Overview of the range of lawn mowers Gardena. Models and their features

Gardena lawn mower

Gardena brand lawn mowers become reliable assistants in the care of small and medium-sized household territories. The list of their advantages includes high reliability of components, ease of scheduled maintenance, maneuverability and ability to maneuver on areas with variable terrain. Gardena brand models are lightweight and small in size, which allows using them in small parks, squares and other places with lots of trees, bushes and decorative furniture.

Gardena lawn mowers – high quality for everyone

From its founding in 1961 until today, Gardena has never wavered in its fundamental rule: to produce high-quality garden tools at an affordable price. The brand did not betray its principles even after 2006, when Swedish giant Husqvarna took an official controlling interest.

Today Gardena produces various types of garden tools. Lawn mower deserves special attention among the entire range of the company.

The list of its advantages include:

  • High performance and solid power at a relatively small size;
  • Efficiency of petrol, electric and battery lawn mowers;
  • Easy maintenance and maintainability;
  • Numerous useful features aimed at increasing the comfort of use of devices.

Due to their ease of daily use, Gardena lawn mowers are not only suitable for experienced gardeners, but also for beginners.

Gardena 42E electric lawnmower – description and specifications

This high-tech model convinces with many useful features, including a folding ergonomic handle, a built-in side grip for lawn edges and a large 50-litre grass collection basket with level indicator.

The lawnmower comes standard with a brand-power plus electric motor, which is characterized by high resistance to overheating, low power consumption and an impressive traction reserve. The motor is equipped with interlocks that switch it off immediately in the event of a short circuit.

Gardena 42E electric lawnmower

For mowing plants, the Gardena Power Max 42 E electric lawnmower is equipped with a steel blade whose position can be set in 5 positions. If necessary, the mower can be switched to mulching mode by first removing the standard plug from the socket.

Parameters of the model:

  • Performance – 1.7 kW;
  • Coverage width – 42 cm;
  • Mowing height – 2-6 cm;
  • Weight – 12,2 kg.

This Gardena lawn mower is designed to care for areas up to 800 m 2.

Electric lawn mower Gardena Power Max 37 E functions and parameters

This modification is designed for dense vegetation, tall weeds and small woody bushes. The model is equipped with a durable electric motor, which automatically shuts off in case of short circuit or overheating.

Gardena Power Max 37 E electric lawnmower

The Gardena 37E is equipped with a powerful rotary cutting system. Its operation is based on the rotation of the blade, connected to the motor through a belt transmission. If necessary, the operator can set the cutting element to any of 5 positions using the synchronous adjustment system.

Parameters of the model:

  • power – 1,6 kW;
  • cutting width is 37 cm;
  • Mowing height – 2-6 cm;
  • weight – 11,8 kg.

The model comes with a rigid grass catcher box of 45 liters. The driver can also set the device to mow the grass with immediate mulching and spreading of shredded vegetation over the plot.

The mini version of a garden on the balcony

Gardena 34E lawnmower – features and equipment

This model combines low weight, high performance and efficiency in working with dense vegetation and small weeds. The mower comes standard with a long-life electric power unit equipped with interlocks to shut it off in case of overheating and short circuit.

In the basic configuration of the device, the classic rotary system, consisting of a pre-sharpened blade and a sturdy gearbox, whose parts are made of plastic and aluminum, is responsible for mowing the grass.

Gardena 34E electric lawnmower

The Gardena Power Max 34 E is equipped with a robust, impact-resistant housing that protects internal parts from moisture and grass. The housing provides easy access to the parts that need to be replaced most often.

Parameters of the model:

  • power – 1.4 kW;
  • the coverage width is 34 cm;
  • Mowing height – 2-6 cm;
  • weight – 10,9 kg.

Gardena lawn mower is equipped with a capacious grass catcher box, designed for 40 liters of freshly mowed grass.

Gardena Power Max 32 E – features and benefits

This model boasts the same advantages as the Gardena cordless lawnmower. And the battery doesn’t need to be charged regularly, making mowing the grass much quicker.

Gardena Power Max 32 E lawn mower

The Gardena 32E electric lawnmower is equipped with the proprietary PowerPlus engine, designed for operation in the temperature range from 0 to 30⁰C. The engine is connected to the cutting blade through a belt transmission, which should be replaced once every 1 season if used regularly.

Parameters of the model:

  • power – 1,2 kW;
  • cutting width is 32 cm;
  • Mowing height – 2-6 cm;
  • weight – 8,5 kg.

The lawnmower is equipped with a body made of impact-resistant plastic and an ergonomic U-shaped folding handle.

Gardena 46 VD self-propelled petrol lawnmower – design and function

This modification of the Gardena brand is characterized by a reliable power unit developed by Briggs & Stratton. Thanks to flexible traction parameters and impressive endurance, the engine can easily cope with overload and continuous work at elevated temperatures.

Gardena 46 VD Self propelled lawn mower

For mowing plants, the model features a blade with a metal blade, the surface of which is coated with an alloy that protects the element from shocks and rust. A mechanical system is responsible for adjusting the position of the blade in the mower design, allowing the operator to choose one of 6 positions of the cutting head.

Parameters of the model:

  • Power – 2.85 hp;
  • cutting width is 46 cm;
  • cutting height – 3-8 cm;
  • Weight – 32,1 kg.

Internal parts of the lawnmower are protected by a steel body that can withstand severe shock and corrosion.

Gardena lawn mower: advantages, disadvantages and the best models

The Gardena lawnmower will easily solve the problem of caring for your personal or cottage plot. The brand has a wide range of products, which works from the electric network, standalone battery models and gasoline variants for the lawn Eedble the Lawn. German thoroughness in everything allows the gardening tools of this brand with the most significant European and American brands. The company has its own innovations that make the process of growing lawn grass much easier.

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Interesting ideas and solutions combined with original design is what Gardena has distinguished from the general series. The introduction of new technologies simplifies the control of the lawnmower and makes it really enjoyable to use. Lovers of the perfect English lawn can have peace of mind when choosing this tool for their home – the grass can be mowed quickly, efficiently and effortlessly.


The company Gardena is known to European consumers. Products under this brand have been produced since 1961. The brand was one of the first to introduce cordless lawn mowing tools and implemented the idea of using a single standard of handles and batteries. The company gives a 25-year warranty on all products. And since 2012 the range has included a robotic lawnmower, which can radically change the idea of caring for the garden and personal plot.

Today Gardena brand is part of the Husqvarna group of companies and maintains a high level of product quality, using the combined technological capabilities of each company.

Under the characteristics of this company’s lawns we can define:

  • medium price range;
  • long warranty period;
  • reliable construction;
  • high level of safety;
  • full compliance with European standards of assembly and production;
  • interchangeable parts in models of the same type;
  • easy care.

advantages and disadvantages

Gardena lawn mowers have a number of obvious advantages.

  • Grass mulch support. In almost all models, it is shredded and turned into a safe natural fertilizer. Where mulching is not supported, a grass catcher box is available.
  • No complicated preparations for work. Immediate start is a big plus, especially for robotic devices, which can be fully autonomous.
  • No complications with the perching of corners and sides. The technique is serviced by the technique, in the design of which all these points are already provided and do not cause any problems. You can buy only a lawnmower and refuse to use a trimmer.
  • Ergonomics of the models. All machinery has adjustable handles, with which you can adjust to the height of the user. The optimized body does not correspond to the obstacles in the way. All control panels are equipped with responsive buttons.
  • Choice of models for any area of the site. It is possible to solve site maintenance problems depending on the volume and complexity of the work.

The disadvantages of Gardena equipment can be attributed to the low friendliness and high noise level of gasoline models to ensure the lawn in winter.

Mechanical drum models have only one disadvantage – limited mowing area.

Under the types of devices for mowing the garden lawn, you can distinguish several groups, which differ in technical complexity and autonomy of operation.

  • Electric robotic lawnmower. Fully autonomous solution for garden maintenance. The robot automatically returns to the charging station and can successfully coordinate the work with the grass pump at 4 levels of settings. Autonomous operation without recharging is 60-100 minutes. Models are equipped with three levels that can run 24/7 in any weather.
  • Mechanical manual models. The drum mechanism of this lawn mower was created by the company for connoisseurs of the traditional approach to mowing the lawn. These models belong to the category of non-self-propelled, which are suitable for handling areas not exceeding 2.5 hectares, with a grass collector. The mowing mechanism here is contactless, completely safe, works almost silently and is not harmful to the environment.
  • Self-charging batteries. Created for the care of lawn areas of different sizes, which run on a standard lithium-ion battery, equipped with modern environmentally friendly motors in the form of a motor. The technologies used by the Gardena brand provide support for 5-10 mowing modes (depending on the model). The duration of continuous operation of the lawnmowers is 40-60 minutes.
  • Electric models with a network capacity. Have a non-self-contained design and mowing area not more than 400 m2. The area of movement is limited by the length of the wire. The manufacturer presented itself for the inclusion of ergonomic rubber bands and capacious grass catchers. There is a central adaptation of the cutting height.
  • Gasoline lawnmower. The most powerful lawn mowers in the Gardena range are powered by Briggs & Stratton (USA) engines. The models are energy-dependent, belong to the professional or semi-professional class, are mobile and equipped with an alarm. Fuel consumption depends on the model.

This is a choice of design options for Gardena lawnmowers, but the brand’s range includes trimmers, which can make it easier to mow grass in hard-to-reach places.


In general, in the range of the company you will find several dozen models of cordless, electric, gasoline and manual equipment that meet the most stringent European standards. The Gardena brand is widespread on the Russian market, offers full warranty service and successfully updates the model range. It is worth paying attention to the most popular models.

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Robot lawnmower

Among the modern varieties of robotic lawnmowers you can note the Sileno series models – one of the quietest in its class with a noise level not more than 58 dB. They work with the laid stopper – the control cable – with grass up to 10 cm in height. The Gardena Sileno City 500 is a compact model that can handle up to 500 m2 of lawn. Fully autonomous device itself is sent to the charge, works according to a certain program, supports random movement in the territory.

All Gardena robotic lawnmowers have a control panel, LCD display, grass mulching is supported. The technique provides for weather conditions and obstacles, it can work on a slope. Model Sileno City 500 has a mowing width of 16 cm.

For small gardens, this line has its own model of equipment – Sileno City 250. It has all the advantages of the older version, but works on an area of up to 250 m2.

For large gardens, the Sileno Life lawnmowers with a working area range of 750-1250 m2 and an internationally acclaimed design are designed for large gardens. It is capable of overcoming a slope of 30%, a cutting width of 22 cm, full Weather coverage and a full range of useful options. Battery life is up to 65 minutes, the charge is replenished in 1 hour. In each model, you can set the mowing plan, the built-in sensory mowing system eliminates the formation of stripes on the lawn. Gardena Sileno Life 750, 1000 and 1250 are considered some of the most popular lawn mowing options in Europe.

gasoline models

Most Gardena gasoline lawn mowers are self-propelled. They are considered professional and semi-professional. The Gardena 46 VD focuses on an area of up to 8 acres and is equipped with a 4L engine with an electric motor. C., rear wheels, there is a soft grass catcher box and a mulching function. The width of the PCP is 46 cm, the start is manual.

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Model Gardena 51VDA has a frame of high-carbon steel, 4-wheeled chassis. Engine power is 5.5 hp. C. The model rolls out a 51 cm swath, supports 6 modes of mowing grass, the kit has a grass box, an adjustable handle. Not suitable for itself model Gardena 46V – a simple lawnmower, which takes care of a plot of up to 5 acres. It comes with a manual starter, grass catcher box, there is a mulching function. The width of the oil collector reaches 46 cm.


In the Gardena line there are two drum models of electric mowers: cordless 380 li and corded 380 EC. The battery-powered version mows up to 400 m2 of lawn quickly and almost silently. The corded version mows up to 500 m2 and can be operated manually in the absence of electricity.

Rotor models from Gardena Electrogazonocolisten are available in two current series.

  • Powermax Li 40/41, 40/37, 18/32. Models have a central mowing height adjustment, high torque, ergonomic handle. The first indicator in the numerical index shows the battery capacity, the second indicates the working width. Models are equipped with a grass catcher box. You have a choice of models for large or small areas.
  • Powermax 32E, 37E, 42E, 1800/42, 1600/37, 1400/34/1200/32. Depending on your power requirements you can choose the model with the right specification and working width. Models with the E index have a design that is not designed for propellers.

Manual Drum

Under the drum models of lawnmowers Gardena, which you do not have to handle yourself, are distinguished by the classic and convenient series.

  • Classic. The range includes models with a cutting width of 330 mm for an area of 150 m2 and 400 mm for a perfect English lawn of 200 m2. Both models are quiet in operation and have an adjustable ergonomic handle.
  • Comfort. The modern 400 C Comfort model with its 400 mm cutting width can mow lawns up to 250 m². A deflector for storing oblique handles is included, and the folding handle makes it easy to transport.
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rules of operation

Gardena lawnmowers of different types may require maintenance. In addition, if the stems of the plants in the area are higher than 10 cm, you must first use a grass trimmer to remove the excess height. When using equipment with a grass trimmer, you should clean it regularly to prevent the compartment from clogging to the point of failure. The batteries in Gardena garden tools are interchangeable, designed to the same standard, quickly rechargeable and non-rechargeable. They are removable, making it easy to stow the tools for the winter.

The most vulnerable component in the design of the equipment is the cutting element. The standard Gardena lawnmower blade needs to be sharpened regularly. If it is damaged, it may need to be replaced. But if the blade is just bent, it can easily be straightened and put back in place. When the lawnmower does not work, the most common cause is a clogged grass duct. It is enough to clean it and get the device back in working order. If the engine has stopped, it is recommended to check the contacts and power on the battery terminals. For corded models, the cause of the malfunction may be a damaged cable.

After each work step, it is necessary to thoroughly clean all the equipment of grass and dirt.

Review of reviews

Opinions of owners of Gardena lawnmowers about the equipment they have chosen are mostly positive: it is worth emphasizing the high reliability and quality of manufacture. Even the plastic used in the construction of lawnmowers is characterized by high strength and non-toxicity. Quiet operation is also mentioned, especially in models with an electric battery and robot. In addition, buyers appreciate the convenient adjustment of the height of the handles – this indicator can be adjusted to the height of the owner.

The cordless lawnmowers from Gardena are almost as powerful and economical as petrol mowers. This is a big plus for country houses, where the care of the garden is often time-consuming. The only complaint is not too lush colors of lawnmowers. Models with low power have a running time in the range of 30-60 minutes, this is not always enough to completely mow the lawn. Mechanical drum mowers are not designed for tall or wet grass.

In the following video you will find a test report on the Gardena R50Li silent robotic lawnmower.

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