Overview of the Motoboblock model Brait. Features, reviews

Motobobes fight. models and modifications. Attachments and Maintenance

These are high-end devices designed to process land and large land charts. Owners of this technique can automate a wide range of works thanks to the aggregated attachments. In terms of technical characteristics and operational characteristics, the machine is comparable to motor blocks of the leading European quality.

Brait devices are characterized by their small overall dimensions and improved maneuverability. Thanks to this, motoblocks are used in gardens, in roofs, in farms and in urban economy.

The manufacturer offers several variants of walk twister tracts, differing in engine type and its power.

The photo of the light engine block is listed below.

Motoblock Brait BR-135GC

Overview of the model range of engine blocks fights

The lineup of light engine blocks is presented in a wide range, from which everyone can choose the model that best suits their needs. The comparative table of the main technical characteristics of the Brait Motor Blocks is presented below:

A more detailed description is presented on the official website. And you can compare them more details.

As we see from the table, the lineup of engine blocks of the bribe is very wide.

The wider the tires, the better the clutch with the surface. Also, this indicator is influenced by weight. The heavier the motblock, the higher its stability during operation.

Brait Brait Brait BR-135Gbe Brait Brait BR-135G Motoblock Brait Briit BR-58A Brait Briit BR-105G BrotoBlok Brait Brit Brit Bro-68 (Wide Wheels)

Bright offers its customers not only petrol, but also diesel models of motoblocks. They differ in an increased working resource and less consumption of fuel and lubricants, while their cost is slightly larger.

The presence of an electric steamer allows you to facilitate the starting process at negative temperatures.

Verification of attached devices

The popularity of engine blocks in our country is due to the ability to connect a large number of attachments. Each owner must be familiar with the possibility of his car. Let’s look at the most common problems.


This attachment equipment is supplied with a walk-in tractor from the plant in a disassembled state. With its help, you can mix the top layer of the soil and increase fertility.

Frase cultivator cutter “goose paws”

In order to collect cutters in the right order, it is necessary to use the system in the operating instructions, because due to improper assembly, they can immediately break off or fly away, harming health.

Upon installing the cutter, the motblock actually transforms into a cultivator.

This fixing equipment is also used to mix the top layer of soil before planting and after harvest. There are two plow options: ordinary and rotary. They differ in the shape of a lemon. The second option is performed in the form of a pin, breaking large blocks of soil when plowing.

Motobobes Zubble HT-105 B. Review, characteristics, reviews

The plow of the plow turns


Mowers are used for mowing grass and for the further harvest of hay for the winter period. Thanks to the presence of a pawn, the hand-led brait tractors can work with sickle mowers. They work with rotating knives that handle and cut the vegetation with the influence of the centrifugal force.

And here is a photo of a mower for a hand-led Bright tractor

Motoblock Brait BR-135G with mower

Potato rolls and potato planters

The potato is considered a widespread agricultural crop that is grown in our whole country. However, the work of planting, maintaining and collecting requires a lot of physical and time effort. In order to facilitate this work, Bright han d-led tractors are used together with a potato rotor and a potato planter.

Potato rotor potato planter potato rotor Okuchnik

Hiller are used to maintain potatoes, two metal slices that throw the earth from the corridors to the bushes while driving and thus cut the weeds.

Pendant and cart

Trailer equipment is used to transport goods.

A chassis is installed at the front of the followers, which enables them to control the singl e-axle tractor while sitting.

Depending on the transport goods, the right trailer must be selected:

  • The variant with foldable side walls is practically when transporting bulk goods;
  • With high side walls for bulky objects;
  • The extended type is used when the pipes or tree felling work is transported.


The main problem when working with a han d-led tractor is that you have to move behind it while standing, which makes a company impossible over a longer period of time. Therefore, the manufacturer offers special adapters based. They are connected to the Bright singl e-axle tractor and enable the machine to control comfortably.

Adapter for motoblock front motoblock adapter

Snow blades and leaf blade

After the harvesting work ends, many owners will preserve the Brait singl e-axle tractor until next spring. But you can also be useful for cleaning the snow cover in winter.

Snow mills are special attachments that absorb snow with a deflection roller and then throw it to the side with a rotor at a distance of 5 meters.

Motoblock sneaker for motoblocks

The shovel sheet looks like a curved sheet that is set at an angle. While driving, he simply throws a layer of snow aside. The shovel sheet is usually used by supply companies to spaces roads.

Wheels and tunnels

The manufacturer of han d-led tractors Bright offers various tire widths that have a high grip due to the aggressive profile.

Grape processing with copper sulfate in spring

Rad for singl e-axis tractor wide bike for singl e-axis tractor fishride bars

If the singl e-axis tractor slides or jumps over floor areas, tunnels can be attached to improve the continuousness. They penetrate the ground while driving and give the singl e-axle tractor additional stability.

Weights and couplings

The official manufacturer offers a large selection of han d-led tractors from light to heavy. If its weight is not sufficient, you can hang special weights to increase it. They are made in the form of pancakes that are hung on the wheel axle.

A universal coupling is installed on the han d-led tractor Bright that enables the use of attachments from thir d-party manufacturers: Cascade and Neva.

User Guide

The work of every new owner of the bright motor block should begin with the operating instructions. It contains a scheme for starting the machine, use and maintenance.

First start instructions

  1. The correct operation of the company is the key to the longer use of the machine. Assembly should be made significantly in accordance with the recommendations of the user administration.
  2. After that, it is necessary to water oil and fuel because you have no factual configuration.
  3. After that, the first eight hours from the Braiit Walk behavior in savings mode should be used in a third of the highest performance. This is necessary so that the oil runs through the engine and lubricates the engine.
  4. After completing the run, the replacement oil should be replaced.


In order to maintain a brayet engine in the operating state, they must be maintained in accordance with the recommendations of the operating instructions.

If the walk-in tractor is petrol, the fuel of the AI-92 or AI-95 brand should be watered. If the engine is diesel, then diesel. The fuel must be poured clean, fresh, without sediments and third parties.

The frequency of the exchange of motor oil depends on the intensity of using the light engine block.

If it was used with a minimum load, the replacement is allowed once with 50 hours of operation. If heavy loads have been transported or the virgin areas were plowed, it must be changed after 25 hours. As a new lubricant, it is recommended to use SAE 10W-40.

Motor oil SAE 10W-40 gear oil TAP-15V gear oil TAD-17i

In the gearbox note, it must be replaced twice a year: in spring and autumn. Here it is necessary to fill the oil of the TAP-15V or TAD-17i brand.

Correction of the main disorders

Brait Motor Blocks are a quality technology that can nevertheless fail over time: Start a little out of the gearbox note, to stand up during operation or not to develop maximum performance. Therefore, every owner must know the possibilities for repairing the most common malfunctions in the work of the light motor block:

Herb cleaning in the garden
If the engine does not start:
  • Empty fuel tank (pour fuel);
  • Old petrol is used (try to drain and freshly pour the remains);
  • Dirty or incorrect spark plug (remove them and check the state visually, check it and place the gap between the electrodes).
  • Low oil level in the crankcase (divide engine oil).
When the engine works with idiots:
  • Contact on the spark plugs (fixed the wire);
  • Water or dirt came into the fuel tank (drain the fuel and clean the fuel system);
  • Fuel or air filter is blocked (remove and clean);
  • Sludge rose to the carburetor (disassembled and wiped all of his knots with gasoline).

In the case of serious breakdowns, it is better to contact the service center, the address of the next one you will find you in the forum or on the official website.

Comparison of light and energy final ball

These two manufacturers of small agricultural machines are in the same price range. Therefore, many buyers compare these two companies.

Motoblock Energopom MB-830 Motoblock Brait BR-135G

  1. The production of Brights and Energy Industry is the same – Russian with Chinese spare parts. A similar price comes from here.
  2. The installation of the bright motor blocks is much larger, including diesel models with an electrical starter, the energy industry is missing.
  3. If we compare in tires, capacities, weight, grinding width or other technical features, we will find your identical similarity.

Video evaluation of the work

Below you will find a video review of one of the methods of executin g-in:

But the video overview of the ground grinding through the bright motblock:

The next video check shows how work as a cultivator works:

Reviews of the owners

In the following you will find several opinions from thematic forums regarding experience in working on Brait Motoblocks:


“Brights in our country performed relatively in recent times, so that prices have not yet been overrated for them. I have acquired my cultivator for 25,000, and this is one of the best investments in my life. The price is not big, but the possibilities are huge! To get a problem, it is not a problem, there are most specialized shops. Now I have mills, a mower and a car. I want to buy Dumplings-Lopata for winter because there is plenty of snow in my area. The only thing that struck me was a very large overheating of the engine with a long and intensive stress. If you work with smoke interruptions for a few hours, then normal.

Motoblocks Fermer FM 1011 MX. Overview, properties, reviews

Advantages: an inexpensive quality machine that can help in any situation.

Disadvantages: Great overheating, if you do not monitor this, the engine flies quickly. “


“Bright motoblocks refer to inexpensive devices that are designed for lon g-term operation. I have it on my farm for a few years. All details are still relatives. However, if you compare with the MTZ, it has rained in 5 years. Nowhere is nothing loud, does not vibrate, does not disappear. I have 4×8 wheels and grab my head for intersection, soil should not be needed. Even if you drive up the mountain, there are enough traction efforts. The slipper is almost not noticed. The handlebar is organic and comfortable to hold in your hand. I can recommend those who want to buy “

Fight motorbobes. Honest evaluation. Frequent questions

In this article we will try to give a detailed and detailed answer whether it is worth buying a head engine block. And we will also answer all widespread questions. Everything is honest and without heel.

Where does Brait come from and what is this brand?

Brait comes from Perm, who was founded in 2012.

The first specialization of the company was exactly motblock. Brait Motor Blocks “Shot” and the company’s range began to grow like yeast – engines, vibro leaves, lawnmowers, assembly devices, welding machines. Brait currently provides almost the entire conceivable range of garden equipment and tools under his brand.

One of the main advantages of such a bait technology – authorized service centers that work with Brait are in almost every big city and in many small ones (have many brands have services in Novotroitsk, Prokopyevsk or Alatyr?).

Fight motor blocks – country of production

The core of the brand was and remains the motoblocks (now in the model area of ​​Brait Walk burns in a whole “zoo” for all needs). According to independent estimates, Brait is the third importer of Motoblocks in Russia (after Patriot and Champion).

The production of Brait Motor Blocks is Chinese.

  • Yes, in some dishonest businesses people are told about mythical factories in Perm, Voronezh or Khabarovsk. We were witnesses many times.
  • Yes, the Patriot, Champion, Forza, Magnus, Crosser, Stavmash and almost all other brands are the same Chinese motifblock. Some of them may have a Russian assembly of screwdrivers – that is, the Chinese engine is attached to the Chinese gear in Russia. However, this does not change the essence.

Motor blocks – quality, differences to competitors

Like other market leaders of the Motoblock market in Russia (Patriot and Champion), there are several dozen different models in the Brait series. From simple hand-led tractors for summer houses (BRAIT BR-75) to huge 160 kg hand-led tractors of the BR-135 series. Constructions with electric starters, lowering, differential-the selection is generally large.

Stihl FS38 lightweight brushcutter. Properties, characteristics, video

And just like other companies, Brait orders various models of han d-led tractors from various factories in China.

  • There is a Brait BR-75 model-this is the simplest model. Weighs only 80 kg, has small bikes 4*8. The next analogues are partiot Kaluga and Champion BC8813. These are all the cheapest han d-led tractors that people take because of the price. All manufacturers will order such handmade tractors from simpler factories. Let’s call it a “Lada-Deo Nexia” level assembly.
  • Then there is Brait B R-80 – already more weight (+25 kg), large wheels (4*10 instead of 4*8). If the BR-75 is the choice for a small area in the country, the BR-80 is already a full “work animal” that can be loaded (analog-Patriot Ural). This is already a “Kia-Hyundai” level assembly.
  • And then there is the Brait BR-80 Pro model-this is a technical analogue of the regular BR-80, but at reduced speed. It is installed in the expensive Shineray factory and this is already an assembly on “Toyota” level.

As you can see, there are large differences in quality within the same brand and even a performance (all of these handmade tractors have 7 hp). The same variant is available from other manufacturers. It is therefore impossible to say clearly “how hig h-quality Brait are singl e-axle tractors” – the quality varies depending on the model of “will go” to “will last many years”.

But with full trust we can say a little differently:

The hand-led Brait tractor has the same quality as a similar patriot or champion model.

In addition, some of these handmade tractors can literally be installed in the same factory in China. These 10,000 containers were brait, the next – champion, the next – Hundai (also made by the Chinese). This is referred to as OEM (order production). This means that some factory produces handmade tractors for hundreds of different brands and “just stick the right label”.

When should you buy a Brait singl e-axis stracer and when not?

We have a very clear answer:

Compare the prices for your favorite model of the hand-led Brait tractor and analogue from Patriot and Champion.

And just buy there and this han d-led tractor where it gets cheaper.

Here is the simple answer. Found somewhere Patriot Kaluga cheaper than Brait B R-75 – take it with you. Brait BR-75 was cheaper? Take it.

With regard to motorcycle tours, these will be the same han d-led tractors. The conditional patriot can have a more spectacular design or handle. But you don’t buy a singl e-axle tractor because of the design, right?

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