Overview of the petrol-and-axle tractor foreman GT 710 SK. Video of work, properties, reviews

Overview of the petrol-and-axle tractor foreman GT 710 SK. Video of work, properties, reviews

The Prorab GT 710 SK is a representative of the middle class and designed for the processing of small and large areas with different difficulties.

Thanks to a powerful 4-stroke petrol engine with 7 horses, the hand-led tractor is able to effectively plow new ground itself.

Much of it contributes to the remarkable weight of the model, which almost does not allow any effort when cultivated.

Wide air bikes with a shaped profile ensure excellent of f-road capability both in the field and on soft ground.

There is a manual engine start system. The gearbox is equipped with 2 forward and 1 reverse gear so that you can maneuver freely on the construction site.

The exterior design of the Prorab GT 710 BSSK is very ergonomic. The massive design is complemented by wide fenders, which protect the engine and driver from dirt, a swivel mechanism on the handlebar with which you can adapt it to the body size of the driver, as well as a transport bike that makes moving easier han d-led tractor with attached cutting unit.

Technical characteristics

engine Petrol, single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled
perfomance 7 PS/7350 W
The work volume of the cylinder, cu. cm 207 cm³
Fuel tank volume 3.6 l
Working width 80cm
Depth of work 30 cm
Number of milling cutters 4
Number of gears 4 before / 2 back
The weight 84 kg

Usage characteristics

The Prorab GT 710 SK must be retracted before use. The device must be filled with gasoline and oil.

Then start it and let it run in idle for at least 30 minutes.

In the meantime, you have to check the function of the switching mechanism, you should switch clearly and without unnecessary noise.

Next we cultivate the country with 50 percent of the cultivator’s capacity for 2-3 hours.

Leave the waste oil after driving in and fill in new things.

Type: October 25 - October 31st

Like every technology, the han d-led tractor Prorab GT 710 SK requires regular maintenance, which is carried out in accordance with the schedule prescribed in the instructions.

The following actions must be carried out every season:

  1. Oil change (change every 25 hours of operation of the device. In the transmission, the exchange takes place after 100 hours. In addition, the moving parts must be lubricated with litol or solidol once a month).
  2. Exchange of the air filter.
  3. Motor adaptation.

The storage of the han d-guided tractor foreman GT 710 SK also includes the implementation of various measures that aim to keep the device in a functional state after a long period of inactivity.

Therefore, after the end of the working season, the on e-axle tractor has to be freed from dirt, wiped dry, oil and fuel, the moving parts are smeared to avoid corrosion, covered with protective material and stored in a dry, wel l-ventilated place.

Video review

In the video evaluation presented, the owner of the han d-led tractor Prorab GT 710 SK has done milling work

The following video view shows the planting of potatoes with the Prorab GT 710 SK

Owner reviews

Pavel: “I bought a walk-behind tractor for a summer residence and I think it paid for itself in full. The work became much easier and faster. Excellent soil deepening and plowing. It is better to cultivate slightly moist soil, because then everything runs like clockwork. It doesn’t take much effort, just directing. As a shortcoming, I would like to point out that the clutch lever is not fixed, so you have to hold it yourself all the time, which is very cumbersome.”

Overview of the Prorab GT-710 SK walk behind tractors. Technical characteristics, application and operational features

Motoblock Prorab GT-710 SK belongs to a series of budget machines best suited for agrotechnical work on small and medium-sized plots. With success it is used when processing the soil on limited areas in greenhouses, breeding grounds. The presence of a powerful engine of 7 hp. allows you to effectively cultivate virgin land.

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Hand tractor Prorab GT-710 SK

Technical characteristics

Engine: prorab
Engine power: 7 hp
Engine type: four stroke
engine volume: 207cc
Processing width: 80cm
Processing depth: 30 cm
Number of forward gears: 2
Number of speeds back: 1
Fuel tank volume: 3.6L
Oil tank volume: 0.6L
Lever: rotating
Coupling: Belt
Reducer: Chain
Cooling: Air
Starting system: Manual
Number of cutters: 6
cutter diameter: 80cm
Fuel: petrol
wheel diameter: 4.00-8″
Dimensions and weight: difficult
Reverse (reversed): There is
The weight: 80kg
Country of Manufacture: China
Warranty: 1 year (or 12 months) from our company!

Prorab GT-710 SK petrol tractor

The 710 SK series of Prorab walk-behind tractors is represented by two modifications: Prorab GT-710 SK with a 7-horsepower Longcin engine. and walk-behind tractor Prorab GT-710 SK Briggs & Stratton 6.5 hp In addition to the engine power, other technical characteristics of the models are identical.

  • The unit is equipped with a belt clutch and a chain reduction gear.
  • The gearbox with 2 forward and 1 reverse gear ensures the necessary working speed – 12 km/h and 6 km/h.
  • The handle is equipped with a swivel mechanism that allows you to adjust the Prorab two-wheel tractor to the height of the operator.
  • 8 rototillers work the soil with a working width of up to 80 cm to a depth of 30 cm.
  • Large air wheels 4.00-8 with an embossed profile ensure good buoyancy on any surface.
  • The front transport wheel facilitates transport to the workplace.
  • The type of connection with the PTO shaft is via a belt drive.

Features of using the Prorab GT-710 SK petrol walk-behind tractor

In addition to conventional attachments, the PTO of the two-wheel tractor enables the use of a range of active attachments. Additional tools for the walk-behind tractor: tiller, plow, harrow, hiller, rake, mowers of various types, bucket dumpers, potato diggers, adapters, wagons.

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Okuchnik Plow rotary mower adapter for walk behind tractor

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The Prorab GT-710 SK has a simple design, similar to other Neva, Patriot, Texas type machines. It’s easy to use and maintain, maintainable.

Servicing the Prorab GT-710 SK walk behind tractor

Foreman GT-710 SK with a Chinese engine consumes 1.8-1.9 l / h of gasoline, with an American Briggs & Stratton engine it is more economical – 1.6-1.7 l / h. Recommended fuel – gasoline AI-92, AI-95, oil – grade SAE 15W40.

The preventive maintenance of the han d-led tractor foreman is to replace the engine oil every 25 hours in the gear – after 100 hours. The lubrication takes place with universal lubricant solidol, litol.

Run in the Prorab GT-710 SK single streak

The new device must be retracted. First fill the car with gasoline, oil, then test the functionality of manual transmission, the operation of other systems and mechanisms at idle for up to 30 minutes. Then you work for 4-5 hours with the device in saving mode with no more than 50 % of the maximum performance. After completing the entry, the old oil is replaced by new things.

Video review

Owner reviews


“I have had a han d-led Tractor Foreman 710 in my Datscha for 4 years. I was convinced that this is the most successful option in terms of the price and functionality. Works perfectly, does not jump, runs smoothly. I do all the work of plowing, planting, harvesting. Normal car.

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