Overview of the model range of engine blocks Mole. Features, reviews

Overview of the model range of engine blocks Mole. Features, reviews

The manufacturer of the Motobes Mole is Moscow. The company started its work in the 1930s. His specialization was the production of diesel and piston engines for military aircraft. In the 80s, the plant expanded its range, giving preference to agricultural technology for small farms.

motoblock mole

In 1983, the first Motoblok MROT was released, the model of which was called MK-1. This model was intended for soil cultivation, but there was still no binding equipment that expands the functionality of the walk-behaviour tractor. Subsequently, the manufacturer completed his invention, providing it with functional nozzles, the help of which was already possible to perform the full range of agricultural work.

review of the lineup

We offer to get acquainted with the main models of mole engine blocks:

  • Mole MK 1A (modification 01 and 02).
  • Mole 2
  • Mole with a diesel engine in three modifications: WG 351, WG 352 and WG 353.

Mole Mk 1a

This model is equipped with a two-wheel engine with a capacity of 2.6 hp. The weight of the walking loss tractor is 48 kg. The motor is inserted manually. The adjustable soil processing width is 60 cm.

Motoblock MROT MK-1A

Mole Mk 1a. It has two modifications – 01 and 02. Distinction between them in the number of speeds. Model 01 has only one speed and 02 is equipped with 1 front gear and 1 rear. The cost of this model is approximately 18,000 rubles.

engine type 2x stroke, with air cooling
engine power 6.5L.S.
The volume of the fuel tank 1.8l
The breadth of processing 60 cm
The depth of processing up to 25 cm
Dimensions 130*81*106cm
The number of speeds 1 forward
The weight 48kg
Milling productivity 150-200m2/h

Mole 2

A powerful gasoline four-stroke Greenfield engine is installed on the tractor of the Walk behavior. Its power boost is 6.5 hp.

Motoblock pier 2

The device has an extended chain transmission and a steering column at height. With the weight of a walking behavior of 68 kg, the maximum cultivation depth of 25 cm is reached. The gearbox has two gears: front and rear. The cost of this model is approximately 22,000 rubles.

engine LT 168 F-1 (GX200)
engine power 6.5L.S.
engine volume 196cc
The volume of the fuel tank 3.6l
Carter volume 0.6L
The breadth of processing 60-100cm
The depth of processing up to 25 cm
Dimensions 130*55*110cm
The number of speeds 1 forward/before 1 forward
The weight 68kg

Mole with a diesel engine

This unit is used to process land. A powerful G170F diesel engine and wide pneumatic wheels provide effective soil processing and crossing ability. There are several modifications of Mol diesel engine blocks.

Mole WG 351

Engine power is slightly reduced (up to 6 liters). The engine is four stroke stroke, diesel, which are equipped with air cooling.

Motoblock mole WG 351

The gearbox is three-stage, the soil processing width is 110 cm, the depth is 30 cm. The weight of the Walk behavior tractor is 120 kg. The cost of such a model is about 42,000 rubles.

engine type diesel
engine power 6.0L.S.
engine volume 296cc
fuel tank capacity 3.5 liters
The breadth of processing 120 cm
The depth of processing up to 30 cm
coupling disc
transmission gear
The number of speeds 2 forward/ 1 before 1
From the There is
The weight 138 kg
Wheel diameter 10.0 (customs)
Mole WG 352

This modification differs from 351 models only by the presence of an electric starter to start the engine. The price of the unit is 46,000 rubles.

Motoblock mole WG 352

engine type diesel
engine power 9.0l.S.
engine volume 296cc
fuel tank capacity 3.6 liters
The breadth of processing 120 cm
The depth of processing up to 30 cm
coupling disc
transmission gear
The number of speeds 2 forward/ 1 before 1
From the There is
The weight 126 kg
Wheel diameter 10.0 (customs)

This is a heavy model, its weight is 145 kg. The performance of the fou r-stroke diesel engine is 9 hp. The tractor for walking behavior has three hig h-speed transmissions with backwards.

Motoblock mole WG 353

The device is equipped with an adjustable steering column and is combined with the main types of fastening equipment. This model is about 52,000 rubles.

engine type diesel
engine power 9.0l.S.
engine volume 418 cm³
fuel tank capacity 3.6 liters
The breadth of processing 135 cm
The depth of processing up to 30 cm
coupling disc
transmission gear
The number of speeds 2 forward/ 1 before 1
From the There is
The weight 117 kg
Wheel diameter 10.0 (customs)
Tractor MT Z-952 - Description and properties

The electrical version of the mole motoblock affects this model in the ruler. However, there is a description of the process of converting the MotoB mole into an electrical mass on the Internet. However, the owners find that the unit is very economical and almost quiet.


Mole motor varieties are a multifunctional technology with connected additional tools can effectively carry out agricultural work in the country or in the personal property. In addition, cultivators can do some of the economic and transport work.

In the aggregation with fastening equipment, the mole can carry out motorcycle:

  • Cultivation and plowing
  • Surface of a rows of weed grass
  • Preparation of beds and grooves for planting seedlings and sowing various agricultural cultures
  • Plants help
  • Pump water and irrigation landings
  • Solvation of wild and cultural herbs
  • Transport of harvesting, other loads
  • Clear the territory in front of snow.

In order to expand the skills of the cultivator depending on the type of fastening devices, the design of the cultivator offers various options for fastening nozzles. Additional tools are not included in the mole motor culture, they are bought separately depending on the needs of the owner.

Unmounted equipment

Additional attachments increase the functionality of the tractor of the walk behavior and transform it into a universal agricultural weapon. For Motobes Mole, there is the possibility to aggregate with a large selection of attachments.


Is used to cultivate the soil up to a certain depth.

Sabl e-deflected knife “geese paws”

Mills are two types:

  • Sobl e-Shaped (active), collect steel knives. They enter a complete sentence, but their number varies depending on the performance of the tractor in the walk behavior – weaker models have 4 mills, more productive – 6.
  • There have “goose legs” triangular tips, which also easily cut the virgin countries without letting it stick.


This is a special device that consists of seating, frame and additional wheels (one or two) that are installed on a walk tractor with a hitch.


Thanks to the adapter, the device turns into a light mini drive.


The trailer car can have different dimensions and loa d-bearing capacity. The maximum weight that it can transport is 500 kg.


The main purpose of the trailer is the transport of pieces and mass freight.


In summer it is advisable to use a tractor for a walk, and as a hay production, it is only necessary to buy it yourself or to do it yourself, which corresponds to the fastening equipment.

See also: Overview of the Vanguard Motor Block and its modifications. Features of the use and maintenance of a walk tractor

Mowell segment mower at the front

There are different types of mowers:

  • Segment;
  • Rotation;
  • Frontal.

The most popular is a segment mower. She works on the principle of scissors.



They are available in all molmodels and are used for:

  • Transport of goods in connection with a trailer;
  • To transfer forward movement when working with a mower and a snowman;
  • To transport the walk to the place of work (then the bikes are removed and either milling cutters or primers installed in your place).

In order to improve the clutch of the device with the floor, the bike is supplied with powerful protectors.

Caterpillar Prefix

Caterpillar module

This problem increases the contact area with the floor and improves the ability to liability and the intersection, especially in winter.

Mas s-rooms

These are large metal wheels with ground ribs that are worn on the wave instead of pneumatic bikes. The role of a floor is the transport of walking behavior tractor and the swelling of the ribs.


A revolutionary plow is used to plow the earth. It has similar functions with tailors, but is more relevant to use the plow in the primary processing of virgin bodies and autumn as additional weed control.


In other cases, it is better to plow with milling cutters – they do not damage the fruit layer of the floor and cultivate them perfectly.


In the winter motoblok mole in aggregation with snowpock hinges, it is suitable for removing the territory in front of snow.

Snowman brush shovel

There are different types of Schneepock nozzles:

  • A screw snow (an expectoration of up to 5 m, a screw with blades, impeller) is involved in the work.
  • Brush;
  • The garbage dump (shovel, with which you can not only work with snow, but also with other loose materials).


Is used to mechanize the process of planting potatoes.

Stiga pruning shears: The tools that make seasonal work in the garden easier


Sama potatoes are poured into the bunker, its special device is placed in the plaster and puts it into a certain depth in a prefabricated furrow. Then a floor comb is formed on the vegetables. The distance between the tubers is defined in advance.

Potato cumulator

With this equipment you can harvest potatoes quickly and efficiently. The vegetables are captured and pulled out while the earth is sifted through special poles and the potatoes remain completely.

Potato captain. KRT-1


Tears are worn on the shaft and wheel of a walk behavior tractor and enable the unit deeper into the ground. The use of weighting agents is relevant for machines whose weight does not reach 100 kg.


One of the most important nodes in the tractor of the walk behavior is the trailer coupling. With this device you can summarize a Wal k-Fehind tractor with any fastening device. There are two collections: with regulation and without them.


In adjustable models, you can not only set the horizontal, but also the attacking angle.

Reviews of the owners

Dmitry, 46 years old

“Mole” is my breadwinner because I made money for six years and carried out various agricultural work with this cultivator. Yes, the work is mostly seasonal, but I manage to make money in winter and to clean the sno w-covered blocks of the snowman of my own production. My neighbors and acquaintances don’t give me a break, I’m always at work: Tom – Plow it, the others – Peremos, relatives need mechanized plants and dig potatoes – progress, what do you take?! In my website I produce the entire work as a cultivato r-I forgot back pain, released the time for par t-Time jobs, and the order is now important what is important. The equipment, which was gradually acquired as the possibilities rise, have made it from improvised materials. “

Oleg, 63 years old

“I have been working with a motor cultivator for several years. For 16 years there have been small breakdowns, problems with milling cutters, a carburetor. But in general I can say – the unit is reliable and functional. I do almost all the work in my garden and in the garden with his help. It is necessary to plow it – pasha, mowing – kosh, now I have no problems with planting and collecting potatoes for a long time. He bought the full arsenal of devices – all of these cigns, excavators and steamer … For planting plants, he bought a pump, a river nearby that cannot be used. But the snowman has not mastered yet, I study the drawings, I choose materials, so I will buy them soon. “

User Guide

When buying devices, it is worth checking the availability of operating instructions in the set, which contains complete information about this device:

  • The device and the assembly of the tractor of the walk behavior.
  • Instructions for the first start, runnin g-in.
  • Technical service.
  • Malfunctions and opportunities to eliminate them.
  • Safety requirements.


The device is delivered in a hal f-lazy state, but the information on the correct installation of the device is included in the instructions, and visually you can get to know the process by video review.

Motoblock device mole

Before operation, it is necessary to carefully adjust all components.

First start

Playing is a grinding of all parts of the engine and the device without loads (or with small loads) during the first hours of operation (up to 25 hours). The instructions receive a detailed description of how this process works and how much time every phase needs.

Technical service

This section contains the following information:

  • Care for the tractor of the walk behavior (before and after work);
  • Preservation of unity in winter;
  • Conclusion from the preservation, the first start after a long downtime;
  • Öler replacement after a certain number of hours.

The oil for the transmission is recommended by the hydraulic MG-8A, the TAD-17 transmission brand. The belt is suitable with A750 marking, its length is 750 mm. (or 785), width – 12 mm.

The maintenance is in several easy rules.

Before the start of work:

  • Check the fastening elements, pull them up if necessary.
  • Check the filling of the fuel tank (if the fuel mixture is over – fill it);
  • Check the presence and the amount of oil in the crankcase.

At the end of the work:

  • Clean the dust and dirt unit;
  • Rinse and dry it;
  • Lubricate the moving parts with a solidol;
  • Hide the device from direct sunlight.

The main misalignments and ways to eliminate them

The walk behavio r-tractor begins bad, stands:

  • Problems with spark plugs (burned, smoked, wet or completely dry).
  • Magneto is failed or affects the flywheel.
  • Problems with a carburetor (if the engine is gasoline).
  • The fuel filter clogged.
  • The hoses are defective, the fuel is not supplied.
Minitor Rusich T240. Review, features, equipment

After problems with ignition magnets or candles, the ignition must be reset.

The gearbox makes a lot of noise, oil leaks from the seals:

  • The reason for the noise can be a lack of oil, it is enough to fill it up and all noise will stop.
  • The second reason is that the fasteners are loose, it is enough to tighten them and the problem goes away.
  • If oil seals are leaking, it is worth replacing them.

PTO pulley

When replacing the motor, care must also be taken to replace the pulley, which can be either aluminum, cast iron, or steel, and can be two or three strands. The pulleys must be in one plane, an error of 1 mm is allowed.

The size of the mole walk-behind tractor pulley depends on the engine type, as well as the landing diameter, which varies: 18 mm; 19.05mm; 20mm.

Mole cultivator: functions and application tips

Mole cultivators have been manufactured for over 35 years. During the existence of the brand, the products have changed significantly, and today they are a paragon of quality, reliability and practicality. Krot units are deservedly considered one of the most popular motor cultivators on the market in Russia.


Motor cultivators of the brand “Krot” became widely known at the end of the last century, mass production of these units began in 1983 at the facilities of the Omsk Industrial Plant.

At that time, the farmer received the name “folk”, since the Soviet summer residents and owners of small farms literally queued up in huge queues to buy this mechanism, necessary for processing crops.

The very first model had a small power – only 2.6 liters. With. and was equipped with a gearbox which, together with the engine, was attached to the frame with the most common bolts. This model had a fairly limited functionality, so the company’s engineers were constantly working on improving the mole. Modern modifications are designed to solve a large number of tasks:

  • dig up the earth, including virgin earth;
  • planting potatoes and other vegetable crops;
  • spud vegetable plantings;
  • weed aisles;
  • harvest root crops;
  • mow the grass;
  • Clean the area from dirt, leaves and snow in winter.

Modern hand-held tractors already have a four-stroke engine from the most well-known world manufacturers. The basic package includes:

  • Steering wheel;
  • clutch handle;
  • Control system of the carburetor damper mechanism;
  • throttle control unit.

The motoblock circuit consists of an electronic ignition, a fuel tank, a K60V carburetor, a starter, an air filter and an engine. In the model range of motor cultivators, a wide variety of engines are offered, operating on electric traction from an AC network – such models are optimal for greenhouses and hotbeds, they do not produce toxic waste, so they are safe for plants and companions. Krot motor cultivators are marked as follows depending on their performance:

  • M – compact;
  • MK – low power consumption;
  • DDEs are powerful.


Progress does not stand still and today quite modern modifications have been developed that have a fairly wide range of functions: Krot-OM, Krot-2, Krot MK-1A-02, Krot-3, and also “Mole MK-1A-01 “. Let’s dwell on the description of the most popular models of Mole engine blocks.

This is the smallest unit that is equipped with an undue carburetor engine with power parameters of 2.6 liters. With. Despite the dimensions and low performance features, fairly large country diagrams can be treated on such a motor cultivator. In addition, you can easily move the hiking tractor to any required location with a small mass. Such installations are most often used in greenhouses and greenhouses. The model has no object reversed and can only move forward, and with a single gear. The mass of the installation is 48 kg.

MK 3-A-3

This option is much larger than the previous one, your weight is already 51 kg, but can easily be moved in the trunk of a standard car. The device is equipped with a highly productive GIOTOCK engine, the performance of which corresponds to 3.5 liters. With. The fundamental difference between this model is the presence of a reverse and improved technical and operational properties, which is why working with such a device is much more comfortable and convenient.


The device weighs 53 kg and is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton with a capacity of 4 liters. With. There is only one speed that is missing. The motor cultivator is characterized by an improved land intake in depth and width, so that all the necessary agricultural work is carried out better and efficiently.

Overview of a hand-led tractor with electrostart Tselina MB-902F. Technical parameters, advantages, video work, owner reviews


This product in its structural and operational features is very similar to the previous one, differs in the same width and depth of recording, but the engine type here is completely different – Honda, which are characterized by greater endurance in the same performance.

MK 9-01/02

A very practical motor cultivator with a 5-lite r-hammer man. With. With high performance, you can also process complex virgin floors in such a block, and the dimensions of the device do not cause any problems with transport and movement.


Modeling models “Mole” mostly have a similar structure. The products are equipped with a chain wheel gear, handles with a control panel, a steel frame and a hinge mounting bracket. The engine is defined on the frame, which is communicated with the gear shaft by gearbox. The sharpened mill knives enable soil processing at a depth of 25 cm.

There are levers on the handles that are responsible for switching the clutch and the engine speed. The most modern models are also equipped with the rear and front movement switch. There are bikes for efficient movements, they can be simple or rubberized. If desired, the wheelbase can be removed easily and easily.

The engines have an air cooling system, a hand starter on the cable and a contactless ignition system.

The parameters of the engine are as follows:

  • Work volume – 60 cm3;
  • The greatest force is 4.8 kW;
  • The number of revolutions per minute is 5500-6500;
  • The tank capacity is 1.8 liters.

The engine and gearbox are a single system. The transmission is usually designed for a gear, which is usually driven by the A750 belt and the 19 mm strap. The clutch is pressed by influence on the handle like ordinary motorcycles.

Unmounted equipment

Modern models can aggregate with various options for hinge and trailer devices, so that the functionality of the device is significantly expanded.

Depending on the purpose, the following options are used for problems and supporters.

  • Frases. Have to plow the floor. Typically, strong steel mills with a diameter of 33 cm and a revolutionary plow are used. Both disabled the engine from behind with a steel coupling on the engine.
  • Hilling. If the plants are needed, you need to use additional devices while the sharp mills are completely removed and the wheels are attached to your place with powerful primerpes, and instead of the backbone in the back, the hip is hung.
  • Now. In the fight against the growth of weeds, a pollen will always help, it is placed directly on the cutter instead of sharp knives. By the way, if you also attach a snuflaton with a sulfide in the back, you will at the same time expire your plantings instead of weed pieces.

  • Plant and collect potatoes. It is no secret that the cultivation of potatoes is a very problematic and tedious crew, and the harvest requires even more effort and time. To make work easier, use special nozzles – potato detachments and potato travelers. Setians with which seeds of grain and vegetable plants can plant similar features.
  • Mowing. To harvest hay for pets, a mower is used. For this purpose, pneumatic crusts are attached to the gear shaft and then put the straps on the strap slices of mowing on one side and the motor cultivator on the other side.
  • Flip pumps. In order to organize the water flow into plantations from a container or any reservoir, a pump and pump stations are used, they are also hung on a cultivator.
  • Car. This is a recessed equipment that is used if necessary to transport heavy loads from one place to another.
  • Clean the territory from the snow. Motoblocks can also be used in winter with the help of special snow fields. They clean the adjacent areas and paths from snow (both fresh and cervical) and rotating models even copy with thin ice.

With the help of such devices, you can do the work in a few minutes that would take several hours if I had to be managed with an ordinary shovel.

User Guide

Mole motor cultivators are practical and durable units. However, the operating conditions of the device have an important influence on their lifespan. There are several operations that every owner of the tractor for the walking behavior has to make a rule and regularly carry out:

  • Cleaning of dirt and washing up;
  • Regular inspection;
  • timely lubrication;
  • Proper setting.
Motoblocks Ugra - owner reviews of models, video reviews of properties

The maintenance rules are extremely simple.

  • In order to operate the device, the engines of the brand A 76 and 96 with M88 oil should be used in a ratio of 20: 1.
  • You should constantly monitor the amount of oil and set up in good time if necessary.
  • Experts recommend using the M88 brands, but in the absence you can replace them with a few others, for example 10W30 or SAE 30.
  • At the end of the work with the cultivating person, it should be cleaned well by dirt. In addition, all structural parts and knots are lubricated with fat and oil. The device is cleaned in a dry place, preferably heated.

As user reviews show, most collapse and malfunctions of the MROT brand to reduce the only reaso n-pollution of spare parts and units of the mechanism will lead to the following problems.

  • With a significant pollution of the carburetor, the motor cultivator begins to quickly overheat and stop after switching on.
  • When bottoms appear in the muffler and on the cylinder ducts, and when the air filter becomes contaminated, the engine often does not work at full power. Less commonly, the reason for this breakdown can be an excessive increase in belt tension or a lack of compression.
  • You cannot use gasoline as fuel, it must be diluted with oil.
  • For more than 10 minutes you can not leave the unit idling, in this case the fuel is easily consumed and therefore the crankshaft cools too slowly, heats up very quickly and begins to jam.
  • Dirty candles become the main reason why the engine works intermittently.
  • Before the very first launch of the “mole” it should be carried out so . Details take time to grind effectively. Otherwise, you cannot avoid subsequent repairs. To do this, the device is turned on for 3-5 hours and used at 2/3 of its capacities, after which it can already be used in standard mode.

Other common problems can be the following.

  • The rear is tricky and the gearbox behaves “suspiciously”. In this situation, it makes sense to check the integrity of the component itself, since in most cases the cause of this phenomenon is the wear of the elements. Usually the gearbox and reverse need to be replaced, and the details can be taken, even Chinese.
  • The cultivator does not start – here there are problems with the ignition, possibly to a breakdown of the cable and problems in the ratchet mechanism. In most cases, the situation is corrected by the usual replacement of the cable.
  • There is no compression – to eliminate such a problem, you should replace the piston and piston rings, as well as the cylinder.


The owners of MROT brand motoblocks distinguish the strength and durability of this unit. In this parameter, the products significantly exceed all analogues of household production. An important plus is the versatility of traction – this motor-cultivator allows you to gather all the nozzles and trailers, so it performs a variety of work on the site and the adjacent territory.

It is noted that the “mole” even in the most difficult conditions, with heavy and virgin soils, for this technique the clay crust on earth is not a problem. But users call the power plant a weak place, and even the most modern modifications have not been able to eliminate the problem, engine power is often not enough, and the engine itself often overheats.

However, the engine breaks very rarely, so the resource of the unit pleases the owners. Otherwise, there are no complaints – the frame and handle are quite strong, so you do not need to additionally strengthen them, as is the case with most modern motor growers, if they require their modification immediately after purchase.

Reducer, belt transmission, cutter, as well as the clutch system work continuously. In general, it can be noted that the MROT Motor cultivator is a real professional power supply, which appealed to most Russian summer residents and farmers due to the optimal combination of inexpensive, high quality and a large number of additional functions. Motoblocks “Mole” are ideal for use in summer cottages, in country houses and small farms and, with due care, serve their owners more than a decade by faith and truth.

In the next video you will find a review of the MROT Motor cultivator with the Chinese engine life (4 hp).

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