Overview of the petrol motor block Virgin MB-901. Technical features, instructions, videos, reviews

Motoblock Virgin floor MB-901

The Virgin Lands MB-901 is one of the Most flagship engine of the Russian manufacturer. It is used for processing various types of soil and connected to the required binding devices. The technology corresponds to the needs of farmers, summer residents and gardeners and is also in high demand among the supply companies. The high reliability and strength of the parts of the Walk behavior guarantees the uninterrupted operation of the equipment for a long time.

Purpose and design features

It is worth noting that the Virgin Lands MB-901 is a multi-purpose motor block and its purchase is advisable if you deal with large areas. In addition, it is recommended for the technology of this level to buy attachments in order to determine the entire potential of the devices. Together with the necessary technical options, it is suitable for the execution of agricultural and care work. With the technology, for example, you can work with solid soil, weeds and lumps. The processing width is 113 cm, which offers easy use and high performance. We also notice a very comfortable handle with the possibility of adjusting in height and horizontally. In addition, the motoblock has outstanding skills in of f-road. This is a considerable merit of wide wheels with a deep profile. The bikes offer excellent liability, even if they drive along the delayed soil. All obstacles are almost without slipping. The developers managed to achieve good maneuverability and smoothness.

Among other things, we pay attention to its very heavy mass – this is both a defect and a dignity. A large mass enables you to use a machine without a floor hook, even for the processing of country countries at a greater depth. However, the firm weight influences maneuverability and inadequate rotation. This is impractical when processing a small area or in the presence of obstacles – stones, cobblestones or trees.

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Thanks to the large mass of the walk tractor, a decent load capacity has. In addition, the Russian model is perfectly adapted to the local conditions. In this way, you can operate devices under almost all climate and road conditions. A spacious fuel tank offers a large supply of the next refueling. There is support for the 92nd gasoline.

Under the advantages of the technology, we determine:

  • Professional class technology
  • Hig h-performance
  • Gears with a high line
  • Mult i-Disc coupling in the oil bathroom
  • Uninstall the design of the tractor of the walk behavior
  • Increased motorcycle tour
  • A four speed gearbox
  • Pneumatic bikes are already in the basic configuration
  • The ability to process virgin countries
  • Power selection wave for connecting nozzles
  • Tribal setting
  • Compatibility with adhesive equipment
  • Trailer capacity – 500 kg
  • Comfortable transport thanks to compact dimensions

Annexes and accessories

Consider the most popular options for the tractor for walking behavior and approximate prices for you:

  • Gearing oil SAE 80W-90-400 rubles
  • Service set for al-KO engine 1300 ruble
  • F1RTC candle – 500 rubles
  • Motoboblock Cape from dust in the sun Karti – 1600 rubles
  • Full Cadval Case – 2600 rubles
  • Metal caniste r-Champion – 1200 rubles
  • Subaru Robin Consumables
  • Catholic coupling – 1300 rubles
  • Floor hook from Kadvy – 3500 rubles
  • Kit for plowing Kadvy – 6,000 rubles
  • Plug tw o-cooked cellular K – 6500 rubles
  • The cigarette butt reinforced one Ruhkadvy – 1,500 rubles
  • Potat o-Capt. Type 2 – 1600 rubles
  • Ground hook for hilling – 4000 rubles
  • Disc Hell – 2500 rubles
  • Mills – 3500 rubles
  • Breen’s “Goose Legs” – 3500 rubles
  • Baron BR-30.000.0-9000 rubles
  • Average weight – 3700 rubles
  • Adapter Neva APM – 8600 rubles
  • Cabber trailer for Kadvi carts – 1000 rubles
  • Torodnoye push Neva Cart – 14,000 rubles
  • Self-avoiding car PM-02-13,000 rubles
  • Water pump NMC – 6000 rubles
  • KM-0.5 “Terminator” mowe r-14,000 rubles
  • Potat o-resident Kadvy – 17,000 rubles
  • Snow dump with a rubber band 6500 rubles
  • Rotor Snowman – 18500 rubles
  • Brush Tornado Shchm-0.9-26 thousand rubles
  • Differential – 5000 rubles. All prices are given for the summer of 2017.
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Working characteristics and engine

The productivity of MB-901 virgin cuts is designed to process an area of ​​up to 80 acres. The mechanical box has two gears for front and reverse movements. The most equipped version is equipped with a headlight, as well as an electric start instead of a manual starter.

The Walk behavior tractor has standard dimensions, and is no different from competitors in this respect. So, the length of the product body is 1600mm, the width and height are 460 and 1100mm, respectively. The width together with wings reaches 770 mm. The road clearance is 140 mm, and the mass of the device is 110 kg. The walk-on tractor is designed to treat a surface 300mm deep and 720-1130mm wide.

A 9 hp unit with a volume of 0.3 liters is responsible for power. The engine is a cylinder with a top layout and a torque of 15.5 N/m.

fuel consumption

Zeleeen MB-901 is quite an economical motblock, and this is confirmed by real owners in their reviews. In addition, fuel consumption parameters converge with passport data. Average fuel consumption per hour does not exceed 3 liters. The maximum consumption is reached at maximum load, for example with a 500 kg trailer attached.

Prices in Russia

To date, the MB-901 motoblock costs about 42,000 rubles for the basic configuration. The final price with additional equipment can reach 50-55 thousand rubles. Prices are shown for a new model, but there is an opportunity to purchase a supported copy in good condition. Now on the secondary market there are many offers that can interest the demanding buyer. However, in this case, it is better to look for prices exactly at 25-30 thousand rubles.

MB-901 Virgin soil successfully competes with the Huter GMC, Patriot T9001P Nevada and Neva MB-23B. Of the presented models, the most powerful – from the manufacturer “Neva”. This model is equipped with a 10 HP engine while the rest have 9 HP units.

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Overview of the petrol motor block Virgin MB-901. Technical features, instructions, videos, reviews

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general information

The MB-901 motblock is a unit weighing 100 kg, equipped with a 9 hp Chinese Chinese petrol engine. Designed for processing a personal plot up to 1 hectare.

The design is designed in such a way that it enables the use of additional devices with the help of which the functionality is greatly expanded. It is possible to edit the soil up to a depth of 30 cm, and thanks to the adaptation of the width, the processing of the series can vary from 70 to 110 cm.

Celina MB-901

Wide air bikes can easily cope with viscous soil. In order to facilitate the use of the unit, the manufacturers have provided wings that protect the operator and the drive unit from adhering sludge lumps.

The gearbox has 2 forward and 2 reverse gears so that you can maneuver on the construction site.

With attachments you can plow and cultivate the floor, cut furrows, mow grass, clearing snow, sawing and planing wood, transporting goods, pumping water.

Maintenance and operation

So that the singl e-axle tractor Tselina MB 901 works for a long time, regular technical checks and entrepreneur should be carried out before the start of the season work or after a long standstill. The introduction is carried out according to the instructions.

The maintenance includes the following:

  • Checking the oil and fuel stand in the tanks.
  • Lubrication of all nodes.
  • Check belt voltage.
  • Check the idle of the engine.
  • Check tire pressure.


Type of the engine Petrol, 4-stroke, single cylinder
Engine power / speed, (RPM) 9.0/3600
Displacement, (cm3) 270
Maximum torque (NXM) / speed (rpm) 15.5/2500
Starting system Manual
Fuel consumption, (l/h) 374
Reducer 2-hour speed, mechanical, chain
Number of forward/backward passes 2/2
coupling By tensioning the V-belt drive
Bike type 19 × 7-8
Length, (mm) 1600 ± 50
Width (mm) 460 ± 20
Width with additional wings, (mm) 770 ± 20
Height, (mm) 1100 ± 50
Weight (KG) 110
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Video review

Owner reviews

Below you will find the ratings of the owner of the han d-led tractor, which unanimously agree that the engine of the device is of high quality and reliability.


“I bought a han d-led tractor Tselina MB 901 to clean a private property. I liked the engine, it pulls well, it works perfectly. Operation a t-20 degrees – native oil freezed. Must be changed seasonally. The bikes are good, but they have no profile and use themselves quickly. So I replaced it with cars. I welded the chains myself for ice cream and the on e-axle tractor became more stable.

Konstantin “I have been working with a han d-led tractor for 2 years. I found a certain instability of the symptoms during the goods transport due to the high location of the focus. The device itself is quite heavy, so every fall with breakdowns is affected. As the main advantage, I see the engine that is Chinese, but designed for longevity. “

If you want to leave comments on the model presented or talk about advantages and disadvantages, you can do this on our website.

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