Overview of the list of the Varangians. Features, reviews

Overview of the list of the Varangians. Features, reviews

Motoblocks and cultivators who are known under the Varangian brand are produced in China. For more than 20 years, its official supplier and the owner in Russia have been the domestic Enterprise LLC Spetstekhnika.

Motoblock Varangian

The company produces garden equipment and hig h-quality power tools. LLC “Spetekhnika” carries out regular deliveries of spare parts, so that there are no problems with the maintenance of the units.

Review of the list

The manufacturer produces two types of devices:

The line of the petrol engine of the Varangian brand:

  • Varangian MB 601
  • Varangian MB 701
  • Varangian MB 801
  • Varangian MB 901

The line includes a diesel power plant:

  • Varangian MB 902
  • Varangian MB 903

Varangian MB 601

The MB 601 model belongs to the Motoblocks gasoline line. The device is equipped with a 1-cylinder fou r-stroke engine with a capacity of 6.5 hp.

Engine block Varangian MB-601

There is air protection against overheating. The engine is started from a manual starter. The cast chain transmission has two gears (high and lowered), universal adhesion of the strap type transmits a rotary moment from the crankshaft to the gear. The gearbox is two levels, there is a reverse function. With a motor unit weight of 78 kg, a depth of 15 to 25 cm is reached.

engine 170f
Power, L.S. 6.5
Processing depth, cm 15-25
Processing width, cm 60-110
Number of programs 2 forward, before 1 before 1
Number of speeds 2
Type of liability gear
Weight (KG 78
Engine type Petrol, 4x clock

Varangian MB 701

This is a budget analogue of the MB 901 model. The device is more affordable in the price and is not inferior to 901 models in functionality, but the engine power is 7 liters. With.

Engine block Varangian MB-701

There is a fou r-stitch engine with air cooling and the engine is started from a manual starter. Mechanical transmission: three front speeds plus backwards. With the 901st model, the attachment of devices is easy to aggress. The weight of the unit is 100 kg, the cultivation depth is up to 30 cm.

Engine type Petrol, 4x clock
Top volume of a storm armor 3.6
Power, L.S. 7.0
Processing depth, cm Up to 30
Processing width, cm Up to 100
Number of programs 2 forward, before 1 before 1
The volume of the oil tank 0.6
Type of liability gear
Weight (KG 100

Varangian MB 801

The weight of this unit is 110 kg. A powerful single cylinder engine of four stroke works from gasoline and provides the power of 8 hp.

Engine block Varangian MB-801

Comfortable wide bikes with powerful protectors offer a motor block with high cros s-country capacity and maneuverability. The transmission is strengthened, 2 front speeds and vice versa. With the power selection wave you can attach various functional devices to the device. The depth of processing with grinding can reach 25 to 30 cm.

Engine type Petrol, 4th stroke
Power, L.S. 8.0
Processing depth, cm Up to 30
Processing width, cm Up to 100
Number of programs 2 forward, before 1 before 1
The volume of the oil tank 0.6
Type of liability gear
Weight (KG 101

Varangian MB 901

This device is equipped with a navigated gasoline engine, which is started from a manual feather starter. The weight of the unit is 116 kg, there is a wave of the range of performance, three speeds (2-back and backwards.

Engine block Varangian MB-901

Wide air bikes ensure excellent suitability for terrain. The reduction gear is housed in a robust housing. With the corresponding attachments, the device can do all agrotechnical work on a small parcel. A great option for summer residents and small farms.

Engine type Petrol, 4th stroke
engine 177f
Power, L.S. 9.0
Processing depth, cm up to 32
Processing width, cm Up to 125
Number of programs 2 forward, before 1 before 1
Fuel tank capacity 3.6
Type of liability gear
Weight (KG 116

Varangian MB 902

This hand-led tractor is a diesel analogue of the MB 901 petrol model, the air-cooled Kama 178 f power plant offers an output of 6 hp.

Engine block Varangian MB-902

There is an electric starter, you can start the engine manually on request. With a piece weight of 127 kg, a processing depth of up to 30 cm is reached, there is a three-speed gear with two forward and reverse passages, a reliable reduction gear and a rotating steering wheel. Developed for the processing of all soil types, indispensable for mediu m-sized summer houses or small farms.

Folk Sign: October 6-16
Engine type Diesel, 4-stroke
engine Kama 178f
Power, L.S. 6.0
Processing depth, cm Up to 30
Processing width, cm Up to 105
Number of programs 2 forward, before 1 before 1
Fuel tank capacity 3.6
Type of liability gear
Weight (KG 127

Varangian MB 903

This model of the hand-led Varyag tractor weighs 127 kg. The device is equipped with a powerful single-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine with an output of 6 hp.

Engine block Varangian MB-903

The engine can be started from a manual and an electric starter. The adjustable steering column offers the driver maximum work comfort. Three movement speeds with reverse gear and wide agricultural bikes ensure excellent passability and maneuverability. The tap wave enables attachment to any attachment devices.

Engine type Diesel, 4-stroke
engine Kama 178f
Power, L.S. 4.4
Processing depth, cm Up to 30
Processing width, cm Up to 135
Number of programs 2 forward, before 1 before 1
Fuel tank capacity 3.5
Capacity of the oil tank 0.6
Type of liability gear
Weight (KG 160
Dimensions, cm 180*105*85


The Varyag brand is also known as manufacturers of attachments that are aggregated with a han d-led tractor and thereby expand its functionality. Now you can plow, plant, sow, hill, mowing, harvesting, furrow, clearing snow and much more with the help of the same unit.


Motorative Motoblocks of the Varyag brand are suitable for milling cutters of both types:

  • Saber (active);
  • “Crow’s feet”.

Saber cutter Schneider crow’s feet

The former are used for the processing of all types of soil, the latter are more likely to be asked in areas with hard floors – triangular knives cut slightly through the floor. The knives are made of hardened hig h-performance steel. The number of knives on redotillers can vary between 3 and 4. 4 or 6 cutting ploters can be attached to the Varyag at the same time.


The main purpose of the trailer car is the transport of bulk or piecing goods with a load capacity of 500-600 kg.


The car is attached to the singl e-axle tractor with a clutch.


The adapter is a solid frame on a wheel set with a fixed seat.


The han d-led tractor coupled with an adapter turns into a mini tractor, the owner of the device does all field work while sitting.


A han d-led tractor is used in households. For these purposes, the corresponding attachments are attached to the device – a mower.

Sickle mower front mower Terminator segment mower

There are three types of mowers:

  • Rotation type;
  • frontal;
  • Segment.

Varyag Motoblocks prefer to buy rotation models.

Lane attachment

The manufacturer does not produce a hand-led Varyag caution tractors, which, however, does not prevent consumers from striving for top performance.

Caterpillar module

Buy craftsmen separately (or do it yourself) caterpillar attachments and upgrade the motorized device. The throughput and stability of the device increases the caterpillars.


Transport bikes for the Varangians can be produced in two versions:

  • pneumatic;
  • rubberized.

Air bicycles rubber bikes

These wheels are used when the device is transported to the site together with a trailer, a snow blower or a mower.


Laws are large metal wheels with welde d-in metal ribs.

mas s-spaces

They are set up instead of transport wheels and are used for the following devices:

  • Plow;
  • Hiller;
  • Potato rotor;
  • Potato planters etc.

Grousers offer two actions at the same time: moving the han d-led tractor and additional loosening of the soil.

The tool is intended for plowing the floor. It has recently been used in primary processing by virgin land or in autumn plows.


In all other cases, it is better to use redotillers because they do not damage the fertile layer of soil (the plow turns the layers of earth and turns the roots of the plants outside).

Snow blower

In winter, the Varyag can be used as snow blower. To do this, only a corresponding protective roof must be attached to the singl e-axle tractor.

Description of the Patriot PT 5220 Imperial Chainsaw. Instructions for instructions and maintenance. Reviews of the owners

Shovel sheet whisk

There are three types of snow clearing devices:

  • Blade (shovel).
  • Brush.
  • Screw snow blower.

The blade can be made independently or bought from a supplier, the optimal shovel width is 85 cm.


Together with a potato planter, planting potatoes is faster. Potatoes are poured into the bunker, where the tuber is collected by a bucket.


The tubers place buckets at the same distance in the furrow, whereupon an earth wall is formed in the desired height. The operator’s task is to monitor the filling of the bunker and control the singl e-axle tractor.

Potato excavator

With this device you can harvest potatoes and other crops in a few minutes. The tubers are pulled out of the ground and placed on the earth wall.

potato streets

trailer hitch

The attachment device is one of the most important components of the han d-led tractor. With its help, any attachments can be attached to the device.

Adjustable swivel coupling

There are two types of couplings:

  • With adjustment;
  • Without adjustment.

With the adjustable coupling you can set the horizontal and the angle of attack.


You can increase the existing weight of the han d-led tractor with complaints, which also increases the processing depth.

Reviews of the owners of the Varyag motoblock owners indicate the ratio of price and quality for devices. Many users are satisfied with the work and performance of Mini-Actractors. There is also information about noise during operation, but they can be easily eliminated after adding oil. Users say that the technique is easy to use, starts up quickly, there are no problems with their cutters.” width=”422″ height=”280″ />

Symptoms are applied to the drawbar of the singl e-axle tractor and directly onto the wheels.


Each model of the Varyag singl e-axis tractor includes an operating instructions, which must be read carefully before the device has been commissioned for the first time.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the operating instructions for the Varyag singl e-axisstractor: Operating instructions for the Saxon Tractor Varyag

The instructions contain the following information:

  • Safety requirements.
  • Device.
  • Assembly instructions for the device.
  • First start.
  • Technical service.
  • Problems and how to solve them.

Having examined the device of the Varangian Motornote, you can safely move on to the next point – assembly.

Studying safety requirements will help the walk owner protect the traveler from injury and protect others and property.

The device is delivered from the warehouse in a semi-condition, so the owner has to put together all the parts of the walkin g-behaviou r-tractor.

First launch

The first start running in the tractor of the walk behavior – these are the actions that ensure a long period of operation of the unit without significant outcrops. Runnin g-i n-in lasts from 5 to 25 hours and starts with minimal loads. Then the loads are gradually strengthened, and the device is ready to work at full power – all moving parts are injured and work.

Technical service

Maintenance includes the following points:

  • Daily unit service.
  • Inspection of the unit once a month.
  • Oil replacement on schedule.
  • conservation for the winter.
  • exit from conservation.

The daily service includes:

  • Inspection before work:
  • Inspection at the end of the field work.

In the first case we pay attention to:

  • Oil level in the crankcase.
  • Fuel level in the fuel tank.
  • The reliability of fasteners, if necessary, pulls them up.

At the end of the fieldwork, the following actions should be performed:

  • Clean and wash the device.
  • Wipe dry or air dry.
  • Lubricate the grater parts with oil and Solidol.

Problems and ways to eliminate them

Throughout its service life, the following malfunctions can occur in a tractor for walks:

Motoblock does not start:

  • The ignition light was wrong – it needs to be replaced;
  • The candle will be smoked – it will require its cleaning;
  • The tip of the candle is drunk – for drying or replacement;
  • Magneto failed – replacement;
  • The Blades Wedge Magneto – set up;
  • The fuel filter is clogged – clean or replace;
  • Hoses Not Conducting Fuel – Replace;
  • The carburetor is contaminated (in petrol models) – disassembly and cleaning.
Tractor T-25. Review, technical features, reviews of the owners

The cutters stopped turning:

  • The stones and lumps of earth cutters – stop the device and clean the working body.
  • The fasteners were sick;
  • The clutch cable is not adjusted – adjustment.

The wheels don’t turn:

  • The clutch cable is not adjusted – adjustment;
  • The screws came loose – a heave;
  • The belts stretched – exchange.
  • The fasteners were weakened – draw;
  • The oil level is below the norm – to add.

Video review

Association of assembly of engine block Varangian MB-901

Checking the device of the Motor Block Varangian MB-701

Reviews of the owners

Maxim, 34 years:

“Good in 701 models only the price! I bought the last spring, at first I worked like a watch, then it started: the clutch cable flew, the second gear flew off, the gearbox became thunder … I regret the purchase. It would be better to choose another manufacturer. Now I’m studying reviews about the Neva. “

Oleg, 29 years old:

“Hello. I have a diesel 903, I’ve been working for 2 years and I’ve finished work. In winter, the electric starter helps a lot – I catch a snowball player and drive on the site. The programs are tight, but everything works. The gearbox rattles really regularly – I add oil, the noise stops. Motoblock paid its price in full.”

Sergey, 32 years:

“My Varangian is 4 years old. I process my 18 hectares, periodically I change the straps – this is the problem of all motblocks. This year the gearbox began to leak. Management is followed, starts perfectly, pulls and a plow, with the milling cutters generally doing well. I even drive it into a greenhouse. The keys are always with me, I need to tighten the bolts – I pull them up. Everything suits me.”

Description and variants of motoblocks “Varangians”

It is almost impossible to do without a walk, the people who live in rural areas are employed in the household or farm. Many manufacturers are currently implementing modern equipment models.

One of the best options for a mini drive is a car from the Varangian company, which is designated both on the middle, the Wear-resistant as well as on powerful and powerful.


The Varyag Motoblocks are produced in China, but in the past twenty years their official suppliers have been in Russia. All cars of this manufacturer have the same standard equipment. The assembly of motoblocks is characterized by the high quality of parts and functions. Varyag units have a composition of the following elements.

  • Frame of wear. It consists of a steel that is treated with an ant i-corrosion coating. The frame is characterized by strength, so it can withstand the weight and additional awning, is no exception and a trailer with a weight of up to 600 kilograms.
  • Power plant. Four stroke petrol engines are installed in motoblocks, the sleeves of which are vertically.

  • Chassis. The Semi wave consists of steelexages. Pneumatic bikes 4×10 as well as tailors and floor hooks are attached to that have a diameter of 35 to 70 centimeters. Thanks to the release, the technology has the ability to move with a difficult relief to move around the areas.
  • Line bodies, which include a steering system, has poles, gas supply levers and gear switches. Thanks to the transmission, the movement of the mini drive is ensured at two speeds. The steering wheel can be set both in height and width.

  • Sushnik and adapter. These elements help to join the motoblock of additional units without the use of an adapter. Sushniki regulates height, which can contribute to a deeper cultivation of the earth.

The Varangian motifblocks are sold in collected form and are completely ready for use.

Before you go to the counter, the device is tested for checking the right assembly and installation of each node and the mechanism.

advantages and disadvantages

The technology from the Varangian brand has many advantages from which the main actors can operate in any climate zone. Machines can work with the adhesion of hinge units from various manufacturers. The advantages of motoblocks are the following.

  • High functionality. With this technique, a quick plowing of the fields, the loosening of the soil, the creation of beds, plants and the composition of the harvest occurs.
  • A combination of quality with quality.
  • The ability to make the car more perfect. Party and hinge devices contribute to the performance of many functions.
Sabre saws Interskol. Review, characteristics, reviews

  • Excellent quality of the work performed.
  • Easy maintenance, care and repair. In specialized shops and at petrol stations, you can buy everything you need to eliminate problems in the work of the tractor for the walk.

The Varangian technology is characterized by a good balance and has the opportunity to keep excellent storage on the slope. A special focus of the folding art is for the parking lot of the machine. There are only a few disadvantages of these motoblocks, one of them is the high equipment costs. Problems can arise when working in winter or frosty weather, as engine blocks need special fuel. Some symptoms of use also cause the noise and vibration of the machine.


Varangian offers the consumer a wide range of devices that can be either diesel and petrol. Every walk behavio r-tract is characterized by high strength, reliability and essentials, but there are also properties that distinguish models from one another. The most popular models from Motoblocks from the manufacturer “Varyag” are as follows.

  • “MB-701” is the best representative of the middle class with high functions of functionality. Such a machine is often carried out with the help of Hilling, which works with a floor hook, the transport of freight and much more.

Buyers appreciate this model for low weight, compact dimensions and high capacity. “MB-701” has a single cylinder engine, a three-speed gearbox, a 7-liter petrol-four-stroke engine. With.

  • “MB-901” is a reliable and multifunctional assistant for every owner. Additional devices can be connected with this unit, which contributes to performing various tasks. This model is equipped with a gear motor of 9 liters. With. Thanks to metal wheels, heavy land treatment is carried out. The technology has an excellent detection width and can also transport the load that weighs half a ton.
  • “MB-801” works with petrol and output 8 liters. With. With this engine power, the machine can consume a little fuel. The maneuverability is carried out due to a special design and large bikes, so that the equipment drives through the most neglected areas. There is a reverse, a clutch and chain drive in the car. Together with a mini contract catcher, the user receives spray devices, pneumatic wheels, a bumper, projection wing and an extension cable. The RAMA “MB-801” consists of corners with an improved plan that is treated with an anti-corrosion coating. This element of walking behavior is powerful. Hence the ability to withstand the severity of around 600 kilograms.

  • “MB-903”. This model of the Varangian manufacturer is equipped with a reliable diesel engine with an output of 6 liters. With. Thanks to the diesel fuel work, the machine can work for a long time. The existing three operating speeds contribute to the lack of work difficulties. The start of the starter takes place both mechanically and electrically. With a competent installation of Hitch, a mini actractor of this model can transport the load that weighs 550 kilograms. Motobo block cutters are included in the technology. This unit is not characterized by overheating because it is cooled through air.
  • MB-905 is a multifunctional diesel high performance unit. It was developed to carry out a large number of different tasks. The battery device in MB-905 made it a quiet motorcycle tour. The technology has a good continuity and performance.

Chips to choose

The tractor for walking behavior helps to facilitate the work in the garden and the personal property. This technology has been purchased for many years. It is therefore very important to make the right choice. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the power of the machine, since it is this property that offers the possibility to process the website. If the soil is marked by hardness, it is worth giving preference to a more powerful unit.

It is also worth remembering that the more powerful a mini contract promoter, the more fuel needs.

Another important selection criterion is the type of fuel used. Petrol engines have the advantage that they are quiet and easy to start. Motoblocks with petrol are considered suitable options for summer houses and small plots. It is worth stopping the choice on a diesel machine if you have to work on a large area. This type of engine is considered more durable and more reliable.

Mini tractors Scout. Overview of the model range, properties, test reports

The weight of the han d-led tractor is an indicator that must also be taken into account when buying equipment. Light han d-led tractors are not a suitable option for complex soil types, in such cases heavy device should be preferred. So that the work of the singl e-axle tractor does not cause any problems, you should not ignore the width of the knives. In order to become the owners of an inexpensive and reliable han d-led tractor, you should pay attention to a machine with low performance and cutting tools that are ideal for the planned work.

operation and maintenance

For a long and uninterrupted operation of a han d-led tractor, the first entrance that lasts at least eight hours is a very important stage. The equipment must be assembled strictly according to the instructions. You can use the generator according to a certain scheme. If the work is carried out incorrectly and the black carburetor candle is not properly installed, the winding can ignite.

When installing the generator, it is worth using two blue wires that are connected to the converter. The red cable is required for electricity and load. When the engine is first entered, no heavy work with maximum performance should be carried out. At the end of the process, the oil must be changed.

Motoblocks are pretty unpretentious in maintenance. The most important thing that you should not forget is the timely change of engine oil, as the manufacturer advises. Before the start of the work, the han d-led tractor must be carefully inspected and the functionality of parts and wiring must be monitored. Also, don’t forget to smear the gear levers with salidol or litol-24.

After completing all work, the device must be cleaned and washing, then drying and oiling with all rubbing parts.

Many disorders of the hand-led Varyag tractors can be remedied independently. For example, if the engine does not start, you should check the ignition and the presence of a spark, ensure that the amount of fuel is sufficient for the normal operation of the machine and also check the cleanliness of the filters. The problem of jerky motor operation can be hidden in the lack of or poor fuel quality, dirty filters or a lack of spark supply.

Optional equipment

Motoblocks “Varyag” can be made even more functional thanks to attachments. Additional units help plowing, planting, sowing, hilling, mowing, harvesting, cutting furrow, snow rooms and other work. You can buy such additional units for motoblocks “Varyag”:

  • Saber or crow’s base cutter;
  • Pendant for the transport of bulk goods or general cargo, which weighs about half a ton;

  • Adapter in the form of festivals;
  • Mowers who are indispensable for the havo;
  • Caterpillar attachments;

  • pneumatic and rubberized wheels;
  • Stollen;
  • Plow;

  • Snow milling;
  • Potato planters;
  • Potato rotor;

  • Couplings with and without adaptation;
  • Weight agent.


Reviews of the owners of the Varyag engine blocks indicate the ratio of price and quality for devices. Many users are satisfied with the work and performance of Mini-Actractors. There is also information about noise during operation, but they can be easily eliminated after adding oil. Users say that the technique is easy to use, starts up quickly, there are no problems with their cutters.

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