Overview of the model range of MTZ motor blocks. Description, properties

Overview of MTZ Belarus brand engine blocks. Description, properties. Types of connected devices

The active growth and development of a small agricultural farm in the 90s provoked industrial companies to produce compact units to facilitate the implementation of agricultural work. These machines clearly won before the tractors that the average farmer could not be kept. They possessed not only compact dimensions, but also high maneuverability and performance.

By that time, the Minsk tractor plant (MTZ) had already entered the agricultural market in belarus-05, MTZ 082 and MTZ 112, which immediately gained popularity due to the reliable design and ease of service. Serial production increased and it was decided to transfer further production to the Smorgon Aggregat plant, which was a branch.

The MTZ lineup was expanded by motor blocks with different characteristics and accordingly bore different indices in the name 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10 and 12. But only some 05, 06, 08, 09 and 12 thanks to a successful combination . functionality and reliability. To date, the main attention at the enterprises of the MTZ is paid to the production of models 06 and 09.

The advantages of MTZ models
  • Universality, thanks to which you can connect any attachments to the Walk behavior tractor to facilitate farm work. The design provides not only the use of plows, grinders, bon and other things, but also brushes, garbage copies and snowball players for cleaning the territory.
  • Small sizes, with which the tractor of the walk can not take up much space during storage.
  • The maneuverability achieved due to the well thought out design despite the significant weight of the unit.
  • Simplicity in maintenance.
  • The ability to repair without resorting to service centers.
  • Low requirements for fuel and lubricant quality.
  • The availability of spare parts.

The disadvantages of the MTZ motoblocks
  • High cost compared to analogues from other manufacturers;
  • fuzzy transmission fixation (as noted by the owner);
  • The need to make efforts to change the differential;
  • Mandatory run before use.
  • The weight. It can be attributed to the pros and cons at the same time, since with such motblocks it is quite difficult to control wet soil.

Review of the MTZ lineup

Consider the popular Belarusian models.

Motoblock Belarus MTZ 05

This model was produced from 1978 and until 1992 held a leading position in the market. The main purpose is the production of soil for agricultural work. Thanks to the ability to use a wide range of attachment equipment, a walk-behaviour tractor can be used for mowing grass, harvesting root crops, inter-row processing, and other things.

The standard equipment of the MTZ 05 has an output of 5 HP, which has increased to 8 hp over time. This allows the device to work in small areas and manage the tasks effectively. Small dimensions of 180 x 85 x 1070 cm with a weight of 135 kg enable you to store the han d-led tractor compactly and work without any special difficulties. The rows distance is processed without damage to the planted plants. The advantage of the device is the ground clearance of 30 cm, which enables all the bumps to be successfully overcome.

The MTZ 05 switching transmission has 4 gears for forward trip and 2 for reverse ride. The han d-led tractor accelerates up to 9.6 km/h and back to up to 2.1 km/h. The steering impact is 15 degrees. This makes it easy to maneuver around obstacles. The advantage of the model is the possibility of adjusting the steering rod in height so that a person of each size can set the steering wheel itself.

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Motoblock MTZ-05

Although MTZ 05 is no longer produced, it is considered one of the most popular models on the secondary market. In addition, it only costs 30,000 rubles, and due to the cheapness and availability of spare parts, many machine operators opt for this special model.

Motoblock Belarus MTZ 06

It is an improved and modernized model compared to its predecessor MTZ 05. With the same weight of 135 kg, the device has improved technical properties. For example, attachments up to a depth of 30 cm are immersed in a wide range of up to 1 m. This is sufficient to mix the upper layer with the lower or interspersed fertilizers.

The engine is installed in these Weima 177F models with an output of 9 hp. The owners’ ratings confirm that the engine has proven to be successful and efficient.

Motoblock MTZ-06

Such a model can cost from 50,000 rubles.

Motoblock Belarus MTZ 09

The most successful device of the entire model series, which replaced the MTZ 05 version in 1992. Numerous owners confirm that the model is best suited for a variety of agricultural work due to the excellent combination of technical properties and performance properties.

Significantly increased weight to 179 kg. The additional 30 kg compared to its predecessors gave the han d-led tractor stability and the ability to effectively perform work on the construction site. In addition, this model can master a much larger area than the MTZ-05. The recommended property area is 1 to 4 hectares.

The standard equipment is divided into two modifications that differ in engines: an opening-UD-15 and a two-valve-UD-25. Over time, however, Japanese Honda engines were installed in the hand-led tractor, which together with the simple installation of the hand-led tractor surprised all with their reliability and enabled them to work for a long time without failures. In order to reduce the construction costs, Chinese Lifan engines are built into the model. The performance of such units differs from the presence of a buil t-in engine, but ranges from 9 to 13 hp.

With this force, a han d-led tractor can easily transport loads up to 650 kg. It will do the transport not only from haystacks, but also from harvested trees. The han d-led tractor can reach speeds of up to 12 km/h.

How much can the han d-led tractor MTZ 09 cost on the second market? The price begins at 60,000 rubles and depends on the degree of deterioration of the device. The cost of the new device is around 120,000 rubles.

Motoblock Belarus MTZ 12

With a weight of 148 kg, the model also belongs to the heavyweight class. With this weight, the two-wheel tractor can easily handle attachments up to 30 kg and carry loads up to 650 kg. As the name suggests, the power of the four-stroke engine is 12 hp. allows speeds up to 9.6 km/h.

Motoblock MTZ-12

The dimensions are practically the same as the MTZ 09, 188 x 85 x 101 cm. The advantage of the model is the ability to change the rail length from 450 to 700 mm.

The cost of a new unit can be 150,000 rubles, and in the secondary market the price is reduced by half.

Used engine modifications

The cost, functionality and reliability of walk-behind tractors directly depend on the modification of the engine installed on the Belarusian model. Consider the most popular engines used at work.

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UD-15. It is a four-stroke, single-cylinder, carbureted engine that uses high-octane gasoline as fuel. Despite the specified characteristics, the engine produces up to 4 hp. However, this value can be increased up to 6 hp. with open throttle.

UD-25. The model is similar to the previous one, but has two cylinders. The performance actually achieved in continuous use is 8 hp. When you step on the gas, the power increases to 12 hp.

Engine UD 25 Engine UD 15

These are old models of engines that are now practically not used, thanks to the ability to install high-quality and reliable analogues from imported manufacturers.

Honda GX 270. Judging by the numerous reviews on the forms, the best option for motoblocks is Belarus. Japanese quality is not only reflected in the number of hours, but also in the quality of the assembly. With an output of 9 hp displacement is 270 ccm. The fuel tank holds 5.3 fuel. It can use both 95 and 92 gas. The consumption is only 2.6 l/h if the two-wheel tractor is used to its maximum capacity. Manual start models are usually made, but you can also find an electric start unit.

The cost of a unit with such an engine increases significantly compared to domestic engines. But it will last a long time without breaking.

Lifan LF177. A good alternative at a reduced price and similar specifications. Chinese production made it possible to reduce the cost of the model, but this practically did not affect the quality.

Honda GX270 engine Lifan LF177 engine

types of attachments

A feature of engine blocks Belarus is versatility in the use of attachments. A wide range of options open up for MTZ owners. How much you need to use all the devices is decided individually.

Below are the main types of hinges and their photos:

  • Cutter;
  • potato digger/planter;
  • carts;
  • Adapter;
  • Harrow;
  • ploughs;
  • cultivator;
  • okuchniki;
  • shovel blade;
  • snowblowers.

Universal hitch STs-00010 Wheel 4×10 Okuchnik OK-2 Plow PU-00.000-01 Cultivator-harrow KB-00.000 Header FR-00010 (Lida Mechanical Plant) Rotary mower KRM-1 Dump

Comparison of MTZ and Motor Sich

It is difficult to answer which walk-behind tractor is better, but if you rely on the cost and the number of positive reviews about the operation of both units, then the similarity is clearly visible. It even looks like the photo.

  • The possibility of setting the gauge for the engine itself is greater, up to 4 sizes.
  • Motor Sich ground clearance is lower, respectively, 24 and 30 for MTZ.
  • Motoblocks of the Smorgon plant are equipped with imported engines that are able to develop speeds of up to 12 km/h, and the sic of your own production, which are able to accelerate to 16 km/h installed on the engine.
  • Zaporizhzhy a-Motoblocks are more resistant because they can raise the trailer coupling harder than SMORGON.
  • Due to the ability to work with heavy fastening devices, the Ukrainian manufacturers had to increase the weight of the wal k-in tractor to 220 kg, which cannot influence the complexity of its operation without adapter.

Motoblock MTZ-09N Motblock motor MB-9E

Which motoblock to choose – MTZ or Chinese?

Chinese products have entered our everyday life so firmly that they differ in their quality. Often you can hear the expression “This is hig h-quality china”. This applies to the engines made by them, which are manufactured with advanced technologies.

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Diesel Chinese models are an alternative to gasoline and can save fuel considerably, which is cheaper in itself. For this, the consumption of diesel device is much lower, which is an undeniable plus than that of gasoline. At the same time, the costs of such models are much higher, which does not make it popular on the market.

Video review

Video rating of MTZ motor blocks with different engines

Video check of the owner of the Motor Block MTZ 05 after the modernization in diesel

A detailed video check that describes the advantages and disadvantages of the MTZ 09n Walk behavior tractor

Reviews of the owners

Numerous reviews in the network confirm the quality of the mechanisms and the engine output.


In my opinion, the MTZ remains the most reliable motoblock in the pos t-sovjet room. My sperm has a 1985 unit with a native engine that still works. I bought the Honda engine. I am glad that I am not wrong with the choice because it works well, it starts immediately. There are no problems at the start in winter either. To save money, I use 92 petrol. I don’t see a minus.

Overview of the model range of MTZ motor blocks. Description, properties

Recommend: 100%


Checking the Motoboblok MTZ model

A total of 7 different modifications of motoblocks were created by the SMORGON plant, which differ in their properties. These were models 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10 and 12.

Half of them, however, was the most common and asked:

Let’s look at the main features of these motoblocks.

Motoblock MTZ-05

The first motoblock from the MTZ family. Belarus was first published in 1978. It was the beginning of the work of the Minsk tractor system. It was produced until 1992.

Motoblock MTZ-05

Then MTZ 05 was discontinued due to the beginning. However, the simplicity of the design, the maintenance and a variety of applications currently makes popular Belarus 05 and currently. The price for this walk was much less than a full tractor, but at the same time it fulfills similar functions, but for a smaller area.

  • The performance of the walk in the standard configuration is 5 hp, in later models their number was increased to 8.
  • Motoblock MTZ-05 is designed in such a way that it works in small agricultural countries and gardens.
  • The total dimensions are 180 cm long, 85 cm wide and 1070 height. With such parameters, a motor block weighs 135 kg.
  • The height of the road release is 30 cm.
  • Thanks to the compact dimensions, he can perform various work with a high level of accuracy without damaging culture.
  • The MTZ-05 motor block checkpoint has 6 steps: 4 for progression and 2 for driving. The maximum movement speed forward is 9.6 km/h and back 2.15 km/h.
  • A comfortable control system ensures the rotation of the steering wheel on the left and right at 15 °. This offers the possibility of conveniently checking the tractor of the walk behavior when driving. The bar is also set in height, so that it is convenient for the operator to work with it.

Now MTZ 05 has been hired, but based on the ratings, it remains asked that you can find the former in excellent condition. The price will be between 30 and 50,000 rubles.

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Motoblock MTZ-06

This is a more advanced modification of MTZ-05.

Motoblock MTZ-06

The weight of this model is also 135 kg. However, your performance is much better.

  • The maximum height of the fastening equipment is up to 30 cm for a plow or a cutter (which are designed for the mixture of the upper layer of this height). The detection width is 1.1 m.
  • In order to improve the operational properties, the Weimer 177f engine was installe d-This is a licensed engine that was developed together with engineers of the SMORGON plant, especially for agricultural machines.

Weimera 177f has a power of 9 hp. Based on the ratings, this engine is one of the best for MTZ Motoblocks.

Thanks to its parameters, the MTZ-06 is of great popularity in the farm in the post-Soviet area. The price of Belarus is 06 of 50 thousand rubles.

Motoblock MTZ-09

This model is the most popular from the Motoblock family of the Smorgon plant. Reviews of the owners say that it is ideal for the ratio of price and operating properties.

Motoblock MTZ-09

It was produced in 1992 to replace MTZ 05.

  • The weight of MTZ 09 is 179 kg. This is much more than that of modern analogue, and even compared to MTZ 05 and 06, this is 30 kg more. The greater the weight, the greater the reliability and less chance, in detail.
  • In the standard configuration of Belarus 09, 2 engine options were provided: UD-15 and UD-25. The first single valve, the second two Valve. Now the time does not stand still and develops, so that the Japanese Honda engines are always preferred that have become the standard of reliability when working with various agricultural machines. There are also options with the Chinese motor life.
  • The power of walking behavior (depending on the engine) can be between 9 and 13 hp.
  • The road release is 30 cm.
  • The maximum weight of the charged trailer with the MTZ-09-Motorn note can be up to 650 kg. There are reviews from different regions of Russia when he supported not only relatively light hay, but also trees and cereal plants.
  • Dimension dimensions: length – 178 cm, width – 84 cm, height 107 cm.
  • This tractor for walking behavior is designed in such a way that sections are processed with an area of ​​1 to 4 hectares.
  • The maximum movement speed is 12 km/h.

The price of the earlier use of MTZ 09 begins with 60 thousand rubles. The cost of new ones is around 120,000.

Motoblock MTZ-12

It is also a representative of heavy engine blocks. Its weight is 148 kg.

Motoblock MTZ-12

  • MTZ-12 is equipped with a four-stroke carburetor engine made of air cooling SK-12.
  • With a weight of 148 kg, it is practically identical to MTZ 09. The dimensions are 188 cm long, 85 cm wide and 101 cm height.
  • The size of the route can be set in the range of 450 to 700 mm.
  • The maximum payload with trailer is 650 kg. And the maximum weight of compatible attachments is 30 kg.
  • The speed of this walk behind tractor is 9.6 km/h. Despite the lower speed, the power of this walk behind tractor is 12 hp as standard.
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The price of the new MTZ-12 is about 150,000 rubles. However, there are reviews for buying a used version for 80 thousand in good condition.

engine modifications

MTZ engine blocks are made with various engines, and the work of Belarus depends on their characteristics.

old engines
  • UD-15. This is a four-stroke, single-cylinder, carbureted engine that runs on high-octane gasoline. Based on the reviews, the real power of this engine is about 4 hp. At full throttle, that number can increase to 6 horsepower. And when you consider that it won’t be new, that number may be less.
  • UD-25. This is an improved model UD-15 with two cylinders. Its power at full throttle is 12 hp. However, based on reviews in long-term operation, it is actually 8 hp.

UD-15 and UD-25 are used extremely rarely today. Because there are better imported analogues.


The best option for garden tools is the Honda GX 270.

Honda GX270 engine

This is a quality engine assembled in Japan.

  • The volume of the Honda GX 270 is 270 cm3. The power is 9 hp.
  • The fuel tank is designed for 5.3 liters of fuel. At full load, consumption is 2.5 l/h. This is the minimum value among other analogues. It works with 92 or 95 gasoline.
  • The Honda GX 270 is manually started, but there are also models with an electric starter.

There are a lot of positive reviews about this engine, but its price is quite high. That is the law of the market, you have to pay more for quality.

Lifan LF177

The cheaper model is the Lifan LF177.

Lifan LF177 engine

This engine came onto the market relatively recently. In terms of the declared properties, it is identical in construction to the Honda GX 270. And you have to decide for yourself whether a copy or an original is better. Lifan is made in China.


MTZ gained its popularity due to the large number of different attachments compatible with it.

Ground cutter FR-00010 Potato planter KS-1 Trolley Universal adapter Harrow Potato harvester KM-1 Rotary mower KRM-1 Cultivator harrow KB00.000 Hiller universal tilting plow PV-1 Snow plow CM-0.6

They are able to facilitate manual labor in many jobs in the countryside. Whether tillage, hilling, snow clearing or freight transport. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are in great demand.

Feature of MTZ engine blocks

If you look at the owners’ reviews, then here are the positive and negative aspects that can be distinguished based on the experience of working with him.

  • multifunctionality (a large number of attachments with which it is efficient);
  • High power that allows you to work on medium and large areas;
  • Easy management and configuration;
  • High processing quality;
  • maintainability.
  • Pretty high price among competitors;
  • The gearbox is sometimes not clearly fixed;
  • To shift the differential you have to make an effort;
  • Requires mandatory break-in prior to operation.

Separately, the weight is worth mentioning. All MTZ engine blocks are heavy. That’s a plus and a minus at the same time. On the one hand, thanks to the high weight, even the hardest soils can be worked on.

On the other hand, the physical strain on the operator also increases and when working in prepared soil, fatigue sets in quickly. This problem can be solved using a special adapter. It represents the ability to control the walk behind tractor while seated.

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