Overview of the tractor RTM-160. Properties, photo, video work, reviews

Overview of the tractor RTM-160. Properties, photo, video work, reviews

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The RTM 160 tractor is used to plow agricultural areas, sowing, harvesting and processing crops. The RTM 160 is manufactured in the Uralvagonzavod plant.

This tractor is aggregated with attachments, which can be installed both behind and in front of the machine as required.

The RTM 160 tractor is able to cultivate the country with liquid and bulk fertilizers.

The maximum plow depth is 30 cm.

Uralvagonzavod produced its first tractor RTM 160 in 2004, and in 2009 the last representative of this model ran off the assembly line.

Basically, the unit was delivered on the territory of the Russian Federation. Export options can also be found in the Balkans.

Technical characteristics

Weight and dimensions

The mass of the RTM 160 tractor reaches 6.3 tons and the total dimensions are 4655 × 2350 × 3050 mm.

Frame height – 50 cm wheelbase – 180 cm.


RTM 160 tractors are equipped with a YAMZ 236 D2 six-cylinder diesel engine with a displacement of 11.15 liters. And an output of 175 hp.

In order to extend the duration of continuous operation, these machines are equipped with water cooling.

As an additional configuration, it is possible to install a creeper and a tap wave.


The gearbox of the RTM 160 tractor is equipped with closed diagonal bikes.

The box has 4 speed ranges with 4 levels each. There are a total of 16 forward and 8 reverse positions.

Thanks to this wide range, you can choose the optimal driving speed of 0.07 (due to the presence of a crawl plant) up to 34.3 km / h.

Chassis and gearbox

The RTM 160 tractor has a 4 × 4 drive.

Uralvagonzavod provided the opportunity to block the rear axle and the central differential.

Twin wheels are mounted on all sides of the machine, thanks to which the RTM 160 tractor can also be used on the heaviest soils.

Cabin and control elements

The cabin of the RTM 160 tractor is glazed and arranged in the middle. This gives owners an overview of the movement of the machine and the attachment on each side.

Uralvagonzavod ensured comfortable work for the presence of air conditioning and an oven.

With the cockpit, the main focus was on simplicity and comfort. The operating chair is equipped with soft armrests. The dashboard offers complete information about the condition of the RTM 160 tractor.

Plants that change their color

On the right side of the chair there are levers for adjusting the position of attachments.


The RTM 160 tractor has a hig h-quality hydraulic drive that can drive attachments with a weight of up to 300 kg.

These machines can carry out the following work: plowing (with plow), milling (with active cutting unit), grass mowing (with roundabout and segment mowers), plants and harvests (thanks to planting machine and excavator), snow removal (with shovel) and goods transport (trailer).

Tractors RTM 160 are most frequently used in agriculture for work in the country. These machines are professional devices with high technical properties and a wide range of applications.

In order to service these indicators and keep the RTM 160 tractor operational, it is necessary to perform its maintenance in accordance with the operator’s manual and be familiar with basic repairs.


The RTM 160 tractor is easy to maintain.

  1. In order to extend the life of the tractor, it is necessary to break it in so that all parts are used and get into the grooves. The procedure takes about 8 hours. At this point, the engine can only be loaded with half power. At the end of the process, change the engine oil.
  2. The engine oil should be changed every 100 hours of operation. It is recommended to pour semi-synthetic or mineral options with a rating of 10W-40 or 15W-40.
  3. The transmission oil should be changed after 1000 operating hours. To do this, you should find a lubricant with an SAE 85W-90 API GL-5 rating.
  4. These machines are not sensitive to fuel quality, but you should not put in old diesel with a lot of sediment, as this will clog the fuel filters. The average fuel consumption is 30 liters per hour, and the tank capacity is 230 liters.
  5. If you do not intend to use the tractor for a long time, you need to clean it, store it in a dry place, drain the oil, disconnect the electrical wires and lubricate the parts so that corrosion does not form.

Major faults and repairs

These machines have gained popularity due to the simplicity of their design and the interchangeability of parts.

If the owners have problems with the operation of the RTM 160 tractor, then on the thematic forums you can find ways to solve almost all of them.

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If the engine does not start, these are the possible reasons for it:

  • Not enough fuel or lubricant;
  • Clogged fuel or air filter;

If the machine vibrates excessively, the following repairs should be made:

  • Completely replace fuel and oil (it could be of poor quality);
  • Tighten all the screws (if they are not fully tightened, there will be significant vibration);
  • Check the coupling of attachments (with improper aggregation there will be not only vibration, but also a great chance of disabling the hydraulic drive).

Brakes not working:

  • Pedal play has increased (adjust position);
  • Worn brake disc or pads (replace relevant parts).

Attachment does not lift:

  • There is not enough oil in the hydraulics (it must be brought to the desired mark);
  • The hydraulic system pump is in the off state (it should be on);
  • The safety valve is stuck (you need to disassemble and clean it).

video ratings

The following video report shows the rotary tiller RTM 160:

And here is a video report on soil harrowing with an RTM 160 tractor:

owner reviews

Here’s what TDT 55 tractor owners say on the forums:

Sergey: “I have been using a tractor for 3 years. Each year I till, plow, haul cargo, and process crops. During the period of operation I changed 2 crosses, the grille wore out, and changed the cuffs on the hydraulic distributor a couple of times. From experience I can say that before starting seasonal work, ball joints should be treated with grease and gaskets should be changed. Otherwise rust will form on it.

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The manufacturer of the RT-M 160 tractor is the Uralvagonzavod defense concern, which has been known since the Second World War. During the war years he was forced to change his profile from defense to industry and agriculture.

The unit was not only asked by domestic agricultural male. A third of the products went to the Baltic countries etc.

The RTM-160 function tractor was developed by the designers of the Ural system, and as early as 2003, the multifunctional tractor machine of the first wheel was composed. The tests lasted one year and in December 2004 the management of the Uralvagonzavod decided to establish the serial production of the RT-160 tractors.

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Tractor RT-M-160

The machine was estimated, but there were still some mistakes that require attention from designers and engineers. The change of management in Uralvagonzavod ended fatally for this functional tractor, and the system stopped production in 2009. Small private companies have intercepted the initiative and continued the minor production of this technology. However, there was no one who could finish and improve the car.

Tractor RT-M-160 with hinge devices

Despite all the difficulties, the RT-M-160 tractor on the Golden Niva International exhibition in Geneva was exhibited, where he received a silver medal and accordingly second place and lost the championship by the German Claas.

Today it can be found for sale, while its price varies between 800 and 1 million rubles.

A high assessment of the characteristics, reliability and operational qualities of the tractor, which was attributed to the 2-3 traction class, had no influence on the management of the Ural company and the tractor was forgotten.

Review of the modifications

In a short time of its existence, the RT M-160 tractor has passed several transformations, the designers have created the following changes in these functional agricultural machines:

  • RT-M-160-BASIC model, control of the rear wheels mechanically, frontal.
  • RT-M-160K communal tractor.
  • RT-M-160U-es does not function to control the rear wheel pair, the tractor is equipped with mechanisms that are used to delete forest fires.

Tractor RT-M-160K tractor RTM-160U TMV Tractor-1

  • TMV-1 is a traction tractor, moves cars along a railway screen.
  • RT-M-160TT 6×6-three leading bridges and used to transport goods.
  • RT-M-160LX-the tractor is designed for operation in the Leshoz.

Built-in 4 waves to select the power supply (front, upper, lower rear and side) and hydraulics of the separate authority enable the use of RTM-160 as follows:

  • Plowing out of saturated areas of different density with a plow.
  • Military milling with active clothes.
  • Sawes and plants in the bottom of different plant cultures.
  • Harvest.
  • Field processing with liquid and loose fertilizers.
  • Heufelder (used braids from Rotary and segment type).
  • Transport of goods in a trailer with a trailer.
  • As sno w-counting technology (with a brush, dump or snow snow).


index meaning
Nominal traction effort according to GOST-27021:
– without additional freight, t (KN) 3 (30)
– with additional load, t (KN) 4 (40)
General. energy 109 (148)
The number of transmissions in the gearbox:
– front 16
– turning back 8
The mass of the tractor works with hinge devices, KG 6300
– Individual wheels with tires 16.9 R30 1800, 2060
– Internal bikes 1800
– outer bikes 2700
– Internal bikes 1780
– outer bikes 2900
The smallest rotary radius on the Rut 4,5
Tractorbasis, mm 2760
Capacity of stored systems on the axis of the suspension, KGF
– The back 3500
– front 2500
– Width with a fear of 1800, mm 2350
– Length with a hinge device, mm 5105
– Length without hinge, mm 4655
– height, mm 3050
model Yamz-236 D2
Power, KW (L.S) 118 (160)
Operating frequency of the crankshaft, revolutions per minute 1850
Capacity of the fuel tank, L 230
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The standard kit contains:

  • Rear power lift;
  • Climate devices;
  • Towing device.

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If necessary, you can purchase the following components and mechanisms separately.

Cycling pairs (double) Spray truck lifter automatic coupling SA-2


The power six-cylinder diesel power plant YAMZ-236D-2 has a V-shape and a capacity of 175 liters. With.

Scheme of the cylinder block Yamz-236m engine

The cooling cooling reliably protects the engine from overheating. The diesel engine is started with an electrical starter, which is driven by two batteries that are charged by a generator. The high-pressure fuel pump (TNVD) injects fuel through nozzles into the combustion chamber of the engine.

Meal frame, gear and gearbox

The RTM-160 tractor is based on a half-wise design for four drives (all 4 wheels are controlled). Automatic blocking differential front axle, mechanically, controlled by the driver – at the back. Built-in tracking mechanism.

The transmission scheme RT-M-160

Air byder adjustable (from 400 mm to 900 mm), two types:

They can be worn individually or in pairs. With the latter option you can further increase the continuousness of the tractor on viscous soils. Mechanical gears, equipped with four speed ranges: a total of 16 forward and 8 reverse gears.

Cabin and control elements

The RTM-160 tractor has a central cabin placement. This ensures a uniform view of the tractor, the driver sees street and functional equipment. The cabin is airtight and protected by hig h-quality soundproofing materials, equipped with a stove and a fan. The steering of the tractor enables sharp maneuvers and turns with an angle of up to 180 degrees.


RTM-160 is equipped with a hydraulic system with a separate aggregate. There is enough power to lift a load (equipment) with a weight of up to 2.5 tons with the front suspension and about 3 tons with the rear suspension.

The rear hobby device of the RT-M-160 <tensioning tractor is filtered (check the air and fuel filter).

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The tractor has four hydraulic connections with which you can control different devices at the same time.

User Guide

When buying agricultural machinery, we immediately turn to the instructions that consists of several sections:

  • Devices of the tractor RTM-160;
  • Technical properties of the device;
  • Run (burn-in) of the engine;
  • Technical service;
  • Checklist and troubleshooting.

Run in

The inlet process is required to grind the drive elements of the engine and other mechanisms. It takes about 8 hours, starts without load, gradually increases the performance and after the 8th hour the tug is ready for operation. All that remains is the engine oil in the system and you can start working.


We note the most important points when maintaining the RTM-160 wheel tractor:

  • Change the engine oil every 100 operating hours. Ideally, this is a mineral or semi-synthetic oil 15W-40, 10W-40.

Oil 15W-40 Oil 10W-40 Oil SAE 85W-90

  • Change gear oil every 1000 operating hours. Recommended oil SAE 85W-90 API GL-5.
  • Check the pressure in the tractor tires.
  • Do not forget to let the work fluids to let go of the work.

Main disorders and opportunities for their elimination

We list the reasons that prevent the start of a diesel power plant:

  • There is no diesel fuel or engine oil in the crankcase.
  • Filled with inferior oil or fuel.
  • The filtration system clogged (check the air and fuel filter).
  • TNVD outside the order or requires cleaning.
  • The batteries were unloaded.
  • Electrical starter failed.

Video review

Overview of the plow tractor RTM-160

Checking the rotor snow track on the RTM-160 tractor

owner reviews

Yuri, 46 years old:

“I use a tractor for field work, the machine is hardy and maneuverable, the hydraulic system is up to date, only the assembly quality is lame – you have to repair each other every year. To meet the owners of this equipment. “

Sergey, 35 years old:

“Lubrication, care, timely maintenance – and the tractor still fits. It was tortured in the first two years – then one was deleted, then the second failed … The functionality is excellent, they close their eyes to some collection companies. “

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