Overview of the Partner 350 chain saw. Features of maintenance and operation

Partner 350. Specifications. Operation and service manual

The versatile, user-friendly Partner P350S chain saw is suitable for domestic and sophisticated, semi-professional use. The powerful gasoline engine, with electric starter and new fuel technology, provides easy starting and smooth operation. Increased attention to operator safety is evident in the form of an emergency duty cycle status and a palletized mains switching system. The improved air cleaning system extends filter life without additional maintenance, and the high degree of vibration absorption makes the work process even more enjoyable for the operator.

Base equipment and chainsaw assembly

If you buy a Partner 350 chain saw, it comes unassembled in a kit. In addition to the electric unit, the box contains:

  • The guide bar, which is 40 cm long;
  • The saw chain, consisting of 56 limbs;
  • Protective cover for safe and convenient storage and transportation;
  • Set of wrenches for assembly and maintenance of the chainsaw;
  • Technical documentation (instruction manual and warranty card).

The Swedish company Partner was the first in the world to produce chainsaws. Since 2006, the company became part of the Husqvarna problem. Each garden unit is assembled at the company’s factory in the home country of the brand. It is worth noting that almost the entire range of Partner is equipped with reliable and durable American engines Briggs & Stratton.

Technical characteristics

Type Gasoline chain
class hobby
Cylinder capacity (cm 3) 40
Engine output (kW /hp /U/min) 1.5/2/9000
Fuel tank capacity (L) 0.25
Fuel consumption, fuel tank 0.25 L (min.) 40-50
Oil tank capacity (L) 0.15
Oil consumption, tank 0,15 l (min) 40-50
Recommended tire length (cm/inch) 35,56-40,64 cm / 14″-16″
Tires included (cm/inch) 40/16
Chain pitch (regular/mm) 3/8 ″ /9.52
Chain tensioning Instrumental, frontal
Carburetor Walbro & Ruixing
Ignition system Zhejiang Fenglong, CDI
Oil pump type automotive
Oil pump flow rate (9000 RPM, ml/min) 8-15
Holoid speed (rpm) 3,000
Maximum speed (rpm) 13,000
Maximum chain speed (m/s) 22.8
Handle vibration level (front/rear) 15/15
Noise level at operator’s ear (dB) 103
Sound level measured (dB) 108.7
Guaranteed sound level (dB) 108
spark plug Ngk cmr7h
Interelectrode gap (mm) 0,6
Cylinder Diameter (mm) 39.53
Piston bushing (mm) 31.1
Drive connection thickness (mm) 0.05/1.3
Drive sprocket type/number of teeth 3/8: track/6
Weight (without tire and chain, kg) 4,8
Manufacturer partner
Production country China
warranty 2 years
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Safety precautions when working with a chainsaw

The chainsaw must be operated with both hands only. How to do it properly, you can see on numerous videos. It is imperative to protect the organs of the headphones, goggles and mask from dust, tires and chips. Also, do not forget to use protective gloves, outfitted but not restrictive clothing and closed, comfortable shoes.

Before starting work, check that the emergency stand is in good working order and that both fuel and oil are in the tank. The manufacturer does not recommend using the chainsaw in closed rooms, because the gasoline engine creates emissions for the operator.

In case of breakdowns or malfunctions, repair and maintenance can be carried out independently, for which purpose, carefully study the operating instructions and watch a video on how to assemble and disassemble the chainsaw Partner. However, the manufacturer itself insists on high, professional and qualified service in service centers.

Partner chainsaws operating instructions and maintenance

How to properly maintain the saw on the gasoline drive, how to adapt the carburetor, pull the chain, what fuel tank and what type of oil is used for lubrication, the main faults and the possibilities of their solution are used in the instructions to the chainsaw Partner 350 . You can study it electronically: Here:

Fuel mixture and oil for the partner 350 chainsaw

In the instructions, the manufacturer recommends using unhealthy gasoline mixed with special engine oil, which is designed for two-stroke engines. In reviews and videos, users of the Partner 350 chainsaw are often reminded of the importance of maintaining the ratio of gasoline to oil: 1 part oil to 40 parts gasoline. Pure gasoline should never be poured into the fuel tank. It can cause serious structural damage to the engine.

Air-cooled, premium quality oil for two-stroke engines should be used to lubricate the chain. It is also important to maintain a 40: 1 ratio. Neither the video nor the instructions recommend the use of oil lubrication, with a mixture ratio of 100: 1. The fact is that the engine quickly fails if the chainsaw does not receive sufficient engine and chain lubrication, and carries significant information that is not covered by the warranty.

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Major chainsaw deformities and troubleshooting

The main problem faced by users and solutions in videos and reviews is that the engine won’t start. The reasons why the Partner 350 chainsaw won’t start are as follows:

  1. The chainsaw engines were not started correctly.
  2. The mixture proportions in the carburetor have not been maintained;
  3. The spark plug or fuel filter is dirty.

To find out where the cause is, try disassembling your Partner 350, check your chainsaw settings, and correct any problems you find.

If the chainsaw isn’t working everywhere or if its functions are unstable, try changing the spark, cleaning the air filter, or adjusting the carburetor. You can see how to properly tune the carburetor in the video below.

In this case, if your chainsaw is unstable and emits a strong, smoky exhaust when running, you’ve probably got the fuel to oil ratio wrong. Try replacing the fuel mixture with a new one.

Advantages and disadvantages of a partner 350 chainsaw

In numerous video reviews and reviews, experienced users and beginners emphasize a large number of advantages of the Swedish chainsaw, both in design and in the sawing process. Thus, the following advantages of the Partner 350 can be highlighted:

  • low weight;
  • easy start;
  • high power;
  • Affordable and easy maintenance;
  • Single unit in fuel mixture and lubricating oil;
  • high quality assembly;
  • Durable plastic housing;
  • Rugged and reliable tire;
  • Durable chain.
Of course, each technology can have some drawbacks as well. The disadvantages of the Partner 350 chainsaw are listed below:
  • high level of noise, vibration and exhaust emissions;
  • Difficult to operate at high speeds;
  • Frequent overheating;
  • The fuel and oil tank must be repaired periodically.

Chainsaw inspection, maintenance and operation video









Owner reviews

If you study the many reviews and video reviews of chainsaws, you can generally come to the conclusion that users are satisfied with the functionality, processing quality and performance of the Swedish company’s saw equipment. As advantages, the reviews repeatedly emphasize the favorable price and good value for money. About the processing quality of the Partner 350 is also often said. The short-lived fuel tank, loud noises and noticeable vibration during sawing are highlighted.

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The value for money and quality of this chainsaw is top-notch. An inexpensive model with relatively good materials, build and saws. Before I started, I watched some instructional videos and worked on the air filter seal. Partner 350 was designed for cottage, some domestic work that does not require super-powered professional saws


I bought my partners 350 for my country house, to cut firewood, do small construction jobs, saw deadwood, etc. With proper care and maintenance chainsaw works perfectly and without problems. If you have decided to buy this machine, carefully and thoroughly read the manual and watch the additional video, so as not to write bad reviews later. I am more than satisfied with the quality of the saw itself and your work.

Advantages: sensitive quick start system, comfortable controls, sharp chain, no fuel or oil leakage. Maneuverable and ergonomic saw with a stable spar.

Disadvantages: The plastic is not of the best quality, but I do not consider it a significant disadvantage for the money. To get to the filter, you need to unscrew the screw.

Gasoline chainsaw “Partner” 350: Design, features, repair do-it-yourself

Partner 350

Kettensage Partner 350 is a productive and reliable chainsaw brand “Partner”. This manufacturer belongs to the group of companies of the Danish concern Husqvarna, which has significantly influenced the quality and functionality of the devices it produces.

This easy-to-use and practical chainsaw will come in handy for dacha and gardeners. A small weight and compact size does not create limitations for transportation of the tool.

Functioning and technical properties of the chainsaw “Partner” 350 S

The considered modification of the chainsaw has a modern design and decent ergonomic and operational properties. The diagram of the external device of the chainsaw Partner 350 is presented below. According to the detailed diagram, the Partner 350 chain saw consists of:

  1. the blade cylinder;
  2. Front handle;
  3. Saw section Handbrake lever;
  4. Starter cover;
  5. Crankcase;
  6. Starter cable;
  7. throttle lever;
  8. air damper;
  9. rear handle;
  10. Ignition lock;
  11. Gas tank;
  12. Muffler;
  13. Tire chain wheel;
  14. Chain;
  15. Tires;
  16. Leader mounts;
  17. Knife blade catcher;
  18. Cutting cover;
  19. Right hand mount;
  20. throttle lever;
  21. Throttle;
  22. Universal wrench;
  23. Seeder tensioner;
  24. Primer.

The power component of the device is a single-cylinder two-stroke engine operating on a fuel mixture. Reinforced piston group, big torque reserve, effective system of air cooling prolongs life span of the device engine. With a cylinder volume of 34 cm3 and a stroke of 3.2 cm, the chainsaw generates a rated power of 1.3 kW. This is enough to generate high speeds both horizontally and vertically.

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Advantages of the chainsaw Partner 350

  • economical engine;
  • double-circle CCS air-cleaning system;
  • electronic ignition;
  • Pump for manual fuel priming;
  • Emergency brake on saw;
  • High-quality Oregon brand cutting part;
  • Automatic chain lubrication.

Working parameters of the chainsaw Partner 350

  • Power – 1,5 kW;
  • Engine rpm range – 3-13 thousand rpm;
  • Fuel tank – 0,25 l;
  • Oil tank – 0,15 l;
  • Track – 400 mm;
  • Chain – 52 links with the step of 3/8;
  • Weight – 4,6 kg.

The Oregon 91P052E 52 link chain is standard on the 350. After wear, you can replace it with the same blade or others:

  • Husqvarna 5776151-22;
  • Stihl 39970000052S.

It is important that the number of limbs is not within the 46-52 range.

Adjustment of the chainsaw “Partner” 350

According to the instruction manual, the Partner 350 chain saw undergoes special preparation before it is put into operation, which includes the following:

  • Installing sawdust or checking its tension on already installed parts;
  • Checking the brake band for proper operation;
  • Setting the brake knob to standby as shown.
  • Filling the oiler and gas tank with fuel and lubricants. The fuel mixture is made in a 1:50 ratio of 2-stroke engine oil and lead-free AI 92 gasoline.

Start on a level surface with the throttle cable firmly pulled. When starting cold, open the throttle and allow the chainsaw to warm up. Only after that can you start driving and start woodworking.

All possible nuances on setting up the Partner 350 with your own hands are described in the instruction manual. If they are not followed, then the tool is not immune to malfunctions in the enterprise and repairs, the cost of which can be incalculable.

Partner 350 chainsaw malfunctions and troubleshooting

Spare parts for the Partner 350 chain saw

The most susceptible systems of the 350 partner chainsaw are:

  • Motor part;
  • Ignition system;
  • Lubrication error.

Diagnosing Engine Damage

If the engine stops or fails to start, it may be caused by the following:

  • Insufficient intake of gasoline or air;
  • lack of spark for ignition.
Light the garden

To analyze the situation more accurately, do the following:

    • Check that fuel is flowing into the carburetor – if not:
      • Saw’s gas tank is empty:
      • Swim needle is blocked;
      • No air in fuel tank;
      • The gasoline filter is clogged. These faults are corrected by cleaning the cleaning systems and filling the chainsaw with high-quality fuel.
      • If there is no spark after connecting to the ground wire, the problem is with the spark plug itself, which most likely needs to be replaced. In addition to the spark plug, other parts, such as the coil or ignition switch, often fail;
      • Recognizing a wet spark plug is a sure sign that the plug is primed. It can have the following causes:
        • Incorrect or improper factory carburetor settings;
        • Filling the carburetor block with fuel.

        Adjusting the carburetor

        If the chainsaw partner poorly starts, smokes heavily and does not meet the manufacturer’s stated characteristics, the question of how to adapt the carburetor of the chainsaw partner 350, should become the main for each user. To solve it:

        • Warm up the engine;
        • Twist the L screw to the stop, then loosen it by a quarter.
        • When the saw breaks down, twist the nozzle t;
        • For proper operation of the chainsaw Partner undermine the screw with maximum revolutions.

        Partner 350: ignition adjustment

        A universal wrench and rotary knife (rotating crankshaft knife) are desirable for installation. The power and ignition settings are set at the partner’s factory. Therefore, a completely new saw is not required for rewinding.

        Malfunctions in the oil supply system

        A situation in which the chain lubricant flows inadvertently from the chainsaw body and does not reach the cutting parts does not indicate a need to repair the oil pump, clean the oil tube or replace it with a breathtaking replacement part. In addition, the lubrication current may indicate that the tubing connection to the oil sump is broken. If these breakdowns are not corrected in time, the chain begins to overheat, stretch and fail prematurely.

        Repair of the chainsaw “Partner” 350 with their own hands should be carried out only by people familiar with its device and the principle of operation. Only then we can hope that the replacement of the drive sprocket or crankshaft will be carried out correctly and safely for further work.

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