Overview of the model range of Motoblocks Lynx. Specifications, reviews

Motoblic Lynx

“Lynx” is a common Russian-Chinese project that has integrated the best engineering and design potential of each of the countries. It did not explain itself for the first time more than a decade ago and continues to surprise the world market as a promising manufacturer of garden and garden benzing devices.

Brand Luchs

Today it is represented by gas generators, lawnmowers, snow plows, tree scissors and chainsaws with a large model range. The hand-led Lynx tractors to whom this article will be dedicated are very popular with consumers.

Everything about motoblocks “lynx”: scope, functions and variants

Motoblocks “Lynx” are ful l-mechanized devices that belong to the category of heavy agricultural machinery. Demonstrate extreme perseverance when operating in large land holdings – an area of ​​10 hectares. They are indispensable in house gardens, where they replace several agricultural units functionally at the same time – a hillware, a potato rotor, an eggple, a truck, a snow blower, a commercial vehicle, etc.

All of this is achieved through the installation of auxiliary attachments, thanks to which the Lynx mono blocks are capable of:

  • Loosen and plow the surface layer of the soil;
  • Mechanically remove unwanted vegetation;
  • level
  • to make and close mineral and organic fertilizers;
  • Mow grassy-smoke cenoses in cultural landscapes;
  • Spud-harvest;
  • Remove snow and ice;
  • Hack fruits;
  • Sow and embed into the ground grain, legumes, smal l-sized vegetable cultures;
  • Transport of goods over long distances (mainly with a weight of up to half a ton).

“Professionals” Motoblocks “Lynx”:

  • High quality and wea r-resistant spare parts of a uniform type;
  • Lon g-lived belt drive;
  • tw o-dimensional setting of the steering column;
  • Competition indicators for plow width and depth – up to 100 cm or 36 cm;
  • the most complete set that makes it possible to start cultivating the country immediately after buying;
  • Ideal suitability for large areas and soils of every granular composition;
  • Compatibility with additional attachments for the versatile use of devices.

Motoblocks “Lynx” are not without defects. The most important thing is the presence of a pulley. Due to its low costs and low lubrication requirements, it must be exchanged more frequently and additionally waited than other types of driven.

Other “disadvantages” can be mentioned according to customer reviews:

  • Missing differential lock – uneven strain on the bike part makes it difficult to turn the creation;
  • Inability of the headlight to work in the dark.

All motoblocks “Lynx” can be classified in:

  1. Light – with a power of up to 7 hp;
  2. Difficult – develops from 7 to 10 hp;
  3. Super heavy-create a force of 13-16 hp.

The internal arrangement of motoblock “lynx”

These mobile devices have a typical layout of work units and parts.

The most important working bodies according to the scheme are:

  1. Reduction;
  2. Bogen element;
  3. Main target;
  4. Deflection roll;
  5. Lever arm;
  6. Front wheel-strap disk;
  7. Belt;
  8. Reverse belt;
  9. Setting block for the steering column;
  10. , Lever for forward gear;
  11. Tilting switch for reversing;
  12. Gear pulley.

In addition, the important parts of the Lynx engine blocks are:

  • Two handles with an integrated control unit;
  • Gas tank;
  • Sliding support for vertical storage;
  • 2 protective shields that reduce the likelihood of production violations.

Look at the most popular models of these motoblocks.

Motoblock “Lynx” MBR 7-10

Cultivists designed for the household. It will be an ideal assistant on land with an area of ​​10 acres. For the installation of stored adapters, it does not require the purchase of weighting agents: the weight and motor performance are sufficient to work with all its varieties. Due to the mood for the growth of the steering operator, in order not only to use the Walk behavior tractor comfortably, but also easy to use.

Rolled turf, i.e. lawns for the more impatient


  • Longitudinal Located Chinese engine “Lifan” 170f with a capacity of 206 cm3;
  • Reliable cooling and overheating protection system;
  • spacious containers to support the life capacity of the cultivator;
  • 3-speed transmission with 1st rear gear;
  • Manual starter;
  • Pneumatic pneumines with a rough profile of the “Christmas tree” type.

Technical characteristics:

  • Power – 7 hp;
  • Fuel tank – 4.8 l;
  • Carter – 600 ml;
  • Plowing (width/depth) – 1.2/0.35 m;
  • Cros s-section – 32 cm;
  • Weight – 82 kg.

Motoblock “Lynx” MBR-8

An 8 hp engine block with a 4-stroke petrol engine Lifan 170f with a forced cooling system. A mechanical disc liability and a gear gear are used as a gearbox to move with one of 3 speeds in the room. There is a reverse function that increases the maneuverability of the unit on the field. It has a power selection wave with which you can not only work with a trailer, but also with active fastening equipment (community brush, shooting snowboard).


  • Excellent weighting design for work in areas with topographical irregularities;
  • Simplicity of management and maintenance;
  • Vertical and horizontal setting of the steering block;
  • 32-SM mill 93 Vol./Min ;;
  • Reliable gear that stood the increased loads;
  • A powerful design with a load capacity of up to 450 kg.

Operating parameters:

  • Fuel tank – 7 l;
  • Processing parameters – 120/35 cm;
  • Oil tank – 0.9 l;
  • Petrol consumption – 1.8 DL/H;
  • Wheels – 4 x 10;
  • The mass is 120 kg.

Motoblock “Lynx” MBR-9

A characteristic representative of a heavy series. Thanks to the balanced constructive and pneumatic bikes with a large diameter, the unit does not slip and does not even hurried into toning floor. Copy with the tasks effectively when you process virgin countries. Due to the universal coupling and Voma, the device is compatible with different adapters of both its own and other brands.


  • 270 cm3 cylinder, which could increase the power potential of the engine by 1 hp;
  • Start of a manual starter;
  • Mult i-Disc coupling, more precisely the torque;
  • The optimal parameters of plowing – soil and the motor hiking engine blocks capture a strip of 95 wide and 38 cm deep;
  • Large profile wheel
  • Anti ant i-corrosion coating of the case and parts of the device.

Technical characteristics:

  • Traction – 9 HP;
  • Oil tank – 900 ml;
  • Fuel tank – 7 l;
  • Energy consumption – up to 2 l/h;
  • Weight – 120 kg.

Motoblock “Lynx” MBR-16

Opens a line of the most productive motor cultivating “lynx” with a thrust of 16 hp. 32 mm shaft and passable 1 2-inch wheels differ from the older MB series. Due to the supply of friction and an equipment reducer, the device develops competitive performance, which according to customer reviews enables you to adapt it for daily work with about 13 hours. It can be operated on uniform surfaces and in the fields under operation an insignificant (up to 10 0) slope.

Cultivation of Mukuzani grapes


  • The “Lifan” engine 190f with an obligatory cooling system;
  • Heck inom, closed by a special housing;
  • the presence of a sprin g-loaded foot part for stability;
  • 3-speed transmission with 1st rear gear;
  • ergonomic location of the control lever;
  • Compactness for the transport of a car.

Company properties:

  • Power – 11.8 kW;
  • Carter – 1.1 l;
  • Gas tank – 7 l;
  • Including with cutter – 1.2/0.35 m;
  • Ripe diameter-6.00-12;
  • Weight – 0.13 t.

Factory equipment of the tributons “Luchs”:

  • A walk tractor with removable steering column;
  • Floor and 8 sections (2 x (3+1);
  • Safety wing – 2 PCs.;
  • Removable bikes – from 4 x 10 to 6 x 12;
  • Extension cable of Radachsen (2 sockets);
  • Soshnik and crop protection discs in the ICBR series;
  • User Guide.

How do I expand the motorized resource from Luchs?

The durability of each maintenance is determined by the supply of care and regularity of maintenance.

So that this motoblock can serve for fame, this is necessary:

  • In detail, examine the description of a specific model and meet all requirements of the manufacturer defined in the user manual;
  • Work only after checking the maintenance function of his work nodes.
  • Fill the device with a gasoline with an octane number of at least 92;
  • Use recommended oils recommended by the manufacturer, for example for the spring time-“Briggs & Stratton” Sae 30, “Oregon” 10W40 or “Viking” HD 10 W-30 for winter.

Particular attention should be paid to the production of spare parts, which is only relevant for the newly acquired completely new motoblock “lynx”. This period takes about 8 hours and should increase the reliability of the connections and adapt the tractor of the walk behavior to the work.

The processing process begins with the assembly of the structure according to the operating instructions, whereupon:

  • Pull the screwed and screw screeds;
  • The engine is heated within a few minutes, whereupon the idle stroke is replaced by a small load.
  • Gradually load the cultivator and let the floor process into a small depth (up to 10 cm). It is advisable to switch on the second gear.
  • It is unacceptable to work with no n-connected clutch at speeds.

Check the oil level after running, change the oil filter, add fuel and continue with full work.

Checking the Lynx engine blocks. The preparation. Attachments and maintenance

Motoblocks Lynx are considered inexpensive and reliable agricultural equipment that was developed taking into account agricultural needs.

This technology is produced by Belarusian-Russian specialists. They offer their customers cos t-effective devices with high technical properties.

The walks are not yet very big, but still has its own nuances.

The preparation

So far, the manufacturer has only offered 4 modifications to its equipment: MBR-7, MBR-8, MBR-9 and MBR-16. The figure by the hyphen is responsible for the number of performance.

The larger the engine power, the more difficult it is to carry out it.

All Motoblocks Luchs work on AI-92 or AI-95 brand gasoline. Despite the fact that it is possible to fill out the AI-80, it is not recommended to do so, since there is a high probability of fuel filters becoming clogged and the fuel system failing further.

Motoblock Lynx MBR 7-10 Motoblock Lynces MBR-8 Motoblock Lynx MBR-9 Motoblock Lynx MBR-16

Grape varieties from America
From the features in technical specifications, buyers distinguish the following:
  • Low noise during operation;
  • The economy of fuel and lubricant consumption;
  • Strong frame;
  • High energy;
  • A wide utility price in the aggregation of binding equipment;
  • Excellent management and maneuverability;
  • The ability to compactly fold the device during transport by disconnecting the steering rod;
  • The rotary steering wheel is 360°.

As we see the stocks of this technique, it is not surprising that many consumers choose a lynx.

The table below shows more detailed technical characteristics of each model:





Equipment not assembled

The popularity of Lynces engine blocks is due to their low cost and wide range of applications. You can treat areas of medium and large sizes. Thanks to the installation of a universal type of coupling, you can use devices from other manufacturers.

Let’s look at the most common disabilities used along with the walks.


This is the basic attachment included in the factory kit. Mills are used to even out the topsoil and increase productivity. Their width is described in the technical characteristics of each model.

The operating instructions contain a detailed description of the assembly.

It cannot be neglected, since in case of violation of this process there is a great risk of disconnecting and injuring the operator.

If it is necessary to process rocky or virgin lands, then a plow is used for these purposes. At the time of plowing, a track is made, and then a wheel is placed in it, plow plunging is set, and work continues.

plow mole plough

The revolutionary plow is considered the most common, while several times turning the soil when plowing, breaking the clods, and only then throwing them to the side.


Motoblocks Lynces support work with rotary mowers. Installed in front of the devices, they allow you to cut medium-sized grass and small shrubs.

Rotormowell roto r-Rotor C1

Before you start rotary braids, you should definitely make sure that the knives are reliable, because they are carried during operation and can affect the health of the operator!

Potato pies and potato dwellers

Planting and gathering potatoes has always been a temporary business. To automate this process, appropriate fastening equipment is used with a motorcycle trot. The potato is made in the following design: the front is in front, which creates a ditch, and a special device with a tank from the back, from which potatoes are taken with a conveyor belt and landed in the ground. At the rear of the aggregate, the trench is buried using two cigns.

Potato pi e-potat o-resident

The potato breaker is used to dig potatoes. Roar options are the most popular. They intend a knife that cuts through a layer of earth and directs it to roar where it breaks, leaving only the fruit of the potatoes on the earth’s surface.


Potatoes are a demanding culture, and care also requires great physical costs to reduce them to use a walk together with Cigns. They are two slices that reject the earth together with the grass from the corridors to the cultural bushes. Therefore, not only Hilling appears, but also potatoes.

Motoblocks Krotof. Overview of the model range, properties, test reports

The cigarette light is disc

Snow clerk and a shovel shovel

In the winter season, it is not worth taking a walk on lynx to relax. He can help clean the territory from the snow.

There are two options for snow removal equipment for this:

This problem is a special bucket that selects a layer of snow and leads it to the rotor, where it turns and throws to the side. The release area depends directly on the performance. The larger it is, the further the snow flies away.

SM-0.6 Snowbrush

  • The shovel blade

However, snow attacks are worth quite a lot, which is not affordable for many. Budget devices for cleaning snow is a dumpling, the snow simply removes the side. It is most frequently used by owners of huts or private schools, where it has to clean the route for pedestrians or cars.

Wheels, floor and caterpillars

The standard equipment of the wal k-tracto r-fold includes hig h-quality tires with an aggressive profile that offer the surface of reliable liability.


When processing virgins or with difficult work, a motorcycle can skip all the diagrams or slip with a plow. To make this work easier and improve the movement of the machine, you can install floor surfaces.

In the winter season it is recommended to use a caterpillar module to move the hiking loss tract. It improves the clutch due to an increase in the contact area of ​​the machine with the surface.


The disadvantage in the form of a low weight in the wal l-related areas can be compensated for by setting up additional weighting agents. They are made in the form of pancakes and hung on a wheel axle.


Motobobes lynx can carry goods by installing trailers. The selection of his configuration depends directly on the transported freight:

  • Pendants with high sides are used to transport volumetric loads.
  • Sel f-Sewing options are used to transport mass items.
  • Long trolleys are used if necessary to transport long pipes or log huts.

Trailer adapter


The main disadvantage of the walk tractor is that you have to leave behind. For this reason, a quick tiredness occurs. To make this process easier, you can use an adapter that is connected from behind and offers the possibility to control the device.

Homemade options

Now many farmers have an acute lack of money. Therefore, make devices stored with your own hands.

The forums have a large number of videos that explain the process of their production step by step.

After all, there is excess metal in almost every farm, and if your hands can handle the tool, there are no problems with your production.

User Guide

Every new owner has to start with the Wal k-Fehin d-Traktor Luchs with the examination of the instructions for the company. This will help to understand the principle of making the device work and dealing with. Let’s take a look at the main aspects of the user administration.

First start and run

  • A walk around the lynx is delivered in a disassembled state.
  • It all starts with the assembly of the car. This process is described in detail in the operating instructions.
  • Then not only fuel, but also engine oil has to be filled in.
  • Then the insert mode of the singl e-axle tractor begins. This period takes about 8-9 hours and serves to run the engine with a minimum load. As a result, all components of the engine are lubricated and grated together.
  • It is recommended to constantly change gears during the entrance so that the gear lever begins to work without failures and overhangs.
  • After that, the engine oil should be replaced, since a large amount of external pollution will accumulate.
Aurora Country 900 Multishift. Review, Features


In order to extend the lifespan of the hand-led Lynx tractor, it is necessary to maintain it and monitor its condition.

  1. Before each trip, you should check the presence of fuel and engine oil, visually assess the condition of the machine for damage to parts and check whether attachment is securely attached.
  2. The engine oil should be changed after 25 hours of operation of the Lynx singl e-axisstractor. The manufacturer recommends filling a lubricant with the classification 10W-30.

The gear oil should be changed twice a year: in spring and autumn.

Error removal

Sooner or later, every technology fails. There are smaller breakdowns that you can fix in the workshop yourself, and there are larger breakdowns where you have to contact a service center to fix them.

Let’s look at the most common disorders and solutions that every owner of a hand-led Lynx tractor encounters.



If the engine does not start:

The engine creates unstable speeds

As we can see, the solutions are intuitively easy. The main thing is to determine the cause of the failure.

Video consultation of the work

Below you will find a video check of the operation of the handled Lynx tractor with a cutting device:

Many owners have problems assembling milling. In order to understand the difference between the possible options for this fastening and to familiarize yourself with the correct order of your assembly, we recommend that you look at the following video:

Owner reviews

You write the following about hand-led Lynx tractors in forums that deal with small agricultural machines:


“I received the han d-led tractor Lynx for his birthday. I didn’t know this technology beforehand. I was looking for information about this han d-led tractor on the Internet, but there wasn’t much of it. The only thing that was well painted was the technical specifications. Seems to be a decent car. I have a 15 hectare property. And now I actively use it in the Hiller and Grubbers video (the milling cutters were in the set). However, there are too many vibrations when working … but the rotary handle is good, you can also work on the most inaccessible places. On average, he consumes 1.5 liters per hour “


“In 2016 I became the owner of the hand-led Lynx tractor. No special damage was found during the entire operation. But a lot breaks. Fortunately, branded spare parts can be found on the iron market without any problems. This does not affect the output performance in any way. But the engine overheats regularly and is clearly not intended for permanent use. Spare parts are cheap, and if the engine flies, it is easier to take a new han d-led tractor.

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