
  • apparatus for welding metal structures;
  • protective clothing;
  • driver’s seat;
  • transport wheels.

You can see an example of a homemade mini tractor by watching a video review.

Homemade mini tractor

Kits to convert a walk behind tractor into a mini tractor

In the motorcycle market there are many large and small companies that sell ready-made packages of spare parts and parts to turn a walk-behind tractor into a real universal mini-tractor.

To simplify the task, with free money, you can use a ready-made package to convert a walk-behind tractor into a mini-tractor.

To get acquainted with an example of a ready-made set of spare parts and parts for converting a walk-behind tractor into a full-fledged mini-tractor, we recommend watching a video review.

Overview of the kit for converting (converting) a walk behind tractor into a mini tractor

There are manufacturers of such solutions in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Here are just some of the companies involved in the manufacture of kits for converting a walk-behind tractor and cultivator to a compact tractor:

  • Agromarka Company, Kharkiv (the cost of a set of spare parts is from 7,000 UAH);
  • Bulat LLC, Kharkiv (from UAH 6.5 thousand, depending on the set);
  • PE Techno Garant, Kyiv (from 9 thousand UAH);
  • Company “KM-Agrotech”, Krasnodar (from 56 thousand rubles);
  • LLC “Katman Group”, Minsk (from 1700 Belarusian rubles).
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Viktor, Podolsk:

“I like the Oka Motoblock as I have been working with it for 6 years. There are no complaints about the work, except that the engine is noisy, but the speed is normal, around 8 km per hour. I went alone to the nearest market and carried bags of cement. The walk to the market took about 45 minutes and the same time back. I had several bags of cement in the trailer, plus food for the dacha. I did not take the trailer from the factory, either Belarusian or domestic, to be honest I was not interested in the manufacturer. Everything worked with the brackets, connected quickly and worked. Even on the slopes on the road, the equipment does not fail!

Valery, Moscow region:

“I don’t think that home-made caravans make any sense at all. When the question of buying a trolley trailer arose, I bought a product from the city of Gagarin. Conventional TPM-350. Serves as much as the walk behind tractor itself. Couldn’t find any real downsides. Pros: comfortable seat, wide enough, there is a glove box and even a footrest. Now they seem to be released without a glove box, and this is very much in vain, because on the way you may need tools and all sorts of little things, but there is nowhere to put them, only in pockets. On sand, a walk-behind tractor with a cart slips 100% of the time, but on pavement it goes uphill well and fast.

Trailer and adapter for OKA two-wheel tractors. Conversion from OKA to a compact tractor

In this article we present reviews of trailers and adapters for a walk-behind tractor from KaDviOKA, as well as ways to convert an OKA walk-behind tractor into a mini-tractor. Each attachment, including a trailer and an adapter, is designed to make farm work easier for the two-wheel tractor owner.

Agree – you can manually control the walk-behind tractor, spend energy on your own movement, hold the walk-behind tractor in the desired position and control its movement. And you can make farming work even easier by adding a nozzle, called an adapter, to the walk-behind tractor that allows you to control the implement while sitting, dealing only with switching levers and pedals. Work becomes faster and more efficient.

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Overview of the motoblock adapters aggregated with Oka

The design of the motoblock adapter is very simple:

  • drawbar (long or shortened);
  • pair of wheels;
  • Seat;
  • Double coupling.

There are several variants of these nozzles:

  1. Front adapter for Oka two-wheel tractors.
  2. Rear motoblock adapter.

The walk-behind tractor can be controlled using pedals or levers.

The adapters of the following brands are aggregated for the Oka walk-behind tractor:

  1. AMPK-500 (by KaDvi).
  2. Forza (front).
  3. EMF module and others.

Let’s take a closer look at each design.

Universal adapter AMPK-500

The manufacturer of these trailed implements is a native of KaDvi, who makes Oka walk-behind tractors. In conjunction with a heavy walk-behind tractor, the AMPK-500 becomes an all-wheel drive unit with a trailer, the carrying capacity of which is about 500 kg. The torque is transferred to the adapter drive via the PTO shaft on the two-wheel tractor.

4WD adapter AMPK-500

The resulting mini-tractor has greater pulling power than a single walk-behind tractor of the same brand. The versatility of the AMPK-500 model lies in the fact that the adapter can be used both with and without a body, attaching functional implements such as a plough, hiller, various seeders and excavators.

Features of AMPK-500:
length 2550mm
Height including wheels 1350mm
Broad 1070mm

The cost of such a functional hinge starts from 33,000 rubles.

Forza front adapter on Oka two-wheel tractor

This mounted unit is the brainchild of the Forza brand and is paired with various walk-behind tractors, including Oka. The adapter is attached to the front of the two-wheel tractor and turns it into a mini tractor.

Forza front adapter on Oka two-wheel tractor

The design is fully foldable, the steering wheel of an automobile type is used for control. For the convenience of the operator, the hitch is equipped with a headlight that allows you to work in the evenings. The weight of the foldable front adapter is 65 kg.

Forza Adapter Features:
Brand: forza
adapter type front
Working speed: 5 km/h (with equipment)
Transport speed: 15 km/h
gauge: 750mm
ground clearance: 30 cm
Seat: single
Steering: car tire
Minimum rotary radius: 1.5 m
Structural mass: 65 kg (without a walk tractor)
Paid options: Farah, bracket for Hitch, visor
Accumulation: Forza, Neva, Oka, Zeleeen, Ray, Cascade
Dimensions (D × SH × C) 1900 × 810 × 1400 mm
Country of Manufacture: Russia
Guarantee period: 12 months

There is such a problem of 23,000 rubles.

EMC module

This is a simpler structure of KADWS, which is equipped with a seat that not only go a tractor for a walk, but can also attach various attachments to it. The sled module is characterized by high ergonomics, the controls are conveniently located in the immediate vicinity of the motor operator.

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EMF module

The cost of this sled module begins with 12,000 rubles.

Properties of the EMC:

For those who are interested in how to make an adapter for the OKO walking behavior ourselves, we offer several drawings and videos:

Do-it-yourself adapter for a walk-behind tractor Drawings

We offer you to see the video how to plow an eye with an adapter:

Content carts for the motorized op.

The trailer trolley is a drawbar to be set to:

  • pair of wheels;
  • Pendant (body);
  • Seat;
  • Club mechanism.

A trailer is used to transport different loads (mass, piece, etc.). Pendants can be equipped with both manual unloading and with a dump truck. The load capacity can vary between 200 and 1500 kg. For an eye engine block, the cart with a load capacity of up to 500 kg are the most acceptable option.

Let us look at some models from Fabrik trailers in more detail:

Practical trailer PMG 300-1

This is a single axis lifting device of up to 350 kg. The manufacturer of this trailer equipment is the Kaluga plant “Kadwa”, which produces the motif of the eye.

Trailer Factory PMG 300-1

Properties of the trailer PMG-300-1:
Height: 1200 mm/920 mm/1050 mm.
Weight: 95 kg.
Dimensions: 2800 mm/1300 mm/1050 mm.
Transport route: 1178 mm.
KARBUSINESS: 250-300 kg.

Read more: Motoblock “Ugra” NMB 1N17. Description of the model, technical properties. User Guide

TM-360 and TM-500 supporters

These are also individual trailers of the axes, with which different loads are transported with a load capacity of 360 and 500 kg. The car can be folded together (pages are laid out), there is a dump truck.

Properties of the TM-360 and TM-500 models:
Height: 1200 mm/920 mm/1050 mm.
Weight: 95 kg.
Dimensions: 2800 mm/1300 mm/1050 mm.
Transport route: 1178 mm.
KARBUSINESS: 250-300 kg.

The supporters and adapters of manufacturers such as :::::

  1. “Chuvashpiller factory.”
  2. “Mobile K.”
  3. “Volcano”.
  4. “Mirotek Urals”.
  5. “Vsevolzhsky RMZ” and others.

If you are desired, you can always create an adapter or a trailer for relating an eye with your own hands. We offer a drawing of a motor block made at home based on an eye jet:

Boot for a wal k-Transfer tractor: 1 – brackets with hinge cannons of the electrical block “electronics”, 2 – console, 3 – drive, 4 – footboard (board 20 mm), 5 – driver seat (board 20mm), 6 – frame – frame , Body (board 20 mm), 8 – beam (beam 50 × 50 mm, 3 STCs), 9 – bolt M8, 10 – stubborn ring (58 × 4 pipe), 11 – wheel (from motor coarse CS, 2 STCs .). – General. outlook

Remodeling of the eye to a mini contract lawyer

Owners of heavy motifs of an eye often use an improvement in your equipment and convert your motorized car into a mini tractor. For such a change, it is better to record the most difficult models such as the OKO MB-1MM1 motor block, the engine power is 8 liters. With.

Overview of the establishment of the Parma chainsaw: Description and Properties

Less powerful motoblock “OKA” MB-1MM13 and MB-11M14 (productivity 6 and 7 hp) can also be changed.

Preparation for the conversion of the two-wheel tractor

Having decided to make a homemade tractor from the Oka walk-behind tractor, you need to take care of the following tools and materials:

  • welded machine;
  • Key;
  • drill;
  • Bulgarian;
  • a hammer;
  • fasteners;
  • pair of wheels;
  • driver’s seat;
  • sheets of metal;
  • pipes, angles, etc.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the diagrams and drawings for converting a walk-behind tractor into a tractor:

Converting the Oka walk-behind tractor into a tractor can be done using ready-made spare parts kits made by local factories. The content of this set is as follows:

  • Instructions for assembling a mini tractor;
  • solid frame (base);
  • steering column;
  • pair of wheels;
  • mudguards for wheels;
  • protection for the driver;
  • seat with attachment;
  • brake system (drum with disc, cylinder, fluid reservoir);
  • rear lift;
  • Kit for installing cutters;
  • control lever.

Read more: CARVER engine blocks. Overview of the range, properties, attachments, use and operation

We offer you to watch a video review of a set of spare parts intended for breaking:

List of manufacturers producing ready made conversion kits:

  1. “KM-Agrotech” (more than 56 thousand rubles).
  2. “Agromarka” (from 7 thousand UAH).
  3. PE “Techno Garant” (more than 9 thousand UAH).
  4. Bulat LLC (from UAH 6.5 thousand).
  5. LLC “Katman Group” (more than 1700 Belarusian rubles).

Video review

We offer you to watch a video about the operation of a tractor from a walk-behind Oka tractor do-it-yourself:

owner reviews

Ruslan, 42 years old:

Good day. I bought the Oka walk behind tractor 4 years ago, 6 months after buying it I decided to get a trailer. I took a model of the same plant, PMG-300-1. Very handy device, easy to assemble and disassemble. Resistant with self-ejection.

Eugene, 29 years old:

I decided to convert the walk-behind tractor to a tractor, my Oka has been plowing for 3 years, it’s time for an upgrade. At first I thought about doing all the details myself, but I looked at the drawings (which do not always correspond to the job descriptions on the Internet), estimated the cost of materials, electricity and decided that the factory design would not be more expensive. I decided to give preference to a domestic producer and stop at Kharkov Agromark. The purchase cost a little more than 7500 UAH. The instructions are more than understandable, there is a guarantee (as needed) the tug turned out to be beautiful, all-wheel drive, robust, all-terrain and traction characteristics at height.

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