Overview of the petrol lawnmower Patriot PT 52 LS and PT 52 BS. Technical features, instructions, photos and reviews

Overview of the petrol lawnmower Patriot PT 52 LS and PT 52 BS. Technical features, instructions, photos and reviews

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This model is for cleaning, cutting and collecting mowing grass in flat areas and large. The Patriot 52Ls lawnmower can support the work in three modes: throw mulching from grass, and gather in a special container.

Patriot PT 52Ls has a large rear wheels with diameters that offers excellent stability and control of the machine.

The characteristic characteristics of this lawnmower, which is committed by itself, are a simple start, greater performance and simple maintenance.

The manufacturer offers another model Patriot PT 52bs. The Briggs & Stratton 675exi and ReadyStart® gardens series, which is an easy start without pump fabric without pump fabric, is installed on the machine

Basic equipment

The car itself, a grass collector, a cover cleaning hose and a mulch console includes a series of sel f-hazard lawnmowers Patriot Pt 52Ls.

Technical characteristics

mowing machine PT 52Ls PT 52bs
Engine type Petrol 200 cm Briggs & Stratton 163 cm.
perfomance 6.5 hp 5.0 PS
Motor revolutions 3000 rpm 3000 rpm
Pokos width 51 cm 51 cm
Building material steel steel
Wheel drive + +
The height of the mow 30 – 75 mm 25 – 75 mm
The capacity of the grass collector 60l 65l
Sound pressure 98 dB (A) 98 dB (A)
The dimensions of the product 860/565/525 mm 830/570/480 mm
The weight 41 kg 35 kg


Patriot PT 52L’s benzingas mower has an organic appearance and offers maximum control of control. All control levers are brought to the steering rod.

The height of the grass dish is set so that the position of the lever is located near the right rear wheel.

The fuel is poured into the corresponding compartment that is on the lawn mower, and on the right there is an oil probe to control the degree of lubricant.

operation and maintenance

Before starting the company, the position of the handle should be set at a comfortable distance.

It is not recommended to carry out work on wet or slippery soil, since there is a high probability of loss of balance or management and injury.

If you work with a lawnmower, you have to wear suitable overalls: gloves, costume and glasses.

Before the start of work on the Patriot petrol pioneer, you should make sure that there is a sufficient amount of oil and replaces it after 5 hours of operation.

The air filter should be replaced every 25 hours of operation.

User Guide

New owners or operators of themselves mixed by sel f-procedure Patriot PT 52Ls or PT 52bs must be familiar with the operating instructions.

It contains basic information about the assembly, maintenance, repair and device of the Patriot Lawn Mower.

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advantages and disadvantages

This is a modern model of a professional lawnmower that includes a large number of advantages: high deck, durability of components, the ability to select the number of revolutions.

From the minus, the owners find weak camps on wheels that have to be changed regularly, and not a large capacity of the grass collector.

Video review

If you are the owner of this lawn mower, please publish a video review of the work on our website.

Reviews of the owners

Below you will find the reviews of the owners of the lawnmower Patriot PT 52 recorded by SELF:

Igor: “Great model. Deco works for a long period of time and does not require sharpening. The engine starts half a change. An adjustment with an irrigation hose completely cleans the cutting part of the remains of grass and dust. There is the possibility of mulching. No additional investments are required “

Patriot PT 52 LS – Reviews

Reviews Patriot PT 52 LS

The service collected 10 positive and negative ratings from more than 6 sources.

You can provide information about all the advantages and disadvantages of the Patriot PT 52 LS lawn areas. Compare the prices in various online stores and familiarize themselves with the properties of the Patriot PT 52 ls Lawn Mäher. In their ratings, the users described the Patriot PT 52 LS Lawn, which mowed over all plus points and minus.

The average rating is 4 points. We also offer alternative and evaluating products analogue from lawnmowers.

You can also leave a complete overview of the Patriot PT 52 LS Lawnap.

Reviews about the Patriot PT 52 LS Lawn

Comment: I bought 2 years ago (now the third season). He gathered and started mowing at 4 a.m. (hesitated with a trimmer to dig 20 acres). All standards for their price. The assembly is available, but small. The gravel eats normally. Large bricks did not caught with a knife. Maybe you can change the knife in the third year and maybe not necessary. I trained two seasons without any problems. Petrol eats much less than a petrol cutter. At medium small speeds there are almost loud (everything is relative to the trimmer).

Disadvantages: After an hour of work between the bushes, it is difficult to pull it on yourself. The grass throws badly into the grass collector – the passage is clogged, you have to get the grass with your hands. Although it can clog raw grass (cat in the rain or immediately after the rain – well, so hurries me)

Advantages: mow grass, mow high grass when you put on the rear wheels.

Comment: Under no circumstances do I advise you to buy this lawn mower. When used for the first time, the starter was upset, the guarantee workshop. There the master looked like, checked the oil level and did it for repairs. A week later I took it out of the repair, the master started with me, she worked, everything is fine. He arrived in the cottage, shaved once and burst the cylinder. He brought it to the workshop again, called there for two months, and a guarantee, we are waiting for the spare parts. When the guarantee period has passed, I call for two months. They say that no dealer said that this is not a guarantee, he says that the mower worked without oil. In addition, the master, who assumed that the connecting rod was not repaired, and therefore he broke the cylinder, delivered photos when disassembling, in which the merged oil comes from the engine. I say I brought a mower a week before the cylinder closure, and her master looked at it and checked the oil. They do not listen to anything at all and don’t even look at the photo that their master sent them. Submit in court if I do not agree. Incidentally, there were four other pieces in the workshop, and all of them burst the cylinder.

Checking the model range of the technical industry of garden technology: description, characteristics and usage rules

Disadvantages: breaks

Advantages: no

Comment: Great device for your money. The body is steel, the width of the Prokos is 51 cm. The grass collector is 60 liters.

Disadvantages: a little difficult. A little easier.

Plus points: sel f-driving lawn for 6.5 horses. certain device. Pret like a tank on the Germans)). I bought it last year, before that I mowed a clearing in front of the house with a trimmer. Feelings are simply space when you work on this device, the whole household tries to mow. Everyone liked it. Now it’s entertainment for us too.

Comment: powerful, comfortable, in the cladding there is space for a bottle of water, a little thing, but nice. Good performance.

Disadvantages: The plastic fortifications of the handle caused distrust, there were no problems.

Advantages: took for the parents. A garden of 15 hectares and behind the fence we mow meadow grass so that the dog can go for a walk and it would not catch any ticks. There were 6 beds from the garden, the rest was put under the grass, of course no lawn. I chose a powerful lawnmower and affordable. I chose the Patriot 52 LS, also because there is a trimmer and a saw of this brand. They brought it to their parents, the son of 15 years built it and put it up in 20 minutes to pour their branded oil into the garden. There the grass was not mowed as often as in the garden and he managed to grow kne e-deep. We removed the grass catcher and go over the bumps! They thought they would crush the high grass, but they mowed it so famous and threw everything through the side ejection! Now Papa (73 years) mows and is not waiting for us. It is good for him, she drives herself, it is easy to use, there is almost no vibrations (after the trimmer she sometimes felt uncomfortable). We liked everything. The garden is now always wel l-groomed, I also forget to mention that bumps stand in the way of the mower, the main thing is that there are no stones and wire on the premises.

Minitors Belarus MTZ 421 and 422. Review, characteristics, reviews

Disadvantages: I advise against mowing grass with a height of more than 30 cm, the grass bends and leaves the tribes, then you have to go through the trimmer. Mole emissions and not strong irregularities are best avoided – the knife can crash and immerse them (due to its bends). My knife bends almost under 90%several times in the season, so there is a slanter (it does not need a hammer) I have never tried the grass catcher, but the side ejection with nozzle is constantly catching uncut grass or bushes, either you can’t get through Or the nozzle breaks out. You have to hang the rear curtain on a wire (not much, 30 degrees). Waste goes to the feet. However, this often clogs the “rear drain” to the knife’s stop. I turn it around, spread it out with my hands and then I go. By the way, it can clog much more – if you withdraw the mower (although there is no brain there, but the device gets into conflict).

Plus points: In the fourth year, the engine is normal as when buying, apparently with chassis. Powerful and not tough. The driving speed depends on the engine speed. On fine grass up to 10 cm and on a very flat surface – the ideal device.

Comment: Generally a comfortable, powerful lawn mower, otherwise the time will show. Small annoying information about the time of the mower (10 minutes of work, 5 minutes break)

Weaknesses: Difficulties in reversing when mowing

Advantages: powerful, beautiful

Comment: Only suitable for those who have hands, for office pads punishment.

Disadvantages: Get 3 days ago, 1- There is no fastening for the handle, 2- The filter lid does not close, 3- The filter is upside down (grass, dust flies into the doors) 4! The instruction was IMBICIL what is gas. Kos. I didn’t even see VGLAZ.

Advantages: Works when you put your hands on it.

Comment: In contrast to Hyundai’s garden technology, which I did not even try to contact with their representative office in Moscow (they did not answer e-mails, but they do not have the phone) I can leave the manufacturer of this Mowers because I have been using the electromut and without a trimmer of this company and the spare parts were always available.

Motor cultivator Champion.Overview, characteristics, reviews

Disadvantages: a small little grass collector, in contrast to my previous Hyundai L 5000S mower. Like many not professional mowers, bad camps are installed in the bikes. You have a strong counte r-reaction. There is nothing good in Russia in Russia because they have a centimeter size. I had to order with Ali. . Your FR8ZZ brand. Two parts are installed on the bike.

Advantages: a powerful and very quiet engine with a low level of vibration. It starts very well, even if almost cool down, the fuel pump buttons do not have to be pressed. It is possible to adjust the speed of movement and the engine speed with a lever on the handle. Even at the smallest speeds, it mows very worthy and collects mowing grass in the grass collector. Large bikes that facilitate the passage through bumps.

Comment: Before the purchase, the Internet studied for a long time. I selected myself, watched Vidos, reviews. I decided everything whether I need 6.5 hp for a lawnmower. It turned out that! The device cuts everything easily without voltage. Interestingly, the journey is not particularly needed when I tried it first, then spat and started rolling, rides slightly (but this is in a flat area and without grass collectors if it mulches). The device liked, started, tried, his daughter hardly gave away to Mow (15 years) later. )) The design has changed a little.

Disadvantages: not yet.

Advantages: strength)) It starts perfectly, a quiet, good assembly, more than more than.

Comment: nice design

Advantages: mowing good and do not break

Characteristics of the Patriot PT 52 LS Lawn

Type of sel f-proceeded lawnmower, return drive 51 cm, speed of the knife up to 3000 rpm.


Mulching is a mowing height of 30 to 75 mm spanning height adjustment, central, number of levels – 7 speed of 1.00 environmental ages to a grass collector, sideways, back to the installation of a mulching nozzle


The engine is gasoline, four Stroke current of 6.50 hp. Working volume 200 cubic meters of engine speed 3000


Folding handle with adjustable height material of the neck steel

Further information


General retreat to the lawn wings Patriot PT 52 LS

General rating: 206

The general assessment of the Patriot PT 52 LS Lawn Mowers is compiled from 1497 lawnmowers, whereby a special algorithm is used on the basis of 7911 real customer reviews and the popularity of the model is taken into account.

Other products with a similar assessment:

General withdrawal: 205

Comment: Bought a network with a relative and needed a tool for rare work in the village. They chose 2 extremes: I was for Stihl, he – for all cheap Chinese, they say a few times in summer – and he will have enough, and there is no need to overpay the Germans. As a result, he convinced me – they decided to save. Practice showed this in vain. Do not repeat our mistakes and take normal tools at the same time, because all these imaginary savings do not turn into headaches.

Spraying fruit trees in the fall step by step

Disadvantages: – bad, very bad starts. You can pull the handle 100500 times, try to open and close the damper, pump up, change the candle – the spit is on the drum, it only starts if he wants it. – An uncomfortable belt is hard and impractical to open the drum with an fishing line to replace it. The button on the bottom of the drum is jammed, ie when the fishing line is cut and the next knocking of a scythe on the floor, around the new piece (as intended by the construct), the fishing line is not always in length, everything with the Make hands.- Unsuitable access to the candle, not every key will pass. In addition, the rubber pot combined with an even contact is completely perverse: by chance to tear it off – there is nothing to do that was done very quickly.

Advantages: – If you manage to start, you mow more or less normally. But it only turns out to be “too zero”, that is, if you drive a scythe directly on the floor.

Comment: Great Trimer! Is simply indispensable in the country. Like it a lot. And the gasoline eats little. Great thing!

General withdrawal: 207

Comment: We used the predecessor model for about 10 years, brought the second to another house, as a result we have the old one, works better than the new one and do not even break

Disadvantages: There is no Swedish quality for a long time, the fasteners of the protective sleeve flew off, almost immediately, brewed, gone again, made their fastening elements a strong vibration of the Kosisshpul until the mixture of the tank is fully produced, it stands up as whether the tank would be empty

Advantages: There are none other than the name

Comment: I used more than a year and never bought it. Benzokos has completely justified its price. After that, I decided to shake his Texas as his fathe r-my God is the same punishment, this is a real job. I play Kosha on every grass, he gave a fathe r-i n-in the gap to try just one nickname and sa y-let us change! When his mower quickly bought. In general, I really advise everyone, they won’t regret it. Really Swedish quality!

Disadvantages: I didn’t find

Advantages: I went to the business for Stihlom, but the seller convinced that Husqvarna U (Stiel Assembly China and this model sweden) to buy is very practical, pens. A minimum of vibrations at hand. Economically and powerful (not only mowing weeds, but also bushes up to 2 cm thick)

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