Overview of the Motoblocks Khoper 1000. Description, properties, reviews

Overview of the Motoblocks Khoper 1000. Description, properties, owner reviews

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Motoblock Khoper 1000U

Motoblock Khoper 1000 is a more advanced analogue of the KHOPER 900 model. Its obvious advantages include high maneuverability and additional power transmission. The maneuverability is achieved by the presence of a rotating mechanism on the handle.

Motoblock Khoper 1000U

The design and weight of the device suggest the use of a machine to process a parcel with a total area of ​​up to 70 hectares. The start takes place manually.

The Hopper 1000 series is considered professional because it easily copes with the processing of medium and high-comprehensive soils. By using a chain reducer, the clutch is reduced accordingly, which contributes significantly to the extension of the lifespan without a technical intervention.

The starting price on the agricultural machinery market is 44 thousand rubles. It is completed with a complete sentence of mills.

Many owners see this an additional argument for the KHOPER 1000U model.


Motor Lifan 168F-2 model KHOPER 1000U Made in China with air cooling and an output of 6.5 hp. Proven quality, reliability and durability.

Based on the evaluations of the owners, one can certainly say that there will be no problems with the company. The manufacturer recommends using 92 petrol.

The features include:

  • the presence of a fuel valve with which you can park the fuel supply, which makes transport easier;
  • the use of a cast iron cylinder socket, which increases the lifespan of the engine;
  • low noise level;
  • Fuel consumption.


Motor type: Four time, gasoline
Engine volume: 196 cm³
Number of cylinders: 1
Start system: Manual
Perfomance: 6.5 hp
Fuel tank volume: 3.6 l.
Processing depth: 15-30cm
Processing width: 80-120cm

Motoblock Khoper 1000U 7b

The Motoblock KHOPER 1000U 7B is equipped with a four-stroke petrol engine and enables the processing of small areas up to 1 hectare of different complexity.

The manual gearbox has 3 forward gears and 1 reverse gear for efficient processing even in the most inaccessible places.

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Comfortable steering makes maneuvering easier. It also makes it considerably easier to carry out curves by the presence of a rotating mechanism on the steering wheel.

Motoblock Khoper 1000U 7B

Large hopper 1000 wheels with a deep profile contribute to increased terrain, even in the area. Wide fenders offer additional protection for the unit and the operator from dirt that flies under the wheels.

The cost of the KHOPER 1000U model starts at 30,000 rubles.

The kit is supplied with a complete set of cutting ploters and instructions for the use and maintenance of the device. The possibility of adjusting the depth of soil processing significantly increases the functionality of the singl e-axle tractor.


In the KHOPER 1000U 7B model, a 4-stroke Lifan 168F-2 petrol engine with an output of 7 HP is installed, with which you can also work well on dense ground. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters.


Motor type: Four time, gasoline
Number of cylinders: 1
Start system: Manual
Processing depth: 15-30cm
Processing width: 70-90cm

Motoblock Khoper 1000U 5D

Motoblock Hoper 1000U 5D is a professional device with a 5 liter diesel engine. This model positively differs from its peers in the lineup of using diesel fuel, which significantly reduces the costs associated with work on site and extends the life of the unit.

Motoblock Khoper 1000u 5D

Easy control and excellent maneuverability simplify the processing of a personal trade. The presence of 3 speeds, including the stern

The price of these models starts from 40,000 rubles. Large free locations and a quick return to the missing area.

The delivery kit includes a set of grinds and instructions for use.


The MQ171D with four stroke diesel engines is manually started. A fairly capacious fuel tank contains 3.5 liters.


Motor type: Four time, gasoline
Perfomance: 5 hp
Start system: Manual
Processing depth: 15-30cm
Processing width: 70-90cm

Equipment not assembled

The motor blocks of the Hoper 1000 are designed for multifunctional work, since additional attachments can be connected. The device will cope with loader transport, plowing soil, mowing grass and other vegetation, cleaning the area from snow.

When can I cut trees in the garden?

Below are types of devices that are the most popular:

  • mills;
  • weighting means intended for excavating particularly dense soil;
  • plow for soil processing;
  • shovel for cleaning snow;
  • potato residents;
  • Soil-free soil to replace rubber wheels on viscous soil;
  • Mowel for the implementation of mowing;
  • A trailer used to transport goods or crops.


Before using a new walk behavior tractor or already operating it, but not using it for a long time, it is recommended to undergo the entire run in order to extend the life of the device. This applies to both diesel engines and gasoline. The whole procedure of runnin g-ins will not take much time.

  1. The oil and fuel level is checked, it is ready if necessary.
  2. The motor is introduced and it is able to function at medium speed for about an hour.
  3. If you regularly switch programs, you not only test the system, but also give the clock evenly distributed. Subsequently, the technique can be used at work, but without a load.
  4. A requirement applies to the replacement of oil and fuel after the completion of the run in the course of walking.

Motoblock Hooper 1000 at work:


Many owners of these motblocks note the quiet operation of the engine and the convenience of control, however, they complain about low-rubber rubber, which is quickly erased with intensive use and which provokes soil accumulation.


“The most pleasant impressions of buying Hopera are 1000u 5D. At first I had to adapt to the management, but after half an hour there was no trace of any inconvenience. It is perfect with light soil but with a dense land that disappoints when plowing went hard. To get the necessary depth, you need to work one place several times. After 2 years of trouble-free use, the jamming button flew and the motor began to work much louder. ” If you have any questions about the operation of the presented models or want to share your impressions of the acquired engine block, you can leave your comments on our site.

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Motoblocks Hoper 1000. Modifications. Technical characteristics. Features of the application. Reviews of the owners

Motoblock Khoper 1000 is a more recent and more advanced version of the KHOPER 900 model. There are three modifications in the KHOPER 1000 line:

  • Khoper 1000U;
  • Khoper 1000U 7b;
  • KHOPER 1000U 5D.

Motoblock Petrol Khoper 1000 U

The main advantages of this model are:
  • High performance for work in areas up to 70 acres;
  • Faster and easy start;
  • good building quality;
  • Cheap prices for new han d-led tractors.

Motoblock Khoper 1000U 7B


Let us take a closer look at the engine with which each of the modifications of the KHOPER 1000 series is equipped:

  • KHOPER 1000U-Lifan engine, petrol, engine brand Lifan 168 F-2, power 6.5 hp, volume 196 cm3;
  • KHOPER 1000U 7B-Lifan petrol engine, Lifan 168 F-2 brand, performance 7 hp,
  • KHOPER 1000U 5D – Diesel engine MQ171D, manual start, power 5 hp

Motoblock Khoper 1000U 5D

The average price for a KHOPER 1000 series with a petrol engine begins at 29,000 rubles, with a diesel engine at 36,000 rubles.

Used units can be bought with any attachment parts. The price for used han d-led tractors is lower than for new ones and depends on the wear of the device.

Purpose of the Motoblock Khoper 1000

  • All types of garden and land work, e.g. B. Plant potatoes, harvest potatoes, cultivate, plow, mount;
  • Transport of all freight with a weight of up to 300 kg;
  • Public work (street cleaning, snow removal);
  • other functions (fertilization, spraying of herbicides, etc.);
  • Cut the grass;
  • When connecting the adapter – transport of a person (Motoblock operator).

Technical characteristics

In the following table you will find the main features of all modifications to the KHOPER 1000 series.

Foeperson: up to 30 cm

Foeperson: up to 30 cm

Foeperson: up to 30 cm

The number of gears is the same for all modifications: three, one of them in the back. Tires with a wide profile contribute to a good traction with the floor, the control handle with rubber gold stars for operator comfort (turns in two levels).

Motoblocks of the KHOPER 1000 series are equipped with a freeboard for better stability, a handle and a crowd.

User Guide

The 1000 series includes:

  • Cutting devices in disassembled form;
  • Instruction;
  • two rubber wheels;
  • Connection elements;
  • Guarantee card.
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Application functions

  • Suitable for plowing new ground;
  • Lon g-lived engine, high motorcycles;
  • the presence of a crowd;
  • Cylinder running socket made of cast iron;
  • relatively low petrol/diesel consumption;
  • There is a fuel tap with which the fuel supply is blocked;
  • moderate noise during operation.

The device is similar to other Khoper motor blocks. Protective wings that cover the entire wheel from above, the arrangement of the main aggregates is open, without protective housing. There is a bracket for transport, a opener, a running board for better stability of the singl e-axle tractor.

Hopper 1000 can work with any additional attachment: plow, Hiller, Egge, potato rotoder, hay fork, mower, hay builder, cutting unit etc.

Standard plow PM-1 Okuchnik roundabout mower Dawn

Heaving heavy han d-led tractors takes place in three stages: first idle (5 minutes in each course), then gradual increase in performance to 1/3 (for 8 hours) and finally 2/3 the maximum for another 12 hours.

A decent entry time takes 20 hours, but farmers often complete them earlier because they use the han d-led tractor immediately after buying on the construction site. By driving in, the oil can spread evenly and the operator can get used to working with the machine.

Video consultation of the work

Motoblock Khoper 1000U 7b

KHOPER 1000U plants potatoes

Owner reviews


“I have a petrol model from the 1000 series, from the experience of using it I can say that it is not much different from the 900 models, I have already adapted to the dimensions and weight. It’s unusual at first, but there are engine blocks and heavier ones. The main thing is not to put pressure on the handles and try not to force it forward, it goes by itself, you just need to set the direction.

Pros: powerful, fast enough, comfortable grips, average noise, I won’t say quiet, but it doesn’t deafen you either.

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Cons: poor quality of the rubber on the wheels in my opinion! I plan to put others more broadly.

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