Overview of the Motor note Salute 5 BS-6.0 with the Brigss & Stratton engine. Reviews of the owners

Guidelines for earth processing manual

There are currently a large number of special device models. Special attention is paid to motoblocks here because these universal devices are for the floor of the floor. There are a large number of different models of these devices on the market, but experienced gardeners usually provide reliable motor blocks their preference.

Under the technology in demand today, there is a motorcycle greeting of 5 BS with a capacity of 5.5 hp. In this case, it is necessary to look at this unit in more detail.


Before buying this device you have to get to know your nuances

1. Description of the Walk behavior tractor

1.1 The purpose of the tractor of the walk behavior.

The tractor for walking behavior is designed for operation in areas with moderate climate. The use of a walk behavior as a motor cultivator at air temperatures is +1 ° … +40 ° C most effectively the lifespan of the wal k-in tractor increases significantly if you have all the rules for operation, maintenance and storage in this manual and in the ” Motor operating manual ”, which is installed on the Salu 5 engine block, strictly observe. Do not hurry to use the tractor for the walking behavior with full performance. Remember that the first 25 hours of the operation of the technology and transmission mechanisms are. Therefore, it is better to process the same section with a walk behavio r-tractor in several passages, which gradually increases the processing depth.

Working on the tractor for walks does not require special training. However, it should be noted that certain skills are required when working with each traceable tool. During floor processing, the space between the tailors and the gearbox with stones, wire and other objects can be blocked. In this case, you have to switch off the engine and remove objects to remove the objects stuck in clothes. If there are often many small stones or roots in the ground, the rotation frequency of the knives should be reduced. In order to prevent oil from being poured out of the engine’s fuel tank from the gearbox, the motor crank and the fuel, the motorized car should be installed on the vehicle in a normal working position.

See also: Claas tractors: lin e-up, prices, characteristics, properties, country of production

Normal maximum, permissible for the “Salyut-5” motor blocks, the angle of inclination is 15 ° when working with the maximum load and the maximum rotary frequency. The inclination of the inclination is 30 ° approved.

1.1 Technical features

1.2.1 Detection width during cultivation (depending on the number of installed grinders), mm – 350; 600; 800 1.2.2 diameter, mm – grinding mill 310 – wheels 390 … 410; 1.2.3 Road release, MM 110 … 120; 1.2.4 Oil poured into the gearbox of the engine block TM-5-18 (TAD-17I); 1.2.5 The amount of oil poured into the engine block gearbox 1 1.1; 1.2.6 The maximum speed of movement on the running wheels, km/h: – when they are on a small diameter of the pulley of the output shaft of the engine 1-gear – 2.8; 2 programs – 6.3; Reverse – 2.0; – When working on a large diameter pulley 1-gear – 3.5; 2 programs – 7.8; Revitation – 2.5. 1.2.7 Overall dimensions in working position, no more, MM 1510x620x1335; 1.2.8 The maximum traction force with a ballast load with a total weight of 35 kg on the road wheels and a load of 15 kg on the front suspension, kgs – 60 … 70*; 1.2.9 mass (excluding a number of interchangeable parts), kg – 62 … 82 *; 1.2.10 The technical data of the engine are given in the “Engine manual”. 1.3 Motobobe device; 1.3.1 The device of the tractor of walk behavior is shown in Fig.1. 1 and 2; 1.3.2 Purpose of the parts of the Walk behavior tractor from the set of interchangeable parts. * Dependent on installed motor type.

Tractor Belarus MT Z-1523 - technical characteristics, power, dimensions, weight photo rating

1.3.3 Selection of power from the walk behavior tractor for hinge gun driving. Current selection for the drive of the mounted tools of the walking losser is usually made from the middle current of the driven pulley 3 Fig. 5. For a drive with stationary shufflers (woodworking machines, forage targets, etc.) you can use a shaft on the right on the gearbox of the Walk behavior tractor . A pulley is attached to the shaft (sold separately) with a protective housing, and a drive drive V-belt is fixed in their interchangeable parts. Attention! Working without casings covering the cuneiform gears of the walk behavior tractor and ceded guns is prohibited.

1. Use a Walk behavior purpose for its intended purpose

Motoblock Salute 5 BS-6.0

Brigss & Stratton Motor Salut 5 BS-6.0-A reliable machine, an indispensable assistant in a summer cottage, in the garden and in the garden. In the aggregation with a variety of folding mechanisms, it effectively performs all types of soil processing.

Motoblock Salute 5 BS-6.0

In addition, special units for other household and construction work can be mounted on a tractor for walks, including cleaning the territory, watering plants, cargo transportation, wood processing and leveling sites.

Probable reason

type of malfunction Probable reason
1. Rotors (cutters) rotate unevenly or slowly 1. Significant Earth glue to cutters or hitting large objects. 2. Belt belt slippage
2. When the engine is running and the clutch is engaged, the rotors (cutters) do not rotate 1. Coupling of the clutch cable.

2. The wedge belt popped off the pulley.

3. Wedge Belt Club.

Optional equipment

The advantage of using the “SALYUT-5” motblock is the ability to use a large number of attachments. This allows us to run an engine block for most farm and garden work.

Pneumatic high quality pneumatic wheels are installed on a walk tractor

List of additional devices for the “Salute 5” cultivator:

  • potato slicer;
  • cigarettes;
  • ploughs;
  • Follower;
  • Pigtails;
  • snowfall;
  • clink.

elimination method

type of malfunction elimination method
1. Rotors (cutters) rotate unevenly or slowly 1. Stop the engine and clean the grinders. 2. Adjust the tension of the cuneiform gear: – the clutch cable – by moving the motor along the frame
2. When the engine is running and the clutch is engaged, the rotors (cutters) do not rotate 1. Replace the clutch cable.

2. Install the belts on the pulleys and adjust the tension of the wedge-shaped gear. 3. Replace the V-belts.

2.2.6 Safety Precautions When Working With a Walk Behavior Tractor

  • Fill up with fuel, check the presence of oil in the crankcase and gearbox of the engine and fill up the oil only with an idle engine.
  • Strictly observe general fire safety rules when working with flammable liquids.
  • Run the engine only when the clutch is off.
  • Operation of a walk with removed casings is not allowed.
  • With a sharp spontaneous increase in engine speed, immediately transfer the throttle lever to the “idle stroke” position, and then stop the engine by pressing the “stop” button.
  • Do not leave a working motoblock unattended.
  • Working on the tractor of the walk and others should be at a safe distance (at least 1 m) from hinge tools.
  • If you work in closed rooms (greenhouses), stop the engine regularly and ventilate the room.
  • To limit the effects of noise and vibration on a working engine block, it is recommended to take 15 … 30 minute breaks. Every 1.5 … 2 hours of work.

ATTENTION! In order to limit the effects of vibration and noise, the duration of work with the tractor with the Walk should not exceed 5 hours for an 8-hour working day. Work without protection of hearing organs (headphones, berushi) is prohibited. When performing lifting operations, a box with a packed walk tractor or a collected walk tractor according to the scheme of skidding a tractor in the lifting operation (Fig. 8).

Reviews of the owners

Kuchik Vasily, Kharkov region

“They chose, chose and finally bought a block 5 with Briggs for 6 hp. They were already working in the beds as cultivators, but they were equally crushed and ended up under concrete along the fence for installation. I suppose in the future I’ll try to try with a mower, the cigarette and the cigarette light. The price compared to the Lifanovsky engine is 12-14 percent more, but I wanted to buy an American. “

Brazhnikov Fedor, Volostysky district

“Salute 5 Bs 6 hp Salute I’ve been working on it for 7 years. From the very beginning, the adapter was tightened in such a way that it was comfortable to drive. He made out of everything that was in the garage: the pipes are old, the wheels are off the Lada, the seat of the Ikarus. I bought cutters, Polonik also managed to do it myself, the design on the advice of the neighbor. An engine block on the farm is an indispensable thing, you can not rely on someone when you have to work, and you don’t wait for the horses or the boys. You can use it wherever you like – a matter solely of technical skill and quick wits.”

Technical service

Maintenance includes refueling, lubrication, adjustment, control, washing and other operations (works).

3.1 types and frequency of maintenance of the attention of the walk! The work and the frequency of its performance in the process of servicing the engine are specified in the “Engine Operation Manual”.

3.1.1 Work after each working day:

  • Clean the Wander tractor from dust and dirt.
  • Check the integrity and tightness of the gas pipeline, the absence of oil leakage from the engine crank and engine block gearbox, the oil level in the engine crank.
  • Check the fasteners of the engine, gearbox, control knobs and locked weapons.

3.1.2 Work after the first 25 hours of work:

  • Check the tightening of the threaded connections of the gearbox, engine block nodes.
  • Check the clutch and tension of the cuneiform gear.

3.1.3 Work after 25 hours of work Check the oil level in the engine block transmission (paragraph 3.1.4 Work after 50 hours of operation replace the oil in the motor crank. 3.1.5 Work after 100 hours of work.

  • Check the integrity of the drive belt of the Cunelar transmission. Replace them if necessary.
  • Replace the oil in the engine block gear.
  • Clean the starting device of the engine of dust and dirt.

3.1.6 Work is carried out every 300 hours of work: Rinse with gasoline and grease the clutch control cables and reduce them with motor oil.

3.1.7 Technology to carry out work to maintain a tractor for walks Care of the outer surfaces of the walk behavior. At the end of the work, all outer surfaces of walking behavior must be cleaned of vegetation, dirt and dust. Rinse them thoroughly with a hair brush or brush, wipe dry and dry in the air. Check the outer surfaces and clean the rust with a skin when rust or the lack of painting is found on the metal, wipe this place with clean petrol and color. Review of the thread connections. Check the thread connections with a good tool, the corresponding size. Do not allow great efforts if you tighten thread connections to avoid cutting and shredding the faces of screws and nuts. Regulation of the cuneiform transmission. The proper regulation of the cuneiform transmission ensures a reliable clutch operation and the durability of V-belts. The gear control is carried out within large limits by moving Motor 3 Fig. 4 along the beams of the Walk behavior: Tractor:

  • Remove the protective cover 5 Fig.
  • Weaken the engine monastery for 2-3 curves to the engine block beam;
  • Switch on the clutch, i.e. H. coupling lever 5 Fig. 3, press the handle;
  • Check the size A Fig. 4, which should be on the engine shaft within 45 … 50 mm for streams at a lower speed and 55 mm for streams with a higher strap pane. If necessary, fit in the voltage of the coupling cable. The voltage of the clutch cable or the turn of the adjustment coupling screw 5 Fig. 4;
  • Attach the engine to the beam.

ATTENTION! When attaching the engine, monitor the position of the ends of the belt slices 1 and 3 of FIG. 5 of the cuneiform transmission. The ends of the belt slices should be on one level. The permissible deviation is no more than 1 mm. The effort at the end of the clutch lever at the time of the stopper of the stopper should be within 8 … 9 kgf. If the cuneiform transmission is properly adjusted, the wheel should not rotate from the engine when handling and installed. At the end of the setting of the Cunelar Gang, set the protective cover. The check and pressing of the oil in the engine block through the oil lump hole 6 Fig. 6 of the transmission. Control the oil level in the gearbox as follows:

  • Clean the engine block transmission of dust and dirt. Particularly carefully clean the lower part of the gear;
  • Install an engine block in a normal working position;
  • Turn the plug for the gear unit.
  • Switch off the connector 7 (Fig. 6) on the gear and let the oil relieve a clean container with a volume of at least 1.5 liters.
  • Wrap the plug of the gear sequence;
  • Pour the drained oil into the engine block gear (recommended by the filter) through the oil lump hole!. At least 1.1 liters of oil should be poured into the gear. Wrap the cork of the gear hole of the gear.

Memory rules

4.1 Shor t-time storage (up to 1 month). Close the fuel tap on the motor’s fuel tank. Do daily work. Hold a walk in a room that is protected from atmospheric precipitation. 4.2 Lon g-term storage (more than 1 month). Perform the work recommended by the “motor operating manual”. Perform work to the daily maintenance of the tractor for walking behavior. Wipe off the surfaces of the walk and a tin angle printed with motor oil. Keep a walk in a dry room.

The passport


Motor model: Briggs & Stratton
Work motor volume (cubic meter): 182
Nominal engine performance (L.S/o. Min): 6.0
Motor type: Briggs & Stratton (USA) single cylinder, 4-stroke carburetor
Type of start: Manual
The volume of the fuel tank (L): 3,4
Oil capacity (L): 0,6
Fuel consumption NOM .: 1.6 l/h
Lubrication system: Spray
Dimensions (cm): 1350x600x1100
Dry weight (kg): 78
Type of oil: Sae10W40
Type of fuel: Petrol A-92

The advantages and disadvantages of the model

  • Salyut-5-motorcycle: You are multifunctional for working in the garden, in the garden and even in a greenhouse. They plow, cultivate, loosen the earth and easily form furrows. Easy to punish plantations, extracting tubers and root plants from the ground.
  • The soil treated with such an aggregate is characterized by the loose structure compared to other cultivators. This is due to the fact that the width of recording the cutting elements of neighboring mills helps to block them.
  • Machines can also be used to ensure the lawn, cleaning garden paths, the transport of small loads and even snow removal! The presence of fake mills enables cultivists to work on any kind of soil, including virgin countries.
  • Motoblocks have small dimensions and weight, which they make under conditions of a personal trade can be manageable and easy to manage and make them more maintenanc e-friendly.
  • The steering wheel is comfortable on the sides and heights and offers the opportunity not to step behind the car with arable land. In addition, the cultivator can be adapted to the required width and depth when processing the soil.
  • The gear and gearboxes over the steering wheel offers special convenience during the work of the tractor of the walk behavior, since this user does not have to bend and spend a lot of effort.
  • The simple adjustment of speed and gearbox is due to the presence of a decline in gear decline.
  • Ergonomic steering handles of the unit significantly reduce the vibrations in the work process. They are narrowed and are slightly turned 180 degrees, which is very simplified by their operation, especially when digging root plants.
  • The cultivator can be used as a power source.
  • SALI 5-MOTOBLOCKs are installed rubberized rubber wheels, which also applies to their advantages.
  • A lon g-lasting and reliable coupling of the machine contributes to the even distribution of the weight and the effort when working with the guided details.
  • Greetings are not 1, but 2 belts, which reduces your slip, increases the performance of the transmitted torque and also increases the lifespan of the belt itself.
  • The presence of a free pulley on the output shaft of the gearbox of the device significantly increases its versatility and allows it to be used in combination with attachments that require additional drive or in the form of a drive for other units.

In addition to numerous advantages, Salyut-5 walk behind tractors also have some disadvantages, including:

Motoblock Agat Salyut-5 – reviews

Review of Motoblock Agat Salyut-5

I bought this miracle of Russian-Chinese technology in the spring of 2012. After reading the instructions and making the necessary preparations, I paid them a couple of hours. Burn a tank of gas. He worked exclusively with local “cultivators”. The first impression is great. You have to crawl yourself.

Good helper in the garden

Not long ago we bought a house in the country, and the house came with a piece of land that had not been farmed for a long time. For the first two years, they plowed the plot with a tractor before the winter and harrowed it with a tractor in the spring. The tractor turned out.

After six months of operation, the engine failed.

Motoblock bought a year ago. He worked for us all season from spring to fall. They literally did all the work for her: plowed, cultivated, hilled. I liked everything, and in the fall the engine burned out. Husband cranked it up to full power. Worked.

Reliable assistant

Easy to Maintain and Operate The power of the walk behind tractor allows you to do all the work on the property.

I have a walk-behind tractor Agat L-6.5 with a Lifan engine with a capacity of 6.5 l / s. With the help of a walk-behind tractor I work on my personal plot – plowing, cultivating, planting potatoes, hoeing and digging potatoes. The Achat two-wheel tractor is often compared to old memories.

So what rattles. So what if the oil leaks. Well it works, it works.

Our Salyut, God forbid, is already five years old. And her husband just exploited him mercilessly. He not only looked after our modest summer house, but also our parents, relatives and closest neighbors. Almost immediately after my mother’s 20s.

a year later everything is fine.

Today is May 5th and exactly one year ago I bought an Agat walk behind tractor. I live in the country so this is a must. When it came time to dig the beds, I put a cultivator on it and started cultivating. given gas.

Outstanding technique!

Bought this bike 7 years ago. First of all, it was equipped with an American engine from Briggs & Stratton (I strongly advise against buying equipment, and especially engines, from this company). He worked badly with this engine, often stalled.

Huge time and effort saver!

This year I bought a motoblock, I’ve waited a long time for autumn to see this miracle. Well, the time has come and I started the engine of the walk-behind tractor) And the process went. I dug up my 12 acres in 25 minutes)))) Yes.

Motoblock is a necessary thing for a summer resident.

My parents love their dacha and constantly spend their free time there. We plant potatoes, cabbage, beets, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and more. Well, in order to plow, harrow, salvage, you need to order a tractor or horse, and this is very good.


This is not the first Salyut walk-behind tractor in my practice – I constantly work on plowing garden plots and made sure that there is nothing better for this purpose. The first step after purchase is to go through all the nuts and bolts.

ambiguous technique

I bought this miracle of Sino-Russian production just before the start of sowing. Driven in, changed the oil, tightened everything that should. The plowing began. At first, my “beast” pulled regularly, but the plowing depth left a lot to be desired. To my surprise.

Just right for yourself and better than others.

Everyone who grew up in the village cannot imagine life without work and without work on their land. In this work, the walk-behind tractor became a great helper. Therefore, the demand for this type of technology is high. motoblock.

Practical walk behind tractor.

Convenient simple operation, low center of gravity, economical, not noisy. Light. Repairable. Inexpensive. price quality.

In 2013 he bought an agate walk behind tractor with a 6.5 liter Lifan engine. With. Tired of digging beds with a shovel, and the T-40 tractor in the garden will crush a lot of land. It was bought for 22,000 rubles, setting her against the background of the competition.

Immortal mud hero

A marvel of technology, what can I say. And there is no sarcasm. Repurchased in 2005 with a 6.5 liter Lifan 168f engine. With. He experienced much pain and suffering as they planted endless fields of potatoes.

Automatic “Kalashnikov” among the motoblocks.

Salutes from the 90s are known for being equipped with full reduction gearboxes from the Omsk Aviation Plant, with a margin of safety for Soviet fighters, the resources of which are enough for several generations of summer residents. For many years production of devices and.

Overall it’s not well done.

He worked slowly with a walk behind tractor for about 8 hours. After the first 5 I changed the oil in the engine, filled it with Briggs & Stratton SAE 30. The performance of the Lifan 168-F2 engine is very high, even at below-average speeds you can easily go into first gear.


I brought it to the country for travel, I build. The trailer is homemade, came out 2 times cheaper than the store and much more convenient and durable. Excursions: to the bread shop, to the hardware store, to the firewood in the forest, to the fertilizer yard, to the quarry.

Super garden helper!

To say that a good two-wheel tractor is to say nothing. In his 20 hectare garden he carried out all agrotechnical work. Plows with a bang, only you need to immediately buy large cleats and properly adjust the plow. I think that’s the only downside.

Price-performance ratio

I’ve owned this indispensable assistant since the second year. I will make it clear right away that this is my first walk behind tractor and I can only draw my conclusions by talking to friends who have the same type of equipment but from a different manufacturer. From the first pluses like.

Convenient to use

A friend of mine runs a Salyut-5 walk behind tractor on his backyard. The engine on it is equipped with gasoline, which, by the way, allows the engine to quickly achieve maximum power and speed. Technology with an engine power of seven and a half hp. Allowed to.

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