Overview of the installation of the electrical saws of the Bison brand. Technical features and operating rules

Overview of the installation of the electrical saws of the Bison brand. Technical features and operating rules

The best power plants are the idea of ​​the Russian Cospeak OVK company, which was founded in 2005. A newly shaped company specializes in the production and implementation of craft, electrical and benzo tools, including locksmiths. In addition, the brand produces garden equipment, devices and consumables – according to Gosts of the highest quality.

How you can protect yourself against counterfeits

There is demand – there are sentences, there is quality – also counterfeits appear. In order not to get a fake, you should show attention and interest:

  1. We look at the barcode and check the manufacturer.
  2. We look at the packaging – the original packaging has a light color and a hig h-quality cardboard.
  3. We look at the instrument – a very homogeneous case speaks of originality, the porous structure – about counterfeits.

And again we look at the tool ourselves: bright colors are inherent in the original product, steamed – fake.

And finally we go to the side of the manufacturer and to the leaf through the catalog. Check every number and letters, compare the photos, search for differences.

Overview of the models of the electrical chain saw “zubble”

The manufacturer of the device offers the following changes:

  1. Electric Saw “Zubble” ZCP 2000-02.
  2. Electric chain “Bison” ZCP 2001

Consider the advantages of Zuby Electrical Chain saw:

  • Compact dimensions;
  • Small weight;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • the ability to work in the room;
  • To brush comfortable access;
  • the presence of the brake system;
  • Hand protection;
  • Tsepopetor;
  • The adjustment of the voltage of the chain is inappropriate;
  • The chain’s lubricant is automated;
  • Ant i-vibrik;
  • Hostness;
  • Simplicity in operation;
  • Available price for power tools.

The disadvantage is the need for a power source and a wire that constantly extends behind the operator of the chainsaw.

Consider every modification separately.

Electric Saw “Zubble” ZCP 2000-02

This modification is used for sawing and tree trunks, trees and cutting branches under construction. The mass of the product is 5.6 kg. In this case, a collector’s electric motor with a capacity of 2000 watts has long been.

Electric spell ZVR ZTSP 2000-02

A single phases electric motor is driven from a network with a voltage of 220 V. The start of the chain electrical saws is button. There is protection against random start and protection against overload. The manufacturer recommends selling an original tire of 40.5 cm long and a saw chain by bus.

MINOGE range of Homelit chainsaws: description, characteristics and rules of use

The voltage of the chain is not in contact, whereby the prerequisite for the lubrication with adjustment is automatic. The safety level is the second: there is a hand protection, a circuit brake, a zeper and a motor brake. The handles are grated, comfortably handle, there is vibration protection. The capacity of the oil tank is 70 ml.

You can find more information in the instructions.

Power, W 2000
Tire length, mm 405 (16 “)
Rotation frequency, speed 8300
The speed of the chain, m/s 15.5
Oil tank capacity, ML 70
Noise level, DB 106
Supply voltage 220 V / 50 Hz
The position of the engine Longitudinal section
Dimension dimensions, MM (DHSHHV) 940x197x240
package cardboard box

Electric chain “Bison” ZCP 2001

This electric saw weighs 5.5 kg and is equipped with a 2000 W electric motor. Safe start, motor protection against overheating, push-button start. Safety requirements at height: top protection, chain catcher, chain and engine brake.

Dawed Electric Chain Bison ZCP 2001

A 40.5 cm tire is used, a chain is included. Chain tension without tools. The lubricant supply to the chain is automatic. The capacity of the oil tank has been increased from 70 (on the previous model) to 300 ml.

Shock absorbers in the handles protect the operator from the effects of vibration. For more information, see the user manual.

Power, W 2000
Tire length, mm 405 (16 “)
Rotation frequency, speed 5600
The speed of the chain, m/s 13.5
Oil tank capacity, ML 300
Noise level, DB 109
Supply voltage 220V/ 50Hz
The position of the engine across
Tool weight, kg 5,1
Weight with packaging, kg 6,8
Dimension dimensions, MM (DHSHHV) 850x273x195
kind of package cardboard box

Chainsaw complete set “Zubr”

The kit includes:

  1. OREGON chain.
  2. OREGON tires.
  3. tire protection cover.
  4. Instruction.

Operating instructions electric chainsaw “Zubr”

The instructions contain all information about the purchased product. Everything is structured and divided into sections:

  1. Electric sawing device.
  2. Characteristics.
  3. Safety measures at work and during maintenance.
  4. techniques and working methods.
  5. Prepare power tool for work.
  6. Completeness.
  7. Maintenance of the electric chainsaw “Zubr”.
  8. problems and their elimination.

preparation for operation

We list the actions that the operator must perform to prepare the power tool for work:

  • the electric saw is assembled according to the instructions in the manual;
  • Tires and saw chain are mounted;
  • the chain is tensioned with the built-in regulator;
  • the tank for chain lubrication is filled with engine oil (the manufacturer recommends ZUBR ZMPM oil);
  • Check the condition of the network cable. mains voltage;
  • Start the electric saw as described in the manual.
  • check the performance of the braking system;
  • Check the lubricant supply to the chain mechanism.
  • Let the saw idle and run at full power for 10-20 seconds.
Motoblocks Ray MB: technical specifications, device, operating instructions, ratings

Technical service

Electric saws “Zubr” are very undemanding in maintenance, in order to ensure a long service life, the following requirements must be met:

  • Monitor the tension of the chain and tighten it regularly.
  • monitor the sharpness of the chain – timely sharpening;
  • tighten the tire fasteners;
  • Clean the tool from dust, dirt, tire and oil stains;
  • pour oil into a container;
  • Turn off the saw with a button, and not just by disconnecting from the network.
  • Do not use the tool if there is a smell of burning, sparks, etc.

Malfunctions of the Zubr chainsaw

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the malfunctions that may occur when operating Zubr chainsaws:

The chainsaw does not turn on:

  • there is no mains voltage;
  • Overheating protection of the electric motor has tripped;
  • the chain brake has been activated;
  • worn carbon brushes;
  • the electric motor failed.
  • jammed mechanism;
  • the winding of the electric motor burned out;
  • low mains voltage;
  • brush wear;
  • switch problems.

The chain no longer rotates when the electric motor is running:

  • the chain brake has been activated;
  • the chain has come loose from the sprocket.

A working electric saw stopped abruptly:

  • jammed mechanism;
  • The switch does not work;
  • clamped the chain;
  • The brushes are worn out.
  • the motor winding burned out or broken;
  • lubrication has ended, the mechanism has jammed;
  • long charge;
  • high ambient temperature.

Low sawing speed:

  • the chain needs sharpening;
  • tire wear.

Bar and chain wear out quickly:

  • work without oil;
  • oil supply blocked;
  • strong pressure on the tool when sawing.

Video review of chainsaws Zubr

We offer you to watch the video about the operation of the Zubr electric chainsaw:

Chainsaw “Zubr”, owner reviews

Vyacheslav, 52 years old, Sumy

“Hello, I bought a model 2000 for household and construction 2 years ago – I built a barn, a bathhouse. The saw is average in terms of performance and quality, it pays its price one hundred percent. I turn it on periodically to keep the engine from overheating. I keep an eye on the oil in the reservoir, it runs out quickly, the chain isn’t bad. The oil supply system is often clogged with chips – and again I monitor and clean it in time.

Aurora 1350 Motobobes. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Pros: simple, cheap, works for the second year.

Disadvantages: strong, rapid oil consumption, oil system clogged with chips.

Sergei, 34 years old, Kaliningrad

“I bought Pilu last autumn, I planned to clear the old garden and use the leftovers as fuel for the fireplace. I did not want to take an expensive saw, but the Zubr was only interested in its characteristics and cost. I turn it on when needed, it works, it starts easily, it’s easy to maintain.

Pros: inexpensive, easy, cuts everything I need.

Nikita, 28 years old, Zaporozhye

“The electric saw is in operation for the second year. And sawing trees and boards. The lid came off in the 2nd month of use. Oil eats badly. Functions for which he has purchased leads.

Overview of electric saws Features of the lineup, service and reviews

JSC “Zubr OVK” presents to the Russian and foreign market a variety of construction tools, electrical appliances, tools for plumbing work, garden tools, air conditioners, components for various types of equipment. The Zubr electric chainsaw is a useful and effective tool for sawing boards and logs, felling trees, cutting various types of wood and gardening. Due to the high level of environmental friendliness compared to gasoline saws, the use of equipment in closed rooms, joinery is allowed.

Electric banna band

Model range of chainsaws

Chainsaws are represented by a small group. In fact, these are two basic models, based on each of which versions with improved characteristics are created. All four modifications are equipped with single-phase collector electric motors with a power of 2 kW, are powered from the mains, differ in cutting speed, the size of the oil tank for chain lubrication and, accordingly, technical capabilities.

Zubr ZTsP-2000 Zubr ZTsP-2000-02 Bison ZTsP-2001 Zubr ZTsP-2001-02

Model/Specs ЗЦП-2000-02 ЗЦП-2001-02 ZCP-2000 ZCP-2001
Cutting speed, m/s 15.5 13.6 13.5 12.1
Oil tank volume, ml 70 300 70 300

Modifications ZTsP-2000 and ZTsP-2001 are junior, intended mainly for domestic use. The versions marked (-02) are more advanced electric saws and are the most requested on the market. Using the Bison ZPTs-2000-02 electric saw as an example, let’s consider the characteristics of the device, operation, maintenance and possible malfunctions during the operation of the electric saw.

Motoblock Brait BR-75. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Chainsaw Zubr ZPTs-2000-02

Basic equipment: OREGON brand saw, guide bar and chain, protective cover for the guide bar, instruction manual, warranty documents.

Chain drainage of the bison

Features and benefits of the model:

  • Minimal maintenance due to simple design.
  • Ability to handle large logs and blanks.
  • A special system ensures fast chain tensioning and saw blade changes.
  • The presence of an instant brake in an emergency.
  • Automatic dosed oil supply for chain lubrication.
  • Overload protection for intensive continuous operation through thermos lock.
  • The chain catcher applies to chain break.
  • Function of the blocking of the inclusion.
  • Protection against unexpected loosening of the cable with a locking hook.

Beverage chain

Technical characteristics

The position of the engine along
perfomance 2000 W
Supply voltage 220V/50Hz
Rod length 405mm (16 ″)
Rotation frequency 8300 rpm
Chain speed 15.5 m/s
Capacity of the oil tank 70 ml
Noise 106dB
package Color box


The saw is maintenanc e-free: regular cleaning of dirt and dirt, fill oil in the tank (the manufacturer recommends the original oil of the ZUBR ZMPM or analogue brand), check the tension of the saw chain, replace brushes in good time. Despite the simple device, the Zubel electrical saws requires a careful setting, compliance with the safety regulations and the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper operation.

  • All manipulation – assembly of the tire, adjust and replace the chain, refuel with oil – must be carried out if the tool is separated from the network.
  • Note the elementary protective rules: special clothing, protective gloves, protective glasses, shield, ear protector. When falling trees, there is a helmet obligation, a sharply ground saw chain may only be installed with gloves.
  • The saw may only be operated with fully filled oil tank.

Oil tank

Main disorders and repair types

In order to avoid the failures and malfunctions of the chainsaw, the manufacturer recommends that the saw would be switched off immediately and contact the service if doubts about the correct function of the tool. The peculiarities of the electrical sowing device are such that not every owner can correctly assess the restrictive skills of the tool due to technical difficulties.

I drank bison

It should be noted that certain types of disorders in which the saw was operated contrary to the instructions are not covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the most important possible disorders of the ZUBL electrical saws, their diagnosis, removal and repair methods:

  • The saw cannot be switched on – check the mains voltage, the condition of the fuse, brushes, the engine, the brake key.
  • If the saw does not take on speed, you should check the brushes for wear, the winding, the functionality of the switch, the presence of mains voltage and any blocks.
  • When the engine runs, the chain does not move – the chain may have loosened from the flash of drive or the chain brake has remained attracted.
  • Overheating of the electrosaw – is caused by too intensive use, lack of lubrication of the saw blade, high air temperature.
  • Bad cut quality – the rail may have been worn out or the chain has become dull.
  • Too fast wear or dulling the chain – maybe the oil does not get to the saw chain or there is no oil in the oil container at all. If the tool is strongly pressed during operation, a similar malfunction can also occur.

Electric banna band

The factory manual contains comprehensive information about the device of the Zubr-electrical saws, safety requirements for the worker, possible disorders and recommendations for their removal as well as practical advice on the control of the skills in dealing with tools.

Video review

Electrical frail saw bison ZTSP-2001-02, initial run

Motor saw Zubr ZTSP-20000-02

Owner reviews


“I bought a chain electrical saw of the bison 2000-02 for rolling forests. Of course I use the tool intensively. It works well, regularly gives a break, depending on which breed comes. Reliable saw, I am satisfied. The factory chain is not bad, but it is only suitable for domestic use. I bought it more powerfully.

The advantages: chain recording, immediately, good performance.

Disadvantages: no. “


“I’ve been using an electric drink for 4 years. Model of the SPC 2001. From the plus points I will pay attention to a large oil tank, it is practical if you go into the garden for half a day, we cut branches or wood. There was no failure reliable. I think there are no defects. The only thing that does not enable the cable to process from the network. However, I don’t work a lot, but I still work. A month later, a month later, the engine burned to 2000 models, as the engine overheated. So far, the service cannot handle the service. “

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