Overview of the petro l-motoblock Patriot Ural. Technical features, owner reviews, video

Overview of the petro l-motoblock Patriot Ural. Technical features, owner reviews, video

The Patriot Motorblock is a device with which you can carry out a variety of agricultural work associated with the cultivation of the earth. The model is one of the most popular motor blocks in the Patriot line, which are characterized by moderate weight and simple maintenance.

Motoblock Patriot of the Ural works on a petrol engine with four strings, the power of which is 7.8 hp.

The excluded unit is universal, so that all the manufacturer’s adhesion devices approach this walk behavior.

You can connect a plow, a hip, a potato breaker and other popular additional devices to the device.

If necessary, you can connect a small load capacity and a trailer.

Please note that the Patriot Motoblock is intended for use on small country diagrams.

Other, heavier and general models are used for industrial purposes.

It is recommended to operate the device according to the instructions.

Next we will tell you what this model is remarkable for and how you can use this tractor with walking.

Motoblock Patriot Ural

Motoblocks Patriot are one of the best known on the Russian market. Their popularity is due to many functions that you can carry out and a high reliability compared to competitors. With all their advantages, the Patriot models represent the budget limit.

This brand originally appeared in America. The production of motoblocks was later transferred to China (to reduce the costs). The release of units Patriot is carried out under the control of specialists from the USA. The brand’s product line is quite wide and enables the consumer to choose the optimal option for him.

Models Patriot are a little more expensive than Russian engine blocks, but exceed them in quality and reliability, which achieves additional competitive advantages. The branded products have long been present on the domestic market and have already managed to establish themselves as a hig h-quality technology.

Distinction features

Let us consider the functional features and parameters of the Urals more detail:

  1. Chain gears (made from cast iron, made by watering, the presence of such a gearbox eliminates the oil flow through the insulating seam);
  2. Reinforced frame that gives the Patriot engine block stability and stability during operation (thanks to such a frame structure, the device does not fall aside when the floor fits);
  3. Middle weight – Motoblock can be attributed to a mode of the moderate, its mass is 78 kg;
  4. Sustainable pneumatic bikes that give the unit an additional area of ​​the support and increase a walk tractor over rows. Cycle diameter 48 cm, width 17 cm;
  5. a thre e-powered pulley for the transmission of a belt and the connection of a snowman or mowing;
  6. Gears with which you can work in 4 front and 2 rear gears;
  7. the presence of fenders from fenders from sludge and snow that fly down under the wheels;
  8. A special design of the grinding cutter – the knives are designed in such a way that they gently fall into the floor (the inclination angle cuts in relation to the axis of the tractor of walking).

We make sure that the reinforced framework enables you to move the assembled walk behavior tractor.

It strengthens the design of the entire device, gives the device stability, which means that it can move more smoothly.

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It can also be moved from place to place or transported in assembled trucks.

The reinforced frame of the han d-led tractor protects the main elements of the device – a gas tank, a silencer and an air filter – from external damage and color shavings.

The continuousness of the han d-led tractor is also improved by its broad large bikes.

If necessary, complaints can be used, for example when working on compact floors or hard soils in spring.

The cast form of the Patriot reducer extends its lifespan, and the seat of the camp minimizes the appearance of oil wear.

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There are no seals and a seam in the gearbox, so oil losses are excluded during operation of the singl e-axle tractor.

Motoblock Patriot Ural

Patriot Ural is a multifunctional cultivator with a 7.8 hp engine. It is completed with mills and pneumatic bikes. The switching is done via the transmission, and the switching down or switching can be done by thrown the strap from a strap disc groove into another: 4 forward, 2 back.

The thre e-strandable strip disc, which is already installed on the motor pitcher, enables the connection of a mower and a snow blower, and a powerful trailer coupling is most widespread in Russia and enables the installation of various attachments, including one trolley.

You can buy and install a cart, plow, Hiller, potato rotor. The reinforced frame protects air filters, petrol tank and silencer from damage during transport and storage. Such a frame solves the problem of loading and unloading the handled tractor, now there is something comfortable to take and lift the hand-led tractor.

Roe iron reducer Tselnolity. There is no seam, no seal and therefore no oil drops. In contrast to an aluminum transmission, a cast iron gear is more durable and the storage seats are not subject to wear, which significantly extends the lifespan of the gear.

Patriot 4-stroke engine oil

High-quality special engine oil for use in modern four-stroke and diesel engines with air and water cooling, installed in lawn mowers, cultivation, generators, hand-led tractors, mini tractors and other devices.

The increased content of additives reliably protects the engine under extremely hard operating conditions, offers excellent wear protection and corrosion protection properties and extends the lifespan of the oil to the exchange.

The special formula ensures the stability of the oil film.

1. Prevention of the formation of soot, paint deposits and mud;

2. Cooling of pistons, crankshaft bearings and other engine parts;

3. The most effective protection of the engine from wear in cold start;

4. Solid reduction during engine operation;

5. Extension of the engine life;

7. perfect cleanliness of the engine.

We recommend changing the engine oil after the first 5 hours. Change the engine oil once per season or after 25 or 50 motor operating hours, depending on the working conditions of the engine block.

Before starting work, always check the level of engine oil in the crankcase, and if necessary, adjust the required level of the probe. If you switch on the drive when the blades are rotating, make sure that there are no unauthorized persons, children or animals in front of or near the motor cultivator. Hold on to the handles – they rise when knives are on.

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The Patriot Ural gasoline walking hand tractor is equipped with a four-stroke engine that runs on clean gasoline with an octane rating of at least AI-92 and special oil for four-stroke engines. Gasoline and motor oil are poured into different containers of the motor-cultivator and are not subject to mixing. Using gasoline with an octane rating of less than AI-92 can cause detonation, overheating, and serious engine damage. It is forbidden to use petrol with lead. Be careful when working with gasoline.

Judging by the characteristics, a single cylinder four-stroke P175FB engine with air cooling is used. power 7.8 hp; 220cc; 3600ob/min; tank 3.6l.; Saar 19.05mm, one key; Weight 15kg.

The dimensions of the motor shaft P175FB

Do not work on wet floors. We do not recommend using a cultivator near trees as the root system may be damaged. Large, solid pieces of soil can lead to a collapse of the risers and a cultivation gear. Do not use a cultivator for processing near ditches and embankments. When cultivating on the slopes, only plow diagonally at the surface of the slope. It is forbidden to move the cultivator up and down the slope. Heavy soils are easier to handle in several passes.

Motobobok malfunctions Ural Patriot

equipment, maintenance and operation

The factory package includes: the Patriot Ural Motoblock itself, a set of grinders, a legacy device, a couch, a candle wrench, two wings and two pneumatic wheels, and operating instructions.

The manufacturer recommends sticking to the service standards specified in the instructions and using only the oils and fuel types indicated for this model of walk behavior tract.

To refuel the gear oil in the Patriot Ural Motorbridge, you can use the hypoid gear oil.

For the engine it is recommended to use a 4-stroke semi-synthetic expert SAE 10W-40 or more specifically SAE 5W-30 and the top HD SAE30 mineral oil for 4-stroke engines.

Gasoline for engine dressing: AI92 brand. Bad fuel worsens the operation of the unit, quickly clogs the fuel filter and accelerates the wear of leading parts, including the engine.

4x 4x Stubble Semi-Synthetic Specific Oil 4x Stressed Semi-Synthetic Expert 4x Stroke Mineral Upper Hypoid Transmission Oil

According to the instruction manual, oil replacement should be carried out on the Patriot Urals engine note:

  • after 5 hours of operation after the first start;
  • Once a season or after 20-50 working hours.

You can pour fuel into the tank only after the engine has cooled down.

Before work, it is necessary to warm up the engine, and then select the speed mode, press the clutch and hold it.

It is recommended that the rear gear be switched on on all Patriot line motblocks only to extend the in-place walk aimed.

For planned technical inspections:

  • replacing or cleaning the fuel filter;
  • cleaning external elements from dirt;
  • Check the spark plug (clean or replace, adjust the gap) – every 25 hours of operation;
  • Check drive belt or replacement for wear.


Motoblock Patriot Ural is equipped with a 4-stroke gasoline engine from the Patriot Garden series. These units are installed on mini tractors, walk behind tractors and cultivators. Patriot Garden engines offer the perfect balance of performance, reliability and affordability. They are assembled in China.

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The engine of the Patriot Ural walk-behind tractor is characterized by its low weight, efficiency and long service life. The engine is perfectly adapted to Russian fuel (Ai-92 gasoline). The device does not require additional lubrication and works well with ordinary gasoline.

Patriot Garden Engine Specifications:

  • working volume – 220 cm³;
  • Rated power – 7.8 hp;
  • Number of cylinders – 1.

fuel consumption

The average fuel consumption for the Patriot Ural walk-behind tractor is 1.6-1.8 l / h. Tank capacity – 3.6 liters.

The average price range for the Patriot Ural model is from 27,999 to 33,000 rubles.

owner reviews

Vera Vladimirovna, Podolsk: “I rarely use a walk-behind tractor, mainly when preparing a garden for planting potatoes. I bought this technique for myself so that it would be easier to do everything yourself and not always ask children for help. I read the reviews on the sites and I liked the Urals from the Patriot, primarily because of its light weight. Personally, I was happy with the controls, the handles are comfortable, the blades handle the clay soil in the garden well, I didn’t expect that at all. While the equipment is wintering in the garage, I plan to use it again in the spring.” Vyacheslav, Maryino: “The Patriot Motoblock was given to me by my son. I work little on the land, since the property is small, I mainly grow potatoes. Used a walk behind tractor to hill, harvest. I liked the light weight – I find it difficult to handle heavy equipment without assistance. Price-wise, the Ural is about the same as its peers, but it can be a bit more expensive due to the one-piece frame and fenders. Good technology for small properties!”

Model Patriot Ural video

Motoblock Patriot Ural is a durable and multifunctional machine, widely used for tillage. Thanks to the reinforced frame, loading and unloading of this model is extremely easy.

Patriot Ural is made according to the classic scheme. The technique consists of 4 main elements: a frame, an engine (transverse arrangement), a PTO gearbox and a gearbox. In addition to the drive wheels, additional support devices can be mounted on the two-wheel tractor.

Design features of the Patriot Ural model:

  • specially reinforced frame. It serves as a carrying handle for moving the device and at the same time serves to prevent the motor from tipping over. There is a hole on the main frame for attaching a “trailer hitch” which is driven by a drive pulley. This element bends over the surface of the device, protecting it from scratches and damage;
  • an additional frame that distinguishes it from analogues. It closes the engine from above. Technically, this addon looks simple, but it fulfills a very important function. Motoblocks are quite heavy devices. It takes a lot of strength to move them, especially if you have to pull sideways. Ural Patriot can be lifted by the frame and moved in the desired direction. Containers and crates can also be placed on the frame. In addition, the element provides additional protection for the engine in the event of collisions and impacts. An additional frame is attached to the control handle and the main frame;
  • Gearbox with 4 front and 2 rear gears. The tractor of the walk behavior has a collapsible chain gear (2 speed speeds, 1 speed back). An increased number of gears is achieved by thrown the belt into free streams. At the same time, the owner of the equipment can only use 3 programs. The type of coupling is belt. The transmission itself is enclosed in a cast sleeve case with which you can work with elevated loads. It eliminates the oil flow and guarantees a high work resource. The starting wave has a hexagonal shape;
  • The handle of the speed switch is carried out on the operator. The transmission is carried out by them.
  • Disassembly wings and fenders. Elements serve to delay the clumps of the earth;
  • A powerful headlight that enables them to work in the dark;
  • Pneumatic bikes that offer an increased ability to cross. The size of the wheels is quite large due to these wheels, since overcoming irregularities, bugs and other obstacles is facilitated.
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Patriot Motor Block Rating at expense

If you want to make the right choice, the motoblocks should not only be taken into account in the properties, but also in the costs. In this assessment, the Patriot Kaluga 440107560 model and its costs are 24,700 rubles. The performance of this equipment is 5, 15 kW. The plowing depth is 32 cm. Equipment weighs 73.6 kg.

In second place is the Patriot Kaluga M 440107570, for which you have to pay 25,500 rubles. Its performance is the same and the plowing depth is 30 cm, weighs a motorcycle block of 82.5 kg. In third place “Patriot Victory 440107500”. You have to pay 30,900 rubles for it. The performance of this device is at the same level, the plowing depth is 30 cm and the device weighs 85 kg. The evaluation is closed by the Patriot Samara M 440107576, for which you pay 33,900 rubles. The power and depth of plowing remain the same as the latest models, and the device weighs 95 kg.

Motoblock Patriot Ural. Characteristics of application, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Motoblock Patriot Ural is adapted to dense floors, including virgin countries. It becomes quite multifunctional when using different attachments. The main purpose is the extension, so an active mill is delivered in the kit. With the help of the device, however, you can plow the floor, mow grass, collect plants and potatoes and perform other functions.

Motoblock Patriot Urals

  • The motor block Patriot “Ural” is gasoline and has an output of 7.8 hp, which enables the mi d-range device.
  • The total mass is 87 kg.
  • The model is produced in a compact amount, which makes it possible to save space during the memory.

The Patriot Ural model has an attractive design that is equipped with protective wings that protect the electricity unit and the operator from the countries under the mills. The electricity unit made of blows is protected by an arched bumper that performs an additional function – when transported a walk tractor you can think of it for this frame. Wide pneumatic wheels ensure the stability of the Patriot motor block “Ural” on uneven ground.

Management is simple and does not require any additional knowledge. The ergonomic handle on which all the necessary line bodies are located can be set in height. The programs are converted with a lever. The checkpoint has 4 speeds forward and 2, which maneuvered during work. This amount is enough due to the use of low speeds.

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The gear shift handle is long so that the operator can easily reach it. The gearbox is manufactured in a cast sleeve housing that protects the working parts from damage.

Motoblock Patriot Urals Equipment not assembled

In order to increase the functionality of the walk-through tract, the manufacturer uses additional fastening devices in a wide range: plows, humps, adapters, rakes, rakes, shovels, wheels with pneumatic tires, metal wheels with primers, brushes for brushes for garbage, trolleys, grinding cutters , mowing, mower, clutches, weighting.

Technical characteristics

engine power 7.8L.S.
engine type 4 stroke, petrol
engine volume 220cc
The volume of the fuel tank 3.6l
The breadth of processing up to 90 cm
coupling Belt
transmission chain, cast.
pneumatic wheels 4.00-8.00
The number of speeds 4 forward/ 2 forward
The speed of the shaft 156ob/min
The diameter of the milling cutter 32 cm
Dimensions in dimensions (d*sh*c) 1000*1000*500mm
The weight 77kg

operational characteristics

You can familiarize yourself with the following operating instructions in detail

Before starting operations, it is necessary to undergo a run-in procedure, which usually lasts no more than 9 hours. This extends the engine’s operating time.

Timely maintenance will keep a tractor for a walk for many years of intensive operation. The instructions indicate the plan after which it is necessary.

The manufacturer recommends adhering to the established temporary norms to replace the oils and using only high-quality lubricants. For a walk-in tractor, the Patriot-Ural is desirable to use gasoline with an octane number of AI-92, Expert SAE 10W-40 or a specific SAE 5W-30 engine and Patriot Hypoid 80W85 gear oil for gearboxes.

The following work must be carried out before each use:
  • Clean from dust and dirt;
  • Inspect the motorcycle block and identify possible leaks.
  • Make sure the required amount of oil and fuel is available.
  • Make sure the air filter is clean.
  • Check the tension of the drive belt;
  • Fix all screwed connections.
To create a walk, the following actions must be performed:
  1. Remove all dirt from the external parts of the Walk tractor;
  2. Drain the gas and oil from the tanks and dry them. Or optionally completely with new fuel and grease to prevent corrosion.
  3. Wipe all painted elements with a cloth moistened in oil to prevent corrosion.
  4. Clean the air filters carefully.

Video rating of the Ural labor patriot

Below is a video review of the Patriot Motor Block “Ural”

The next video shows the implementation of cultivation with a motor cultivator Patriot Ural

owner reviews


I have been running Patriot Ural for 3 years. The advantage of the model is a powerful engine and the presence of a reverse gear, thanks to which you can maneuver with sufficient ease. Average petrol consumption is 2 l/h, which is considered an economical option. There were no global breakdowns, cost only replacing oils and pulling fasteners.

If you are the owner of the Patrio t-Urals and managed to see the pros and cons of the presented model, leave your reviews in our Internet magazine.

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