Overview of the motor cultivator Tarpan. Description, characteristics, reviews

Motoblock Tarpan

The production of the Tarpan Motornote takes place in Russia in the Tulamashzavod Enterprise, the largest regional holding. It includes 20 subsidiaries focused on civilian and military products. One of the divisions of the holding (Tulamash-Tarpan) specializes in the release of medium-sized agricultural machinery, which focuses on Russia and close abroad.

An extensive network of dealers, including over 70 representative offices in Russian regions and nearby states, allows you to increase the volume of sales and qualitatively serve customers.

The Tulamashzavod motoblocks are very popular due to the high quality of assembly, convenience of work and significant technical characteristics. The Tarpan series is reliable Russian special equipment with a global level of performance and an affordable price.

Tarpane model

The tarpan engine block is a lightweight multifunctional device that is convenient to use. The device is intended for gardens, gardens and personal actions. It is characterized by simplicity of design and operation. At the same time, sufficient weight and powerful units make it possible to use a Walk behavior tractor for a variety of tasks (groove cutting, soil plowing, grass mowing, transporting goods, cultivation, hilling and other operations).

The design of the Tarpan model includes the ability to transport the device even in a small car with minimal disassembly. In the framework of the tractor of the walk behavior, 2 main parts are distinguished: the gear component and the power unit. The latter consists of a power unit with fuel elements and steering. All changes in equipment are equipped with a Briggs Stratton engine with a significant level of economy, environmental friendliness and reliability. Thanks to this, during the operation of the tractor of Walk behavior, the consumer spends at least funds for funds.


Steering the device is quite simple and convenient. The operator can adjust the grips to accommodate their growth. Tarpan generates significant vibration during operation, therefore there is no increased strain on hands, which minimizes the level of fatigue and increases the duration of non-stop work. That is why many consumers choose this model.

The transmission component includes a gearbox with a gear box, a protective case, wheels (cultivators), a front bracket and a rear bracket, complemented by a depth adjuster. The transmission technique has 2 front and 1 rear speed, which offers high reliability.

Between the main parts of the walk-in tractor is a detachable, unscrewed bracket that connects and divides them at the same time.

Disadvantages of the Tarpan model:

  • unreliability of adhesion;
  • low variability in the choice of power;
  • The awkward location of the control levers.

The advantages of the Tarpan Motoboblock:

  • high quality of grinding material;
  • reliable body;
  • Durability and wear resistance of the structure;
  • considerable costs;
  • Simplicity of the company;
  • the presence of a protective housing that protects the operator from the fall of lumps of the earth, stones and sharp objects;
  • Combined structure;
  • Small vibration.

Great equipment

The basic supply set of the tractor for walk injuries includes Mühlen, a transition cover for installing metal wheels, instructions, depth regulators, rubber wheels and a SIP set. Tarpan can be easily converted into different devices through additional devices. It has to be bought separately. The most popular types of devices are:

  • Root-saving chapter KV-2;
  • Plow;
  • Pollen;
  • Hiller;
  • Rotation mower;
  • SMB-1M Snowman;
  • Motor block brush;
  • Table TPM trailer;
  • Special wheels with primers;
  • Motoblock shovel;
  • Renewal.
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Like any other special equipment, Tarpan has its own operating features. It is recommended to increase the type of oil used. At the same time, it must be cast before the start of the company and drained off immediately after its completion (until the moment of cooling). This expands the full power of the device. Immediately after purchasing the tractor of the walk behavior, it is recommended to run in. The operator should check all connections of the device and add the oil and fuel to the required level. Then the first start of the device and its heating is carried out. This procedure takes up to 10 minutes. In the second stage, the transmission of the tractor of the walk behavior is checked. At this moment, the operator has to carefully monitor the operation of the device. After the first hour of operation, you can increase the number of revolutions and be used with additional equipment with additional equipment. In addition, the maximum load should not exceed 65% of the maximum level during this period. After running, the maintenance of the equipment is carried out.

Technical characteristics


  • Length – 1400 mm;
  • Width – 560 mm;
  • Height – 1090 mm.
  • The mass of the Tarpan model is 67 kg.

Other properties:

  • Processing depth – up to 210 mm;
  • Processing width – up to 720 mm;
  • The maximum inclination angle is 15 degrees.


The Tarpan engine block is equipped with a 4-stroke carburetor brig and stratton with forced air cooling. The device is started manually. The engine is not a representative of the last generation of branded products, but has high performance and environmental friendliness.

Unit features:

  • Working volume – 160 cubic meters;
  • Nominal output – 5.5 HP;
  • Maximum torque – 8.5 nm;
  • The number of cylinders is 1.

Fuel consumption

The average fuel consumption for the Tarpan Motor note is 1-1.2 l/hour. The fuel tank capacity is 1.1 liters (there is enough full dressing for an hour of work).

Motoblocks Tarpan. Modifications of models and their properties. User Guide

Tarpan Motoblocks gather on the Russian Tulamashzavod (TMZ). This is one of the largest companies in its region. It includes more than 20 different companies that produce both civilian and militarized devices.

One of the subsidiaries of this participation is Tulamash-Tarpan. This company produces small agricultural devices. The main sales markets for this company are located in Russia and the CIS countries.

In the area of ​​our country there is an extensive dealer network that comprises more than 70 points. Thanks to this, the demand for products is constantly increasing.

Motoblocks from Tulamashzavod are required due to the high quality of the components, work comfort and the high technical properties. Tarpan can be described as a global brand for small agricultural devices with a Russian face.

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Overview of the range of engine blocks Tarpan

Tulamashzavod not only offers its customers handle tractors, but also cultivators. Do not confuse these two concepts.

The cultivation are intended exclusively for milling the floor, they have no attachment device or a tap wave.

Tarpan followers are a widespread technology with which additional attachments can be put into operation (we will talk about it below).

Motoblock Tarpan 07 01

This han d-led tractor is easy to use. It is equipped with a Briggs and Stratton four-stroke petrol engine with an output of 5.5 hp.

Engine Block Tarpan MB 07-01

With the Motoblock Tarpan 07 01 you can carry out a variety of agricultural work on small and medium-sized areas: soil processing, grass mowing, snow and leaf removal, freight transport, etc.

Technical characteristics
perfomance 6.5 hp
Editing 70cm
weight 75 kg
Turning back There is
engine Briggs & Stratton
Motoblock class light
Engine manufacturer Briggs & Stratton (USA)
Type of the engine Petrol, fou r-stroke
Number of cylinders 1
Motor volume 208 ccm
Volume of the oil pan 0.6 l
Engine oil type Sae 30, Sae 10W-30
Fuel tank volume 3.6 l
Fuel Petrol AI-92
Cooling type Air
Processing depth 20 cm
Milling diameter 32cm
Reducer gear
Oil amount in the transmission 1.1 L
Speeds 2-front/1
Manufacturer Russia, Tulmashzavod
warranty 1 year

Motor cultivators

There are already a whole range of Tarpan motor growers, which differ mainly from the built-in engines.

Tarpan Grubber with Briggs and Stratton Motor.

This machine is equipped with a petrol engine with an output of 5.5 hp and was developed to facilitate summer work – plowing, weeding beds, plants and accumulation of potatoes, preparing the soil for planting plants.

Motoculture Tarpan Motor Briggs & Stratton

Technical characteristics
  • Motor manufacturer – Briggs & Stratton;
  • Motor – Petrol 4-stroke – “B&S” Qvantum – (USA);
  • Engine power – 6.0 hp;
  • Cup – dry, automatic, centrifugal;
  • Reducer – single speed, snail in the oil bath;
  • Maximum processing depth – 200 mm;
  • Recording width – 350, 700, 1000 mm;
  • Fuel consumption – with max. Beload 1.1 l/h;
  • Productivity – 0.06 ha / hour;
  • Total dimensions (folded control handles) – 1300 x 700 x 1060 mm;
  • Weight – 45 kg.

Motorgrubber Tarpan with a champion engine

This han d-led tractor has similar technical properties to the previous model, it only differs in the engine manufacturer.

Motokultur Tarpan with Champion engine

Technical characteristics
  • Motor: Champion China
  • Performance: 5.5 hp
  • Reducer: worm
  • Speeds: 1-forward
  • Plow depth: 20 cm.
  • Plow width: 56 cm.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Cup: centrifugal force, automatic
  • Properties: foldable
  • Type: gasoline 4-stroke
  • Weight: 45 kg.
  • Packaging size (LXBXH), mm: 710x400x750

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Motorgrubber Tarpan TMZ MK 03-01 with a Weima engine

This machine is equipped with a 3.7 hp petrol engine. It is intended for the mechanization of various agricultural work in areas with an area of ​​up to 0.2 hectares. If we compare its work with a plow, the motor pitcher TMZ MK 03 loosens the floor better, crushed and removes weeds.

Herb cleaning in the garden

Motokultur Tarpan TMZ MK 03-01 with Weistr engine

Technical characteristics
  • Manufacturer: Tulamash-Tarpan LLC
  • Weight: 34.00 kg
  • Motor: 4.0 hp.wm1r65f
  • Motor type: 4-stroke,
  • Speeds: 1 forward,
  • Processing width: 36 cm.
  • Processing depth: 18 cm
  • Fuel tank volume: 1.6 liters.

Electric cultivator Tarpan KE 0.7-2.2

Many buyers are now looking for electrical models of cultivating people who work on it in closed greenhouses or gardens. Tulamashzavod offers you an electrical cultivating Tarpan KE 0.7-2.2.

Electric cultivator Tarpan Ke 0.7-2.2

This is a simple machine that can grind and loosen the floor, as well as an even mixture of fertilizers.

Technical characteristics
Country of origin Russia, Tula. Tulamashzavod
Type of transmission Worm gear, 1 speed forward forward
perfomance 2.2 kW
Current voltage 220 century
Type of the engine Electric, 220 volts
Processing depth Up to 25 cm
Editing 350-700 mm
The weight 32 kg
Dimensions 1400*640*870 mm
warranty 12 months

Unmounted equipment

The motor blocks of Briggs and Stratton can support work with a variety of attachments.


Tarpan’s wal k-fehind flip motobes provide sets that consist of hig h-quality sel f-coloring metal. You can train for a long time. Mills are installed instead of standard pneumatism wheels.

Another option for attaching devices are active tailors. They are installed behind the tractor of the walk behavior. Therefore, it is actually not possible to give the device an additional balance, stability and security, as it is damaged by an active cutter.

Schneider can only be treated with prepared soil. If you work on solid rocks, you cannot get into the floor and jump the floor. For virgin countries, it is still better to plow the surface with plowing and then treated with mills.

Plowing Tarpan plog PN-1-20MB

The first of them break the ground and the latter are crushed.

Pitch and rake

Tarpan Motoblocks supports the work with a Rotary mowing. It makes a grass section with rotating knives. Rotor braids help to maintain the order of the region or the parking zones.

Rotor Dawn Braid Rotor Patriot KKR-4 Rotor Dawn

Speaks can be compiled for the winter for hayers with RAKs that connect and collect with the device.

Potato cake and potato dwellers

In order to facilitate the work with potatoes, the Tarpan Walk behavioral blocks can bring potato cliffs and potato reinfeins to work.

Potato potato cup for an engine block KKM-1

The most popular option for potato cutting is a roar. Its active knife plunges into the ground by about 20 cm, selects a layer of ground together with the fruits and then breaks the floor rocks on the roar and only leaves tubers on the surface.


This appendix is ​​used to process the aisles of agricultural plants. During operation, they not only throw the floor into the bushes, but also carry out weeds.

The hill is a single potato tutor

Snow clerk and a shovel shovel

In the winter season, plenty of snowfalls are observed in our country, and snow removal in summer huts or in rural areas requires great physical costs. Motobobes Tarpan can help with the implementation of these works.

A characteristic of the Tulamash plant is the ability to start even at negative temperatures.

Snowmen are a special console that selects a layer of snow and throws snow at a distance of about 6 meters.

Motoblock Brado. Overview of the model range, properties, test reports


The dumps-lopats are used to clean the adjacent area of ​​snow settlement.

Wheels, floor and caterpillars

In the standard configuration of the Tarpan Walk behavior, tractor has pneumatic bikes with a wide profile. They enter the ground deeply and offer a smooth course of the car.

To improve liability on the surface, you can install metal primer. This is a special steel edge with welded plates that enter the floor while driving and improve the cros s-run ability of the Tarpan motor.

Caterpillar modules are installed on a walk in winter when driving. You increase the contact area with the surface and improve control when driving with ice or snow.


Tarpan cultivists have an easy weight. To make it easier to work with you, it is necessary to increase the mass of the machine. One of the options for solving this problem is the installation of weighting agents. They are made in the form of pancakes and hung on a wheel axle.


Tarpan Wal k-Vertreher can be used for transporting goods thanks to supporters. The most popular are sel f-important supporters who can discharge the load by simple buoyancy in front.


The main problem of the wal k-in tractor is that when there is a quick fatigue when moving to move. To make this process easier, you can install a special prefix with a seat – an adapter.

User Guide

Before you start working on the Tarpan Walk behavior tractor, you should familiarize yourself with the operating instructions. It describes the principle of handling devices and the rules of safe operation.

In addition, the operating instructions with the maintenance plan and the solution of the most common pens are made available.

If the user’s paper carrier is lost, you will always find electronic forums in the forums.

First start and runnin g-in

The new owners of the Motoblock Tarpan are delivered in a mothballer state. In order to start its full operation, it has to be certified again:

  • Rinse out the spark plug with gasoline;
  • Connect the ignition wire;
  • Collect individual knots and the overall device;
  • Pour oil into the engine and the control point;
  • Pour fuel.

The manufacturer recommends the first 12 hours of the car in operating mode. At this point, it must not load the engine as far as possible. You have to use it with a third of the maximum performance.

At the end of this regime, it is necessary to replace the engine oil because there are fixed particles during this time.


The operating instructions recommend regular Tarpan motor block:

Minitor Kentavr T 220. Review, characteristics, instructions

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The following manipulations are carried out daily:

  • Clean and wipe the motorcycle block;
  • Wipe the protective grilles and around the silencer;
  • Check visually for the lack of oil leaks;
  • Control of the tightness of the fastening elements;
  • Check the oil level in the control box, the transmission and the engine.

Every 25 hours of work is recommended:

  • Change the oil with an intensive load on the engine or use at a high temperature (it is recommended to pour motor oil with a classification of 10 W-30).
  • Clean the air filter;
  • Regulate the cuneiform transmission.

Correction of malfunctions

Every owner of Motobobka Tarpan has to know the possibilities for repairing the main disorders:

If the engine does not start:

  1. The throttle control lever is in the minimum position (it is necessary to turn the lever to ¼ maximum stroke).
  2. There is no fuel supply to the carburetor (check its presence and pump it if necessary).
  3. The air filter has become clogged (clean or replace);
  4. Faulty ignition system (clean or replace the candle, install the gap);

If the engine overheats during operation:

  1. The air filter is clogged (clean);
  2. The cooling system clogged (clean – the outer surface of the engine).

Video assessment of work

Here is a video review of how the ground grinding of the tarn block tarpan occurs:

And here is a video review of the initial work on the Tarpan Walk Behavior tractor:

The next video review shows hilling potatoes through the Tarpan Motornote:

Reviews of the owners

Several reviews from the agricultural forums are collected below:


“My Tarpan has been on my farm for 5 years. I can’t say anything bad about him. He can with his work with a bang, a small consumption of gasoline and oil, with our 92. Only one nuance – Fusion gasoline for the winter out, because in the spring it stalls.

It takes about 7 hours to clean my 6 acres. Compared to analogues, the weight of 40 kg does not seem large, but to keep it balanced you have to sweat. This was particularly affected by the first plowing when I had back pain. “


“I bought it 3 years ago. In the store where he was gathered, I just took off the steering wheel, and in the trunk he delivered it. Comfortable and functional. It has an American engine Briggs and Stratton. If you plow the prepared land, then it goes like clockwork. But when you start grinding the virgin lands, difficulties arise here: it can be silent, constantly trying to break out of the ground, and it requires a lot of physical expense or falls back on it completely.

It works on 92nd gasoline. If you change the oil and fuel while changing, there will be a car for many years.

Advantages: engine power and functionality, convenience of transportation.

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