Overview of the motor Motobes MB-900. Operating instructions, photos, videos, reviews

Overview of the MB-900 engine engine. Operating instructions, photos, videos, reviews

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Description and advantages of the model

The Virgin Lands MB-900 belongs to the flagship series of units that are equipped with powerful life engines.

This model has a nominal output of 9 HP, while fuel consumption is about 2.3 l/h. According to the instructions, 92 petrol is poured so that you can save fuel.

The device is suitable for processing diagrams with an area of ​​up to 1 hectare.

The gearbox has 4 speeds, 2 of which are forward.

In the Motoblok Mot-900, comfortable steering and wide pneumatic bikes, this offers the unit good maneuverability and ongoing ability.

A walk tractor is started manually without great effort from the operator. The maximum processing depth is 30 cm.

The possibility of using various binding devices also influences the expansion of functionality.

Functions of the application

Motoblock uses according to the instructions for the operation

The oil and fuel level in the tank must be checked before each start. With inadequate amount of oil and the operation of the engine “on dry”, the motorcycle tour is significantly reduced.


Engine type Petrol, 4-stroke, single cylinder
Engine power/speed (Vol./Min) 9.0/2500
Motor operating volume (CM3) 270
Maximum torque, (nhm)/rotary speed, (Vol./Min.) 15.5/2500
Starting system Manual
Fuel consumption (g/kwh) 374
transmission 2-hour high speed, mechanical, chain
The number of front/backward programs 2/2
coupling Due to the voltage of the cuneiform transmission
Type of bikes 4.0-10
Length (mm) 1600 ± 50
Width (mm) 460 ± 20
Height, (mm) 1100 ± 50
Mass (KG) 105

Video review

Below you will find a video review of the work on the virgin terrain of the Virgin Lands MB-900

Reviews of the owners

Many owners claim that they have not identified significant problems in the operation of the device, and their price agrees with the quality.

What do you have to look for when buying a scrudler?

Ruslan: “I bought a walk for virgin workmanship and is very pleased. Thanks to a powerful engine, the device almost moves. Pour 92 petrol as shown in the instructions and revealed that it consumed about 2 l/h. I believe that the correspondence price is completely complete. “

Igor was pleased that the unit is easy to wait despite small breakdowns and does not require large investments. It was revealed by the defects by a poorly assembled body and a weakening of screw holders that have to be pulled regularly.

Overview of the MB-900 engine engine. Operating instructions, photos, videos, reviews

Any questions?

The Virgin floor is 901. He worked with the TS-350 Mustang and the Senoko Kr-80, the cutter of the goose paws.

The front belt needs a non-standard A1235 LA. There are no such in the “A” line, only Chinese belts are difficult to find, especially on the Internet. You don’t get exact sizes, otherwise managers will be tried anyway. It is necessary to fix A1240, it is longer, the response time increases to clutch press, the belt stretches over time to A1280 and begins to differ from the input disc of the gearboxes. The rear belt, the factory takes longer. For a hip hay from KR-80 the engine is weak, you need at least DBG-17L.s. or Lifan 21 hp, of course, the gearbox is not designed for such a hassle, but it was possible to specify in the instructions or put a restrictive column in the throttle grip, in a driving and arable version, the buyer benefits – the fair and the possibility of long-term work in the summer. It is necessary to complete the virgin soil of the native wagon 900s, otherwise it is dangerous for the operation of the walk-on tractor and for people! No need to take carts with third party manufacturers. He operated with a virgin carriage of the TS-350 of the Perm Laser Plant while walking in the walking tractor with an empty carriage the front of the profile tube. A specialist’s investigation revealed rusty weld welds throughout the car with the following consequences. The arable properties of virgin MB soil depend on soil, raw and loamy soils. He takes swampy gardens with great difficulty, goose legs clogged with grass and soil in seconds. Next, holes are broken to attach the wheels of the wheels to inconvenience. Over time, additional hubs from vases and wheels with wider tires will have to be installed, otherwise the MB of the virgin soil will bend even on good roads and elevators, especially on a body or when working with a standard dump. Summing up, it should be said – the motorcycle block needs factory setting and the creation of the rear axle, the gearbox selector shaft, in the likeness of the Agro model from the MB OKA. In these cases, the installation of the DBG-17 engine is justified by the way. Why? All motblocks with a capacity of 9 hp. It is necessary to systematically transform a min i-Actractor into the design, otherwise the operational characteristics of the MB will deteriorate due to the inevitable savings in metal and production. Currently, the question of moving to cable control and completely abandoning the chain coupling rods, even on the roads, is not a general purpose, this is already an important aspect.

Overview of power tillers Elitech. Properties of popular models, video on operation

Virgin Ground NMB-900 engine block. Review, features, reviews

The MB-900 motoblock is a powerful model, one of the most popular motblocks from the “tools” among the “heavy” motblocks. This representative of the MB lineup is especially popular due to its simple design, the lack of additional details. The handlebar is lightweight with no mounting pad between the brackets.

Motoblock Virgin Ground MB-600

The purpose of the Virgin Block Virgin MB-900:
  • Transportation of goods on a trailer, a wagon;
  • If you connect an adapter with a seat for the operator, you can transport the load by driving an engine block.
  • agricultural work – provided that binding equipment is connected, e.g.
  • Clean the yard, streets with a round brush;
  • Work in the winter – with the help of a disturbing snow from snow clean.

The basic equipment of the MB-900 engine block: documentation for the car and engine, a guarantee for a period of 12 months.

The device is not equipped with additional options.

If necessary, tailors and protective wings should be bought separately. The most popular cutter model: “goose legs” or a classic grinding cutter for 6 knives (the diameter can be different).

Grind cutter 6 teeth cutter goose legs

Technical characteristics

The MB-900 Virgin is installed on the Vympel MB-900. Early programs are equipped with Chinese engine life.

Lifan 177f petrol engine

The power of both units is the same and is 9 hp. Despite the performance, the motblock is very easy to control, and the dry matter (without fuel and additional devices) is 104 kg.

Properties of the Motobean Motobloce MB-900:
  • The weight of the hiking tractor is 110 kg.
  • Dimensions in length 160 cm, width – 46 cm, height – 110 cm.
  • An adjustable cultivation track can be between 72 and 113 cm.
  • Cup, as with all models of “Virgin Lands” – a belt.
  • Reinforced gear, chain.
  • Cooling of the engine occurs through forced air bubbles.
  • Recommended oil for the transmission: TAD17 or analogue of viscosity.
  • Oil for the engine (seasoned with oil also in the factory) -ae 30/10 W-30/10W-40/5W-30 each manufacturer.
How can you plant trees and shrubs with bare roots?

10W-40 oil 85W-90 gear oil TAD-17i

  • Starting from an electric steamer, the car starts with a place smoothly and without air temperature.
  • Number of programs: 4.
  • Bikes with a large diameter, dimensions – 4×10.
  • The handle can rotate in both levels.
  • The guarantee period for a motor block is 36 months.

Application and device

The MB-900 Motoblock differs positively from more expensive analogues, initially an acceptable price. Every farmer can buy it. In addition to the Price Plus, there are several important technical functions that make this model convenient and functional.

The virgin device is virgin

The MB-900 mot block is characterized by high maintenance and the ability to adapt to all household connection devices. You can repair minor breakdown in one of the many centers of service across Russia. In addition, some malfunctions can be eliminated independently of each other from the instructions for the operation.

Advantages of the Virgin Virgin MB-900:
  • Motor with an electrical start function (a curve and motlock curve is ready to work);
  • Make like professional motoblocks;
  • Good contact of the wheels with floor due to size and pattern on the surface of the tires;
  • Weight that enables the use of devices on earth that was not previously cultivated;
  • Load capacity of up to 500 kg;
  • a large selection of connected relatives of the manufacturers “Academy of Tools” as well as other Russian companies for the production of motorcycles and components;
  • Relatively small sizes, compactness;
  • Lack of strong noise during operation, reduced vibration of the body, so the hands are less tired;
  • An essential area of ​​application.


When operating the virgin blocks, the virgin ground MB-900 follow the following rules:

  • Do not smoke next to a work unit;
  • Use special gloves for work;
  • while agricultural work put on closed shoes;
  • Make sure that the oil level is always normal – this contributes to the stable operation of the engine.
  • Switch off the walk-in tractor every 3-5 hours so that the engine cools down completely.
  • Once all 100 mothers, then planned;
  • Before the start of the agricultural working season, make sure that the screw connections are fixed and the car can be operated.
Distance between grapes

Video review

Overview of the appearance of the Motobloce MB-900 MOTBOGINE

Overview of the review of the Virgin Jungfrau

Reviews of the owners


“The motoblock is certainly good. You can even say that the combination of price and technical chips is one of the best. But I have an important remark for the manufacturer and I think I don’t just have it. Finally publish a hinge with a trip from! This makes the virgin blocks “Virgin Lands” really cool. And add the wheel to free. “

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