Overview of the model range from Motoblocks Foreman. Description, video, work reports

Overview of the model range from Motoblocks Foreman. Description, video, work reports

Prorab LLC is a fairly successful company that is part of the holding of the A-Class group. All branded products are very popular with consumers because they are characterized by reliable design, hig h-quality assembly and also relatively low costs.

In addition to garden equipment and various electric tools, the company produces components and consumables for machines.

It appeared on the Russian market in 2005, but has already successfully occupied the niche of the budget categories for a wide range of consumers.

Motoblocks and cultivators are a separate area of ​​the horticultural industry. An extensive range of handmade tractors enables customers to select the device that is most suitable for their needs.

Petrol models


The one-axle tractor Prorab GT 709 SK is a mid-range model with a 7-hP engine and an economical fuel consumption of only 1.8-2 l/h. With a remarkable weight of 95 kg, you can effectively dig an area with a thick floor in a short time.

By using attachments, the uses of the singl e-axis tractor can be significantly expanded.


The han d-led Tractor Prorab GT 701 is a universal device with which you not only cultivate, but also transport goods or harvesting and use it for other purposes.

With compact dimensions that take up little space during storage, the han d-led tractor can be easily transported and controlled during operation.

Due to the air cooling, you do not have to worry about overheating the engine. The average fuel consumption is 2 l/h.


The han d-led Tractor Prorab GT 750 BS is designed for use in small agricultural companies, since its engine power is only 6.5 hp. The kit is delivered with 4 cutting devices that offer a processing width of up to 80 cm.

The model has a remarkable weight of 98 kg, so that you can effectively master the cultivation of the operator.

There are different models of this series on the market that have differences in the engine:

  • Grubber GT 750 – Loncin
  • Grubber GT 750 SU – Subaru
  • Grubber GT 750 BS – Briggs & Stratton


The Prorab GT 710 SK Motoblock is also a representative of the middle class of semi-professionals, which are designed for use on small areas and small agricultural companies.

The 7-hP engine not only takes over the extension, but also a number of other functions if you use the corresponding attachments.

The gearbox is equipped with 2 forwards and 1 reverse gear so that you can maneuver on the construction site.


The Prorab GT 715 SK Motoblock is a representative of the middle class because it is equipped with a 7 hp engine.

It is perfectly ready with the processing of a field of up to 1 hectare and enables you to carry out many other functions if you connect additional devices.

For these purposes, the model is equipped with a tap wave.

The working width is 83 cm, which facilitates maneuvering between obstacles in the form of seedlings or trees.


The PRORAB GT 732 SK MOTORBLOCK is equipped with a 9 HP petrol engine, which allows the owner to quickly and effectively grow the soil of any complexity, but also to transport various goods.

Manual start is not difficult, and air cooling allows the engine to run without overheating.

8 million come in a kit, thanks to which it is possible to adjust the width of the cultivated series, and the maximum width is 105 cm.

GT 705 SK

The PRORAB GT 705 SK Walk behavior tractor is another mid-range model equipped with a 7 powerful engine. Thanks to the air cooling, it is perfectly in operation in every season.

A power selection wave for using attachments is provided. The control handle is adjusted horizontally and in height, which makes the operator comfortable.

The transmission has 2 front speeds and 1 back, so you can’t flex when tackling a small section.

diesel models


The PRORAB GT 100 RDKE Motoblock is a professional model and is intended to process large areas with complex soil. Its power is enough to cultivate up to 2 hectares of land without difficulty.

The gearbox has 6 speed speeds, so the development of the tractor’s walking behavior is accelerated up to 12 km/h. The model is equipped with an electric starter, which makes it easier to start the engine.

Patriot Arizona lightweight gasoline cultivator. Model description, specifications, customer reviews

There is another Prorab GT 100 RDK model in the line, which differs only in the presence of a manual start.


The Prorab GT 120 RDKE motblock is the most powerful model from the entire number of cultivation technology.

In addition to the economical consumption of the diesel fuel engine, it has a capacity of 12 hp. Such a walk tractor easily replaces a mini tractor, and the advantage is relatively small dimensions, easy maintenance and wide functionality.

A significant weight of 233 kg allows the use of a tractor for a walk behavior without weighting, while using practically no effort to manage it

Equipment not assembled

In order to fully use all the possibilities of the presented motblock, you can purchase additional devices.

With the common equipment presented in a wide range in the dealer network, significantly expand the capabilities of the Walk behavior tractor:

  1. dump for snow
  2. Hayfield
  3. rotary mower
  4. Hiller
  5. plow
  6. seeder
  7. harrow
  8. trailers, adapters or carts

operational characteristics

oil change

To ensure the work of the walk for a long time without outcrops, it is necessary to comply with all the recommendations of specialists and use the oil specifically suitable for these models.

Manufacturers recommend using the SAE 10W30 class engine or its analogues. Check the check before each start and after 5 hours of work.

Important! When operating an engine block with a low oil level or its complete absence, the risk of malfunctions in the engine increases.

It is necessary to carry out an immediate oil replacement in the following cases:

  • If you notice that the oil has changed color, becoming whiter or darker, this may indicate the presence of moisture in the oil.
  • With a strong overheating of the engine, the oil darkens.
  • The presence of foreign impurities.


Before proceeding with the operation of the walk’s tractor, enter.

This is a set of actions that positively affect the operation of the engine, since in the process of carrying out the production of all parts, as well as a lubricant, get into all nodes.

It takes the whole process for about 8-10 hours and implies the following actions:

  1. Check the level of fuel and oil. If the amount is not sufficient, add.
  2. Perform the engine and work at low speed for 4 hours. However, you cannot constantly work at idle, so make doses. It is enough to increase the speed by 20 seconds to the maximum and drop it.
  3. In the next 4 hours you can use a tractor with a walk on half of its power supply without attaching devices.
  4. After completing the run, let off the used butter and replace it with new ones.

Storage of a cultivator

In order for the tractor of the walk behavior to work without any information, it must be carried out properly and correctly saved.

If you adhere to the following rules, make the device available for a reliable memory and a reliable assistant for yourself for many years:

  • Before storage, you have to drain the entire oil and fuel.
  • Wash the cultivator and wipe off all the mud.
  • Cover all metal parts with a thin layer of lubrication.
  • Close the entrance and exhaust valve.
  • Cover the walk with a thick cover and store in a dry, ventilated room.

Video reviews

Below you will find a video review that clearly demonstrates the work of the Prorab GT 120 RDKE motor note

Below you will find a video view of the engine unit of the GT 709 SK with a detailed consideration of its advantages and disadvantages

Below you will find a video view of the Walk behavio r-Tracto r-Germin GT 750

Reviews of the owners

Konstantin: “I have been the owner of the GT 709 SK des Walk behavior in these years and not in these years that I have not regretted the purchase. A reliable assistant and hard worker helps not only to plow his garden, but also his stranger. There were no serious breakdowns for the whole time, so I think this model is very successful. I work on it seasonally, but 8 hours a day. “

Step-by-step self-checking of the snowblower

Ignat: Despite the fact that I recently used the cultivating GT 701 forems, I would like to consider its positive properties: The engine is not overheated even after long work, in order to observe all responsibilities such as plowing, plants and collecting potatoes, snow removal etc. However, he noticed that the programs are difficult to change. Maybe this is just my model of such a problem? “

Pavel: “I bought a Prorab GT 710 SK engine for his small personal property and think that he fully paid for himself. It deepens perfectly and plows the earth. He always cultivated a slightly moist floor because he couldn’t handle Tselina. But in my case, it is practically not necessary to make effort just to steer it. From the shortcomings I would like to find that the clutch lever is not repaired so that you have to keep it yourself, and this is very impractical. “

Overview of the model range from Motoblocks Foreman. Description, video, work reports

The Russian “Prorab” brand is a comparative young discovery for the domestic technical market. He started his activities in 2005 and became a favorite for thousands of consumers in a short time.

Brand Prorab (Prorab)

Under the pump, construction and garden equipment with the marking “Prostrab”, motoblocks are occupied by motor blocks, the acquisition of which has become a requirement of modern agricultural production.

Models of the foreman

The description and technical properties of each model are individual. There are options under the installation that work on gasoline, including a 9-liter engine and 10 liters of diesel type. Motor varieties, including petrol for 709 SK, which is one of the most common models, are part of a group with medium classes. In this way you can use motoblocks as a universal means of harvesting and transporting different goods in every season.

A number of models, for example, the PRORAB GT 712 SK engine block, are used as all devices for the season, and options such as GT 700 SK are preferably operated without sharp changes in temperature and with preliminary heating at low ambient temperatures.

Important! Each option has its own operating instructions that include a list of features and recommended fuel and oil. All registered rules must be met in a comprehensive volume.

In this video you will learn the pros and cons of this walk behavior tract: The foreman’s lineup has its own list of general characteristics:

  • wide range of diesel and petrol options;
  • a good ratio of “price quality” in the main direction along the price segment to the budget option;
  • Increased demand for oil quality and purity. If it is bad, the wear of the engine parts will increase. The same happens with insufficient amounts of oil;
  • You cannot overheat the engine. After a long or tedious operation, the equipment needs to cool down. In the opposite case, disclosures and failure to work are possible;
  • Like the rest of the motor blocks of domestic and foreign production, running is required. It is carried out not only according to the standard, that is, with the first adjustment upon purchase, but also after each downtime. It is also necessary to carry out the run after an annual performance of repairs or inspections.
  • Walk tractor maintenance is performed when all systems are fully cleaned and checked. For example, you need to completely drain the oil and fuel.
  • Ignition is a standard and mandatory procedure performed in conjunction.
  • All items of equipment should be used only if there is a recommendation, that is, non-detailed details should not be placed on duty or with a specialist without prior verification. This moment is due to the fact that each model has its own characteristics, which depend on the type of engine and various nuances.
  • Most systems in models are automated, which makes the technique sensitive to electronic failures, as well as improperly adjusting the ignition system. It should be configured before starting power trials, as violating this rule will cause problems.
  • In the design of one option there is a gearbox, a gasoline or diesel engine, hull elements, wheels, as well as a gearbox thicker than similar options on the market.
  • The basic configuration includes many additional spares and parts, including standard, e.g. B. cutters;
  • Compact size and high performance. It is the combination of these features that makes the touring tractor universal;
  • Most parts for the Walk behavior’s tractor can be found in the manufacturer’s market, which makes repairs easier.
  • The cladding is also produced by the Prostrab company.

Important! A Hing equipment of each option can be attached to the Walk behavior’s tractor, including other manufacturers, but the best choice is an additional type from the foreman. This is due to good quality and full testing of models with their attachments before launching on the market.

It should be borne in mind that each model is also equipped with a headlight and evening work. The engine is started by an electric starter of the type that requires increased attention to the ignition system and the lack of use of broken parts.

Checking the hand-led gasoline tractor with electrical start Tselina MB-802. Functions, advantages, videos, reviews

Storage of a walk tractor

Particular attention should be paid to the storage of equipment. This applies in particular to long-term storage. Failure to comply with the basic rules can lead to corrosion of the parts of the walk tractor and the unsuitability of the entire device.

The “foreman” motor blocks are unusual for frequent breakdowns and malfunctions

Basic storage rules:

  • Drain all liquids;
  • Wash the technique out of dirt;
  • Lubricate the metal surfaces with water clearing agents;
  • Close all valves.

The machine should be stored in a dry closed room. Too high and low temperatures can deteriorate the state of technology.

Avoid direct sunlight when walking during long-term storage.


GT 709 SK belongs to a mid-range petrol variant. engine of 7 l. With. It has economical fuel consumption, which at full load varies from 1.8 to 2 liters per hour of continuous operation. The weight of the model is 95 kg, which makes it possible to effectively dig dense soil, including virgin lands and clay.

It is possible to use attachment devices, since the model refers to powerful ones. There is a 6-speed gearbox. The Briggc Stratton engine is installed in the power unit, which produces more than 6.5 liters on one cylinder. With.

This mid-range motor block

Reviews of the owners

Konstantin: “I have been the owner of the GT 709 SK tractor of Walk behavior for about 5 years and during these years I have not regretted the purchase. A reliable assistant and hard worker will help to plow not only his garden, but also his stranger. There have been no serious breakdowns for all this time, so I consider this model very successful. I work on it seasonally, but 8 hours a day. ” Ignat: Despite the fact that I use the cultivator of the GT 701 forems recently, I would like to note its positive qualities: the engine does not overheat even after long work, to attend to all responsibilities such as plowing, planting and collecting potatoes, snow removal, etc.. However, he noted that the programs are difficult to switch. Maybe this is just my model of such a problem?” Pavel: “I bought a Prorab GT 710 SK engine for his small personal plot and I think that he paid for itself in full. It perfectly deepens and plows the earth. He always cultivated a slightly moist soil, because he could not handle Tselina. But in my case it is practically not necessary to make efforts just to direct it. From the shortcomings, I would like to note that the clutch lever is not fixed, so you constantly have to keep it yourself, and this is very inconvenient. “


GT 701 refers to the simplest and most compact options in the model range. There are two speeds (plus return) and weight of 80 kg. The model refers to universal means for agricultural work. The technique has air cooling, as well as for all models of the foreman, there is a missile defense system. The fuel tank contains three liters, which is enough for an hour and a half of work.

The GT 70 1-SK groove is used for different durations for different, small and positive reviews.

Cultivation of Mukuzani grapes

Are there any disadvantages?

Like all techniques, the “Forehead” motor blocks have significant disadvantages. The first of them is the lack of quality instructions. Many owners of the device complain that the instructions do not have enough important descriptions and detailed systems.

A common cause of malfunctions of models lies in an increased vibration of the engine during longer work. At this point there is a high vibration pollution on both hands of the owner of the equipment and the car itself. For this reason, small broken up of the unit can occur.

Another disadvantage is the details in the kit that do not differ in high quality.

Motobobloks “forehead” have their considerable disadvantages


The Prorab GT 904 VDKE motor block is referred to the middle class of power, which in the main features do not differ from most similar representatives on the market. Important features are maneuverability and simplicity of the company. The model is not used in constant agricultural work in large areas. Basically, the equipment on the farm is used for regular work. With the right equipment, however, a significant range can also be covered with heavy floors.

This hiking loss tractor will pass every floor

Advantages of motoblocks “Prorab”

The production of Prorab engine blocks has been working in a wel l-known domestic company since 2005. Motobobloks “Foremen” are characterized by affordable costs and reliability and resemble the miniature tractors.

The famous domestic company deals with the production of engine blocks “Prorab”

The advantages of this technology include:

  • Quality quality with high assembly compared to models in this class of other manufacturers;
  • affordable costs;
  • proven design of every model;
  • High maneuverability and functionality;
  • a wide range of hinge tools to expand the functionality of machines;
  • Decent quality of rubber on wheels.

Equipment not assembled

The steered devices for the walking tracts of the Prostrab series include all possible options, since the entire installation can be equipped with everything without exception.

List of additional standard equipment of the attached nature:

  • Mill;
  • Plow;
  • Armchair;
  • an additional type of bike;
  • Floors;
  • Hiller;
  • Potat o-capt.;
  • Harrow;
  • a double or triple plow;
  • Pendants of different classes;
  • Snow mining elements.

This is interesting: Reviews about the Motor note Salute 5 BS 1.

Important! Thanks to the power of the installation, it is possible to use heavy devices and to produce agricultural work of different complexity.

Additional elements that can be assigned to the equipment include:

  • Sargeberry;
  • Car;
  • Make hay;
  • Various harvesting or processing of agricultural elements.

In fact, not only the technology of the standard type, but also special, including Rotary mowers, can be attached to the foreman by the adapter. An important point is the use of suitable models with increased performance and production.

It should be taken into account that models should only be used under the conditions for which they are intended. It is forbidden to use special devices for units with low performance that are not included in the standard group. The entire regulation is planned individually in the operating instructions.

User Guide

Below you will find the basic instruction for the Walkbreigung engineer. With your help you can carry out the most necessary manipulations with technology.

Ru n-In, first start

The installation of the equipment should be carried out after its recording and with its longer no n-consumption. The running clock is an important phase in preparing the equipment for the operation in which you can check the operation of the steering and braking system and start the details after longer downtimes. Playing helps to extend the durability of the walk behavior.

The first start and runnin g-In is not difficult to make:

  1. Pour oil and switch on the tractor for the walk.
  2. Give the device idle for a few minutes.
  3. Work at low speeds. Use the rule – only half of the maximum capacity of the unit. Give the hiking loss tractor slowly and neatly without sharp prints and overheating.
  4. The duration of the current operation is 6 to 10 hours. It is carried out all day. Every two hours take 15-20 minutes to cool the engine.
  5. Don’t forget to change the oil.
Overview of the Tselina MB-601 petrol walk behind tractor. Specifications, attachments, video works, owner reviews

After such a runway, the walk tractor is ready for the operation with increased loads.

Diesel engine blocks are presented professional models

Installation of hinge devices

For a deeper and more competent operation of the cultivists, the protocol is for the selection and purchase of attachments. Before buying a cultivator, note that models with low performance are not designed for the installation of such devices. Models with low power plant are only used to loosen and plow the garden.

It is due to the fact that a model with a capacity of 6.5 hp is possible that are popular.

With the manufacturer you can install such additional elements of the work:

  • Cigns;
  • Problem;
  • Equipment for planting and digging potatoes;
  • Motorcycles;
  • Follower;
  • Weighting;
  • Plow.

All of these devices enable you to do the work that you need much faster. We recommend that you determine the list of works that the purchased motoblock will run. In this way you can choose the most optimal model for your soil, your needs and your culture.

Other elements of the work enable you to install the manufacturer

oil change

If you want your motblock model to be operated correctly, it is important to systematically control the level and the quality of oil. The instructions for the device indicate which oil is poured into the “Protrb” crossbar so that it works efficiently and safely. Sae 10W30 oil is usually displayed. You have to check the oil level before each engine starts. If you find that the oil used has changed its color, make sure to replace it.

Check not only the oil, but also the fuel level, the reliability of the fastening elements and the presence of lubricant in the gearbox every 4-5 operating hours.

Technical characteristics

engine Diesel, single cylinder, 4-stroke with water cooling
perfomance 10 PS/7350 watts
The work volume of the cylinder, the cube. cm 573 cm³
The volume of the fuel tank 6 л
Working width 90 cm
Depth of work 25 cm
The number of mills 6
Number of programs 6 forward/2 before
draft Rnovation blocks the different setting of the handle in hig h-altitude headlights
The weight 230 kg


about the company

To treat fairly large areas, you have to have a lot of strength and health. If you have a small farm, there will be a fate from a person here. It is much easier to acquire a technique that contributes to dealing with every work quickly and more efficiently than if you have done it manually.

Motoblocks are universal agricultural machines. Thanks to a wide range of attachments and a sufficiently powerful engine, you can plow the land, plant crops, take care of them, and finally dig and transport crops. As you can see, the functionality is even similar to a tractor, only the device has a compact size and is very easy to use.

was organized more than 10 years ago and during this time has significantly expanded its product range. In addition, specialists work tirelessly to improve technologies and introduce innovations that will make their equipment unique and practical.

The following products are currently sold under this brand:

  • perforators;
  • walk-behind tractor “Foreman”;
  • Drill;
  • chain saws and electric saws;
  • welding machines;
  • snow throwers and more.

The range is really impressive and includes around 1000 different items. In addition, all the equipment is not professional, which is very important for a simple consumer. Even an ordinary amateur who has a small garden can handle it.

Another important point – service is very common. Therefore, if you suddenly experience a breakdown of the walk behind tractor or need a detail, you can always turn to professional specialists for help.


Prorab brand on the market in 2005. The company is part of the A-class holding. More than a thousand types of equipment are produced under the Prorab brand – construction and power tools, various agricultural equipment, walk-behind tractors, cultivators, mini-tractors, trimmers. Prorab devices are an amateur class category, widely known and in great demand in private, small operations, characterized by an optimal combination of price and quality.

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