Overview of the Partner 351 chainsaw. Service and Operating Features

Partner 351 chainsaw. Install carburetor. Oil and fuel mixture

The Partner 351 chainsaw is one of a number of chrome models that have a chrome plated cylinder. The chrome finish on the cylinder makes the saw more reliable and the service life is greatly improved. The chainsaw belongs to the class of professional, it is used for cutting firewood, drying, pruning branches, twigs, and even in construction. Modern air purification systems, vibration and noise absorption make the use of partner 351 as convenient as possible for the operator.

Base equipment and chainsaw assembly

The partner 351 chain saw is supplied unassembled in a factory box. The power unit includes:

  • 40 cm guide bars;
  • one-piece chain in sharpening;
  • A carrying case to protect the saw during storage and transportation;
  • Key and screwdriver for chainsaw assembly and maintenance;
  • Instruction manual and warranty card.

Partner is a Swedish company that has been part of the huge Husqvarna problem since 2006. Partner tells the story of the brand itself and is the first company that started with the production of motor chainsaws. The entire production of the concern is scattered around the world. It is worth noting that the general assembly forces of the partner chainsaws are concentrated in the home country of the brand. And the main part – the engine – is supplied by Briggs & Stratton of America, whose products are of high quality and durability.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer partner
Manufacture (assembly) China
Place of birth Sweden
Saws class household
Power, hp (kW) 1.8 (1.3)
Engine displacement, cm3 36
Chain pitch, tambour 3/8
Chain thickness, mm 1,3
Number of chain links 56
Fuel tank capacity, l 0,4
Oil tank capacity, L 0,2
Tire length, cm (customs) 40 (16)
Noise level, dB (a) 106
Warranty, years 1
Weight (kg) 4,7

Safety precautions when operating a chainsaw

First, the manufacturer indicates in the instructions the importance of having special protective clothing, shoes and accessories. For example, in order to work safely, it is necessary to have:

  • closed, comfortable shoes, preferably with metal edging;
  • Clothing that fits but does not restrict movement;
  • Not far away, thick gloves;
  • Goggles;
  • Helmet or special sound-absorbing headphones.

The Partner 351 chainsaw is operated with both hands only. Using the saw with one hand can cause injury and injury not only to the operator, but also to others. Since the gasoline engine produces harmful and toxic exhaust fumes, do not operate the Partner 351 indoors or in poorly ventilated areas.

A neighbor in trouble? Feel free to help!

Owner’s Manual

Before you start working with the partner 351 chainsaw, you should read the manual. It shows the peculiarities of operating the equipment, the nuances of their assembly and maintenance, the rules of setting up the chainsaw, describes the most common corners and methods of eliminating them, and presents the brands of fuel and oil that are suitable for this .

Study and download the Partner 351 chainsaw instruction manual at the following link:

Oil and Fuel Mix

For the chainsaw to work properly and smoothly, it needs to be lubricated. This process is automatic. Therefore, keep a close eye on the presence and level of oil in the tank. If the lubricant is insufficient, the guide bar and chain will overheat, causing them to wear out quickly.

The American Briggs & Stratton engine is guaranteed to run long and steadily as long as it is filled with quality fuel. To do this, use a 40:1 mixture of unleaded gasoline and special oil for air-cooled two-stroke engines. This is 5 liters. The gasoline is mixed with 125 ml of oil. Following the proportions is very important to keep the tool in good condition and working well. Avoid car and boat oils.

carburetor adjustment

The chainsaw comes with the carburetor adjusted at the factory, but after a while you realize that the saw is not so stable. In order not to carry the tool to the service center, you can try to adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw Partner 351 with your own hands. This procedure may be necessary only in two cases:

  1. the chain moves at idle;
  2. The saw does not idle.

For information on how to adjust the carburetor, see the owner’s manual and videos of users performing this procedure.

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Carburetor adjustment video review:



Major malfunctions and troubleshooting

One of the most common complaints is that the Partner 351 chainsaw won’t start. This can be due to an overfilled engine, an empty fuel tank, a lack of spark on the spark plugs, or fuel mixture not flowing into the carburetor. To correct the problem, check the presence and level of gasoline and that the fuel filter is clean. If it is dirty, clean it or replace it.

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If the engine does not run at full power or stalls with increasing load, clean or replace the air filter and spark plug, or release the chain brake. If none of these actions make a difference to your Partner 351, contact your Service Center for expert assistance.

Excessive smoking while sawing indicates a large amount of oil in the fuel mixture. Drain the old fuel, mix new fuel, and pour it into the tank. If the engine does not run well at idle, there is a problem with the carburetor. Try adjusting the carburetor with your own hands as indicated above.

Pros and cons of the chainsaw

This model stands out from the whole range of chainsaws Partner thanks to the powerful professional engine, which can withstand large and prolonged loads. A more sensitive and sharper chain brake that locks the saw chain in emergency situations provides greater safety. A simple electric start system ensures quick engine starts thanks to a primer that helps fill the carburetor with fuel mixture.

Among the disadvantages, based on the reviews on the forums, are the following:
  • poor engine tolerance of low-quality fuel;
  • lack of visual indicators of fuel and oil levels in the tanks;
  • insufficient damping of vibration.

Chainsaw video reviews











Owner reviews of the Partner 351 chainsaw

Most of the reviews on the operation and assembly of the Partner 351 chainsaw are positive. Users like the plastic and reliability of the fasteners, the high engine power and low fuel consumption. Of the disadvantages, some operators highlight frequent breakdowns and difficulties in finding parts and components. However, it is worth noting that frequent failures are associated with improper care and maintenance of the chainsaw Partner 351.

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I was lucky enough to buy a chainsaw partner 351 about 9 years ago. Of course, during this time, there have been failures and repairs. The tire can’t adjust to the carburetor, the tank is slipping. However, with proper care, regular maintenance and quality repairs, the tool lasts a very long time. Besides, it is possible to carry out some procedures independently and not to carry it to the service center: to sharpen the chain, to twist bearings, to adjust the carburetor, etc.

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Fedor Savelievich:

I use the saw only at dacha and in the season. Then I become firewood, dry branches, etc. In general, I saw about 2-3 cubes a year. With this load, the first problem arose a year after the purchase, and then it announced itself. It was necessary to adjust the carburetor. Then the auto-start failed. Contacted the service center already here.

Advantages: 7 years of trouble-free and reliable operation, can easily handle tree scraps, light weight, spare parts available on the markets, easy maintenance.

Disadvantages: Due to the fact that I did not use the saw very often, the electric start system quickly failed.

Overview of the Partner 351 chainsaw. Service and Operating Features

Recommended: 100%


Partner 351 chainsaw

The Partner 351 chainsaw is a good choice for people who are not skilled with sawing devices. The 1.5 horsepower engine.

The manufacturer of the saw is the Swedish company Husqvarna, which has long been on the chainsaw market and provides high quality products. Production of Dumer is located in Russia and China.

Of chainsaws, it is recommended to buy the original models. They can be distinguished by a number of features. The three-stage safety holt is on the body, it can also be found in the manual, voucher and box. The serial number is off on the engine crankcase, which is the same as the manual number. You will also find two branded seals that show the company logo.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Partner 351 chainsaw

The advantages of the Partner 351 chainsaw include the following aspects:

  • The duration of autonomous operation, which allows you to fill the fuel tank for a long time.
  • Extended service life of the chain, which does not require frequent replacement.
  • Extended bar, allowing you to cut wood with a large diameter.
  • Extreme ergonomics during operation thanks to the longitudinal splash of the engine, the vibration-removal system and the chain stop.

In fact, there are no significant disadvantages. Some remarks relate to the quality of plastic and excessive lubrication for the chain.

Technical Specifications

Power (hp) 1.9;
Power, kW) 1.4;
Saws class Expert;
Busbar length, cm 40;
Engine displacement, cc. blade 38;
Fuel tank capacity, l 0.38;
Oil tank capacity, L 0.2;
Noise level, dB (a) 106;
Weight (kg) 4.7;
Tire length, custom 16;
Chain pitch, custom 3/8;
Washer width, mm 1.5;
Number of chain links 56;
spark plug Bosch WSR 6f.
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Instruction, operation and maintenance

  • housing with fuel tank, oil tank;
  • Handle-holders in front, rear;
  • Saw screen – bar, chain.

Partner 351 ht chainsaw

Maintenance instructions

  • Install the chainsaw according to the instruction manual for the tool;
  • Idle carburetor adjustment, remember that the carburetor is adjusted at the factory when the saw is installed.
  • Check the condition of the muffler every time you start.
  • The fuel mixture has a storage time of 4 weeks;
  • Clean the air filter every 50 hours.
  • Spark plugs every 30 days.

Fuel and lubricants for 351 chainsaws

The fuel mixture is a combination of one liter of AI-95 or AI-92 gasoline and 20 grams of oil for two-stroke engines. It is recommended to use high quality oil, otherwise a large layer of soil will form, leading to problems in operation.

The chainsaw is designed to run for 30-40 minutes with a full fuel tank. The rate of fuel consumption depends on the mode of operation, engine speed, load on the tool and engine speed during sawing.

Less fuel is consumed during operation because the chainsaw is not running at full throttle. Consumption may increase at the end of the run.

How to use

Working with the chainsaw Partner 351 involves a number of requirements. First and foremost, this applies to the clothing in which you work. Your head must be protected by a helmet with a safety glass that covers your face. Gloves should be on hand. The body must be covered by pants and a jacket of thick materials that can protect against injury.

Working with a partner 351 chainsaw can be much more comfortable and safer if you adhere to the following rules:

  • The saw should be as close to your body as possible – this way your hands are less tired and balancing is much easier.
  • When changing positions, the chainsaw’s engine should be turned off with the chain brake activator.
  • Before starting work, you must determine the direction of fall of the tree. The slope of the ground, the tree itself, and the direction of the wind must be taken into account. There should be no people or animals nearby.
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The most common breakdowns

Like any saw, the Partner 351 is also subject to problems. Some of the most common include:

  • Failure to start the engine: due to filling the combustion chamber or spark plug with fuel, its jamming. In the latter case, you need to clean the clogged parts. If you take the spark plug out while watering, dry the combustion chamber with an idle start.
  • Millard is misleading: Because of using the wrong fuel mixture or bad oil. Clean the muffler.
  • Chain lubrication failures: Breach in tightness. Clean the sway tube of grease or replace it.

Instructions can be downloaded here:

Kettensäk partner 351 evaluation video

Customer reviews


Dear Serenity and Husqvarna, not every young family can afford it, so I had to choose a cheaper chainsaw Partner model 351. In case of a complicated breakdown, the service promised a large selection of inexpensive brand-name spare parts. Fortunately, the machine turned out to be strong, because except for tires and chains and spark plugs, I did not have to buy anything. The saw is not strong enough even for the domestic level, you have to drive at top speed, but no noticeable decrease in tensioning force in 4 years of use. The tool is enough for a whole grove of old trees, I did not count exactly, but more than a hundred cubes sawed firewood. When sawing hardwood is clearly not enough oil to cool the chain. On the advice of an experienced friend, I let the tip of the bar at low chain speed in a container with diesel oil. The effect is obvious, a quality branded chain will use up the resource almost completely.

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