Overview of the Mrot Mrot Motoloction MK-1A-02. Review, characteristics

Review of the Mrot Mrot Mrotolicer MK-1A-02

The Mrot-Mrotolicator MK-1A-02 is manufactured by the domestic factory of JSC MMP from v.v. Tschernyshev. “The first units were published by the manufacturer in the 1980s. These devices differed, even though they differed (properties, devices, principle for start and work, subsequent devices, etc.) from the modern Mot-Ra-02 M F-02 mrot, however, were estimated by the owners of gardens, greenhouses (small households) that were estimated. From the moment of the appearance of the “mole” it has become an indicator of reliability, strength, functionality and high technology.

Motochanter MROT MK-1A


The modern MK-1A-02 label has been modernized, with its performance (2.6 l/s) and accordingly the productivity increased. An undue motor with mixed fuel (gas + oil) can ensure an uninterrupted operation of the motor cultivator for a long time. With a relatively small weight (only 48 kg), you can transport the equipment without much difficulties at any location where the processing by a motor cultivator is required.

With the help of a mole cultivation, the following agricultural work can take place on the site:
  • Plowing ground of any heaviness;
  • Sowing the floor for sowing;
  • Potato planting;
  • Hilling planted plants;
  • Weeds from weeds;
  • Moan potatoes;
  • Mowing;
  • Snow cleaning;
  • Transport of goods etc.

All functions mentioned above are available with special assembles and trailer equipment that can be bought or independent of the drawings presented on the Internet.

Technical characteristics

parameter meaning
Manufacturer JSC “MMP named after V.V. Tschernysheva”
Country of Manufacture Russia
The diameter of the grinding cutter 33 cm.
perfomance 2.6 L.S.
Number of speeds 1 forward/0 back
Turning back no
Steering column 1 regulation
The width of recording 35-60 cm.
Capture 25 cm.
The weight 48 kg.
Dimensions 1300x810x1060 mm.

User Guide

The motorized cultivating MK-1-02 has the main train of the main zweck in addition to additional functions. To do this, mills are used that are planted on a wave from the gear.

Motor cultivator settings before plowing with a milling machine:

The pneumatic bikes rise and the movement of the unit occurs due to the rotation of the grinding cutter. As a result of such a movement, a soil plow occurs.

One or two sets of grinding plants are used for floors with lighter, for virgin fluid flourish flowering mills on each side of the motor cultivator).

There is another method for plowing the floor – with a rotating plow that is attached to the point of the rabbit, metal wheels are installed instead of grinding.

Perfect hedge in 5 steps

In this case, if it is necessary to carry out other agrotechnical work with the unit (weeds, landing, etc.), it is necessary to carry out further new equipment of the MK-1A-02 engine.

Setting up a motor cultivator depending on the tasks:
  • During the crops from the milling systems, knives are removed and the sexes are installed in their place (these devices have an L-shaped shape). In the case of weed potatoes installed on the back of the cultivator, the couch plays the role of the Cumber.
  • Potatoes are enveloped without grinding instead of being installed metal wheels and are equipped with floor. A place is placed instead of a voucher.
  • The potato cleaning is as follows: metal wheels with primers are installed at the front, and the fastening devices cling to the back – potato interruption.
  • If you want to use the MK-1A-02 cultivator as a lawn mower, buy a mower yourself and repair it in front of the engine unit. In order to carry out movements, it is necessary to repair the pneumatic fire on the gear shafts, and the transmission of the required torque provides belts that have to be placed on the straps of the network and the cultivator itself.
  • We need a pump Buy the suitable nozzle of the MNU-2, fix it on the frame of the cultivator MK-1-02 using a belt gear, without forgetting, separating the traction reduction belt.
  • The transport of goods up to 200 kg is possible with a special car (trailer), which is equipped with a special coupling mechanism (Rotary). Goods are transported with a pneumatic sea.
Brief overview of the adhesive equipment

With this link with hinge devices, you can be more familiar for a mole motorcote.

Goose paws Poloplnik plug t plow feast hung pumping installation floor cup potato-river krt-1 trolley

The main disorders

The MK-1A-02 MROT engine cultivator sometimes requires repairs. Consider the main event that requires immediate intervention in the operation and the quick repair of the device:

  • Lack of ignition.
  • Air filter pollution.
  • Reducer fractions.
  • Heating and stands of the engine.
  • Foreign sounds in the walk behavio r-tractor.
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There can be several reasons for the collapse of the unit:
  • The failure or the pollution of the spark plug. In this case, the candle must either clean well and rinse or replace it completely.
  • Problems with a gasoline supply hose.
  • The insulation of hig h-voltage cables is broken.
  • Problems in the connection of the wires (the power net is not contrasted).
  • The filter clogged. It can be cleaned with severe pollution – replaced, well that this spare part is always for sale.
  • The plate of the flywheel magnot tube from Magneto.
  • The carburetor is polluted and therefore the machine (heated). It must be washed thoroughly if the malfunction does not disappear.
  • Share oil in the presence of foreign noises.
  • The engine has stalled – check whether the fuel ended.
  • Pay attention to the gearbox, it is possible to tighten the screws and nuts or replace the oil seals.

As you noticed, the reason for the rapid warming of the engine on the Mrot-Mrot-02-motorcultivator is its pollution, and then there are malfunctions with electronics and cabling.

Keep the MK-1A-02 engine in cleanliness and you do not need repairs for a long time.

Magneto MB-1 scheme for the motor cultivator “Mole”

We offer you to get to know the improved magnetic scheme for the MK-1 Mrot car driver.


Video review

In order to see a motor cultivator at work, as well as before buying the unit to evaluate its skills, we offer a video survey.

General overview of the Mrot Motor cultivator

Reviews of the owners

What do our experts say about this agricultural technician – normal owners of summer huts and gardens who were lucky enough to buy a mole engine? Let us get to know several reviews:

Ivan Andreevich, 54 years old

“In general, I really like the MK-1A-02 MK-02 MK-02! I have been using this machine for 17 years, the device has established itself as reliable devices. During the entire period of operation there were several serious breakdowns: magneto was covered – I had to replace, the first time the engine stalled, but I quickly gnawed at the matter – I carefully cleared the carburetor and carefully mothed – with the moth – with the moth – clean. Unity, the mothoblock mud didn’t go to work. A couple of times, when plowing the field, it was necessary to pull the fasteners, and the car immediately stopped rubbing like a rattle. Well, what else – the oil seals have changed a couple of times. The functionality is impressive, I had to bribe some devices, I did it myself (snowmaker). Guys, I recommend everyone – you won’t regret it! “

Phytophthora of berries, strawberries and other berries

Vasily, 39 years old

“The first motor cultivation mole was still with my father. When I bought it, I already understood that I bought it. Everything is happy with me: a very affordable price and good performance. I have read the reviews that say a motoblock is not suitable for Virgin Lands. We bought a house with a large plot with my wife, such a land – they thought nothing would work! But the motor cultivator surprised itself slowly, slowly, slowly, we took this goal. The main thing here is to know that they are not retiring! “

Moctochantivers MROT MK-1A-02. Description of the model. Technical characteristics. operational characteristics

For more than 35 years, a veteran of fields, gardens and garden s-motor cultivato r-Mole has been manufactured in machine-building plants in OMSK and Moscow. During this period, the cultivator underwent modernization and various improvements, but the overall design remained almost unchanged. Currently, modern engines are installed on cultivators from well-known manufacturers of Geooteck, Subaru, Hammermann.

Motochanter MROT MK-1A-02

The MK-1A-02 MROT Motolictor is designed for primary soil processing, as well as weeding, hill rows and beds, cargo transportation, grass mowing, potato digging and water pumping. Mole MK-1A-02 is equipped with a two-stroke engine with a power of 2.6 hp. With an increased motorcycle resource. Depending on the number of mills installed, it can process the soil up to 25 cm deep with a detection width of 35 to 60 cm.

Compared to the basic MK-1A model, the modern version of MK-1A-02 is positively characterized by improved technical characteristics and expanded functions:

  • Due to the increased engine power, the power of the device has increased.
  • A small mass allows you to easily control the cultivator of a person with a little physical strength.
  • The device can be easily transported in a car case.
  • Available aggregation with various additional devices – original and other manufacturers.

Technical characteristics of the MK-1A-02 model

  • Two-stroke carburetor engine with air cooling;
  • Engine power at 5500-6500 vol./min. – 1.9 kW, 2.6 hp;
  • Fuel-A blend of A-76, AI-80 gasoline with M-12TP oil;
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 1.8 liters;
  • processing width – 350, 600 mm;
  • A program – forward;
  • mass – 48 kg;
  • Overall dimensions in the working position 1300x810x1060 mm;
  • processing depth – up to 250 mm;
  • Productivity for Milling-150-200 m 2 /h.
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Operating Instructions: Control Functions

The MROT MROT MK-1A-02 Motor Maker is easy to maintain and operate. It consumes as a combustible mixture of AI-76 gasoline, AI-80 with M-12 TPTU engine oil in a ratio of 25: 1. For the engine gearbox, MG-8A oil is used for the TAD-17 output gearbox.

Cultivation device MK-1A-02

MK consists of the following main components: motor 18; gear 28; RAM 2, 22; Working bod y-crossbars 24, 25, 26, 27 with knives; wheels 23 (transportation); fuel tank 5 with cover 6 and hood 7; a fuger 4; tubes 8, 17; control handles 12, 14; clutch control lever 11, throttle 13, the incorporation of rear and front movements 15; clamp 9; housing 3; support 19, 20; Soshnik 21; “Stop” buttons 10 engine stop; electrical plug 16; shield 29; shields 30; handles 1

For the new cultivator, the first 15 hours of operation is the time of running – the development of the main nodes and mechanisms. During this period it is forbidden to use the equipment at full capacity.

Various hinge tools are available for the motor cultivator: cummer, pros, trolley, mowing, motorcycle, plow and snowman. Thanks to the rear, the unit has good maneuverability, especially in limited spaces in greenhouses, in vineyards.

Possible malfunctions, their elimination, repair

Each type of technology has specific capabilities. This also applies to mole motor cultivators. Therefore, strict adherence to the manufacturer’s recommendations is the key to long-term uninterrupted operation of the machines.

As the experience of most owners of technology, from the point of view of the main reasons for the malfunctions and breakdowns of the MROT MK-1A-02 engine cultivator, can be reduced to one: pollution of parts, components and mechanisms. Therefore, maintaining agricultural and timely maintenance should be the main rule of successful operation.

  • With a contaminated carburetor, the MROT MK-1A-02 engine cultivator will overheat and stall.
  • The engine cannot develop sufficient power due to clogging of the carburetor, soot in a muffler, on the ducts of the cylinder and clogging of the engine air filter. Also, the reasons can be an increase in the tension of the wedge belt, the lack of compression.
  • Do not use clean gasoline not mixed with oil as fuel.
  • You can not use engine oil of brands that are not specified in the operating instructions.
  • It is forbidden to operate the engine idling for more than 10 minutes. Due to the low consumption of the fuel, the crankshaft bearing is not cooled enough and it overheats quickly, which can lead to jamming.
  • For easy engine starting, clean the drainage hole in the fuel tank cover in time and filter the element.
  • Due to the overheated engine, a contaminated candle, improper installation of the tip of the high-voltage wire, the engine may stall or work intermittently.
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Magneto – control of the ignition system

The system is tested visually, measuring the size of the gap between the electrodes using the probe. For a detailed examination, Magneto remove the housing and flywheel and make the necessary adjustments according to the instructions.

When adjusting the gap, in order to avoid collapse, you can not forcefully press on the central electrode.

MO T-MROT ENGINE ignition system

The instructions for the operation of the mole motor cultivator contained very detailed information about the device of the device, the schedule of regulatory work, setting up systems and mechanisms, the causes of problems and their elimination:

Video review

Reviews of the owners


“I have been doing all the work on the farm for many years. And not only for growing land, but also for transporting the crop. A simple unit, probably nowhere, no good qualities anywhere. The main fuel mixture is to prepare correctly, change consumables, adapt to work. If the soil is dense and the cultivator jumps up, I deepen the couch with effort, and then it goes normally. In 7 years there were no serious breakdowns, only prevention. “

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