Overview of the Tarpan engine blocks. Properties, description, reviews

Motorgrubber Tarpan – advantages and disadvantages, model overview

Motoculture Tarpan

Today Tarpans are not only referred to as unbridled wild horses that used to be on our planet. This name was given domestic motorgrubbery, which are intended for plowing parcels with an area of ​​up to 15 hectares. They are characterized by a reliable, powerful engine, hig h-quality parts and excellent performance.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Grubber of the Tarpan brand

Cultivating Tarpan

The Tarpan Grubber has more than 25 years of history. The first models of the device family were not very reliable, so they wanted to set their production. Over time, however, the manufacturer began to introduce more advanced technologies to production, which has constantly improved the design of the models. Modern representatives with Honda engine are characterized by high reliability. They are equipped with an almost eternal screw gear.

A strong engine can also delight buyers. The Grubber Tarpan with motors with 5.5 and 6 liters of displacement is available in the current configurations. With.

The main advantages of the device include:

Cultivating tarpan with Honda engine

  • The presence of an automatic centrifugal clutch, with which you can lay out the culprit into 2 parts to facilitate transport;
  • An excellent combination of an imported engine and durable domestic hardware enables you to process heavy soils.
  • Good processing speed – the mugber can plow up to 10 times in 5 hours;
  • The device only requires minimal maintenance and adjustments, it is easy to use;
  • The cultivator is light so that it can be turned alone;
  • Perfectly sharpened reliable knife;
  • The vertical engine can be removed easily and quickly;
  • You can use a variety of essays.

In addition to all the advantages, the Tarpan Grubber has some disadvantages. First, the manufacturer has no reverse gear, which is why it is very impractical to use the model on small and lavishly planted beds. Second, the thumb quickly gets tired of constantly pressing onto the gas lever. Thirdly, the knives quickly wrap up weeds because they are arranged at the right angle. Fourth, it is impractical to change the engine oil – you have to keep removing the clutch and loosening the nuts.

Properties of Tarpan cultivators

Russian moto r-grubber of the Tarpan brand is ideal for farmers who have plots of no more than 15 hectares. This technology has earned recognition due to its reliable engine and hig h-quality assembly. Most models are equipped with American Briggs & Stratton engines with an output of 5 to 6 hp. With. The main features of the units include:

  • Almost eternal screw gear;
  • Hig h-quality transmission that enables you to move at several speeds;
  • The plow depth is 16 to 25 cm;
  • The width of the strip varies between 25-100 cm;
  • Improved grip by using more reliable spark plugs;
  • Possibility to use many options from attachments.

These Russian cultivators can even be operated in a virgin country. At the same time, the manufacturer promises pretty high productivity – about 2 hectares per hour.

More modern models of the Tarpan brand are equipped with improved Honda, Zongshen and Champion engines. They are less powerful, but the high quality of their assembly enables them to use the cultivator without having to fear that it will stop by overheating.

Construction features of the units

Tarpan Engine Cultivator - Carburetor Repair

The Tarpan-Grubber in the old configuration is equipped with a four-stroke petrol engine Briggs & Stratton Quantum produced in America, although the manufacturer produces more models with Japanese Honda engines every year. The performance of the American engine is 6 liters. s. And Japanese – 5.5 liters. With. Each of the engines is equipped with an air cooling system, which means that the carburetor has to be repaired much less frequently than with digging other brands. This is because air not only enters the engine for cooling, but also in the carburetor, which enriches the fuel mixture. This process has a positive effect on the durability of the carburetor.

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During the operation, the snail gear transfers the engine speed to the cutting works, which are equipped with a mechanism to adjust the soil processing depth. In the maximum low position of the controller, the knives are lowered to a depth of 20 cm. The width of the covered strip during operation is 35 to 100 cm. In order to move on the construction site, the cultivator is equipped with two bikes.

The controls of the device are located on the heigh t-adjustable steering wheel. The handlebar handles are rubberized and pleasant to grip. The inclination of the steering shaft can be set to change the inclination of the attachment or turn it around.

Popular unit modifications

The most popular configurations are Tarpan TMZ-MK 03 and Tarpan TMZ-MK 04.

Motorgrubber Tarpan TMZ-MK 03

Motoculture Tarpan TMZ-ML 03 Champion

Technical characteristics:

  • Motor manufacturer – Petrol 4-stroke Briggs & Stratton;
  • Engine power – 6.0 hp;
  • Cup – dry, automatic, centrifugal;
  • Reducer – single speed, snail in the oil bath;
  • Recording width – 350, 700, 1000 mm;
  • Total dimensions (folded control handles) – 1300 x 700 x 1060 mm;
  • Weight – 45 kg;
  • Number of cookie forms contained: 4 pieces.
  • Rotation direction of the knives: straight
  • Culture depth: 20cm
  • Engine power: 4.45 kW / 6.05 hp
  • Motor size: 190 Cu. cm

Cultivating Tarpan TMZ MK-03

Grubber device Tarpan TMZ MK-03

The Grubber Tarpan TMZ MK-03 is modular so that it can be easily transported between the house and the hut. This model with Briggs & Stratton Motor can be almost completely disassembled, the attachments and the engine itself can be dismantled. The unylinder four-stroke engine of the unit develops an output of 6 liters. s., and its resource ranges of 1,000 hours. There are also other modifications that are equipped with Japanese engines on the market. For example, the TMZ MK-04 model is equipped with a Japanese Honda engine that develops an output of 5.5 liters. With.

The engine speed is transferred to the work element via a snail gear. In practice, it is much more reliable than belt and chain drives. The construction of the gear is in the oil bath. Despite the high reliability, the gearbox has a disadvantage: you can only take a forward gear.

Motoculture Tarpan TMZ MK-03 with floor

The width of the cover strap can be adjusted depending on the type of fastening. If the device works by default, the width is 75 cm. With an additional protective roof, the width can be increased to 1 m. The Grubber Tarpan TMZ MK-03 can be used with the following devices:

  • Mowing machine;
  • Rake;
  • Okuchnik;
  • Rotation grinders;
  • Plow;
  • Flatzneider;
  • Ice coaching.

You can also use rotary snow epipers. The snow grade area is 5 m. The physical mass of the unit without additional equipment is 45 kg. The small weight and the height of the bars of the handles largely simplify the operation of the model.

It is also worth noting that another modification option Taran TMZ-ML 03 Champion. It is equipped with Chinese Champion engines, so that such a sentence costs much cheaper than two earlier analogues. Another budget option is the TMZ-MK TMZ-MK-Tarpa unit that has the Chinese Zongshen XP 200 brand engine.

Among other things, with the Japanese engine, it is worth mentioning to observe the Taran TMZ-MK 07 model. It costs a lot more than all previous configurations because you can use many total attachments, including a wide snowman.

The domestic market for agricultural machines is not too rich in motor breeders. As soon as the motor cultivator Tarpa TMZ MK-03 appeared for sale, he immediately attracted the attention of farmers. This model is a universal and rather powerful unit that is successfully coordinated with many tasks.

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Fuel consumption due to a motor cultivator depending on the loads

Motor cultivator Tarpan TMZ MK-03 is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton engine

Despite the unity and changes that are not too high, it consumes a considerable amount of fuel. When plowing the floor, the model needs about 1.5 liters/ h. This indicator can vary depending on the task.

When processing fixed floors with plow, the cultivator consumes at least 1.8 liters/hour of work. When cleaning snow, he “eats” at least 2 liters. Fuel. However, it is important to take into account that a certain amount of fuel, even if the engine is heated, leaves a certain amount of fuel.

With Hilling potatoes, the cultivator needs an average of 1.6 liters. Fuel and when working with a rake – approx. 1.5 liters/h. Work.

Scary inventory for working with a cultivating one

Good performance and reliable spare parts enable the use of a variety of attachments. According to the operating instructions, you can apply together with the cultivator:

  • A more successful to combat weeds between the rows. The distance between the lines should not be less than 30 cm.
  • Higher – helps to make furrows, mark the area under the beds, to take care of potatoes.
  • Mas s-rooms – weighting of the cultivator and improves its trailer coupling with the floor;
  • Special wheels with a frame make the cultivator more convenient;
  • The plow is used for deeper soil processing.

After the owner of the cultivator bought some devices from this inventory, he makes landing and maintaining bed considerably easier and saves a lot of time and effort.


I have been using Tarpan-04 for plowing (milling) in autumn and spring- I like it very much! Now I want to try to weigh the corridors of the strawberries. Now I try to understand how I can reduce the length of the milling cutter for this purpose (a lines 40 cm). I read somewhere that you can use the sexes how you can attach them? And how is the processing depth not big? If it turns out, it will be great!

At the beginning complete nonsense. “This is due to the fact that air not only gets the engine to cool, but also to the carburetor and enriches the fuel mixture.” The additional air Magic is the mixture. “This process has a positive effect on the durability of the carburetor.” Oh, how is that? “Tarpan is best suited for farmers, have the plots of no more than 15 acres” – a hard farmer! Futs graze on 15 hectares and “wear beets”. I have a datsha of 10 acres, and what, I have a little farm? Well, if this is the case, the MK-03 is a fairly decent cultivator that makes the work of the spring plows of the construction site considerably easier. My wife and I dug with shovels for two days, now Tarpan and I plow everything in a few hours. Now I have bought a plow and tunnels for it, in autumn I will plow my courtyard.

I bought a used cultivator and I can’t repair it, when the engine starts it turns immediately, I have already experimented with a spring, cut off, the spring and nothing comes out, someone can know how to repair mal functions ?

Motoblock Tarpan: Owner reviews

Motoblock Tarpan: Reviews of the owner reviews

Tarpan is the Eurasian name for wild horses, similar to the American term “Mustang”. Light motoblocks from the Tarpan brand are produced by the LLC of the same name in the city of Tula. This technique is equipped with a petrol motor options produced in China: Briggs & Stratton Vanguard (main engine) or Honda GCV-160 (rare). Like its “natural namesake”, the on e-axle tractor Tarpan is characterized by endurance and simplicity. What is the real experience of his company – read in this article. It summarizes the reviews of a dozen owners of the Tarpan motor block from different regions of Russia and the GUS.

The manufacturer has solid experience in the production of compact agricultural machinery. It all started with motorcycle grubs. The first serial engine tilt “Tarpan-01” with a 6.2 hp engine was manufactured in the company in spring 1993. The most successful on the agricultural machinery market was the Grubber model Tarpan-Oz, which has been produced since 1997. It uses an engine from Briggs & Stratton.

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Via the technical parameters of the Tarpan motor block

After several years of producing engine grubber, the company’s product range was also supplemented by a model of an engine block – “Tarpa n-07”. It has the following technical properties:

  • The maximum processing depth is 200 mm.
  • Miss diameter – 320 mm.
  • Nice processing width: at milling – 0.7 m; With additional milling – 1.1 m.
  • Productivity – 0.08 hectares per hour.
  • The recommended processing area is up to 0.5 ha.
  • Number of gears: 2 – forward, 1 – backwards.
  • Cup – V-belt, with lever.
  • Starter – manual.
  • The maximum engine output is 6.5 hp.
  • Maximum torque – no less than 8.5 nm.
  • Fuel brand-AI-92 petrol.
  • Tank content – 2.5 liters.
  • Fuel consumption: 1.1 liters per hour-with Honda GCV-160 engine; 1.5 liters per business hour – with a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard OHV 6.5 hp 13h3 engine.
  • Discounting gears, with chain transmission.
  • Packaging dimensions – 0.85 x 0.5 x 0.85 m.
  • Total dimensions of the han d-led tractor: length – 1.4 m, width – 0.64 m, height – 0.87 m (folded up).
  • Boundary angle angle during operation (length and transverse) – no more than 15 degrees.
  • The total weight of the singl e-axle tractor is 75 kg.

The Tarpan-07 motor block is a multifunctional, light, compact, simple and comfortable unit. It is intended for agricultural work in personal actions, gardens and gardens. The skills of his four lifting engine are sufficient to use a walk not only for soil processing, but also for the most diverse additional household work. The main purpose is to plow light floors with suitable hinges, harmonize, cultivate, cutting rill, hill and root plants, to mow grass.

Via the device of the Walk behavior “Tarpan”

The Tarpan Walk injury engineer is included in the supply of the Tarpan Motor note: the trough with rubber packs, the lef t-wing cultivating, the right cultivator, the depth regulator, the transitional sleeves for connecting metal bikes, a series of tools and accessories; Operating documentation.

With the design of the Tarpan walk tractor, you can transport it into the trunk of a passenger car with a minimal loss of time. A walk tractor made of two main parts consists of: electricity unit and equipment. The current unit in turn consists of a current unit with fuel equipment and steering. The reduction unit contains a gear with a gear gear, wheels or cultivating, a protective cover, a rear bracket with a depth controller and a front bracket. There is a removable owner between the electricity and equipment units, who shares these two units and connects at the same time.

The main operation for processing the soil is carried out by the Tarpan motor with the working body – the rotational cultivator. The knives of the cultivator cut out the layers of the soil, crumble and mix and contribute to the progressive movement of the wal k-in tract. In contrast to the plow, the tailors loosen the ground better and crush weeds and their roots. The organic and mineral fertilizers introduced therein are mixed evenly with the floor. But trying to carry out the grinding of virgin floors does not cost: it is the plow that is useful there.

In the list of standard equipment and trailer equipment, which the Tarpan engine note was offered in addition to the milling cutter and a plo w-metal wheels with 500×200 mm primers; Rotor hung “Dawn”; Motor blade; Right and left student; Hiller; Root saving; Snowman; Motoblock brush; Light-off shovel.

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Briggs & Stratton Vanguard OHV 6.5Nr 13N3

Briggs & Stratton petrol engines of the Vanguard series represent semi-professional single and two-cylinder air cooling engines with a horizontal position of the crankshaft, a cast iron cylinder sleeve with the upper valve arrangement (OHV). Model 13N3 is a single cylinder petrol engine with a horizontal position of the crankshaft. It is equipped with a start protection system with a low oil-guard oil, which is only activated at the beginning of the engine and is automatically equipped after switching off devices (up to 25 degrees). The engine switches off with insufficient oil level.

Briggs & Stratton Vanguard OHV 6.5Nr 13N3

The engines of the Vanguard series have been produced for a long time and, as they say, have been checked in time. They offer a complete and efficient combustion of fuel, the minimum amount of deposits, a resource with high valves and efficiency of fuel consumption.

The Motordesign uses a dual clean air filter. This is a pleated paper air filter element in automotive style with a foam rubber forward filter that offers double protection for a longer engine life. The dura-bore cylinder running socket made of cast iron offers good wear resistance under all operating conditions and reduced oil consumption.

The design uses a dismantled ball bearing – for simple repairs and smooth operation. The electronic magnetic ignition system ensures quick and reliable start. The special LO-Tone silencer reduces engine noise.

In addition to motor blocks, model 13

H3 is often used for different types of operations: as part of gas generators and welding devices, agricultural machines and autonomous sawmills, moto r-grubbing, min i-tractors, lawn mowers.

  • The dry weight of the engine is 18.7 kg.
  • His total dimensions are 275 x 391 x 363 mm.
  • Working volume: 205 cm3.
  • Maximum torque – 4.8 Nm / 3060 rpm.
  • Cylinder diameter – 68.3 mm.
  • The piston stroke is 55.8 mm.
  • The volume of the oil pan is 0.6 liters.

Honda GCV-160 engine

Honda GCV-160 is a four-stroke engine with camshaft in the cylinder head (OHC), with a vertical crankshaft, aluminum cylinder and air cooling. Valve arrangement – above (OHV).

  • The work volume of the engine is 160 cm3.
  • Engine power – 4.1 kW (5.5 hp) at 3,600 rpm.
  • Maximum torque – 11.4 Nm / 1.16 kgf / m at 2,500 rpm.
  • Cylinder diameter – 64 mm.
  • Piston hub – 50 mm.
  • The oil volume in the crankcase is 0.55 liters.
  • Basic dry weight – 9.8 kg.
  • Total dimensions – 366 x 331 x 360 mm.

Honda GCV-160-01 engine

The Honda GCV-160 engine uses such innovative technologies as: cylinders and combustion chamber are a single part, the timing belt is in the crankcase. It is characterized by a low noise level during operation and a minimal number of mechanical parts that cause noises. Low weight of the engine. The timing belt does not have to be waited or replaced during the entire lifespan of the engine.

In terms of efficiency, this engine has the lowest fuel consumption of all engines in this category. The engines of the GCV series are equipped with a special lubricating system (drive belt for additional lubrication with machine oil) and a fuel pump so that the motors of this series can be operated at an angle of 45 ° (with the cylinder head at the top).

Specific experience in the operation of the Tarpan motor blocks

In summary, we can conclude from the numerous reviews of the han d-led Tarpan tractors that the equipment is of sufficient quality – strong, reliable and durable in use. In the network you will find many evidence of those for the hand-led Tarpan tractor for both the 7th and for the 8th season. The engine starts well under all conditions, it is not moody in maintenance, it works stable. Since it is a fou r-stroke, no oil has to be mixed in petrol. If gasoline remains in the fuel tank for winter, the han d-led tractor does not work in spring. It has to be emptied and r e-filled, otherwise the engine always starts with half a revolution.

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The power of the engine is sufficient, even with a noticeable excess. Given its low weight, it collapses when launched, and if the earth is dry or very dense, it begins to “jump” along it. In this regard he accepts virgin soil with difficulty or does not accept it at all. “If you plow previously processed land, everything goes well. If you try to bite into the virgin land on this device, Tarpan is constantly striving to leap out of the farmland and run far ahead without just trying to go deeper,” says one of the owners, “so he must be good Being in the virgin lands, you either have to hang on to everyone in the body and put pressure on the ground, or hang on the ballast’s heavy metal bladders. ‘ Fatigue from such intense work is felt considerably, especially with habit.

During the first ploughing margins, almost all Tarpan Motornote owners are complaining about harsh operating conditions during the first ploughing ploughing conditions: At first, both hands and back are very tired. The back hurts and “falls off”. However, with the acquisition of the habit of working this technique, this disappears. In addition to the vibration load that was not found and the need to lean on a light walk tractor with your whole body After work, it was not only the back, but also the thumb. On the Tarpan Walkways in the final years of release, this issue has been corrected.

The network has descriptions of the real experience on tarpan with additional ballast. So one of the owners hung 24 kilogram weights on him; And the other is homemade lead blanks melted from lead acid batteries. With three visits, it is still possible to turn the dense virgin land into “fluff”.

Many motblock users simply remove the cases with milling machines. Considering that they interfere because the grass and roots are wounded on the mill-cutter’s knives; Stones can get stuck there and bend them. And the covers just close the check and prevent them from monitoring this and generally contribute to the clothes being clogged. Carefully monitor the cutters during work the second mandatory item of the Tarpan Motor Service program (along with regular oil changes). Rocks, wire, large roots, and stems twisted on knives can bend and damage them.

According to one of the owners of the Tarpan Motornote, he processes seven in a row his six acres for seven consecutive years and in the fall and three other areas of about the same size among neighbors such as Kalyma. During this time, the technique never failed, there were no glitches.

The metal from which the Tarpan Walk Tractor is made is noticeably better than the best quality Chinese engine blocks in this class. Notably in the tarpan engine blocks of the early release points (late ’90s/early 2000s). Now the quality of the metal and its coloring, although it has deteriorated a bit, is still at a decent level.

In general, the Tarpan Walk amazing tractor can be described as simple, robust, sophisticated agricultural machinery that “costs money”.

The cost of the Tarpan engine note

Motorbridator Tarpan TMZ-ML 03 Champion” width=”639″ height=”448″ />

The new Tarpan-07 tractor (this is the company’s only model, the rest are not motoblocks, but even more light motor breeders) are compact agricultural vehicles from 35,000 rubles. This is a completely competitive market price compared to Chinese analogues. The used engine block of this model can be bought for 17-20 thousand rubles.

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