Overview of the Partner P360S chainsaw. Features of maintenance and operation

Partner P360S chainsaw – a new generation household model

In the private sector and in the suburbs Dacha home chainsaws Partner P360 are used for partial or complete mechanization of household and construction work.

Tool equipment determines its suitability for cutting wood fuel, building wooden structures, forming the crowns of trees and tall bushes.

Partner P360S chainsaw - next-generation domestic model

Photo: Partner P360S chain saw

Company Advantages

First of all, it is:

  • The optimal combination of cost, performance skills and work resources;
  • Sufficiently powerful and economical power unit;
  • A productive 18-inch head;
  • Easy start system;
  • Inertia emergency brake.

In the technical and operational characteristics of the P360S partner saw all the requirements of the standards and current regulatory documents.

Despite the budget cost, in the device of the product laid design solutions typical of the models of the semi-professional class.

Partner P360S box

Design features

The model significantly differs from budget prototypes by its modern design, improved quality of materials, ergonomic shape of the handles and convenient control.

Good balance, comfortable and reliable recording, low vibration and production noise, has a positive effect on comfort and productivity when working with high complexity. As well as stable operation and good feeling of the operator throughout the working time.


Weighing 4.8 kg the Partner P360S Series has a small footprint, with conveniently located fueling stations and adaptation and unloading points. The tool is designed to perform service and daily maintenance with minimal loss of time.

  • The chainsaw is equipped with a compact two-stroke ice pick with a working volume of 40 cm3. The power mixture from the current unit develops up to 2 horsepower at a working revolution. Fuel is supplied to the Walbro & Ruixing carburetor from an integrated 250 ml gas tank.
  • The carburetor is factory set for optimum performance with economical fuel and oil consumption. Changing the fuel setting is justified when traction properties deteriorate.
  • The presence of a fuel pump, easy start and electronic ignition system Zhejiang Fenglong, CDI provides reliable engine starting in a wide range of external temperatures.

Variations in the operation of the power unit can be caused by sudden seasonal changes in air temperature, the use of fuel with a different octane number and other factors.

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The operating instructions include the adaptation sequence and information on the tool for operation, troubleshooting and troubleshooting.

model Partner P360S
Manufacturer partner
Manufacture (assembly) China
Birthplace of Brand Sweden
Saws class household
Power, hp (kW) 2.05 (1.52)
Engine displacement, cm3 40
Chain pitch, tambour 3/8
Chain thickness, mm 1,3
Number of links, pcs. 62
Fuel tank capacity, L 0.25
Volume of oil tank, L 0.15
Tire length, cm (customs) 45 (18)
Noise level, dB (a) 100
Warranty, years 1
weight (kg 4,8
instructions Download


Partner P360s

Tire and chain are included in the list of replacement equipment. Depending on the type of work, the tool can be equipped with tires from 14 to 18 inches long. A feature of the design is the ability to change and adjust the chain tension without the use of tools.

For chain cooling, there is a system of automatic pressurized oil supply to the working area. The oil is supplied to the inlet of the integrated pump from an internal 150 ml reservoir.

In accordance with the safety regulations, it has an emergency stop and a chain catcher device, so that the risk of injury to the operator is practically eliminated in non-standard situations.

advantages and disadvantages

This model has not become the bestseller of the domestic market of chainsaw equipment, but is in steady demand in all regions of the country. Numerous positive reviews serve as proof of that.

  • The saw has a simple and easy-to-maintain design. Using the unified and branded spare parts in the assortment, the owner can carry out the restoration of the saw at any level of complexity.
  • Competent operation and skilled tool tooling, the number of errors is minimized.
  • The disadvantages, according to users, include the low quality of the chain tensioner awning, the need for constant monitoring of the oil pump.

The recommended price of the chainsaw Partner P360 is 8,000 rubles. Unfortunately, over the last year the price of the basic model has increased, so the range varies in the range of 9500 rubles. You can get a significant discount during promotional and seasonal sales.

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The current range includes chainsaws of well-known brands that are identical in cost, power and purpose. Previously, the list of competitive domestic class models Makita EA3202S-40, Husqvarna 435 II, Hitachi CS33EB and a number of other prestigious developments.

Reviews of owners

Patriot was bought in the recent past for 6,000 rubles. The tool is durable, reliable, easy to maintain, but its capabilities are very limited. For sawing thick wood is not enough power. At temperatures above +25 degrees Celsius I have to take long pauses to cool down. I did not like the design of the air cleaner, I had to improve it by installing a foam filter. dimon

Was going to town for a long time, but because of an unexpected price increase, my partner had to take a chainsaw. At the store, he immediately asked me to replace the long guide bar with a 16-inch counterpart and pick up a good chain. The commission successfully took the saw into service, the machine started at the second attempt. I liked the engine immediately, the cut was clear and low, the vibration was moderate. The cutting is productive, the chain runs smoothly and without jerks. I am satisfied with the purchase in all respects and can recommend it. Fedor Stepanovich

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The Partner P360s chainsaw is designed to perform a variety of household chores – making firewood for the winter, chopping firewood, making order in the garden, some construction work. Due to its small size, low weight and sufficiently high power and quality saw, the saw provides high performance and stable operation for a long time.

Partner P360S Chainsaw

With Husqvama Service Centers located around the world, you won’t have to worry about finding maintenance, repairing or purchasing parts and supplies for your Partner chain saw.

Partner P360S Model Description

  1. The Partner P360 chainsaw is equipped with a reliable 2 hp dual lift engine.
  2. Thanks to the special electronic ignition system, there is a short start.
  3. Thanks to the primer in the fuel system, you can completely remove air and fuel residue from the carburetor.
  4. The partner is equipped with a high-quality Oregon rail: tire, heavy-duty chain.
  5. Complete air purification Before introducing a filter with CCS, you can significantly reduce preventive maintenance of the air filter.
  6. The partner P360 differs significantly from other budget options by using higher quality components, improved design and comfortable handles.
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Basic equipment partner P360S

All Partner chain saws come standard with the following components in addition to the saws themselves: guide bars with cover – standard and improved, chains – basic and for cutting solid wood, spark plugs, warranty certificate, two original oil filler necks, tool kit, tools, containers for making fuel mixture.

Chains and tires refer to replaceable equipment. A 40 cm or 45 cm guide bar is available for various jobs.

Partner chainsaws are manufactured in KHuskvarn factories around the world in Sweden, China, Italy and the United States. In order to distinguish a counterfeit from a real saw, you must first verify the presence of the following protective elements: the hologram on the saw, the warranty card, the original factory instruction manual, the packaging box with the manufacturer’s design.

Partner P360s Chainsaw

Next, you should make sure that there is a special number on the frame and its correspondence in the warranty kupon. In addition, it is mandatory to have 2 branded seals with the Husqvarn a-Logo. Since its production is too expensive in an artisan production environment, this factor almost 100% eliminates the possibility of counterfeiting.

Technical features of the Partner P360S

Application Features

  1. The Partner chain saw is a fine quality section on saws.
  2. The design allows you to quickly install the bar and tension the chain without using special tools.
  3. Thanks to the optimal compensation of the design, convenient plates, the chainsaw is extremely ergonomic in operation, which ensures stable work of the operator.
  4. Not without reason the chainsaw is called a domestic model of the latest generation. Due to the high performance characteristics, the tool is suitable for cutting firewood, building wooden structures and for hygienic and preventive work in the garden, park.
  5. Despite the budget price of the Partner chainsaw, its design uses technological solutions typical of more productive models of the semi-professional category.
  6. Chain cooling during work is performed under pressure in automatic mode.
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Safety Technology

The Partner P360S chain saw provides safe working conditions for the operator and others. Safety is ensured by: a chain input, an inertia brake system, and more convenient locking with a special built-in switch. Thanks to the modern anti-vibration system a comfortable working environment for the owner is created.


The design of the Partner P360 is a classic solution typical of this type of equipment. The model is characterized by the advantageous location of the gas tank for the working fluids. The components and setting and adjustment points are rationally and conveniently located, which greatly facilitates daily maintenance and leads to necessary service.


Partner chainsaw works on a fuel mix of gasoline AI 92 and brand oil Partner in the ratio 40: 1. To lubricate the automatic chain, use the oil specified in the owner’s manual according to the season of use. Mandatory maintenance should be carried out after 10/20 use on the bike.

Have your Partner P360S chainsaw serviced, operated, adjusted and repaired.

Major malfunctions and types of repairs

First of all, Partner is designed to work for long periods of time without interruption. Occasionally, some malfunctions may still occur. Basically, malfunctions are caused by inept use of the equipment and neglect of necessary maintenance.

Rolling and various malfunctions can also occur due to harsh excessive ambient air surfaces. Use of inappropriate fuel and oil also affects the occurrence of malfunctions and breakdowns. A contaminated spark significantly reduces the performance of the saw.

The spark plug must be clean and free of buildup and deposits so that the spark is not lost when starting. Proper electrode spacing is essential.

The sharpness of the saw chain must be checked regularly to prevent the saw chain from working poorly or cutting the saw. Your Partner chain saw must be checked regularly to make sure that it is tight against the bar, but loose enough so that it can be passed effortlessly into your hands.

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Every 8 hours of use, rotate it to evenly wear down the bar. It is strongly discouraged to put a new chain on an old ruined sprocket when replacing a new chain. A special section in the manufacturer’s manual is devoted to the description of possible problems in the operation of the Partner chainsaw, troubleshooting and carrying out repairs and necessary adjustments.

The Partner chainsaw is kept, spare parts are in wide range in the dealer’s network and, as a rule, do not cause any difficulties when operating with your own hands. With competent maintenance, the number of errors is minimized.

Tuning the carburetor

The carburetor is tuned at the factory, the P360 partner is produced with optimal tuning properties. In the event of deterioration in operating parameters, the carburetor will be adjusted.

Advantages of the chainsaw

Exemplary technical characteristics, high business qualities, reliable engine combined with the reasonable price of a partner chainsaw.

  1. Economical engine.
  2. Efficient sawing set.
  3. Inertia brake system in case of emergency.
  4. Easy efficient starting.


Frequent complaints from SAW owners about the need for constant monitoring of the oil pump malfunctioning and poor chain strand tensioning.

Video review

Reviews of owners

Peter, 31 years old, Moscow:

“I bought the chainsaw Patriot 360 before the rise in price. Now it is 1.5 times more expensive. Of the advantages, I note the reliability, ease of maintenance, reliability. In the garden all is well, the wood is fully stocked for 2 seasons. “

Fedor, 61 years old, Kiev:

“I have a chainsaw Partner for the fourth year. A good reliable tool, I am satisfied with the work.

Pros: for several hours in a row you can work without interruption, does not get hot, does not whine. It starts up easily. Maintenance is easy. Price is all right.

Of the minuses – the tensioning system is not worked out properly with the thread problem. “

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