Overview of the Huter singl e-axisstractors. Description of models, video work, reviews

Overview of the Huter singl e-axisstractors. Description of models, video work, reviews

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about the company

The Huter brand is German, but almost all facilities are in China, which significantly reduces product costs and makes it accessible to a wide consumer group.

The products produced by the company include han d-led tractors, lawnmowers, generators and more. It should be pointed out that the hand-led Huter tractors were only released in a relatively short time ago or in 2011.

They entered the Russian market later, so that the dealer network with service centers is not yet fully structured.

Most technology elements do not match similar nodes and are not interchangeable. Thanks to the mult i-stage control, however, the manufacturers achieve a certain quality of their product that enables them to operate singl e-axle tractors for a long time.

Motoblocks and cultivators


The hand-led Tractor Huter GMC-1.8 was developed to facilitate work on small household plots and summer houses because it is the smallest and most economical model.

The tw o-stroke engine has an output of 1.25 hp and the volume of the fuel tank is only 0.65 liters. The fuel tank is translucent, which means that the owner can pursue the fuel stand in good time.

The device helps you to cultivate in a densely planted area and to bend bushes and trees, since the working width is only 23 cm.

Thanks to the telescopic handle, which can be folded down compactly, the device does not take up much space when stowing up.

Technical characteristics
Energy source petrol
engine 2-stroke
Engine power 1.25 hp
Editing 230mm`
Processing depth 150mm
Milling diameter 220mm
Capacity of the gas tank 1.2 l
Speeds 1 Next
The weight 17 kg


Motoblock Huter GMC-5.5 is a compact model under the entire line and is designed for small businesses. The presence of a forward and backward speed helps with maneuvering on the construction site.

The model is equipped with a 5.5 hp petrol engine, which does not overheat with air cooling.

The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters. Allows long work without refueling. The diameter of the milling is 32 cm, which means that the farmer can process the soil up to a depth of 35 cm.

Technical characteristics
Energy source petrol
engine 4 tact
Engine power 5.5 hp
Editing 890mm`
Processing depth 350mm
Milling diameter 320mm
Capacity of the gas tank 3.6 l
Speeds 1 forward / 1 back
The weight 60 kg


Motoblock Huter GMC-6.5 is a middle class at a savings price. Perfectly copes with the processing of a small and mediu m-sized property.

The engine power is 6.5 hp. Allows the cultivation to be cultivated from a virgin floor. The presence of forward gear and a reverse gear ensures good maneuverability.

The chain drive with which the device is equipped is characterized by reliability and durability.

Ergonomic appearance thought through to the last detail. The wings over the cutterbars protect the operator from flying clods of earth and debris. All the necessary controls are on the handle, as well as rubber pads that prevent slipping. A practical feature of the walk-behind tractor is the height adjustment of the steering wheel, which allows the operator to work comfortably.

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The self-weight of the two-wheel tractor is the force that presses on the cutting blades when moving forward, so the operator does not have to make a lot of effort.

Technical characteristics
Energy source petrol
engine 4 tact
Engine power 6.5 HP / 4.78 kW
Editing 900mm`
Milling diameter 320mm
Capacity of the gas tank 3.6 l
Speeds 1 forward / 1 back
The weight 50kg

GMC 7.0

The Huter GMC-7/0 Motoblock is an excellent combination of maneuverability and performance with relatively low fuel consumption used as gasoline.

The light weight greatly simplifies the unit’s transport and management on site. In addition, the adjustable handle allows you to adjust it to the optimal height, which greatly contributes to the comfort of the operator.

The design is equipped with wide pneumatic wheels designed to facilitate the movement of the walk-behind tractor, as well as 6 knives with which the width of the processed row reaches 83 cm.

The mounting options are limited to a depth of 32 cm.

With an engine power of 7 hp. and a tank volume of 3.6 liters, the device has low fuel consumption and accordingly allows you to do without refueling for a long time. Air-cooled engine.

Technical characteristics
Energy source petrol
engine 4 tact
Engine power 7 hp
Editing 830mm`
Milling diameter 300mm
Capacity of the gas tank 3.6 l
Speeds 2 forward / 1 back
The weight 50kg


The Huter GMC-7.5 walk-behind tractor is a semi-professional model designed for various tillage operations on plots with soils of different density.

The engine power is 7.5 hp, which allows you to quickly and efficiently cope with processing a large area. The presence of a PTO shaft requires the use of attachments.

Gasoline is used as fuel. Thanks to the gearbox based on a 3-speed gearbox, the device can reach speeds of up to 10 km/h.

The presence of a reverse gear makes it easier to work on a walk-behind tractor and makes it more maneuverable.

Technical characteristics
Energy source petrol
engine 4 tact
Engine power 7 hp
Editing 1000mm`
Milling diameter 300mm
Capacity of the gas tank 3.6 l
Speeds 2 forward / 1 back
The weight 93kg

GMC 9.0

The Huter GMC-9 walk behind tractor is designed for active farmers cultivating large areas. The presented model will perfectly cope with a plot of up to 2 hectares.

The power of the four-stroke engine is 9 hp. When using a trolley, the two-wheel tractor easily transports up to 400 kg of cargo.

Fuel consumption is so economical that a tank with a capacity of 5 liters lasts a long time.

The transmission is designed for 2 forward and one reverse gear.

Technical characteristics
Energy source petrol
engine 4 tact
Engine power 9 hp
Editing 1150mm
Milling diameter 300mm
Capacity of the gas tank 5 л
Speeds 2 forward / 1 back
The weight 135.6kg

types of attachments

A wide range of hinge devices for the Huther engine blocks that are offered for sale significantly expand the skills of the device and thus contributes to the execution of the hard work on the farm.

The following types of devices are suitable for all Huter models:

  • Pump to the location to supply water;
  • Lover s-bearing solder that facilitate the passage of a motor block on viscous soil;
  • Nozzle to cut the edges of the landings;
  • Mills of different sizes are suitable for cultivating the soil and removing weeds.
  • The potato cutter is designed in such a way that they collect potatoes by separating the root harvest from the floor.
  • The Harrow helps with furrows that are then used for planting or irrigation.
  • The hip is an indispensable device if necessary to carry out hilling on rows.
  • The adapter and the trailers are used to improve the comfort at work and to transport goods.
  • Streeps serve to deplude grass and other grain.
  • The plow is the most popular device according to the milling machine, since plowing is carried out faster and more efficiently, especially if the task is to process the virgin land.
  • Snowman, Dumplings-Lopat-Can, are used by other manufacturers while not managing the work less effectively. The snowman throws snow several meters away, so that safety measures should be observed when working with him.
  • With the clutch you can attach all fastening equipment to the tractor of the walk behavior.
  • Tears are used in these models of motoblocks that have a low weight for effective immersing in the ground.
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The actions contained in the course of the runs extend the lifespan of the tractor of the walk behavior considerably, since all parts and all components are lubricated during these parts.

You also have the option of testing a walk in the underwater service.

Playing after buying and lon g-term storage is carried out. If you carry out the following actions, you will not spend much time, but will extend the lifespan of the unit:

  1. Check the presence of oil in the motor crank. Pour a full fuel tank.
  2. Bring the engine with you in accordance with the instructions and let yourself work for 20 minutes.
  3. Make a patch after 20 minutes and increase the speed to the maximum. Try to change the gears. Work for 4 hours in this mode.
  4. In the next 4 hours you can connect the wheels and drive a tractor for walks without using devices.
  5. Leave all used butter after running and pour new ones.

Usage characteristics

Monitor the oil level in the tank for a successful operation. With a low level or a complete absence of a lubricant, the engine can fail.

The manufacturer recommends pouring motor oil type 10W40 at plus temperatures. The first exchange takes place after 10 motorized hours and the subsequent plan approves the plan (every 50 motorized hours).

Petrol with an octane number 92 is used as fuel. To pour petrol into the tank, you first have to loosen the lid and wait until the pressure in the tank is balanced.

Important! Do not close the air damper while you start a warm engine because you can fill out a candle

The main break and their causes

The engine will not start The spark plug is defective – it must be replaced; The candle is smoky – it has to be cleaned; The tip of the candle will dry or replace; Ignition magnet defective – replacement; Blade Keil Magneto – Set; Constitious fuel filter – clean or replace; Hoses do not lead to fuel – renew; The carburetor is polluted (for gasoline models) – disassembly and cleaning.
The blades no longer turned Stones and lumps of earth have blocked the milling cutters – stop the device and clean the working body; Loose fastening elements – put on; Cup train not set – setting.
Wheels don’t turn Cup train not set – setting; Loose screws – put on; Tense belt – replace
Noise reduction Loose fastening elements – tighten; Oil level under normal – refill.
Planting and pruning of trees and shrubs

Owner reviews

Eugene: “I’ve been working on Grubber GMS-5.5 for 2 years. Initially, I liked the compact appearance, which at the same time seems impressive. There were no problems in the company, it fulfills all tasks and not even overheated. From the minus points I noticed that there is dirt on the engine due to the narrow wings and affects its cooling. It is bad that the control handle is not regulated, you have to bend down and the fatigue is faster. ”

Maxim: “I almost broke the Grubber GMS-5.5 with my own hands, in which I mistakenly poured kerosene instead of gasoline. But nothing happens, tidy and deserves. The strength is not enough on a tight surface, so you have to overtake several times. I have not found any defects, except for one – there are few retailers who sell attachments and other manufacturers are not suitable for fastening. Despite Chinese production, the quality is German! “

If you are the owner of the Huter Motoblock, we invite you to leave your rating in which you can familiarize our readers with the advantages and disadvantages of the model.

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A helper is required for soil processing to process small summer houses and large agricultural areas.

The Huter Sachstractor fulfills the best European standards and at the same time has an affordable price on the agricultural machinery market.

In the article we analyze the properties of Huter products, consider the model range of the hand-led tractors and the top of the best units of the manufacturer.

location Surname Price
Top 4 of the best Hauter singl e-axisstractors
1 Huter MK-7000 Ask for a price
2 Huter MK-7500 Ask for a price
3 Huter MK-9500 Ask for a price
4 Huter MK-11000 (m) Ask for a price

Basic information

Huter is a German brand whose devices are produced in China. This helps to make the company’s products cheaper and more accessible for a wide range of customers.

In addition to engine blocks and grubber, the Huter plant produces generators, chainsaws, garden tools, lawnmowers, etc.

The company only started trading with han d-held tractors since 2011. The products came to Russia a little later, also because no interchangeable elements could be found for original parts.

The han d-led tractor is a small independent machine (min i-tractor) that can carry out small agricultural work, in particular the processing of large properties.

The German Hauter device for soil processing is easy to start the first time, you need:

  • Open the fuel tap and close the air flap;
  • Turn on the ignition and direct the gear lever into the neutral position.
  • Minimal twist the throttle;
  • Drag the starter label into resistance, return to its original position, and then pull sharply.
  • Warm up the started engine for about two minutes and gently open the damper.
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For the maintenance of the tractor for walk injuries, the product only requires checking the oil, fuel, and grinding and a coupon.

The 92nd gasoline is used as fuel and it is recommended to use a 10W40 brand as engine oil.


series and its brief description

Huter engine blocks in the domestic market are presented in two episodes:

  • Huter-GMC-The series includes 6 models that allow both to facilitate work in small agricultural plots and large areas of soil (up to 2 hectares). All GMS engine blocks have different petrol engine power: 1.8; 5.5; 6.5; 7.0; 7.5; 9.0 hp The size of the fuel tanks also differs: the volume varies from 0.65 liters to 5 liters.
  • HULER-MK-IS IS A range of cultivators and includes models such as MK-6700, MK-7000, MK-7500, MK-9500 and MK-11000 (M).

Top 4 best models review

In this review, we have collected the best models for you in terms of price, quality and reliability.

The best Motoblock Huter

Huter MK-7000


Motoblock of German origin belongs to a simple class. It is a faithful assistant for people who contain personal farming or small farm.

The product lightens heavy human labor associated with soil treatment. The device cultivator processes the soil in the range from 61 to 100 cm, the soil is grins – 30 cm.

The kit includes 6 mills, each with a diameter of 300mm.

The tractor of the Walk behavior works with a cylinder with a petrol with a petrol four-stroke. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters. The power of the engine motor is 7 hp, and its volume is 208 cubic meters.

As for the transmission, the motoblock has a reverse gear, three gears (two forward, reverse), a chain transmission, a belt type clutch and a gearbox for mechanical actions.

Technical characteristics :

  • cultivation width-61-100 cm;
  • The cultivation depth is 30 cm;
  • power – 7 hp;
  • The size of the tank for fuel is 3.6 liters;
  • Weight – 72 kg.


  • easy to assemble;
  • high energy;
  • high quality of case materials;
  • agile;
  • saves fuel;
  • good equipment;
  • Easy to start.


  • awkward grip for shift speed;
  • All rods for fastening mills;
  • Weak for virgin processing.

Huter MK-7500


Hig h-qualit y-wal k-tractor with a power selection shaft (type of connectio n-skifen). The cultivator can process up to 85 cm of soil. The product works with one cylinder on a gasoline four-stroke engine.

The power of the engine motor is quite high and is 7 hp, its volume is 208 cubic meters. cm.

The motblock has one reverse, two front and one posterior gears, pneumatic type of wheels and mechanical gearing of the speed switch.

The volume of the fuel tank is 6 liters.

The delivery set includes: the walk tractor, the adjustment handle, the footboard, the couch, 8 mills, pneumatic fires, the bracket for fastening, the wheels and wings for protection, the set of fasteners and the instruction for operation.

Technical characteristics :

  • The cultivation width is 85 cm;
  • The volume of the gasoline engine is 208 cubic meters;
  • power – 7 hp;
  • The size of the tank for fuel is 6 liters.


  • multifunctionality;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • high quality cultivation;
  • There is an opposite;
  • There are special shields on wheels;
  • Easy to start;
  • Light and manoeuvrable.
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  • bad welds;
  • After filling the gearbox, oil can escape.

Huter MK-9500


German han d-guided tractor for soil processing with a tap wave. Floor processing can take place on an area of ​​115 cm wide.

The device is delivered with 6 knives, all with a diameter of 320 mm.

The four-stroke petrol engine has an output of 9.50 hp. and a volume of 250 cc.

A mechanical gear, pneumatic wheels, 3 courses and a reversible shooting help to cultivate the country better and deeper. Product dimensions: 970*570*850 mm.

Technical characteristics :

  • Cultivation width – 115 cm;
  • Displacement – 250 cc;
  • Performance – 9.50 hp;
  • The size of the tank for fuel is 6 liters.


  • High engine output;
  • Starts the first time;
  • good physique;
  • Quality parts;
  • plow the country well;
  • saves fuel;
  • simple control;
  • Works great with attachments.


  • too fast working speed;
  • Tires of poor quality;
  • pretty high costs;
  • Starter handle of poor quality.

Huter MK-11000 (m)


Moto block of the middle class, which can process up to 115 cm floor. In one sentence, Mühlen, with a diameter of 320 mm. The engine is a fou r-stroke, runs with petrol, the power is 11 hp.

The han d-led tractor has three courses, a reverse gear and a mechanical gear knob.

The fuel tank holds up to 3.6 liters of gasoline.

The delivery of the han d-led tractor includes: a motor with frame, a crane button, brackets, knives, knives, an assembly kit. Protective wing and device pass.

Technical characteristics :

  • Cultivation width – 115 cm;
  • Performance – 11 PS;
  • The size of the tank for fuel is 3.6 liters;
  • Weight – 140 kg.


  • high energy;
  • There is an opposite;
  • The oil sensor is switched on;
  • The engine does not overheat;
  • simple control;
  • Weight cannot be felt – hands do not get tired;
  • Maneuverability and simple operation;
  • Setting the depth of the tillage.


  • high equipment costs;
  • Badly welded hubs, not very hig h-quality workmanship.


Huter motor blocks edit the floor with milling and can also be aggregated with various attachments:

  • Pflug – Developed for the primary preparation of the soil for sowing and plowing, it turns the top layer of earth. This process kills all weed seeds and the floor becomes softer;
  • Hiller is a nozzle used for hill, loosening, ditching and weed control. The device looks like a metal wedge with blades that rotate on a frame. ;
  • Potato roder – digs mechanically and puts them on the floor. The nozzle carefully lifts the layer of earth and leaves the entire potato harvest on the construction site;
  • Metal tunnels – necessary to improve the traction and prevent slipping, they also increase the traction.

Sometimes they are devices such as roundabout mowers, potato mesh machines, eggs, floor looseners, tunnels, water pumps, weights, minian hangers, household brushes and much more.

The biggest options for working with an attachment have handmade tractors with an output of 7.5 hp. and 9 hp

The assembly of additional elements on the singl e-axle tractor is quick, facilitates a lot of agricultural work and also transforms the cultivator into pump, snow blower, sweeper and lawn mower.

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