Overview of the installation of gasoline and electric lawn mowers brand Sterwins

Sterwins lawn mower (Sternesses)

Lawn mowers Sterwin – a good option for small home schemes. The technique of this brand demonstrates a high level of reliability, maneuverability, smoothness and efficiency when working on slopes. The many useful features built into the Sterwins design greatly simplify their operation and increase the performance of the units in difficult weather conditions.

Sterwins technology for the most demanding users

In 2004, Leroy Merlin saw several important developments, including the founding of the Sterwin’s brand. Under the new brand, high-quality garden equipment was launched, which almost immediately gained popularity among users in the Post-Soviet region.

Today Sterwin’s range of campfires includes gasoline and electric models. Units of the first type are mainly made in China, and only a small part of them is produced at a factory in Hungary. All of them are equipped with encumbered Briggs & Stratton engines, which stand out for their perseverance and efficiency.

Sterwin electric mowers differ from their counterparts of other well-known brands in their balance, ergonomics and increased maneuverability. They are very easy to use and require no special maintenance. These and other advantages allow Sterwins mowers to be used by users with any kind of gardening tool experience.

Sterwins BP450 125cc Gasoline Mower

The main purpose of this modification – the care of lawns on the areas from 20 to 55 m 2. The mower is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton long-life, 1700W gasoline engine. It is configured to work in the temperature range from t-5 to +35 ° C. The standard equipment of the engine includes a soft start system, forced air cooling and 6 rubber dampers that absorb engine vibrations.

Sterwins BP450 125cc Gasoline Lawn Mower

The manufacturer has equipped the mower with an ergonomic U-shaped handle made of light steel. It can be adjusted in height or fully folded for transportation.

Model parameters:

  • Power – 2.3 hp. С.;
  • Mowing width – 40 cm;
  • Mowing height – 2,5-7,5 cm;
  • Weight 26,2 kg.

The mower is distinguished by the high quality of parts and components. The manufacturer’s warranty is 3 years.

Sterwins BS500E lawn mower

Among the main advantages of this model, users include simplicity, unpretentiousness in maintenance and impressive power. The mower is adapted to work in bad weather conditions and shows good quality on almost any vegetation due to the different cutting heights.

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The self-propelled version is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton electric unit with improved anti-vibration system, soft start safety and a modified muffler. The latter effectively reduces the noise level during operation of the unit to 96 dB.

Sterwins BS500E lawn mower

The capacious grass catcher box, designed for 60 liters of waste, is responsible for collecting the grass from the configuration of the mower. For attachment, the manufacturer uses plastic clamps, which can be released with one hand.

Model parameters:

  • Power – 2.6 hp;
  • width of the aisle – 46 cm;
  • Mowing height – 2,5-7,5 cm;
  • Weight – 33,8 kg.

The lawn mower is equipped with a rugged steel housing that can withstand hard knocks and corrosion.

Sterwins QT 55 lawnmower

The main features of this modification are the increased width of mowing the lawn, higher productivity and efficiency of work on sites with different relief. The model is equipped with a durable power unit with a working volume of 160 cm3 and a tank capacity of 750 ml.

The mower is equipped with a reinforced supporting frame, which resists corrosion and frequent contact with hard obstacles. The frame holds the main operating elements of the model, including the steel blade knife, ball bearing wheels, and an ergonomic U-shaped folding handle.

Sterwins Qt 55 lawn mower

A roomy fabric grass catcher box, included as standard, is responsible for collecting freshly mowed greens and can be removed and installed with sturdy proprietary clips.

Model parameters:

  • Power – 4 hp. С.;
  • Width of the aisle – 51 cm;
  • Mowing height – 2,5-7,5 cm;
  • Weight – 38 kg.

All the lawnmower controls are located on the handle and are in the immediate vicinity of the operator’s hands. This simplifies the operation of devices in a limited space.

Sterwins 320 EP lawnmower

This model from the Sterwins brand is designed for occasional use in the home. It is distinguished by the simplicity of the factory device, unpretentious maintenance, modest size and increased maneuverability.

August in the garden

The manufacturer has equipped the mower with a reliable electric motor, the shaft of which is connected to the cutting unit by means of a strong belt transmission. The motor is equipped with effective indicators, which shut it down instantly in case of short circuit. To protect against moisture, the power unit has a plastic protective hood.

Sterwins 320 EP lawn mower

The Robotic Lawnmower has a sturdy U-shaped handle in a classical design. It can be adjusted in height or folded for compact storage.

Model parameters:

  • power – 1200 watts;
  • working width: 32 cm;
  • cutting height – 2,5-6,5 cm;
  • weight – 11 kg.

The mower is characterized by a low noise level, which does not exceed 89 dB even at maximum load on the engine.

Sterwins 340 EP lawn mower

This half-powered electric lawn mower boasts medium power and flexible traction. It mows lawns quickly and efficiently in areas up to 800 m 2 .

Sterwins 340 EP lawn mower

The model is equipped with a long-life electric motor, designed to work in the temperature range from +5 to +30⁰C. In the event of overheating or a short circuit in the network in the motor unit, automatic interlocks are triggered, which disable it to preserve further functionality.

Model parameters:

  • power – 1400 W;
  • the width of the passage – 33 cm;
  • Mowing height – 2,5-7,5 cm;
  • weight – 14 kg.

The mower is equipped with a folding handle, the handles of which are covered with non-slip material.

Sterwins 360 EP lawn mower

The main construction feature of this modification is the 3 wheels instead of the standard 4. Two wheels are at the back of the model, and the third is at the front. This allowed to reduce the total weight of the equipment and increase its maneuverability.

The mower is equipped with a reliable medium-power electric motor, which is additionally protected against moisture by IPX4. During operation, the engine reaches a speed of 3300 rpm – enough to mow not only the lawn, but also from small weeds.

Sterwins 360 EP lawn mower

The modification is equipped with a classic rotation system consisting of a blade and a belt transmission. The special shape of the cutter bar blades creates an additional air flow that folds up the grass residue and sends it to the receiving hopper. The mower provides free access to the blade, which makes it much easier to repair.

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Model parameters:

  • power – 1400 W;
  • Mowing width: 36 cm;
  • Mowing height – 3-6 cm;
  • Weight – 11,6 kg.

For the protection of internal nodes in the complete set of lawnmower is responsible shockproof housing made of polypropylene.

Sterwins 400 EP

The purpose of this home mower – shuttle mowing the lawn with small areas of dense overgrowth on the area of maximum 400 m 2. The modification is equipped with a long-life electric unit, an easy start system, improved air cooling and a housing that is designed to protect the engine from moisture.

Sterwins 400 EP lawn mower

The manufacturer has equipped the mower with a central blade height adjustment system. The switch is located on the ergonomic U-shaped handle, with which you can set the height with one hand.

Model parameters:

  • power – 1400 W;
  • Mowing width: 36 cm;
  • Mowing height – 3-6 cm;
  • Weight – 11,6 kg.

The Stravins 400 lawnmower is equipped with a large funnel for 35 liters of freshly mowed vegetation.

Review of the Stravins lawn mower

If you choose a machine for mowing the lawn, but can not decide on the model, pay attention to the garden equipment from the Italian manufacturer Sterwin. We present a review of Sterwin lawn mowers to help you make the right choice.

Choice of lawn mower from Sterwins

Choosing a lawn mower Sterwins

Technical characteristics

This brand is produced by Leroy Merlin, which sells products for the construction and decoration of homes and summer cottages. More than 300 stores of this company work all over the world. They present a wide range of affordable products, the quality of which is unquestionable, and the level of service deserves the most flattering evaluations. Let us dwell in more detail on the garden equipment, namely from the company Sterwin’s Lawner.


Of course, the main advantage of gasoline units is that, unlike electric units, they do not need to be plugged in. The Briggs & Stratton Series 500 (2.7 hp) has a powerful proprietary engine, with blade speeds up to 2,900 rpm.

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Sterwin lawnmowers have a simple mechanism, but this only makes them more reliable and convenient to work with.

Garden equipment is available in a steel case, as seen in the photo. The package includes a 35-liter grass catcher box. Thanks to it, you will not have to waste energy on collecting the mowed grass. The mower captures grass surfaces with a width of 42 to 44 cm, and the cutting height can be set between 3 and 7 cm. The weight of the device depends on the model and can range from 10 kg to 30 kg.


Each model comes with an instruction manual, in which you can read the technical properties and operation.

What you should pay attention to when choosing a lawn mower from Sterwins:

  • The cost of the model. This is one of the main parameters to pay attention to, as the design and the presence of additional features determine the price of the device.
  • Select the right mower according to the parameters of your plot. Larger plots require more powerful garden tools that run on gasoline. Compact electric ones are suitable for small plots.

The most important types of lawn mowers are:

  • Cylindrical;
  • Rotating.


One of the most popular models is the spindle mower, which you can buy in various modifications. Such machines can be electric or fuel-powered.


Gasoline mowers are much more powerful and can handle larger areas. In this respect, electric models lose, because they are tied to a fixed outlet, their movement is limited by the length of the cable. These machines are best to work on small areas.


Cylindrical grass shears are best used for decorative lawn care, as can be seen in the photo. The mechanism of such a lawnmower cuts the grass very accurately due to the special attachment of the blades on the horizontal axis. This gives the lawn characteristic stripes.


It is necessary to know that the quality of mowing depends directly on the number of knives. Accordingly, the price will be higher.

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You can pay attention to another type of lawn mower – a rotary mower. These machines have both gasoline and electric motor. These mowers have a simple blade mechanism that rotates parallel to the ground, cutting the grass. The rotary mechanism copes even with tall or wet grass, as shown in the video – this is its main advantage.

To sum it up

The Leroy Merlin store offers a great selection of Sterwins lawnmowers with different types of engines. You can choose an indispensable helper for gardening, based on the assessments of the store employees and by reading the instruction manual. Satisfied customers are the best advertising for Leroy Merlin.

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Actually, the lawnmower may be good, but I didn’t realize it had broken in time. The adapter flew off, you can’t fix it at the service center, it’s not a warranty case. They don’t do it for the money either, there are no spare parts and they don’t carry them. So my assessment is the same. And before you take something in Leroy Merlin, think about whether you are willing to just throw away the amount of money taken out for the equipment. I’ve since thrown chainsaws in the trash because they wouldn’t repair them anywhere, and now I’m busted again. That’s right, the miser pays twice, but I’ve already paid four times.

One for one. I totally agree.

Thanks for the comments: I was faced with the choice of getting a Sterwins trimmer for 5000 or a Bosh for 7000. I read their case studies and got it all figured out.

Unfortunately, I also came across the fact that Sterwin machines are not repairable anywhere! It’s very far away that a brand like Leroy Merlin doesn’t care about their customers at all. I will not buy serious stuff at leroy merlin.

I agree with Sternwins repair. One of the brushes died, took it apart, looked at it. No parts for it, only from China. Garbage.

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