Overview of the petrol Snowman Patriot Pro 777 S. Description, advantages, videos, owner reviews.

Overview of the petrol Snowman Patriot Pro 777 S. Description, advantages, videos, owner reviews.

The petrol, multifunctional snowmaker Patriot Pro 777 S is a powerful and reliable unit that has its skills in maximum medium areas.

Depending on the tasks, the snow machine can be optimally adjusted. This is supported by switching the speeds, the comfortable control and the adjustable height of the housing.

A characteristic feature of the model are two variations of its use. The first when the brush is installed on the car and the second is used as a snowman. The brush is complete with the device. Thanks to this modification, everything becomes season and is suitable for cleaning the territory in summer.

Snowman Patriot Pro 777 S is with an installed fou r-stroke petrol engine with a capacity of 5.5 hp.

The device is introduced by a manual starter, but this happens quickly and easily, the start is also done at the lowest temperatures. There are 7 speeds in the device, 5 forwards and 2 before 2.

The effectiveness of the Patriot Pro 777 S Snowman is also due to the width and the amount of capture. The first parameter reaches 56 centimeters and a height of 24 centimeters.

A metal screw will be ready with every snow without any problems, regardless of its freshness, the quality of the cleaning will not suffer. The multifunctional device throws snow at a distance of 13 meters. The direction of the release is regulated in the range of 190 degrees.

Technical characteristics

Engine power 5.5 L.S.
Starter Manual
Heat the pens
speed 4 forward / 2 before
Type of bikes Cycles with aggressive profile
The function of the curve
The width of the bucket 56 cm
The height of the snow cover 42 cm
brush Width 56 cm diameter 32 cm
The dimensions of the packaging 100×63.5×63 cm
The weight 111 kg
Folk signs: August 1 - 5


  • Fast replacement of the devices that are used with special liability so that you can easily switch the screw into the brush and vice versa.
  • As a spacious fuel tank, you can work on a full tank for a long time.
  • Reliable coupling of tires with profiles;
  • The multifunctionality of the snowman thanks to the equipment can be used in both summer and winter.
  • Powers that protect the machine from damage.

Video review


They praise the car in the forums and tell every review of their positive aspects. Like the lightness of the engine, which is established at temperatures of up t o-30 degrees.

The simple control with which you can even control the device to a child. Multifunctionality is particularly known, the brush becomes an indispensable thing for owners.

Gregory left such a review: “The car is easy to control, the clutch is excellent. The brush became an indispensable assistant who switched the screw into the brush is very simple. The only problem are belts. They carry themselves down really quickly. The belt must be bought A700, A670 – too stretchy, and the A710 dangles. But finding such a belt is not a problem and costs a little. In general, the quality is good and the car is excellent for its price. “

Alexey writes the following: “First of all, I would like to say that I can no longer imagine my life without a brush. I bought myself for cleaning the base, the territory is large, but copes. I also noticed a problem with belts, but in Moscow it was no problem to find it. The technology is good and effective “

Patriot Pro 777 – characteristics of the Snowpock machine. Description, technical features and user ratings

Multifunctional petrol snow snap Patriot Pro 777S is a snow cleaning technique for use in medium and small areas. It can be used to clean the surface of freshly fallen snow and from a thick blanket of snow. The snowman is equipped with an ai r-cooling petrol engine with four heaters.

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Patriot Pro 777S Snowman parameters: Loncin engine model, 4 bars, cylinder volume 210 cubic meters, power 6.5 hp. The machine gear is enclosed in an aluminum corps. Before the start, make sure that the gearbox is filled with fat (type of lubricant patriot AR-417). Such a performance makes a snowball player with a universal machine that is able to work for 3-4 hours at a tank filling station without a break. The weight of the device without labor mechanism is 55 kg.

Patriot Pro 777S snow blower

The operating principle of the multifunctional snowman Patriot Pro 777S: It can work with a marginal brush or a metal screw that ensures the side of the snow emission. With the brush it is recommended to clean up to 20 cm high from freshly dirty soft snow. With a screw, a snowman can extinguish a denser snow.

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the description of the devices of this lin e-up – Patriot Garden Pro 655 E and Patriot Garden PS 700.

Video about the Snowman Patriot Pro 777S

Technical features of the multifunctional snowman Patriot Pro 777S

Technical features of Snowman Patriot Pro 777S:

  • Cleaning width – 56 cm;
  • Cleaning height – 42 cm;
  • Options: sel f-propelled, bike;
  • Number of speeds – 4 front, 2 behind;
  • Cleaning elements: metal screw-rotor snowman, brush grill for cleaning the snow surface;
  • Weight 55 kg;
  • The total dimensions in the package (cm) 100 x 64 x 63;
  • The meeting country is China.

Snow mill Patriot Pro 777 S complete with a brush

Characteristics of the use of the snow subject Patriot Pro 777S, instructions for operation and maintenance

The owner of the multifunctional snowman Patriot Pro 777 is obliged to comply with the following operating rules:

  • Only run the car when it is defined, seasoned with gas and oil and the work is ready.
  • Do not make any efforts to control the snowman – the device is sel f-propelled, it may only be directed when moving.
  • Type of gasoline for tanking-AI92, oil universal Patriot Sae 10-W40, 5W-30;
  • After completing the work, clean the surface of the device of snow, possible dirt, store the snowball player in a closed room at a plus temperature, which prevents moisture on its surface.

Patriot also has mechanical models among the snow employees. Here you can familiarize yourself with the operating principle of the Patriot Arctic device.

Video check of snowpocking machine Patriot Pro 777S

Review of the multifunctional snowman Patriot Pro 777S

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Reviews of the owners about the Snowman Patriot Pro 777S

Alexey, Yekaterinburg:

“I thought about it for a long time, but I decided to write a detailed review. Yes, the Patriot Pro 777S is indeed a multifunctional machine. But there are several. In my deep conviction, the price is very high, this is an expensive device with “jokes” that do not justify.

Disadvantages: The brush does not follow the surface, ie its movement is actually determined by the wheels, it only cleans one side after extinguishing. It turns out that your brush is worn out that doesn’t really turn. Average performance. When buying, I was supposedly bribed with a professional snow blower, but now I see such defects.

It resumes very tightly, thinks for a long time because there is a selection of couplings, and until the clutch is getting out, it is stupid on the spot. In fact, rear speeds are a useless option because they pull faster with their hands.

Advantages: impressive appearance, initially, while the brush is normal, it cleans well. Bought in November 2016, no damage yet. There was only an exchange of the brush.

Ivan, Rostow Oblast:

“The Patriot Pro is pretty good for home use. There are nuances in design, in general a bucket is more convenient to clean in my opinion. If the snow is small, it has recently fallen and you have to clean it immediately, the brush is practical, it is more efficient to clean with a snail in thick snow.

Disadvantages: parts to be found!

Advantages: versatile, optimal work speed, not too difficult. “

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