Overview of the protective equipment for the greeting bridge of the greeting

Closing equipment for the “Salyut” engine note

The engine block “Salute” is rightly regarded as one of the best domestic developments in the field of small agricultural machines. The unit is a universal mechanism, the multifunctionality of which is guaranteed by the possibility of using various attachments.

A little about the Walk behavio r-tractor

The installation of the motoblocks of this brand consists of just two models. Until 2014, the work of the Moscow machine building was involved in the production of devices, according to which the production of the units was transferred to China, where it is still being carried out.

  1. The Salyut 5 unit is an earlier model. It is equipped with a Honda GX20 0-OHV with four highs with four strokes with a capacity of 6.5 liters. p. is able to process bodies up to 60 cm wide. The device is equipped with sharp tailors with a diameter of 31 cm and a fuel tank with a capacity of 5 liters. The weight of the tractor of walking is 78 kg, which, in combination with a forward and downward center, makes the unit very resistant against the overturning. The Salyut 5-BS model is a “Saluta-5” modification equipped with Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine. The gas tank tank is 4.1 liters, the plowing depth reaches 25 cm.
  2. Motoblock “Salyut-100” is a more modern unit. It is characterized by a reduced noise level, an ergonomic handle, an economic fuel consumption of around 1.5 l/h, a wide range of up to 80 cm. The model is made with two types of engines: Chinese Lifan and Japanese Honda, which have a capacity of 6.5 l. S., differ in good quality and a long service life. The recommended speed for the “Salute-100” is 12.5 km/h, the depth of plow 25 cm.

Both models are equipped with a mechanical gear filled with oil, which is located in a cast aluminum housing. It significantly increases the endurance of the units and enables them to cope with high loads. The maximum engine speed is 2900-3000 rpm.

Vehicles reach 3,000 hours.

Additional devices

Motoblocks “Greetings” can easily combine with more than 50 types of additional devices that are required for different types of business. The abilities of the walk tractor are not limited to agricultural work, so that the device is successfully used as cleaning and irrigation equipment and as a tractor for the transport of goods.

The basic equipment of the salut engine block comprises a number of grinding plants, two wheels and floor surfaces. When buying the device, it is therefore advisable to buy the entire complex of attachments, including more than ten articles. Of course, this will increase the final costs of the unit, but it will make it easier to buy another highly specialized technology because his work takes on a tractor for a walk.

The adapter is a train device on which the driver’s seat is located. This device significantly reduces the labor costs and enables you to control the han d-led tractor in a seated position. This is very practical when processing large areas and the transport of various goods. According to the connection method with the han d-led tractor, adapters are divided into patterns with a strong and movable coupling. The former are often equipped with their own steering wheel, they can be installed both at the rear and in front of the singl e-axle tractor. The latter enable a game between the adapter and the main unit. They consist of framework, suspension, attachment device and driver’s position.

A potato rotor is an indispensable tool for the potato harvest and makes hard handwork easier. It is presented in the form of a hip-up device of the type KV-3 screen and hung on the unit with a universal coupling. With models of this type, you can extract up to 98% of the harvest from the ground, which is one of the best indicators for devices of this kind. For comparison: Products from the arrow type cannot lift more than 85 % of the tubers to the surface.

Light the garden

A potato clipper is indispensable when it comes to growing potatoes on large areas. The product bunker holds up to 50 kg tubers, it can plant it at a distance of up to 35 cm. The housing of the model is made of stainless steel, which means that it is resistant to mechanical damage and high moisture.

The trailer TP-1500 to the motor block is an irreplaceable thing for working in the garden or vegetable garden.

It enables you to wear different loads with a weight of up to 500 kg.

Missing cutters are included in the basic package in both Salute models. These are two- and three-part devices that are equipped with sickle-shaped knives for soil processing. The knives are attached to the central axis and equipped on the sides with protective slices, which do not allow accidental damage to the plants located next to the processing strip.

Okuchnik is designed for weed control, the cutting of furrows and piling up potatoes, beans and corn. The device consists of a frame on the sides of which are two metal slices. The angle of inclination and the distance between them are adjustable. The diameter of the discs is 36-40 cm, which means that they can form high burrs and pull furrows to plant different cultures.

The mower is intended for mowing the lawn, weeds, mowing small bushes and hay. With the Salyut mower, two types of mowers can be used: segment mower and gyro mower. The former are designed for mowing low grass on flat surfaces and gentle slopes. Sick mower (disc mower) are designed for more demanding work. They can be used in difficult terrain to cut scrub and matted grass. The most popular model of the Salyut disc mower is the Zarya-1, which not only mows high grass, but also puts it in decent swaths.

The clutch equipment for motoblocks “Salute” comprises three types. The first is shown by a single suspension, which is used to hang and adjust the hill and flat cutter on the unit. The second type is universal double couplings, which are compatible with all types of han d-led tractors and are intended for attaching a plow, a seer and other dandruff. The third type, which is presented in the form of clutch units equipped with hydraulic mechanism, is intended to hang out potato roters from the sieve type.

The shovel tip is used to clear snow and mechanical waste as well as for the level of sand, earth and small gravel. The landfill consists of a knife, a rotary mechanism, a docking unit and a fortification.

Due to the simple design and cleaning efficiency, this type of roof is often used in housing and local economy to clean adjacent areas of snow drifts and wet leaves.

Grousers and symptoms are included in the basic package of the device to improve the continuousness and increase weight, which is required for the processing of heavy floors and virgin soil. Temporal loads with a weight of 10 to 20 kg that are placed on the wheel panes and carry out particularly tim e-consuming work – on the front bolt of the singl e-axle tractor. Grousers are indeed metal wheels with a deep profile that are installed on the unit instead of native transport wheels. For moderate work, the width of the tunnels must be at least 11 cm and the marginal thickness at least 4 mm. For the processing of new territory with a plow, it is better to choose tunnels with a diameter of 50 cm and a width of 20 cm, and when working with a potato rotor or a disc hill, it is recommended, models with a size of 70 x 13 cm to choose.

Overview of the petro l-motoblock Patriot Ural. Technical features, owner reviews, video

The plow is an indispensable attribute of every han d-led tractor. The device is used as a plow of maiden and wasteland as well as for plowing fields before planting vegetables and grain. The plow is attached to the hand-led tractor using a universal coupling using the C-20 holder and the C-13 carrier. The most suitable plow for the Salyut is the lemken model that is equipped with fastening devices with which you can quickly connect it to the device.

The flat cutter is designed for the processing of the top floor, the removal of surface armor and the preparation of the location for planting seeds. In addition, the flat cutter contributes to the saturation of the earth with oxygen and effectively destroys the earth’s crust caused by heavy rain. The device is used both before planting vegetable cultures and in front of the sowing of grain.

The seeder is used to sow vegetables and grain seeds and is in demand for owners of small agricultural companies. The device is attached to the single-axle tractor with the AM-2 adapter.

The snow blower is used in the snow clearing of streets and land. He can work where the general snow plows cannot get through. Its length is 60 cm, width – 64 cm, height – 82 cm, the blade handle width reaches 0.5 m. At the same time, the maximum permissible snow cover thickness should not exceed 17 cm.

The weight of the snow plow is 60 kg, the speed of the snail is 2100 rpm.

Salyu t-100 Handl e-guided tractor: attachments, tunnels and a potato rotor – description and properties

Saljut motor blocks are actively used in summer houses and farms in Russia and the CIS countries. They are known as powerful and reliable devices that can be adapted to any agricultural work.

A big plus is the versatility of the device – more than 50 types of attachments can be agreed. It has to be purchased separately, it is not included in the scope of delivery of the handled tractor. This expands the functionality to use a device type for different requirements by simply replacing additional devices.


The Motor Block TPM-350-1 is collapsible, self-lifting, galvanized, ideally fits the Salute motblock. The owner of these devices has the opportunity to transport goods and easily weigh up to 500 kg, load and unload them on their own. Continue reading

Date: Wednesday 24 June 2015

Motoblock greetings

Motoboblocks of salute, like a mole, tarpan, a ray, bison 6 hp, a field, a carver, champion, plowman, a don, forz, the foreman in Russia, which in itself means their adaptability to Russian conditions, where there, where not only cold temperatures have been observed for more than half a year, but also special features of the soil.

To make it clearer, we will consider two models from the line of these motoblocks – a Salute 100 and a Salute 5.

Salute 100 appears to be an advanced unit that has absorbed all the advantages of previous models with fixed design flaws.

Greetings 100

greeting 100

Due to the fact that the center of gravity is now concentrated on the front of the tractor of walking, it has become more stable in the area, so you can not be afraid of the risk of overturning the unit.

It is more convenient and the location of the lever shift speed. If earlier it was placed on the gearbox, now the lever is located on the control handle itself, which greatly simplifies the control of the device.

Motoblocks Ray MB: technical specifications, device, operating instructions, ratings

Due to the fact that the motorcycle block is slightly versed, it can be freely transported in your car and, if necessary, collected again.

The new tractor for walk-in operations, in its presence, has a 4-stroke engine that runs on ordinary AI-92 brand gasoline. At the same time, the maximum power of the engine used reaches a little less than 7.5 hp, and fuel consumption – 1.5 liters per hour of work.

In principle, this is a pretty good indicator of economy for the engine of such power. In addition, you can install hinging devices for the Salute 100’s engine grade, which will further increase its working indicators.

Bikes with a large diameter

Large diameter wheels

The design of the device uses wheels with a large diameter, which allows to significantly increase the powerful performance indicators in the most difficult areas. Unlike previous models, the Salute 100’s engine grade equipment has been expanded somewhat. It now includes the following devices:

  • four breeders;
  • mills;
  • discs protecting plants;
  • soshnik;
  • butter for checking oil;
  • Coupling for additional equipment.
  • The type of motor use 4-stroke on gasoline;
  • engine volume – 196 cm3;
  • The brand of engine used Lifan 168F-2b;
  • the volume of the tank with combustible – 3.6 liters;
  • programs – four forwards and two back;
  • Maximum speed – up to 8 km/h;
  • the width of the processed strip – up to 98 cm;
  • Detection – depth – 25 cm;
  • The length of the unit is 151 cm;
  • The width of the unit is 62 cm;
  • The height of the unit is 133.5 cm;
  • The total mass is 95 kg.

In more detail about the work of the Motornote Salute 100, watch the video:

The next representative of the model range is the engine block 5, which belongs to the small-size category. The manufacturer recommends operating this unit at a temperature of up to +400 ° C, while the use of cold weather is undesirable.

Salute 5

salute 5

The device is equipped with a 4-stroke petrol engine (a variety of engines are used in the design of this walk-on tractor, which are indicated in the accompanying technical passport of a particular unit). It is worth remembering that the first hours of operation are trial studies, as the engine gets used to the loads.

Therefore, it is necessary to gradually increase the recording depth, starting from a minimum value.

  • The type of motor use 4-stroke on gasoline;
  • engine volume – 160 cm3;
  • Maximum power – 5.5 hp;
  • The brand of engine used – Briggs & Stratton;
  • the volume of the tank with combustible – 3.5 l;
  • programs – two forwards and one back;
  • the width of the processed strip – up to 90 cm;
  • Detection – depth – 30 cm;
  • The length of the unit is 86 cm;
  • The width of the unit is 53 cm;
  • The height of the unit is 82 cm;
  • The total mass is 78 kg.

With these models can be tightened by additional perfect. Equipment for the Motornote salute, which greatly expands the limits of its use.


A special addition to the bridge of salute, which allows you to process the soil with convenience for the operator – the trailer has a comfortable seat. It is used for more productive and safe soil processing using special equipment. Its use when working with mill cutters is particularly advisable.

The designs of adapters differ, they can be:

  • Simple – for soil processing;
  • Universal – carry out not only all kinds of processing, but also for the transportation of goods.

Adapter for the engine block greeting

Adapter for the engine block greeting

Motoblocks of heavy models should be equipped with adapters with a long drawbar, with light cars – with a short one. There are multifunctional options for adapters, equipped with additional functions – extending the route, lifting large devices.

Review of the Patriot Garden Montana Motor Unit. Characteristics, advantages, owners' reviews, video work

Disk s-Cigns

It’s also worth looking for a slice perch for sale. It helps to prepare furrows for planting potatoes and sowing cereals. In shape, the Cumber resembles a plow, but its functions are slightly limited.

The Cumberry device consists of an aluminum or cast-cast case. It includes a mechanism that allows you to configure the width of the bottom pickup and the angle of the hard drive. The optimum for operation with the walk-behind tractor is the disk mound of the OD-37 model. With a diameter of 36 cm discs allows to process an area of ​​0.1 ha per hour of operation.


Here is some data about the Walk behavior tractor.

  • Motobobok dimensions: 1560/790/1050 mm;
  • Clearance 270mm;
  • cylinder volume 0.475 l;
  • mass – 125 kg;
  • With the volume of the fuel tank of 6 liters, fuel consumption is less than two liters of gasoline;
  • The right-turn, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine uses gasoline of any octane rating, responds well to gas;
  • cooled by air;
  • The battery shows a high charge.

The advantages of the Ural motoboblock:

  • With the mass of the unit, there is no need to press on the handles with its own weight in addition to the centner, making soil cultivation easier.
  • There are numerous opportunities for independent improvements and modernization of the structure;
  • high resource indicators of the engine;
  • The air filter does not require replacement of gaskets.

At the same time, the following disadvantages are also noted:

  • Frequent greasing in the motor/gear grooves;
  • You often need to check the oil level;
  • The gas distribution mechanism leads to an increase in the consumption of gasoline and motor oils due to design features.
  • Not recommended for long journeys with cargo (low speed).

UMZ-5B engines and its variant UMZ-5DU-B have the following characteristics:

  • Fou r-Stroke, up to 5.4L. With. (more than 3.5 kW);
  • Equipped with a two-stage gearbox with a gear ratio of 1 to 6 or 1 to 2.91;
  • a cylinder;
  • Cooling is forced.

The UMZ-5DU-B model is distinguished by the fact that its single stage and gear ratio 1 to 6 and a ratchet are not installed on the venal of the gearbox.

As an alternative to the Ural engines, they often choose the imported products of Chinese (LIFAN).

Lifan was founded in the early 90s of the 20th century and is now one of the most famous large companies on the automotive market. In addition to engines, the Lifan produces other automotive devices that are characterized by the optimal ratio of “price – quality”. The products are certified and a technical passport and a operating instructions are necessarily connected to every product.

Life in the Russian market presents various types of engines. One of the most important properties when choosing an engine is the installation dimensions because they do not always meet Russian standards.

Another important feature is the engine power, since in most cases lifelong engines have 6.5 liters. With. Against 5 liters. With. In the Ural.

In fact, disassembly is not particularly difficult and is carried out in a few phases even by a specialist with little experience or without it.

  1. The old engine is removed from the fastening elements using standard lactes.
  2. First, fuel and oil lines are separated when they are available.
  3. Next, the centrifugal controller should be removed.
  4. Sometimes you have to use seals in the installation level of a new motor, but with the correct selection of sizes there is no need. The simplest way is to set a transition plate with holes for fastening.

Lifan offers several lines for gas fuel engines: 168f, 168f-2, 177f and 2v77f.

  • Fou r-Stroke;
  • Power – up to 5.4 liters. With. (more than 3.5 kW);
  • 1 cylinder;
  • Cooling – forced;
  • The crankshaft is located at an angle of 25 degrees;
  • Cylinder – 163 cm3;
  • Fuel tank – 3.6 l;
  • Cylinder with a diameter of 68 mm;
  • Wave with a diameter of 19 mm;
  • Started manually;
  • Dimensions 312x365x334 mm;
  • The mass is 15 kg.
Motoblocks Oka: owner reviews, video reviews of models, specifications

The 168f-2 engine is interested in buyers because it differs from the previous version with an increased resource and higher parameters. It is more powerful (6.5 liters), a larger cylinder (196 cubic cubic meters).

Motors in 9 liters. With. Shown by Lifan 177f models:

  • Fou r-Stroke;
  • Power – up to 9 liters. With. (more than 5.6 kW);
  • a cylinder;
  • Cooling forced, air;
  • The crankshaft is horizontal;
  • Cylinder – 270 cm3;
  • Fuel tank – 10 l;
  • Started manually;
  • Dimensions 378x428x408 mm;
  • Weight – 27 kg.

In its properties, the Lifan 2V77F model has even higher properties and greater performance – the best heavy engine in its class:

  • Fou r-Stroke;
  • Up to 17l. With. (more than 12.4 kW);
  • two pistons;
  • Mechanical speed control;
  • Cooling – forced, air;
  • The crankshaft is horizontal;
  • Cylinder – 615 cm3;
  • Fuel – 27.5 l;
  • Start – manual;
  • Dimensions 455x396x447 mm;
  • The mass is 42 kg.


Motobobes salute can be used in all phases of the potato cultivation. When landing, you need a hinge device – potato dwellers. The automated process makes the work a lot easier and accelerates – the canopy contains 40-50 kg of potatoes. The diameter of the planted tubers should be in the range of 4 to 6 cm. The distance between the seedlings varies depending on the device model – it varies within 19–35 cm.

Potato registrations differ in the dimensions. For a small spot it is better to choose a mini-model KS-1.

Potato resident KS-1

Potato resident KS-1

How to attach

The adhesion of hinge devices to the bridge of the greeting is quite simple if you know the principle of designing the unit itself. For example, plow and cumlen are connected by a universal coupling for a walk-in tractor with the walk-in tractor through the S-13 comb and the S-20 holder.

Connecting a rotary is a little different. We combine it with the power of the power of the engine block of the greeting block using a belt stretch. The same manipulations are required to connect a walking tractor to a snowman.

What is the greeting for the greeting?

The main use of a motor block in agriculture is soil processing. Therefore, one of the most popular types of equipment is a plow for him. It is installed with a special problem and a comb on the device.

Plow scheme for a motor block greeting

Pflow’s scheme on an engine block salute work with a revolutionary plow provides a quick and hig h-quality resul t-its configuration enables you to effectively process the soil and easily change the direction of movement. Sometimes they install an auxiliary part – the support wheel.

Other popular tools installed on engine blocks:

Hinge devices for an engine block greeting

  • Cigns;
  • Flatzneider;
  • Potat o-capt.;
  • Potato residents;
  • Pigtails;
  • Floors;
  • Follower;
  • Snowmen.

The hill in its design is similar to a plow, but has a tightly defeated specialization. It is used for Hilling, mainly potato plantings. In addition, weeds between the grooves are destroyed during operation. The Cigns are common and hard drive, you have to select the corresponding tool based on the quality of the soil. The hard disk hill is according to the inclination level of the windows and their distance in order to create furrows in the correct distance and not to damage the bushes.

The potato interruption offers a quick and hig h-quality harvest without the use of shovels. For all greeting models, the most suitable option of the KV-3 potato fall.

For cleaning snow or garbage, it is installed on the mot blocks of the shovel. It is also the territory and carries out other functions of a wide shovel.

Lapato hand for a engine greeting

Lapato hand for a engine greeting

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