Overview of the model area of ​​the Walk behavio r-Tractorpflugman. Features, reviews

Motoblocks “Pagar (Lander)”: types, properties and attachments

Motoblocks “Pagar” are produced in Smolensk near the small town of Gagarin. This unit is a multifunctional agricultural equipment that performs a variety of tasks and significantly simplifies the work of the farmer.

What is that?

The creator of the Motoblok MKM-3 Lander is the production company “Mobile K”. The company was opened in 1996 as a manufacturer of trendy and sophisticated additional equipment for agricultural technology, but a little later the activity area has experienced some changes, and today Mobile K in our country is widely known as the manufacturer of one of the highest known quality motor block.

The production capacities are located in the Smolensk region, while most parts and components are produced right there – the share of the details of the third party is very low.

In 2008 the company was equipped again – the work that received the equipment of this European quality, and today we can say with certainty that all production processes were almost completely automated, the proportion of human factor is minimized.

Motoblocks “Pagar” are designed in such a way that they cultivate the soil and for the intake of the earth. The device set the minimum required sentence of nozzles and followers. However, most additional devices must also be bought.

With the help of such devices you can do a variety of work – hay, the territory, freight transport, the snow department and many others.

Under the advantages of the tractor of the walk behavior, the users emphasize a number of points.

  • The entire technology “pagar” is only made from materials of the highest quality with high noise and vibration resistance.
  • The handle of the device can be configured both horizontally and vertically.
  • The tractor for walking behavior is equipped with a home gear in which all details, including equipment, including Russian production.
  • The most popular model today is the MKM-3 model that is equipped with a three-stage gear. Nevertheless, there are other variations: with a front speed and a reverse gear and only with the front.
  • Absolutely all motor blocks of the “Plowman” are positioned as specialized occupational technology. The inclusion of worm or stamp gears, poor plastic spare parts and inferior belts that do not meet the most important technical and operational requirements is completely excluded here.

Only one of the minus is found – the technology does not manifest itself in the best way on heavy virgin floors. In this case, it is better to prefer models with a mass of 90 kg.

Technical characteristics

Motoblock’s “Pagar” belong to a number of traditional motor breeders. They are indispensable for longer work in a variety of temperature ranges, regardless of the degree of moisture and the loss of various precipitation. The manufacturer of the devices focused on reliability and durability and reduced almost the entire electronic component of the devices to almost zero.

Think about which components are included in the design of the device.

  • Steel strong frame
  • A-It consists of a metal corner that is treated with a special ant i-corrosion composition. All seams are subjected to a mandatory check for special devices so that the risk of a marriage is practically excluded.

  • The engine – the engine blocks “Plowman” work with the reliable landing engine, which is very efficient even with oil and fuel with low quality. A practical air cooling system protects the mechanism from overheating with extreme fever. The engine is launched manually by a starter with a returned mechanism.
  • The gearbox of the device includes a gear gear and the belt transmission. All speed changes are made with iron cables placed in the steering column of levers.
  • On a strong axis of the structure, width and rather heavy bikes are addicted, a special profile form determines the perfect contact with the floor and the principle of autonomous cleaning of heavy pollution.
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Thanks to the presence of a motor block selection wave, you can use the most diverse, weakened and followed devices.

  • The manufacturer was explained to the following operating features of the motif for:
  • Motor 4-stroke, cylinder, cylinder are vertical;
  • The maximum performance is 8 liters. With.;
  • The principle of cooling is air, forced;
  • Gear – a gear made of cast iron, covered with a Duralumin protection corps;
  • Maximum speed of the forward/backward movement – 8.6/3.2 km/h each;

  • The greatest weight is 85 kg;
  • The volume of the tank for the fuel is 3.6 liters;
  • The ability to connect different attachments is available;
  • Plowing depth – 30 cm;

Recording of the earth – from 80 to 110 cm.

As a rule, the engine engine cultivating from Motor Picchar in the retail company comes in a disassembled form.

Immediately before implementing the devices, the completeness and work condition of the device are mandatory – only then do the motoblocks enter the trading floor in full configuration.

Types and models

So far, the Pogar motor blocks have been produced in several versions: MKM-3/4, TSR900RN, Primemic, TCR800RN and MZR-800, TSR830RN and MKM-3 B6.5.

Leave us with the most popular thinking.


This model is equipped with a petrol engine with a capacity of 8 liters. With. The engine works with the A-92 brand. The model weighs 75 kg together with the main connection equipment.

The device is optimal for working on already prepared countries. During operation, the detection width of 80 to 100 cm and the plowing depth can be set – from 15 to 30 cm.

The machine works excellently in weather conditions and does not lose their technical and operational parameters in a hot sultry summer or in the sno w-frosty winter.

However, using motorcycles is a slight restriction – it is better to buy devices for working in large land areas with an area of ​​more than 30 hundred parts.

The device cannot work for a long time. It is optimal every two hours to arrange a vacation for 25-35 minutes. Otherwise, the likelihood of overheating the engine is otherwise increased.


This unit is good for working in very small areas, the area of ​​which does not exceed 15 hectares. From a technical point of view, the characteristics of this walk-in tractor are almost identical to the MZR 800 parameters, but its weight is a slightly larger 85 kg and the width of the edging is 105 cm.

The main task of this Wal k-Fehd tract is to simplify the work in the personal property or in the garden.


This is a model that is very popular among gardeners. The device has three main speeds-2 front and body, the mass exceeds all previous versions by 5-7 kg, and the size of the processed strip is increased to 110 cm.

According to technical indicators, this tracto r-tractor can be attributed to weighted models, therefore it can be worked on with it on the virgin lands, as well as on clay and loamy soils.

The Walk behavior tractor is tasked with processing the site from 25 to 30 hectares, while fuel consumption is no more than that of the units of the following class – only 1.8 l/h.


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This is one of the most advanced models of the “Plowman”, rather and not the motoblock, but a cultivator of the highest quality. It is equipped with separate seats, as well as wheels that allow you to easily attach a motorcycle, mower and snowman. The carburettor is exceptional quality, the control handles are easily adjustable in two different levels, so the operator can get out of the driver’s seat and be close to the tractor of walking at any time.

The system has 2 front speeds, it is usually performed with soil and vice versa, intended for soil transportation.

This is a well laid out mod with the center of gravity in the center of the device. A similar car never steps in at work, it does not have the ability to fall back and walk. The operator almost does not get tired at the time of using the installation.

Engine power is 7 liters. With.

The capture of the earth when plowing is only 73 cm, but if desired it can be increased to 105, but the depth is small – only 12 cm.

Components and Attachments

  • Motoblocks “Pagar” can be aggregated with various types of hinges and trailer devices.
  • The trailer or trolley is designed for the transportation of goods and is available in two modifications – ordinary and galvanized. The load capacity varies between 360 and 600 kg depending on the model.
  • FRASES – A four section device is equipped with 6 knives.
  • The rotary mower is a segment, mulching, allows you to adjust the height of the grass cover (from 5 to 100 mm).
  • Wheels – can be of different sizes. Most often, the POGAR engine blocks differ from 4 to 12 or more centimeters. They also differ in their diameter. Usually the higher and larger, the higher the resistance of walking behavior when traversing complex soils.

  • Caterpillars – an auxiliary device that allows the motorized car to move faster in snow and swampy terrain.
  • Ground Spaces – Designed to allow Motblocks to function in viscous wet soils. As a rule, they are made of fairly thick metal, while they can differ in the size of the training wheel.
  • The plow is the most popular device that allows you to dig and cultivate the soil more effectively.
  • A snow track is special devices, thanks to which you can clean the territory from snow and thin ice.

  • The sewer chin, which allows you to quickly and effectively land the seeds of vegetable and grain crops according to the necessary scheme.
  • The potato trailer is a very useful device, the excavator digs the soil, lifts it along with the rooters Output The farmer gets a cleaned potato.
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A perpetrator, a water pump and weighting agent are combined with the “Pagar” engine block. Experts also recommend buying an extension cable of the gearbox, adapter and a belt voltage videos.

All of these excitement settings have largely expanded the functionality of the tractor of the walk behavior, while the manufacturer only advises the use of the nozzles, ie the nozzles produced in Smolensk.

User Guide

When using the Pogar motor blocks, it is very important to do the right run. The tractor of the walk behavior should gradually be loaded so that the gear and the main parts of the engine can work. It is strictly forbidden to overload the device – in this case its reliability can suffer significantly.

Running should start with a thorough review and checking of all basic devices – components must be effectively protected and absolutely good. The first time the engine starts, it shouldn’t run for more than 10 minutes. A idle.

Remember that it is necessary to check the operation of the speed circuit mechanism.

If you see that everything is fine, you can surely continue directly to process the website. At this moment, only such works such as plowing, hilling as well as potatoes and transport of goods are permitted. Therefore, the mechanism should work for about 15 hours, while the performance should not be used for no more than 2/3. It is very important to configure the ignition adjustment.

You can only load a motorcycle block after running.

The device should be stored in a dry closed place, his stay under the straight sun rays is not allowed.

When the device was operated with high humidity and precipitation under conditions – after work, dry all knots and lubricate with oil.

Overview of the model area of ​​the Walk behavio r-Tractorpflugman. Features, reviews

Overview of the model area of ​​the Walk behavio r-Tractorpflugman. Features, reviews

Motoboblocks Pakhar are produced by the Russian company Mobile K LLC. The company began its activity in 1988 under a different name, the modern name appeared in 1993.

The company is manufacturers of various attachments for such wel l-known companies such as Patriot, Salute, Neva, Pubert, Hitachi, Grillo and others. Mobile K has his own work in the city of Gagarin (RF, Smolensk region).

The company is also known for the distribution of motors from foreign manufacturers, equipment for the garden, is the official provider of Briggs & Stratton and Murray to Russia (since 2014).

The company conducts service activities in the factory: there is a business with equipment and attachments in the field as well as a service center.

Motoblock Pagar MZR-820 Motoblock Pagar MZR-830

There are currently three popular models from Petro l-Motoblocks Plowman.
  • Motoboblock modifications Parkar:
  • MZR-800 engine SR 170f, Power 8 PS
  • MZR-820-Engine170f, Power 7 HP

MZR-830 ​​engine 170f, Power 8 PS

Motoblock Plowman MZR-800

Motors for all modifications are four stroke. The type of cooling is air. The volume of the gas tank is the same, 3.6 liters. Petrol consumption per hour – approx. 1.8 liters.

The capacity of the oil tank differs: from 0.6 to 1.1 liters. The number of speeds for all modifications: 3 (there is 1 rear wheel).

Unmounted equipment

Pig monday devices for engine blocks are produced in the factory in Gagarin. All equipment is presented on the company’s official website. Next we will tell you more about any kind of adherence and purpose.


Stiga is supporting the next generation of gamers

SR170F Motor for Motoblock Plowman

Can be connected to all types of domestic han d-handed tractors and some imported models. When connecting, take into account the power of the device and the type of edited soil. Total dimensions: 1760 x 670 x 1150 mm. Weight 64 kilograms.


Adapter for Motoblock Plowman

Pendants or carts are available in two versions: galvanized and conventional. The load capacity of these devices is 350 to 500 kg.

The weight of the products can vary between 80 and 100 kg. Equipped with a seat for the motoblock operator. They have different ground clearance and track width.


Trailer for Motoblock Plowman

Cutter with 4 sections, contain 16 knives. They are of the foldable type. The cutting devices are installed according to the instructions for the singl e-axle tractor. Made by forging, without subsequent sharpening.


Mulchen, segmented. Mulchen has a grass section height setting (5-100 mm), which is compatible with different models of hand-led tractors.

Mulch mower segment mower

Segment Professional and Semi-Professional is delivered entirely with gears. Product weight: 32-34 kg depending on the model.

Wheels and rails

Wheels for handmade tractors can have different diameters. The most common impeller sizes (4.00-8, 5.00-10, 6.00-12 and more). They differ in diameter. The broader and larger the wheel, the more stable the on e-axle tractor, the better it comes through viscous soil. Wheels give the device additional stability.

Wheels 6.00-12

Caterpillars are auxiliary devices with which the han d-led tractor moves faster on snow or swampy terrain. The manufacturer’s website shows no caterpillar models for motoblock “Plowman”.


Motoblock cutter Plowman

The floor plates presented in the manufacturer’s range for handmade tractors differ in diameter (from 350 to 600 mm).

They are made of thick metal, can be used on wet soil, differ in the size of the plant diameter. Extensions for tunnels in two modifications are also on the website.

Grousers on the Motoblock Plowman

One of the most useful devices, without having to imagine working with the floor, is a plow. Two types of plow are offered for Mobil K motor blocks: conventionally and twice with clutch. The plow is attached to the han d-led tractor with a clutch.

Depending on the model, the mass of the product is between 4 and 15 kg. They are made of structural steel and last longer than conventional steel plows. The products presented have a removable plu g-in group that simplifies the sharpening and, if necessary, the exchange.

Snow plows

The snow blades presented on the manufacturer’s website differ in the width and height of the handle and the diameter of the snail. Snow milling is delivered in different modifications (MTZ, AGRO, PARD, G85).

Snow blower

Shovel tips for the snow removal are also different and have the following dimensions: 1000 x 520 x 400 mm, 1460 x 1000 x 800 mm. Equipped with metal knives, reinforced rubber pads.

Potato excavator

They differ in size, weight and type (for han d-led tractors and cultivators). Interpreted for a speed of 2-5 km/h. They are made of metal with increased thickness and, unlike market analogue, are more durable and stronger.


Couplings differ by setting the angle of attachment: 3 levels, screw coupling; 2 planes, screw; 3 and 2 levels and fastening with a screw. Frame with two and one castle are also presented.

Cut or not cut? That is the question!

Screw clutch

All of these excitement settings have largely expanded the functionality of the tractor of the walk behavior, while the manufacturer only advises the use of the nozzles, ie the nozzles produced in Smolensk.

User Guide


You can find information on assembly and commissioning the device in the operating instructions. Read this document before assembling the han d-led tractor. Note the rules for the use of the device and the terms of use.

Important! During the warranty period of the machine, you should not disassemble or repair important components such as the engine or gearbox.

Plow on Motoblock Plowman

Manufacturer recommendation for motor oil varieties: SAE30 / SAE5W-30. For the transmission: gear oil 80W-90. Pencil type: AI-92.

The manufacturer attaches great importance to the refueling of han d-led tractors with hig h-quality fuel and hig h-viscosity oil. When using cheap fuels and lubricants, the engine of the han d-led tractor is subject to quick wear.

First start

An entry phase must be carried out before the first commissioning. The term is at least 8-10 hours.
  • During the entry time:
  • Let the han d-led tractor run with 2/3 of the maximum performance.
  • Work intermittently (so that the engine does not overheat).
  • Before working, fill in the required quality fuel after the assembly of the singl e-axle tractor.

After the end of the work and drive in, drain oil and refill fresh oil.

Main disorders and their elimination

Oil Sae 30

The following table shows the main disorders of han d-led gasoline tractors. If a malfunction is determined, we recommend that you contact the service center near you.

Video review

Overview of the Plowman Motoblock device

Owner reviews

In the forums you can read reviews on this model. Owners notice its high functionality, performance, performance and processing quality.

Sergej, Smolensk area

“I am the owner of the Motoblock Plowman MZR-800. I got less than stated in the instructions because my garden is small, I worked with a han d-led tractor for several hours and took breaks. Didn’t load much. After these few hours I worked as usual, nothing broke. New oil was later refilled. It didn’t work to bring everything together, but he advised himself with the seller, he says that there is a deficit that is not brought together, this is normal. Motoblock is fast and agile. Used to mow the grass, the mower of the Newa works well by the way; I also plowed the country and ordered the corridors – I did everything without any problems. In my opinion, those who have large fields do not work with such a machine, something difficult and stronger is needed. And just right for small gardens.

Nikita, Rjasan:

“Model: Pflüger MZR-820. I will write my review for the benefit of others. I like almost everything on the car, but I’m a key buyer, so I found some disadvantages. Generally a good model for such a price and satisfied with the selection of attachments! The manufacturer’s hotline provides good information about additional equipment of all kinds.

Advantages: good assembly, easy operation, fast operation, hig h-quality cutting knives. The manufacturer Mobil K has its own YouTube channel. Request: Charge more information, we are very interested in watching!

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