Overview of the Patriot Nevada walk behind tractor. Specifications, video work, owner reviews

Motoblock Patriot Nevada Comfort, 9

Patriot is a well-known brand for the production of agricultural machinery. It has been known on the Russian market since the late 1990s. The company has its own production in China, which allows to produce devices at an affordable price. The Patriot walk-behind tractors, which have proven to be reliable and functional, are particularly popular. Therefore, in Russia, the Nevada model is in great demand. Russian businessmen are increasingly interested in this walk-behind tractor. The machine is manufactured according to modern international standards and tested before delivery to the store. In addition, there are about 150 official Patriot dealers in Russia who are able to provide quality maintenance.

Purpose and design features

Patriot Nevada is a universal walk behind tractor, usually called mid-size. The device was developed to facilitate the processing of relatively small areas. The Nevada model is an indispensable helper for entrepreneurs and farmers. He is able to cope with most tasks. The machine is so versatile that its functional potential depends on the needs of the owner.

Motoblock Patriot Nevada has three modifications: Comfort, Nevada 9 and Nevada Diesel. Please note that we have the only walk behind tractor in the world fitted with a cigarette lighter socket. This device allows you to effectively charge external devices.

Despite the difference in performance, all three modifications have an identical design. The Nevada series is widely used in the home, especially in the home. However, the manufacturer advises against the use of such devices in the industrial and professional field.

Let’s note the main structural elements of the Patriot Nevada:

  • The walk-behind tractor is based on a frame to which the engine, wings, handle, transmission and PTO shaft are firmly attached.
  • A reduction gear and a multi-plate clutch are installed to increase efficiency
  • The equipment is equipped with a 3-speed gearbox with two forward gears
  • Reliable Patriot Garden engine made in China
  • Coulter – its presence allows you to adjust the depth of tillage
  • supporting leg
  • Pneumatic wheels with a deep profile for off-road driving
  • Thanks to the universal hitch, you can mount various attachments
  • Right from the start, the two-wheel tractor was designed for a wide range of tasks.
  • Due to the reinforced crescent-shaped design of the knives on the milling cutters, it is possible to work on different types of soil
  • Universal brackets allow attaching trailers of various configurations
  • Large fuel filler opening for easy refueling
  • A metal bracket is attached at the front for more convenient transportation.
  • A special housing protects the operator from the ingress of dirt.
  • The special shape of the front bumper protects the engine in the event of an impact.
  • For more reliable and safer parking, there are parking stops
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Consider the basic and additional options installed on the Patriot Nevada walk-behind tractor. The standard equipment already has a trailer hitch and pneumatic tires. This list can be extended with the following options:


  • Adapter Patriot PM-05, which serves as a means of connecting hinge options
  • PM-03 equipped with band brakes so that they were able to transport more efficiently and safely
  • PL-255 Pflug and trailer couplings are an ideal solution for the processing of soil, including virgin countries
  • Potat o-capt. Patriot Garder KV – dig potatoes and other vegetable plants
  • Fashio n-bearing – only one model from Patriot is recommended for better compatibility. This option improves the loa d-bearing capacity and increases the wheelbase
  • Patriot Cigns – Developed for hilling and cutting the grooves. Usually used after grinding the floor
  • Mowing – Recommend owners in their reviews
  • S-24 Cutter-Provide comfort in management, improvement in maneuverability and reducing shaking compared to classic cutter.
  • Caterpillars-Sind designed in such a way that a walk-in tractor is transformed into a mini booking man who is able to work on off-road
  • Water pump – for pumping water


By carrying out the runnin g-up, an mandatory procedure for every walking area is behavioral area, and the Patriot Nevada model is no exception. Correct and hig h-quality runnin g-In you can evaluate the reliability of the machine, correct the defects and thereby increase the resource of the units and aggregates of the engine block. So the curren t-in consists of several phases:

  • The total term is 10 hours. First you have to check the amount of flooded oil and gasoline, add the liquid if necessary
  • At the first start, the engine should be idle for 40 minutes. During this time you can check the condition of other nodes, including the gearbox, namely its speed circuit mechanism
  • Half of half is that you can process the floor during the course of the engine unit on the walk behavior, the tractor should not exceed 50% via the value of this model.
  • After 10 hours you should check the amount of oil and fuel and, if necessary, water the liquid. A complete diagnosis is also recommended.
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Properties and engines

The Nevada Patriot Motoblock has a body length of 850 mm, 570 mm wide and 755 mm high. Depending on the configuration, the machine weighs within 100-130 kg.

The technology is designed for a depth of plowing of 360 mm, the width of plowing from 1000 to 1400 mm. There is support for cutter with a diameter of up to 340 mm. The maximum speed is 10 km/h. The permissible mass of the invited trailer should not exceed 400 kg.

It is noteworthy that the Nevada Patriot can be equipped with one of the three engines:

  • 4-stroke petrol unit Patriot 9001P Chinese. This is the most productive engine from this series. It has a hand starter and air cooling in its equipment. Support for AI-92 petrol and higher is supported. It is recommended to fill the oil only with proven brands. A single cylinder engine with a work volume of 0.2 liters is created about 9 hp.
  • Patriot Nevada Comfort petrol engine. It also supports the 92nd petrol and is equipped with hand starter and air cooling. However, the power is deleted to 7 hp.
  • The Patriot Nevada Diezel Pro Diesel engine is produced in China. The most economical option. With a work volume of 0.2 liters, its performance achieves 6.5 liters. With.

Fuel consumption Patriot Nevada is a han d-led mult i-purpose tractor that uses different amounts of fuel depending on the configuration. The Patriot Nevada 9 version consumes up to 2 liters per hour, and for the Nevada Comfort modification, this number is 1.6 liters. And finally, the most economical diesel option Nevada Dizel Pro uses only 1.3 liters. In all cases, the hand-led tractor is equipped with a 3.6-liter fuel tank.

Prices in Russia

Patriot Nevada – In view of the high status and reputation, this han d-led tractor cannot be described as cheap compared to competitors. You also have to understand that this model represents the middle class. The recommended price of the new han d-led tractor Patriot Nevada 9 is between 43 and 50,000 rubles. The Nevada Comfort package costs 40,000, and the most expensive version of the Nevada Dizel Pro costs 60,000 rubles.

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Due to such a high price, the han d-led tractor must compete with a large number of analogue. From the most powerful models, we therefore emphasize the Hunter GMC 9.0, the Prorab GT733 SK, the Aurora Country 800 HD, the Aurora Space-Yard 1050 Easy and the Crosser CR-M6.

Motoblock Patriot Nevada Comfort. Application features, properties, owner reviews

The Motoblock Patriot Nevada Comfort belongs to the middle class of agricultural machinery because it is equipped with a 7-horsepower petrol engine. His main purpose is the cultivation of a personal property. It is not advisable to use the hand-led Nevada Patriot tractor for large areas, since it is designed for processing not more than 20-30 acres.

Motoblock Patriot Nevada

The design includes the assembly of attachments, which significantly expands the functionality of the device. This allows you to plant and harvest potatoes, remove snow, water the garden, plow and much more.

Motoblock Patriot Nevada (engine)

A modern 4-stroke engine saves fuel consumption during operation. On average, this number is around 1.5-2 liters per hour. With increasing stress, the value can change upwards. Starting is via a manual starter, but no effort is required. The gearbox has 3 courses, 2 of them forward. Air cooling simplifies the design of the han d-led tractor Patriot Nevada and does not require any additional maintenance costs.

Steering pillar universal coupling

The entire design of the singl e-axis tractor is not only characterized by the processing quality, but also has an appealing appearance. The steering column can be adjusted vertically and horizontally, which means that the operator can individually adjust the control.

The total weight of the unit is 101 kg, but the transport is not difficult because pneumatic bikes are delivered by default and a frame is provided on the structure itself, which also plays the role of a protective bumper. The model is equipped with a headlight with which you can work and transport goods in the dark.

Despite the fact that the han d-led tractor Nevada Comfort is produced in China, the Patriot Garden brand is American, so the costs are affordable for all consumers if the product quality is guaranteed.

Technical characteristics

Engine power 7.0 PS
Type of the engine 4 tact
Editing up to 100cm
coupling Disc in the oil bathroom
Reducer gear
Tap There is
Farah There is
Air wheels 4.00-8
Number of speeds 2 forward / 1 back
The weight 101kg
Grape processing in early spring


To increase the functionality of the walk-on tractor, additional attachment devices are used, such as Carts, mills, braids, claws tears.

Grounding plan t-o n-pelchin g-pelzin g-mole

Features of using Patriot Nevada

After the first start, the device must be corrected correctly, so that all the driving parts of the engine and gearbox are injured with each other. The processing time is 8 hours. It begins with the engine warming up, then the device is experienced almost without loads at any speed, after which the power is gradually increased and brought to 3/4 of the engine power. At the end of the run, the exhaust oil is necessarily drained and filled with fresh.

For prolonged operation, it is advisable to use only high quality oils. The manufacturer recommends using a hypoid brand for the gearbox and a lubricant type SAE 10W30 for the motor. Fuel for a gasoline model is used with an octane number of 92 or 95, and for diesel modification – any diesel fuel for the season.

The following work must be carried out before each use:
  • Clean from dust and dirt;
  • Inspect the motorcycle block and identify possible leaks.
  • Make sure the required amount of oil and fuel is available.
  • Make sure the air filter is clean.
  • Check the tension of the drive belt;
  • Fix all screwed connections.

Storage conditions for the Patriot Nevada motoblock

Before long-term storage of the walk tractor, it is necessary to properly prepare. To do this, the following actions should be taken:

  1. Remove all dirt from the external parts of the Walk tractor;
  2. Drain the gas and oil from the tanks and dry them. Or optionally completely with new fuel and grease to prevent corrosion.
  3. Wipe all painted elements with a cloth moistened in oil to prevent corrosion.
  4. Clean the air filters carefully.

It is necessary to store in a ventilated dry room where moisture does not fall on the motorcycle block. The humidity in the room should not exceed 80% according to GOST 15150-89. Your browser does not support frames

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Video assessment of work

Below are video reviews from the owner of the walk behavior tract Patriot Nevada

The next video review shows how the cultivation is done on a personal plot with the Nevada Patriot Walkway

Reviews of the owners


He was fully satisfied with his acquisition when he thoroughly decided on a motorcycle block. At first he doubted the Chinese engine, but after operating it he realized that it was in vain. The American quality makes itself felt, so there are no problems with the engine. If the soil is too excessive, the cutters may not be able to finish. So I recommend plowing wet land or using cargo. It’s easy to do maintenance but expensive because I only use original materials.

If you are the owner of the presented model, we encourage you to leave a review with the revealed pros and cons for further convocation with our readers.

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