Overview of the model range of Motoblocks Salyut. Specifications, comparisons, reviews

Top 5 Salyut walk behind tractors

*A rating of the best according to the editors of expertology.ru. About selection criteria. This material is subjective, does not constitute advertising, and is not intended as a recommendation to purchase. Before buying, you need to contact a specialist.

Motoblocks are able to seriously facilitate the work of summer residents and farmers. Units of the Russian brand Salyut are in great demand in the domestic market. Production of small agricultural machinery was established in 2002 at the Moscow plant. Today, production has moved to China, but domestic specialists carry out technical control. Such a tandem had a positive effect not only on the cost of walk-behind tractors, but also on their appearance, quality and versatility. Experts note several important advantages of Russian-Chinese technology over competitors.

How to choose a Salyut walk behind tractor

  1. Engines. In the model range of Salyut Motoblocks there is a large selection of power units. Reliability and simplicity characterize the American engines Kohler and Briggs & Stratton. For smooth work and durability, consumers praise walk-behind tractors with Japanese Subaru Robin and Honda engines. In cars with Chinese Lifan power units, rich functionality is available at an affordable price.
  2. Reliable design. The Russian developer paid attention to the strength and durability of his equipment.
  3. The frame consists of steel corners that are securely connected to each other by welding.
  4. The use of a belt drive in combination with a reduction gear makes the gearbox robust and durable. Breakdowns only happen when the devices are used improperly.
  5. All models use full-size deep-tread air wheels.
  6. The weight of the two-wheel tractor is optimally adjusted, the center of gravity correctly calculated, so that the device is stable both on the road and when plowing.
  7. High quality tillage. An important factor in favor of Salyut motorcycles is the quality of tillage. The manufacturer has created the ability to adjust the width of the culture strip from 30 to 105 cm.After loosening, you get a bed ready for planting vegetables and fruits.
  8. multifunctionality. Motoblocks Salyut also fell in love with domestic users because of its versatility. It is allowed to attach such attachments as plow and hiller, tiller and potato harvester, snow blade and lawn mower to the equipment. And the presence of a trailer turns garden tools into a maneuverable mini-truck.

We have selected 5 of the best Salyut walk behind tractors to review. All have proven their capabilities in harsh Russian conditions. Expert opinions and user ratings were taken into account when allocating space.

Rating of the best Salyut walk behind tractors

nomination place product name Price
The best walk-behind tractors in the Salute Light class 1 Greeting 100-X-M1 44 990₽
2 Greeting 100-X-M2 36 500₽
3 Greeting 5L-6.5 27 900₽
The best mid-range Salyut walk-behind tractors 1 Salyut 100-BS-6.5 48 350₽
2 Salyut 100-K-M1 44 990₽

The best walk-behind tractors in the Salute Light class

The lightest models of bridge motoblocks found their application in small gardens of summer residents. This technique has light weight, compact dimensions, maneuverability and ease of management. Experts identified several interesting units.

Salute 100-X-M1

Greeting 100-X-M1

The most popular walk tract in the Russian manufacturer is a 100-X-M1 salute model. The reason for popularity lies in the optimal price of price and technical skills. This light agricultural technology proved in personal plots up to 50 acres. Experts identify the strengths of the device as the powerful Japanese engine from the Honda GX200 (6.5 liters), a reliable gearbox, a steering column with a 2-position adjustment. With the help of 3-row grinders, you can qualitatively perform the soil. The model takes first place in our ranking.

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Summer residents and farmers are pleased with ergonomic gear shifts, a quick start of the engine and a successful layout. The power of the walk tractor is enough to perform a range of agricultural work. Not everyone likes the price of motor vehicles, but the money quickly pays off.

Overview of the model range of Motoblocks Salyut. Specifications, comparisons, reviews

Motoblock Salut is a multifunctional integral agricultural technology. There are motoblocks, there are very good motoblocks, but sometimes the legendary “salute”. If you are reading this article, it means that you have the question of whether to choose self-promoted agricultural machinery, a universal assistant. In fact, it’s not easy to favor a particular sample of many different brands.

Motoblock Salyut scheme

Schematic of the Motornots Salute

brand history

For a quarter of a century, the motoblocks delight their owners. Their release was organized in the Salute MMPP, the history of which began in 1912 with the assembly of aeronautical engines in a factory founded by the French.

Today, once a small factory, today has turned into a joint enterprise “Saltyut” -NPC, the main profile of which is the production of turbojet aircraft engines and gas turbine units. The assembly of motoblocks is auxiliary production.

Motoblocks “salute” are rightly considered specialized equipment designed to perform high-complexity economic work.

Throughout the period, the design of the engine blocks repeatedly improved, with the cars rising from the stages of household appliances to an impeccable professional level in terms of efficiency and quality.

Motoblock Salute 5

Motoblock Salute 100

For ten years (2002-2012) the assembly of Salut 5 models was carried out, which was part of the Saltyut Federal Tax Service. After the internal contradictions and the structural separation of enterprises, the release of engine blocks on Agata, the supply of components and assemblies for its assembly, including a certain OMSK gearbox, was stopped. And on Agata began the release of sidewalks under his own brand.

Currently, the salute engine blocks are collected at the PRC factories under the technical control of experts from NPCG JSC.

Therefore, when buying, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the product passport. Of course, the NPCG JSC does not fulfill any guarantee obligations regarding such counterfeits.

The model line

The main task in the development of salute was to create a reliable durable machine capable of performing many tasks of an agricultural, economic, construction profile on farms and personal farms.

Motoblock Salute 5L 6.5

Motoblock Salyut 5 is characterized by a well though t-out design solution. Different modifications differ in the type of engine and its performance.

Advantages of the “fifth” model:
  • Use of engines of famous world manufacturers.
  • Robust coast gear.
  • V-belt drive with two straps – comfortable operation by less slippery of the straps.
  • 2 speeds forward and 1 backwards.
  • Opportunity to switch to a lower speed range.
  • The presence of a tap wave for connecting drawn active units.
  • Excellent stability through forward and below focus.
  • Steering column adjustable in two levels.
  • Excellent aggregation with uniform attachments of different manufacturers.
The lawn mower is comfortable for you, safe for your lawn

In 2013, a modernized modification of Salyut 100 was published, which was named in honor of the company’s hundredth anniversary. The “hundredth” model is a consistent further development of its predecessor. The designers have worked on the improved design and ergonomics of the han d-led tractor, which is an important factor in promoting products on the market in our time.

Motoblock Saljut 100 R-M1

Features of the “100” model of the hand-led Salyut tractor:
  • The speed switch is laid to the steering wheel, the clutch handle is equipped with a special lock, the steering wheel is conveniently adjustable in all directions.
  • A powerful gear with a resource of 3000 hours is installed.
  • The front and rear power lifts have significantly expanded the possibilities of the hand-led tractor when working with attachments.
  • The package of the han d-led tractor includes ai r-tired wheels with an expressive profile, stretching bushes, a special oil measuring rod to control the oil in the gearbox and an additional bracket for attaching the trailer coupling.
  • A special advantage are the thre e-row milling mills with knives made of hig h-quality spring steel.

Make sure how the knife is processed with high quality thanks to the special crescent moon shape.

Video evaluation of the hand-led tractor Salyut 100 with a Lifan 6.5 engine

Top models

You should select a singl e-axle tractor rationally according to the required performance. Due to a lack of performance, the on e-axle tractor can fail earlier. On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that devices with an excessive power reserve cause high costs.

Therefore, up to 50 hectares of han d-led tractors with an output of 5.0 to 5.5 hp are ideal for plots:

  • Salut 5R Robin Subaru Ey-20,
  • Greetings 5x Honda GC 160 Ohv.

Motoblock Saljut 5x Motoblock Saljut 5R

Solid models with 6.0-6.5 hp are selected for areas of 40 hectares:

  • Saljut 5BS-1,
  • Greetings 100 R-M1.

Motoblock Saljut 5 BS-1 Motoblock Saljut 100 R-M1

It is impossible to work evenly with an inferior engine for a long time. Therefore, the han d-led tractors of Salyut are equipped with the best petrol engines that are designed for use on medium and small areas.

Despite the fact that a diesel engine is more efficient, gasoline engines start better in cold weather and work stable at high speeds.

Motoblock Salute Honda GX-200

Motoblocks with Japanese Honda engines are considered to be recognized. Greetings Honda GX-200 6.5 hp-reliable top-class agricultural machinery. Since fuji heavy industries Ltd. (Japan) The production of engines set, mini equipment with a Subaru engine is now almost impossible to buy.

Motoblock Saljut-Honda GX 200

Motoblock Saljut 100 BS-V

Handled tractors with motors from the American Briggs & Stratton brand, Vanguard (Japan) have proven to be excellent – real multitasking machines that can successfully replace other special devices.

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Motoblock Saljut 100 BS-V

Motoblock Salute 100L 6.5

Thanks to the continuous improvement of technology, the Chinese life engines is gaining more and more popularity. Their main advantage is an acceptable price with decent quality. Salute 100 L-6.5 is an excellent combination of reasonable price and high technical characteristics.

Motoblock Salute 100L 6.5

Motoblock Salute Honda GC-190- The second most popular company product

Motoblock Salute Honda GC-190

The unit is an excellent choice for those who have small personalities and need a multifunctional assistant that can withstand significant loads. The main highlight in the Walk behavior tractor is the Honda GC 190 engine. The design of the specified part consists of lightweight mechanical elements and reflects the latest developments of Japanese experts. As a result, the novelty will please with low fuel consumption, maximum environmental friendliness, noise and individual cylinders.

Honda GC 190 engine for the Salyut walk behind tractor

Technical characteristics of the model:

  • Power – 5.5 – 6.0 hp;
  • The capacity of the fuel capacity is 1.8 liters;
  • Type of coupling – belt;
  • engine volume – 33 cm3;
  • The type of transmission is equipment;
  • Weight – 75 kg.

Thanks to the low center of gravity, managing and taking care of the walk tractor becomes very convenient. The operating instructions presented on our site will help solve many problems with functionality.


If you ask which motoblock is better to choose, the most correct advice is: choose from the proven brands like Gruß.

See also: How to plow and a plow on a wal k-Tractor – video with a plow, the basic rules of plowing.

Today’s quality of the Bridge of Salute fully complies with high international standards.

This brand has been popular for more than a dozen years. Many interesting recommendations have been developed for the re-expensive fitment of the Salute Motoblocks provided in sale-manufactured sets to balance in a mini-contractor. There are no problems with hinge devices, spare parts and service.


Throughout history, the design of motorcycles has been improved 5 times. Ergonomics have largely improved. Changed the base of the Walk behavior’s tractor to the frame. The time passed by 8 modifications with different engines – from household to professional.

After a while, buying motoblocks from small well-known companies, their owners inevitably face the problems of maintenance, looking for spare parts and a special towbar.

JSC “NPCG” Salute “is different:
  • Powerful potential for many kinds of own industries and unique technologies,
  • high-precision equipment,
  • High-performance tools from the best world manufacturers.

An innovative approach allows you to produce increasingly advanced models. Technological production capabilities are actively improving, there is a development of new systems that are receiving licenses.

Operation and maintenance of engine blocks “Salyut”

The success of using cultivators depends entirely on the user. Subject to the norms specified by the manufacturer in the operating instructions, they last more than a dozen years. For this:

  1. After the purchase, the new device is powered for 25 hours for the development of spare parts, which, according to the video instructions, implies an economical short load.
  2. The resting device is checked for belt tension and the security of the connections.
  3. Every 25 hours – monitor the oil level in the gearbox and add if necessary;
  4. 50 hours – change grease in engine crankcase;
  5. 100 hours – clean a tractor from dirt for walks, change the transmission and update the belts.
  6. 300 hours – smear with butter cables from gas and clutch.
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Comparison with other brands

Here are short properties of these motif episodes. On the Internet you can familiarize yourself with various views and real reviews of the collection owners.

Greetings and Neva

Compared to other models, the motorcycle greeting is undoubtedly popular with the wel l-known NEVA. During the development, Moscow designers gave up the blind copy of the St. Petersburg Neva and created a more advanced design.

Motoblock Salute 5x 5.5

Motoblock Neva

Functions of brands:
  • The greeting is much more stable. His control handles are narrowed and turned 180 °. The weight is significantly reduced, and in the contrary, the mass of the greeting is increased by weighting.
  • The greeting has two drive belts, three straps of the power selection (NEVA – one). The gear chain wheel is replaced by a more reliable gear. The speed ranges are changed not only by changing the electricity, as on the NEVA, as well as the removal of the performance and its new installation in accordance with the instructions. The choice is clear – in favor of the greeting.

Greetings and MTZ

Compared to the “greeting”, the Belarusian engine blocks of the MTZ are heavy machines. Owners unanimously notice their reliability, good processing quality and durability.

Motoblock Salute100 K-M1

Motoblock MTZ-09N 02

Functions of brands:
  • A powerful MTZ 9N engine block offers a processing width of only 330-610 mm at a depth of 200 mm. In motor blocks, the greeting widths are adjustable 350 mm, 600 mm, 800 mm, but the weight of MTZ is almost 2 times higher than the mass of the “fireworks”.
  • An engine is a similar model of the MEMZ-966 on MTZ-0.5 as in the Zaporozhets car, which is marked by a strong start. The gas regulator is uncomfortable for the operator, the tractor of the walk behavior has no balance, even though it becomes more stable with the trailer car.
  • With the descendants 100, the speed switch is transferred to the steering wheel, the clutch handle has a special bar, the steering wheel is very conveniently set in all directions.
  • The owners of the MTZ notice the difficulties that occur when setting up the fastening devices. The high costs and the low service level of old MTZ models are another significant disadvantage.

In order to work in medium and small areas, it is advisable to use “greetings” and MTZ in large areas of more than 1 hectare.

Motoblocks Salute 5: A series of models that earn attention,

Motoblock Salyut 5

The abov e-mentioned options for devices are characterized by originality and the highest popularity. Representatives of Salute 5 series are somewhat inferior to you in prevalence, but not at all in functionality. Before you take into account the special features of each object, you should familiarize yourself with the common advantages of all representatives of the group.

  • Multifunctionality;
  • Significant width of the cutting element of meal plants;
  • Compactness and relative ease;
  • Adjustable steering wheel;
  • Fixed wheels of the rubberized plan;
  • The ability to control the gear and gears using the steering wheel;
  • Acceptance of the vibration level by handles;
  • The presence of 2 belts that increase the power of the unit;
  • Equipment with a free pulley.
Motoko's Echo SRM-2305 Si. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Many years of operating machines with satisfied owners are a lively proof that these positive properties correspond to reality.

Motoblocks Salyut 5: device

Motolok reduction gear Salyut 5

The main disadvantages

The design of the tractor of the walk behavior is elementary, so it’s easy to work.

  • If there is doubts about the engine, the reliability and perfection of Lifan is of course Honda, Briggs & Stratton, Subaru, Vanguard. As far as the gearbox is concerned, he cannot work with a motor on the motorized motorized resource.
  • The belt drive design is quite reliable, but according to many reviews, they have to be changed quite often precisely because of the quality of the belts. Therefore, the quality of the drive belts can be regarded as the only significant defect.

operating rules

Motoblocks do not require professional knowledge and complex specific care from the owners. All recommendations, starting with the running characteristics, are clearly described by the manufacturer.

The main requirement for reliable operation is:
  • Compliance with the permissible loads on the engine,
  • Operation in the recommended operating speed range,
  • preventive maintenance,
  • Regular maintenance according to the user manual.

The wide use of different attachments makes the two-wheel tractor a multifunctional machine. Many accessories are manufactured in the home and differ in the way they are connected.

Options for connecting attachments:
  • Fastening on the axis of the gearbox;
  • Mounts to a hitch or bracket;
  • Connection via PWM.

In addition to standard implements, there are many specialized attachments with which the Salyut walk-behind tractor can be combined: seed drills, electric generators, tedders, motor pumps, combined implements for performing multiple jobs at once.

owner reviews

On the Internet there are many positive reviews about these walk-behind tractors. Oleg Pavlovsky, Krivoy Rog “If anyone still doubts about salutes with the Chinese Lifan engine, I can say with confidence that it is in vain. The Chinese, just like us, know how to make everything – both high-quality goods and disposable junk. I’ve had my assistant for four years. The only problem is the belt. A neighbor advised me to change it immediately, but not to my native one, but to reach for a similar one, otherwise over time it will simply begin to slip off. Stroev Alex, Voronezh “I have been working as Salyut 5 Motoblock since 2006, Agatovsky still. We got used to each other, worked together. I do not advise you to think too long about choosing a walk-behind tractor. Over time, new models will appear, which may have some flaws. Just choose a model whose flaws are not too annoying and work on your health. ”

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