Overview of the range of electric saws “Zubr”: Description and characteristics

Electric saws “Zubr”: Overview of the range. Safety rules, instructions for use

Power saws “Zubr”: High-quality tools at an affordable price

At the beginning of the 21st century in the post-Soviet countries there was an acute shortage of modern tools. At this time there are a lot of new domestic manufacturers, among which worthy place takes the corporation “Bison”, which began its activity in mid-2005. The first tool from this manufacturer, which appeared on the shelves of stores, was a percussion drill. Soon the product range was significantly expanded, along with other gardening equipment, on sale appeared gasoline and electric saws Zubr.

For various reasons, the company located its production facilities in China. This allowed to optimize prices while maintaining high quality products. It should be noted that the assembly of electric saws often uses Japanese, Western European and Russian components, which also has a positive effect on the durability and reliability of the tools. Chainsaw assembly is carried out at the factory under the supervision of Russian specialists and in accordance with internal quality and safety standards.

All Zubr products are certified in Russia, which is confirmed by the relevant documents.

Fakes of the company’s products have recently appeared on the market. To protect yourself from buying a low-quality tool, we recommend carefully studying the accompanying documents and the marking of individual parts and assemblies to conduct a thorough inspection of the saw body and its packaging.

The popularity of equipment from this company is due not only to the high quality, but also quite affordable. Today you can buy an electric saw Zubr for a price of 7,280 rubles.

  • High quality of assembly and components at low cost;
  • The reliability and environmental friendliness of the tool;
  • Extended warranty (up to 60 months) if buying from an authorized dealer and servicing electric saws in the service centers “Bison”;
  • High information support from the manufacturer, an extensive network of warranty workshops.

Zubr electric saws range

Production of SABS electric circuits is not a priority for the company. Therefore, in the catalog we find only two models, a more detailed review of which we offer in our article.

ZDS ZTSP 2000-02

Universal power tool of average power for the household. The model is ideal for repair and construction work indoors. With its help, you can prepare and saw firewood, trim garden trees and shrubs. Electric saws are powered by a two-kilowatt motor, which is powerful enough to run a 16-inch bar with a 57-link saw chain. During intensive use, you don’t have to worry about the motor, which is equipped with an overheat and overload lockout system.

According to owners, the electric saw has a good layout and balanced body, and the placement of the motor in the longitudinal direction reduces vibration and increases the power of the device. The motor of the electric saw has double insulation and comfortable rubberized handles, the safety of the operator is guaranteed by the instantaneous chain stop brake and the lock button against accidental activation. It should be noted the small weight of the saw – 5.4 kg when ready to work.

Today, the Zubr ZTSP 2000-02 model is sold in domestic stores at a price of 7,280 rubles.


This electric saw differs from the previous model by the transverse location of the electric motor and a large weight: 5.7 kilograms in a ready-to-work state. The model is equipped with all the modern systems that increase the safety of the operator and the productivity of the tool. In particular, this chainsaw is equipped with a lock button against unintentional activation, as well as protection against overheating and engine overload. The body of the unit is made of high-strength plastic, well balanced and equipped with an effective anti-vibration system.

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Model ZUBR ZTSP 2001 operates on a single-phase motor power of 2 kW, saw is equipped with a guide bar length of 405 mm and a saw chain with 57 limbs. Such working properties allow for cross-cutting and long cuts in small and medium diameter wood. The ZUBR ZTSP 2001 electric saw can be used for making and chopping firewood, trimming garden trees and mowing hedges. The model is especially popular among builders. It is especially effective when working indoors, as it does not emit harmful gases and does not produce excessive noise.

We draw your attention to the low cost of the Zubr ZTSP 2001 model, which is now available at a price of 7 300 rubles.

Preparing to work at the enterprise

  • Do not be lazy when buying a tool to carefully inspect it, study the marking of parts and verify the line codes with the information contained in the passport of the product.
  • Ask the salesman to test the motor to make sure it is in good working order.
  • If malfunction or damage is found, have the unit repaired or exchange for a similar unit;
  • When you get home, read the service and operating instructions carefully.
  • Read and follow all safety instructions.

Important: Most zub chain saw failures during the warranty period are due to improper use of the tool. Pay attention to this and follow the instructions in the manual.

Your chainsaw will be delivered virtually assembled. It is up to the new owner to reassemble the saw and fill up the chain oil himself. It should be noted that both Zubr electric chainsaw models are equipped with a tool-less chain tensioning device.

  • Remove the protective cover, tighten the outer fastening nut;
  • Insert the bar shaft in its seat, push it into the guide slot;
  • Install the chain so that the cutting edges face the direction of travel of the drive chainwheel;
  • Secure the bar and guard with the mounting nut of the tool-less adjuster;
  • Set the correct chain tension with the inner mother, with neither limb hanging under its own weight and the chain itself moving slightly over the bar;
  • Put on the outer fastening nut as far as it will go.
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Important: Keep in mind that the metal is heated and the chain links are stretched when the electric saw is in operation. For this reason, turn off the engine 10-15 minutes after starting work, check the chain setting and correct it if necessary.

  • Fill the automatic lubrication system;
  • Conduct a thorough inspection of the Zubr electric saw body for oil spots. If they are found, look for the cause of the leak and restore the system’s tightness.

Important: The saw headset of your power saw requires quality lubrication. This will affect both your performance and the life of the chain and bar. Always check that the system is working properly and add oil to the oil tank in good time. We recommend chain oils from well-known manufacturers as lubricants:

  • Bison Expert ZMPM;
  • Echo PREMIUM B&C;
  • Husqvarna chain oil;
  • Oleo-Mac Polar Lube;
  • STIHL ForestPlus.

Safety precautions when working with a Zubr chain saw

  • Wear personal protective equipment: goggles or face shield, gloves and hard-soled shoes;
  • Check the insulation of the engine, power cord and extension cord. If defective, replace cord or extension cord; If motor insulation is damaged, contact a service shop;
  • Check that the circuit brake is working and set it in the on position;
  • Start the motor;
  • Use the back of your hand to squeeze the brake lever and move it to the off position;
  • To reduce the risk of injury, always use both hands to hold the saw;
  • Always hold the saw with both hands to prevent injury; Securely clamp the material you are sawing;
  • When cutting old wood, make sure there are no nails, screws or other metal objects;
  • If the chain jams, turn off the saw motor immediately and do not restart until the cause of the jamming has been corrected;
  • Avoid sawing with the end of the bar; this can cause sudden, violent rebounding;
  • Do not operate the Zubr electric chainsaw outdoors when it is snowing or raining;
  • When you have finished working, tighten the chain stop brake and clean the tool.

Main advantages and disadvantages


  • Balanced body and compact size;
  • Powerful high-speed motor;
  • Metal chain catchers;
  • Effective vibration and rebound protection;
  • Keyless chain tensioner;
  • Easy maintenance and operation;
  • Easy access to brushes;
  • Reasonable cost.


  • Heavy weight;
  • Unfortunate design of automatic lubrication system;
  • Requires a stationary power source from the mains.

Video review of the Zubr chainsaw

Presentation rating of the electric saw Zubr ZCP-2000-02:



Using the Zubr electric saw in home construction:



Zubr ZZP-2001-02 chainsaw:



What they say on the forums: reviews of owners

Alexey Topilnikov, 42, Kirov region:

Electric saw Zubr ZCP-2001-02 bought because the service is close by. There were no complaints about the price, however, the tool does not look very attractive, but this, as they say, does not affect the speed. The tool is very easy to maintain and operate, especially compared to a chainsaw. In terms of performance, it is also in no way inferior to its gasoline counterpart. I sawed four fairly large birches on the site, sawed them into wedges – everything came out perfectly. Of the disadvantages of the electric saw, I would note the accuracy of the oil tool. When filling the normal engine oil pipe clogged, now I fill only chain oil (Zubr ZMPM expert).

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Victor Krasitsky, 31 years old, Novgorod region:

I bought the electric car “Bison” in 2015. I liked the appearance, and the price seemed quite acceptable. At first there were no problems. The engine worked fine (in fact, it still works fine), all the nodes also worked. The destructions have begun in the second year of exploitation. At first the oil tank holder broke: not critical, but inconvenient. Then the problems with the oil line began, I had to change all the tubes. Recently the clutch finally flew. There was not much work, as there was nowhere to put the spare parts. The chainsaw is still lying around, I don’t even know if I can put it back.

Advantages: the price, the design, the powerful and reliable motor;

Cons: it has a broken attachment to the oil tank, requires high-quality oil for the chain. It is difficult to buy original spare parts.

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Round disc (disk) Zubr: Overview of the model range

To take advantage of modern woodworking technology can only be achieved with the right equipment. Bison circular saw blade machine in any version is able to provide full support for wood, cross or angle sawing of wood and other construction and assembly materials.

Zubr Round Drain


The model range of the domestic brand includes a list of circular circular saws for domestic and professional use, which differ from similar saws of imported production

  • affordable price level;
  • extended service;
  • improved unification of spare parts and replacement equipment.

Numerous consumer reviews evaluate the accuracy and cleanliness of the cut, reliability and safety of complex sawing jobs.

The list of advantages of the Zubr range of circular drills:

  • Compactness, strength and effective heat exchange of the case made of alloyed metal;
  • Presence in professional models of modern equipment, including systems of soft start and blocking of electric motor, protection from extreme loads and overheating, regulation of working speed, angles and depth of cut.
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Branded range of chain saws

The above information will help to navigate in a variety of model ranges of brands and make the right choice when buying a tool for personal household use, furniture or construction stores.

Zubrov ZPD-900

Zubrov ZPD-900

Small-sized semi-professional circular saw is designed for construction and installation works on wood with a disk of 140 mm to a depth of 45 mm.

It is equipped with a protective cover and complete system for cleaning the working zone from sawdust. It is powered by an economical 900-watt electric motor with the highest efficiency.

Zubr SPD-900 series differs from the domestic analogues:

  • average weight – 3.7 kg;
  • Depth of kerf adjustment is not available;
  • The presence of a hard-alloy tilting disc, a longitudinal stop, an additional handle and the knot of fastening of the guide hoop in the set.

The selling price of the saw in regions of varying remoteness has stabilized at 3200-3400 rubles.

Zubr ZPD-1300

Zubrov ZPD-1300

Zubr household circular saw with a lightweight aluminum-magnesium body is equipped with an electric drive and spins the 160-millimeter saw blade up to 4500 rpm.

The high-speed mode allows you to make complex longitudinal and diagonal cuts without scoring or splintering.

In particular, a number of useful features are built into the design of this model, in particular:

  • Significant torque reserve for balancing workloads;
  • Speed regulation in standby mode;
  • Pneumatic cleaning of the working table from dust and sawdust;
  • The possibility of installing a guide hoop and an additional handle.


Zubrov ZPD-1600

Performance and versatility of use of semi-professional circular saw is increased by increasing the power of the drive up to 1600 W and equipping the tool with a saw blade with a diameter of 185 mm. There is also an infinitely variable depth adjustment of 64 mm.

The simplified design of the tool and the lack of electronic devices allowed the manufacturers to keep the ZPD-1600 model budget status. The cost varies in the range of 3500-3700 rubles.

The list of main advantages includes:

  • effective heat dissipation of the lightweight aluminum housing;
  • Availability of branch pipe for vacuum cleaner connection;
  • simplified adjustment of the cutting depth on a scale;
  • the possibility of installing another handle for a secure grip;
  • Optional protective lower housing.

Inspection of the motor manifold and replacement of current-coated brushes is possible without disassembling the housing.


Zubrov ZPD-2000

Powerful 2000 W motor drive determines the suitability of semi-professional class ZPD-2000 series for labor-intensive and expensive drinking work. Large rotary switch allows you to work with wood, board and aluminum profile workpieces of large diameter.

The design of the model retains its advantages:

  • Intense heat transfer of the sturdy aluminum-magnesium gear housing;
  • Precise adjustment of angles and cutting depths of 48 or 70 mm;
  • Performance of the 210 mm saw blade;
  • Frictionless motor systems.
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With a significant increase in power, the tool weighs in at an optimum 6.4 kg in its power category.

Zadry expert ZPDE-190-1800

Zadry expert ZPDE-190-1800

Circular in its power group is one of the most successful developments. The model weighing 4.8 kg is equipped with an economical and reliable work from an electric motor of 1800 watts and a saw blade of carbureted 190 millimeter disc.

The main design features are based on an alloy steel gearbox with a mauer and a lever controlled cutting depth function.

The maximum cutting depth is 65 cm, and there is also an option to install a guide hoop.

The list of operational advantages includes:

  • a combination of a powerful drive and an extended gearbox;
  • Aluminum base modified for strength;
  • effective dust protection for bearings;
  • availability of a wedge blade for safe extraction, pressed with the disc blade piercing.

Expert ZPDE-190-1800 model is temporarily unavailable for sale. The last fixed price of 5600-5800 rubles.

Zadry Expert ZPDE-235-2200

Zadry expert ZPDE-235-2200

The most powerful discharge in the household category complements the circular saw with a power of 2200 watts. The heat output of the aluminum body and the strength of the alloy steel gearbox ensure that the semi-professional class tool can work continuously with a full load during the entire work shift.

The extended saw head size of up to 235 mm provides a precise and straight cut to a depth of 85 mm. The electric circuit of the model with its own weight of 8.12 kg is equipped with a soft start circuit of the power unit.

Technical equipment of the saw costing from 5600 rubles is identical to the previous model with a drive power of 1800 watts.

advantages and disadvantages

According to the main technical and operational characteristics, Bison brand circular saws are identical to the best domestic developments of leading European manufacturers. This is evidenced by analysis of regional service structures.

By the number of errors and malfunctions, domestic and imported saws of domestic and semi-professional class are approximately at the same level.

Owner reviews

Congratulations on making the right choice. The hard drive saw Zubr ZPD 2000 in three incomplete months. The main work is the saw front along with the face plates. For the record, the design is reliable, the mounting posts are easy to fix with their own hands. Sergey Nikonovich

After a year of rather intensive use of the middle case on the recommendation of the seller got in to change the brushes and clean the collector from the carrier. Did not have to do anything, the brush collector assembly is in excellent condition. Looks like your own opinion of the poor quality of Chinese build needs to be partially or completely changed. vadik

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