Overview of the range of trimmers and lawn mowers from the Varyag brand

The most powerful petrol trimmers: a rating of the best models and their description

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When choosing a lawn mower, you need to consider various parameters that determine its suitability for specific tasks.

One of these parameters is power, on which efficiency when cutting bushes or trees depends, therefore gas trimmers with an engine of increased power are often called brush cutters.

Next, we made an overview of the most powerful lawn mowers available in online shops, but since we took performance data from manufacturers’ or sellers’ websites, the actual values ​​​​may differ, this is especially true for cheap Chinese machines.

What determines the performance of the engine?

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The power that an engine can develop is influenced by 2 factors:

  • maximum torque;
  • maximum crankshaft speed.

Also, the first parameter directly depends on two factors:

  • volume of the combustion chamber;
  • Engine type (two-stroke or four-stroke).

The volume of the combustion chamber (it is given in cm 3, and in conversation they use the expression “cube” or “cube”). A two-stroke engine, due to its design features, produces 1.7 to 1.9 times more torque than a four-stroke engine.

At the same time, the maximum speed of the power units of lawn mowers is 10–12 thousand rpm. Therefore, an engine with increased power is always more voluminous than a device with a lower value of this parameter.

If a potential buyer knows what is important when it comes to real performance, he first looks at the volume of the unit.

For example, in engines with low power (≤2 hp), the volume of the chamber is 25–35 cm 3 in engines with a declared power of 5 liters. With. the actual volume should be 50-70 cm 3.

In theory, you can squeeze out 5 liters. With. from an engine with a volume of 40 cm 3, which, however, is always associated with a decrease in its resources due to an excessive load on the piston and crank mechanism.

Parameter Benefits

In fact, it is not the power itself that is important, but the maximum torque, that is, the ability to rotate the crankshaft at a certain speed under a certain load.

The higher this parameter, the easier the device copes with energy-intensive tasks, for example:

  • cut out thick weeds;
  • Cutting young shoots from branches or trees;
  • cut down trees.

The higher this parameter, the higher the load on the engine is designed, which means that its service life is noticeably longer with the same processing and the same load.

In addition, all trimmers with a capacity of more than 3.5 liters. with., only equip two-stroke engines, because they have a conspicuously large ratio of mass and torque, although they are less reliable. A detailed description of how such motors work can be found here.

The most powerful petrol trimmer

In this section we will talk about the most powerful devices, trying to give as detailed an overview as possible of each model, taking into account:

  • declared technical characteristics;
  • power and torque ratio;
  • owner reviews.


This model ranks first for the highest declared power (5.9 hp) with a 58 cm 3 two-wheel engine.

Photo 3

Twice the stated force force 3 facts to doubt:

  • It is not known who and where produces this trimmer;
  • There is no manufacturer site, there is only a blurry page in one of the online stores.
  • Small engine volume.

Some owners in their reviews note the low quality of manufacturing a benzotrimer, which is why it needs to be finished independently, for example, to more firmly fix the handle.

Despite this, the overwhelming majority of the owners of the apparatus speak positively about its high power, because according to them it is enough to carry out work.

The description on the model page shows that “the number of revolutions is 9000 rpm, but it is not clear from revolutions per minute.

Motokosovs include a semi-automatic fishing line reel and 3 types of knives, that is:

  • three-hole;
  • round, 8 teeth;
  • Round 40 teeth.

Such a complete set is called a universal because it is suitable for performing tasks. In addition, it is supplied together with a benzocosa, a regular, that is, a very uncomfortable shoulder strap, desirable for suspension system changes. The mass of the device is 6 kg, and the average cost is 8,000 rubles.

Union BTS-9256

Another Chinese benzo trimmer from an unknown manufacturer, however, at least the supplier is known – the Russian company Sturm, a packager, that is, under its brands sells third-party products.

Small tractor MotoBlock Salyut. Instructions, schemes, drawings.

The model of the model is more informative and almost no negative reviews about the quality of manufacture, but all owners note that the motorbikes easily cope with any tasks.

The volume of the engine is not too large (56 cm 3), since the manufacturer sacrifices reliability for more torque.

The packer’s website indicates a capacity of 5.4 liters. S. Given the reputation of the Russian company as a supplier of Chinese equipment of medium reliability, it can be assumed that these data are close to real.

The equipment is noticeably poorer than the previous model. In addition to the semi-automatic trimmer head, there is only a triple blade suitable for cutting thick grass and weeds. Instead of a suspension system along with a benzocaus, an ordinary shoulder strap is instead. The device weighs 8.5 kg and its cost is 8.5 thousand rubles.

Energomash BT-56

Photo 4

This is another Chinese benzotrimer with increasing capacity from Russian Sueter supplier.

The motor by technical characteristics is completely similar to that installed on the previous model (power 5.4 h, volume 56 cm 3).

The slightly lower cost (8,000 rubles) and advanced equipment (a saw disk and convenient shoulder unloading) suggest that the quality of manufacture and vitality of motorcycles is also lower.

Still, most reviews of the device are positive. Users note the performance and effectiveness of the trimmer, but not everyone is happy with its reliability. Such a trimmer custorus weighs 7.5 kg.

Storm Bt8972d

This is another benzotrimer of an unknown manufacturer, supplied to the Russian market by the company “Sturm”. A distinctive feature of the device is higher quality production, and the power ratio (4.8 hp) and volume (56 cm 3) indicate a large resource of the power supply device.

In addition to the semi-automatic trimmer head, you will receive with the device:

  • Thre e-popular knives;
  • 40 tooth slices;
  • Practical suspension system (shoulder discharge).

Most reviews are positive, users find that motocos is slightly coordinated with every work until trees are drilling, and the engine works without overload, ie still a power supply.

The comfortable shoulder discharge slows down the accumulation of fatigue, since the load is evenly distributed on the two medical shoulders of the operator. This device weighs 8.7 kg and its costs is 20,000 rubles.

Edon GT-520/3000

This motor is delivered to the Russian Federation by a Russian Waddler and Manufacturer of Electrical Engineering, Edon, and the device is produced in Chinese factories. The model page is quite informative, and the performance ratio (4.1 liters) and the volume (52 cm 3) indicate a large motorcycle tour.

The device is delivered in a minimal configuration, ie in addition to the cheap sem i-automatic trimmer head you get a knife with three leaves, which is why the device is only suitable for mowing grass and weeds.

In order to carry out other work and buy the required cutting tool, we also recommend that the standard shoulder strap for unloading or change to the suspension system immediately.

Most reviews of this device are positive, but users notice many small defects, such as: B.:

  • Fuel hoses with cracks;
  • A switching joint of a tank and a hose;
  • Air tribute to the fuel supply system.

It is easy to eliminate all of these defects yourself. However, there is no complaints about power and ability to carry out work. All owners determine the high efficiency of motorcycles and the reliability of its engine. Such a device weighs 6.5 kg and its costs is 8.5,000 rubles.

Huter GGT-2900T

It is not known who the owner of the brand is and provides products under the Russian market, so this motorcycle is completely Chinese because it is manufactured in the PRC factories. Not too high performance (3.9 hp) is combined with an impressive volume (52 cm 3), which indicates a high resource of the performance device.

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Together with the trimmer, they receive:

  • An automatic coil that can be hidden by fishing line without removing the upper cover;
  • a sawture disk with carbid attacks (40 teeth);
  • Comfortable shoulder shop.

Such devices, combined with a relatively low price (11,000 rubles), attract customers. In most reviews, the owners notice the effectiveness of the device.

However, some owners are dissatisfied with the low quality of the assembly, for example the lack of lubrication within the shaft and in gears, so that the device is suitable for those who can easily remove such defects independently. Weigh Motokos 7 kg.

Factory authorization devices for the RECK

Husqvarna 555FX

This trimmer is one of the most expensive (83,000 rubles), but its price is fully justified. The large volume of the engine (53 cm3) with relatively low power (3.8 hp) has a huge resource because it consists of hig h-quality materials.

The bicycle handle is separated from the drive shaft with a spacer with rubber graves from vibrations, so that the operator’s hands have much smaller loads than usual.

If it is necessary for any reason to change the angle of inclination of the handle, this can be done without the use of the tool, it is sufficient to unscrew the comfortable barack nut and transfer the handles into the required position.

The engine controls are more convenient than with inexpensive devices, so that the operator can easily control the operation of the power supply. The light start system reduces the power that has to be attached to the manual starters by 40% compared to other devices of the same performance.

In addition to the assembly key for assembling the device, it is equipped with a sawcare slice with carbid attacks (40 teeth) and a comfortable suspension system. Other cutting tools are not supplied with it so that you have to expand the functions of motorcycles at your own expense. The device weighs 9 kg.

All owners of this costume in their reviews notice the reliability and efficiency of the device as well as hig h-quality production.

Stihl FS 560 C-EM KSB

Despite its Chinese origin, this office is in no way inferior to the previous model, but a little more expensive (88,000 rubles). In addition, this motoco has the maximum volume ratio (57 cm 3) and the power (3.8 hp), whereby the details of the curvopic Shawl mechanism work without overload.

The device is also similar to the previous model, including additional systems, i.e. a handle with shock absorbers and a light motor start. The weight of this motorcycle is 10 kg.

Comparison table

We have collected the most important parameters in a table:

model Strength l. With. Volume cm3 Weight (KG gear Country of origin The price of a thousand ruble
PROCRAFT T4350 5,9 58 6,5 Universal + shoulder strap. China 8
Union BTS-9256 5,4 56 8,5 A sem i-automatic coil, a thre e-meter with three light states, an uncomfortable shoulder strap. China 8,5
Energomash BT-56 5,4 56 7,5 A sawture disc, a thre e-high knife, a sem i-automatic coil, a comfortable shoulder discharge. China 8
Storm Bt8972d 4,8 56 8,7 A sawture disc, a thre e-high knife, a sem i-automatic coil, a comfortable shoulder discharge. China 20
Edon GT-520/3000 4,1 52 6,5 A sem i-automatic coil, a thre e-meter with three light states, an uncomfortable shoulder strap. China 8,5
Huter GGT-2900T 3,9 52 7 Automatic coil, saw blade, shoulder discharge. China 11
Husqvarna 555FX 3,8 53 9 A handle with a vibration dumping system, a saws 4 0-teeth, a comfortable suspension system. United States of America 83
Stihl FS 560 C-EM KSB 3,8 57 10 A handle with a vibration dumping system, a saws 4 0-teeth, a comfortable suspension system. China 88


In this section you will find links to resources that contain the reviews of the users of the most powerful motorcycles:

Video on the topic

We give you an overview of the best petrol cutter, including power:


If you choose a motorcycle for a strong, energ y-intensive work, you first have to concentrate on the performance of the engine, as the device is ready to do its work.

In addition, the power of the engine, combined with the volume of the electricity unit, determines the motorcycle tour and thus the lifespan.

When working under a serious burden, a powerful but more cos t-effective Chinese apparatus can be more stubborn than ten times more expensive, but noticeably less strong motorcycles from the USA or Europe.

Photo 1

Photo 1

Hello Pawel. On the one hand, they are right, the volume of the combustion chamber and the work volume are not the same. If the piston reaches the upper dead point, there is still a freedom, formed by a cavity in the cylinder head, which penetrates the volume of the combustion chamber and deepens in the piston. And usually the volume ratio is referred to as a compression ratio. But! With two-stroke engines, the compression ratio is about 10, which should theoretically mean that the volume of the combustion chamber in the cylinder head is 10 times smaller than the volume of the cylinder, but in reality this is not the case. And the relationship is much smaller. For example, the still popular VAZ 21083 automotor, the declared volume of 1499 cm3, is the compression ratio 9.8, but the volume of the combustion chamber in the cylinder head, including the room under the seal and the distance from the top of the dead point for the Edge of the cylinder block and the recesses in the pistons for the valves are 164 cm3, ie the total volume is 1663 cm3, but this number is not specified in any instruction, since it does not reflect the actual skills of the engine.

Husqvarna LC 348V lawn mower with Aftech ™ function. Properties, advantages, video, reviews

In the case of two-stroke engines, which are equipped with powerful trimmers, the situation is the same, because their compression ratio is 9-11, depending on who does it. However, the main problem is that the average buyer does not understand the difference between total and work volume, but he knows how to compare the number of different models. For example, a trimmer has an engine with 30 dice, another has 50, so the second is stronger. And it is a work volume or a full one, it doesn’t matter for a normal buyer, and 27 and 33 cm3 still differ greatly from 45 and 55 cm3, so no matter how you specify the volume, the general information will not change it this.

Therefore, on the one hand, they are right, on the other hand, it has been historically so that only the volume of work and, if important, the compression ratio is specified. This applies to every motorized vehicle, from the trimmer to the raised ship, which is why we do not confuse the readers with information that in no way help you evaluate the skills of a certain trimmer. But since you have drawn attention, we decided to clarify the situation, what if it turns out for someone that the size of the work volume but the combustion chamber is really important?

Before teaching others, understand the concepts of the combustion chamber volume and work volume. You confused these concepts.

Motoblocks Warjag. Overview of the range, properties, attachments, application and operation

This device is manufactured in the People’s Republic of China. All han d-guided tractors from Varyag are carefully checked during production and only equipped with hig h-quality parts.

These machines are characterized by a long service life, high performance and excellent efficiency. The advantages of the hand-led Varyag tractors also include small external dimensions of the engine, a chain gear and a large selection of driven attachments.

Overview of the range of Motoblöcken Varyag

Warjag MB 601

This han d-led tractor has a petrol engine with 6.5 hp. The engine is started via a cable. Varyag MB-601 is able to process prepared soft soils.

Motoblock Warjag MB 601

  • The maximum cultivation depth is 35 cm.
  • The weight of the singl e-axle tractor is only 70 kg, but coars e-stubborn tires ensure sufficient grip on tough soil.
  • The gasoline consumption is approx. 0.8 l/h.

Warjag MB 701

A petrol fou r-stitch engine with 7 HP is installed on this hiking tractor. At the same time, the weight of the device rose to 92 kg so that they can process areas of medium size with a stronger type of soil.

Motoblock Warjag MB701

  • The width of the grinding is set and is 85 cm and the cultivation depth is regulated from 15 to 25 cm.
  • Varangian MB 701 is equipped with a type of gearbox.
  • The average fuel consumption is 0.8 to 1.2 l/h.

Varangian MB 801

This tractor for walk injuries can be used successfully to cultivate virgin areas. It is equipped with a Chinese petrol engine Lifan Mark 173f, which is considered an analogue of the worl d-famous Honda. Its strength is 8 horsepower.

Motoblock Warjag MB-801

  • The width of the MALE’s MB 801 can be defined in the range of 72 to 113 cm, and the cultivation depth can reach 30 cm.
  • The weight of this walking is 110 kg.
  • This model differs 4 steps in the checkpoint: 2 forward and 2 before 2.
  • Due to the clearance of 14 cm together with hig h-quality pneumatic tires, you can even cultivate unequal plots.

Varangian MB 901

This is a representative of a heavier class of motoblocks, which is equipped with a 9 strong motor that is cooled by air.

Motoblock Warjag MB 901

  • In order to give him greater stability, the weight of 115 kg was increased.
  • The cultivation width can be uncovered in the range of 75 to 125 cm, and the largest deepening of the binding equipment reaches 30 cm.
  • This tractor for walks can carry out agricultural tasks and transport goods with a weight of up to half a ton.
Shenli 900 engine blocks. Review, characteristics, reviews

Varangian MB 902

This is the first diesel model in the lin e-up of the Varangian brand. It has a Kama 173f engine with a capacity of 6 hp. The diesel engine differs from gasoline with low fuel consumption, a large life resource and a lower number of failures. In this regard, the price is slightly higher than with the performance of MB 601.

Motoblock Warjag MB 902

  • The width of the floor grinding can be defined in the range of 60 to 110 cm.
  • The weight of the Varangian MB 902 mot block is 127 kg.

Thanks to the large mass and the low engine power, the optimal processing of areas is achieved at low speeds. Varangian MB 902 is a professional machine that can even process virgin land.

Varangian MB 903

This model is also equipped with a diesel engine with a capacity of 6 Kama horse strengths. In contrast to the MB 902 Varangianer, however, an electrical starter is already installed, which makes it much easier to start the engine, especially at low temperatures.

Motoblock Warjag MB-903

Varangian MB 904

This is another representative of the Motoblocks of the Varangianer. It is equipped with an engine with 9 HP and is intended for professional use in the agricultural sector. The engine begins with an electric steamer. If the battery is drained off, you can start a tractor for the Varangian MB 904 with a hand cable.

Motoblock Warjag MB-904

  • The weight reaches 178 kg together with tires of 10 inches, in any weather and every floor they offer perfect liability to the surface.
  • The cultivation width can be defined in the range of 80 to 135 cm. This is the largest indicator among all moto blocks of the variation brand.

Review of the attached devices

Motoblocks of the Varangian brand have made it very popular not only because of their high technical properties, but also by the ability to work with a variety of attachments.

All owners of these machines should know the skills of their car and use maximum efficiency.


This attachment is supplied with almost all Varyag unachstractors, and one of the basic features for the owner is its grip width and immersion depth.

Mill cultivator

You can mix the top layer of earth with sabe r-shaped milling to increase fertility before planting and after harvesting. This saturates the earth with oxygen and the weeds are crushed and mixed with the floor for fertilizer.

If virgin or hard floors have to be processed, the milling cutters do not help because they cannot sink into the ground and jump constantly. In this case, the owners of Motoblöcken from the Varyag brand recommend using plows.

Plow mole plow PN-1-20MB

The main disadvantage of plowing is that after such a machining, large rock blocks remain on the surface, which then have to be crushed with milling. Wing plows have the shape of a plu g-in crowd in the form of a spring that initially turns the rock several times and chops.

When plowing, it is necessary to make the first track. Then the han d-led tractor tips over and a bike is installed in it. The plow is lowered into the ground and plowing continues. This buried the first ditch.


Motoblocks from the Varyag brand support the work with a roundabout mower that is connected to the tap wave. Your knives do not have to be sharpened, and if they are dull, they just have to be changed.

Sickle mower segment front mower Scout SM-1110

Potato rolls and potato planters

Working with potatoes requires a lot of effort. Motoblock from the Varyag brand with the help of a potato rotor and a potato planter help to fulfill these tasks.

Potato planter K-1l potato rotor

Snow mill and shovel

In order not to preserve the han d-led tractor in the winter season, it can be used to free the local area from the snow by connecting a snow blower or a shovel shovel.

Shovel-dump snowy

Wheels, tunnels and rails

All han d-guided tractors of the Varyag brand are equipped with hig h-quality air tires that can move the device on viscous and loamy soils.

Review of trimmers and motorcycles. Characteristics of application and operation

Sometimes your grip is not enough and the car slips and digs. In order to improve the continuousness in summer, tunnels and work in the winter season can be installed.

Grousers Caterpillar cultivator Lynx


Motoblocks from the Varyag brand can transport goods by connecting trailers. There are different types of them, and the choice of a specific model should be based on the parameters of the load:

  • A trolley with high side walls enables the transport of bulky objects;
  • The dump truck is used during the transport of bulk goods;
  • The long model is used when the pipes and tree felling work is transported.

Trolley trailer Salyut Motoblock cargo pendant PMG300-1


Most Motoblocks of the Varyag brand have a low weight, which is why the device behaves unstable in the event of severe work. To improve handling, you can increase the weight with a few weights that are hung on the wheel axle. The weight of a pancake is 16 kg.

User Guide

First run and enema

The first start is the key to the lon g-term and uninterrupted operation of the handled tractors of the Varyag brand. First of all, it is necessary to assemble the machine according to the order specified in the operating instructions.

Then the inlet time of the engine begins. At this point, you cannot use the han d-led tractor for heavy work or maximum performance.

The enema should take about 8 hours. During this time you can drive with an empty pendant or operate with a minimal immersio n-depth tillage. During this time, the engine parts are lubricated and begin to work as a single mechanism. After completing this process, change the engine oil.


Motoblocks Varyag are unpretentious with regard to maintenance. Many owners simply change the engine oil according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Before commissioning, the han d-led tractor must be checked on the unnatural arrangement of the parts, maintenanc e-friendliness of the electrical wiring and oil leaks on the construction units.

  • The engine oil must be changed every 25 hours. To do this, let off the waste and fill in a new lubricant with the classification 10W-40.
  • The transmission oil should be changed twice a year: in spring and autumn or after 100 operating hours. It is recommended to pour TAP-15V or TAD-17i into these nodes.
  • Shift levers should be regularly lubricated with solidol or litol-24 to ensure smooth switching.

Gear oil TAD-17i Litol Gearing Oil TAP-15V

Removal of larger disorders

The owner of Warjag engine blocks indicate the availability of spare parts for these machines and their maintainability. Most errors can be remedied in a short time.

If the engine does not start:
  1. You should check the functionality of the entire ignition system and the presence of a spark (if necessary, clean or replace the candles, check the terminal connections);
  2. Make sure that there are enough fuel and oil (if the engine does not start in the event of deficiency);
  3. Check the fuel and air filter (if you use longer, you can be clogged with dirt, clean or replace it);
  4. Set the fuel mixture in the carburetor.
When the engine runs smoothly:
  1. Check the availability and quality of the fuel (moisture is possible, it must be drained off and filled up);
  2. Check the ignition spark (clean the spark plug and fasten the poles safely);
  3. Clean the air and fuel filter.

Video review

Here is a video overview of the start sequence and the work on the han d-led tractor Varyag 701:

The following video evaluation demonstrates Varyag 901:

This video assessment demonstrates driving with a trailer and his device:

Owner reviews

In the following you will find some opinions from thematic forums on the experiences with the use of hand-led Varyag tractors:


“I have been using the Varyag Motoblock since 2015. And I can’t say anything bad about the car. Once he hit an oil pan as he ran into a bunch of glass, branches and stones, be careful with that moment. The wheels drive even in the field, but I would not recommend that because breaking the floor is quite easy. There I welded steel sheets myself. I fill AI-92 and there were never problems with the fuel. The consumption is approximately 2-3 liters per hour. The service is not bizarre, change the oil, and that’s all.

Advantages: performance, simple engine start, large selection of attachments.

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