Overview of the model of the UGRA NMB-117 Motoboglok. Operating instructions

Overview of the model of the UGRA NMB-117. User Guide

Motoblock UGRA NMB-117 is a powerful technical device that processes the soil and executes agricultural work. Refers to the class of the heavy motif for the class.

Motoblock Ugra NMB-117

It is supplied with four tailors, extensors of axes and transpural bikes, with the cylinder head and the instructions being laid. Product weight – 98 kg.

The product is certified in accordance with the GOST R safety conditions. The device meets the requirements of GOST 12.2.140-2004 and TU 4724-020-0750613-2004.

Motobogloks from UGRA have long had a call for reliable technology with the best properties of your price segment. Like other motor vehicles of the Kaluga plant “Kadwa”, “Ugra” has a guarantee of 12 to 24 months (depending on the modification).

Lifan-170F engine

The Lifan engine is installed on NMB-117, 7 HP

The engines of the factory sample are massively produced in China, they are known for their uninterrupted work and moderate noise.

The Lyceum is not only installed on the UGRA engine blocks, but also in other series of motor vehicles from the Kaluga manufacturer.

Advantages of the NMB-117 model

  • The massive weight improves the passage of virgin floors;
  • The technology has two power waves;
  • 4 operating speeds (taking into account the rear gear);
  • Equipment reducer;
  • Gear steel building;
  • Lack of straps (it is not necessary to replace);
  • Light silent start;
  • High stability during operation;
  • Minimum damage to the plants in the neighboring series with the processed;
  • The tractor of the walk behavior works taking into account the accession of a wide list of attachments (including equipment from other manufacturers, with the exception of Kadwa);
  • The adhesion material consists of Cermet data carriers;
  • Large traction efforts;
  • The ability to transport up to 500 kg when using a trailer were to be transported with a weight of up to 500 kg;
  • A comfortable, no n-shining handle at the height of the operator.

UGRA NMB-117 With suitable additional equipment, can easily be finished with the roller of a snow cleaner, a lawnmower, a segment cultivator and a feed coin.

The width of the cultivated land strip reaches 90 cm. With the back, the tractor of walking can carry out rotation movements, which increases the maneuverability and mobility of the machine. In third gear, the device develops a speed of up to 9 km/h. In the first gear for deep soil processing, for example for cultivation, the speed is 1 km/h.

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Motoblock UGRA NMB-1 H1 in action:

Operating instructions for UGRA NMB-117

UGRA NMB-117 is sold with instructions for the company. According to this document, the charge of the engine unit in full capacity in the first course without connected fastening is unacceptable. Otherwise, the speed rate of 3 km/h is exceeded in this program and the device can fail.

Optimization of the speed modes

transmission Speed ​​km/hour Soil and hinge devices
1 Up to 3.61 Work on heavy floors, potato adhesive, a trailer with a load, an adapter.
2 Until 5.88 Work on light floors, cultivators on heavy soils
3 Up to 8.52 Cultivating on light soils, traffic with a trailer on the streets
The back Up to 2.28 Rotor mower, snowman.

In the first days of operating, the engine is recommended to operate at 2/3 of the capacity, which must not operate more than 30 minutes at full speed. After 30 hours of operation, the running period can be regarded as completed, and the tractor of walking can be loaded at 100%.

For gearbox, you should use the oil that corresponds to the requirements of the TSN-10 GOST 23652-79 or another corresponds to the SAE: 80-85W API: GL3 … GL4.

The ÖLER set on the UGRA NMB-117 walk-behavior tractor is carried out after the entry after 30 hours after the first start. In the case of planned technical work, the oil level is checked and added to the standard. The oil is replaced after 100 hours, then the circuit is repeated.

Motoblock UGRA NMB-117 with the Lifan 170F engine 7.0 PS:

Reviews of the owners

Dmitry, Novgorod:

“Of course, the car is not easy. It took time to adapt to the work. The weight of walking is very good, but this is an unconditional plus: dry soils are perfect, it has never used weights. It consumes gasoline, especially compared to the neighboring “cascade”, I specifically compared and asked. I was happy about the functionality, in general I do not regret that I did this tractor with the behavior. “

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Ilya, Kaluga region:

“I received this walk as a gift from my father. He worked for several months or rather all spring and summer. Now kept in the garage. I decided between the UGRA and NEVA, I chose an Urruri for the ratings and the advice of the seller. According to the father, and he is an experienced farmer, there are many plus points on hiking loss: the first is not a belt, you don’t have to change. The engine, although Chinese, consumes moderate, not loud. There is no complaints about working on earth – like a tank. I recommend buying! “

Motoblock “Ugra” NMB 1N17. Description of the model, technical properties. User Guide

The manufacturer of the UGRA Motobilok NMB 1N17 is the Russian Enterprise Kaluga engine, which set the production of this difficult agricultural technology in the late 80s to the 90s of the last century.

This technology is constantly modernized, research is in progress to improve the characteristics of the tractor of the walk and create the latest functional devices for various agricultural and construction work.

Motoblock Ugra NMB 1N17

Motoblock “Ugra NMB 1N17”

This modification is part of the bourgeois class of heavy motoblock, which are intended for the processing of small and mediu m-saturated areas (up to 50 acres). The UGRA route is equipped with a powerful Lifan 170F engine with a capacity of 7 hp. The engine is gasoline, carburetor, four bars. The power plant is started manually manually using the inertia starter.

Cooling the engine forced air. The light start of the engine is ensured by the TS1 Tacttrand Ignition system. The tractor of the walk behavior is equipped with a motor start protection system with a critical oil level. The noise level is reduced. The machine consumes economically fuel and can work on gasoline with low quality. The tractor of the walk behavior has compact dimensions, which can easily be transported in the trunk of the car.

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The transmission of the “UGRA” NMB 1N17 Motoblock has the following components:

  1. Mechanical gear. Three front speeds and vice versa.
  2. Coupling.
  3. Salmer is a corner with a conical walk.

Thanks to the built two waves of the power selection to the UGRA motor block, various attachments of the active and passive type can be attached.

Technical characteristics

Perfomance: 7.0 PS
Engine: Lifan 170f
Number of speeds: 3 forward/before 1 before
Motobo block type after trade fair: Average (according to GOST 28523-90)
Plowing width: 102.5/73.5 cm (6/4frezes)
Plowing depth: 30 cm
Coupling: Mechanical, disc
Reducer: Mechanical, cornerbude output (brake caliper)
Reducer oil volume: 1.7 l – recharge the volume of the transmission
Motor, parameter ::
Model: 170f horizontal
Manufacturer: Lifan (PRC) / assembly of PRC
Motor type: Petrol, carburetor, 4-line
Cylinder volume: 211 cubic meters. cm
Fuel tank capacity: 3.6 l.
Oil volume: 0.6 l
The progressive speed forward: I – 2.70; II – 4.42; III – 6.40 km/h (3600 rpm)
Transport speed back: 1.70 km/h (3600 rpm)
The angle of transversal static stability: At least 20 degrees
FROM THE: Two – leading and driven waves of the gearbox
Chassis: Singl e-achs, wheel formula 2×2
Floor clearance: 17 cm
Cycling size: 47.5 cm (pneumatic)
Track: The variable step is adjustable
Fahrwidth: Normal 405 mm; With extension cable-695 mm
Wendekreis: 1.5 m
Steering gear: surcharge
The diameter of the grinding cultivating: 31 cm
The number of mills: 4 (it is possible to climb 6)
The number of knives on the cutter: 4
Freed speed: 35-85 rpm
Dimension dimensions, GKHHV: 1600x600x1235 mm, no longer in the work position
The weight: 80 kg
Country of Manufacture: Russia
Warranty: 1.5 years
Gear: Motoblock, 4 mills to relax the earth, pneumatic fire, Soshnik

Use for fastening equipment

Motobogloks “UGRA” NMB 1N17 Work with the trendy tools of the Kadwa Native plans and with the device of other manufacturers:

  1. Cultivating.
  2. Mower (rotary and segment).
  3. Snow removal nozzles (brush, dump, screw).
  4. Fodrodrobelka.
  5. Adapter.
  6. Bohl glass.
  7. Pump.
  8. Boers.
  9. Circular.
  10. Vesti Mühle etc.
Plants that scare mosquitoes

Club device Motoblock Sum-1 Bigger VM-1 Har. 30,000.0 loading degree GZ. 46-13 with a cylindrical case Differential BPU 10.002.20 SB FREZ-Cultivator Fr.30.00.1 ECLINER RM-1 (Higopore) Trail training Cargo PMG300-1 MotoBlar Plug PM-1 shovel potato

The following device includes the following equipment:

  • Active Soiline (cultivating);
  • Pneumatism wheels;
  • Axis extensions;
  • Soshnik.

The depth of the grinding cutter in the floor is 30 cm.

User Guide

When buying the UGRA Motoblock NMB 1N17, it is necessary to examine the operating instructions. This manual contains the following information:

  1. The device of the walk tractor “Ugra” (schematic pictures with descriptions).
  2. Safety measures during storage and work with a tractor for walks.
  3. Technical features of the selected change.
  4. The algorithm for the first start of the engine.
  5. Game of the walk behavior “Ugra”.
  6. Technical service.
  7. Malfunctions.

Play the tractor of the walk

The procedure takes about 30 hours, while the tractor is operated in a walk in an economical mode – no more than 2 hours a day, of which there is no more than 30 minutes at full speed. per day. During this time, a confectionery work is carried out in three entries, which are in 10 cm per passage.

At the end of the drive, change the oil in the engine crank completely.

Service “Ugra”

The maintenance includes the following procedures:

  1. Oil change:
    • Motor (TSN-10 GOST 23652-79) worked every 50 50 hours;
    • Gear – every 100 100 worked hours.
  2. Inspection before starting the company (daily):
    • Tire pressure;
    • Reliability of fastening elements;
    • The presence of oil and fuel in the corresponding containers.
  3. Work after the operation:
    • Cleaning through pollution (clean and washing);
    • Dry in a place protected from sunlight;
    • Lubrication of parts with suitable materials.
  4. Conservation for lon g-term storage:
    • Drain the oil and gasoline;
    • Remove the wire from the spark plug;
    • Lubricate the motorcycle block.

Video check of the work of the UGRA NMB 1N17 WALK behavio r-tractor

We offer you a few videos of reviews where this tractor is displayed in action:

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Reviews of the owners

Pavel, 41 years old:

I work for the fourth year with UGRA, the car is reliable, practically not breaks, the truth is loud. Very stable, helps in the field and in the courtyard; I made a shoe glass – in half a day I chopped firewood for winter, in winter with a dump (also homemade) that I drive around the yard – I will reconcile the snow. Very functional machine. The quality of the milling is impressive, sandy soil from the first movement of 30 cm scusses.

Sergey, 28 years old:

My unit is two years. I checked both with the plow and the cultivating person. In spring – plow it with a plow in autumn. Motoblock pulls both. In the season I connect the pump and pour the garden (irrigation from the river) and prepare food for cows with a mow. I have a potato steam and an excavator – I use it for everyone, land and dig the processes a lot simplified.

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