Overview of the Husqvarna 5524 ST snow blower. Description, instructions, owner reviews

Overview of the Husqvarna 5524 ST snow blower. Description, instructions, owner reviews

Husqvarna is a Swedish company that has been producing agricultural machinery for over 300 years. The Husqvarna 5524 ST snow blower is another hig h-quality machine of a wel l-known company. The performance of the device is surprising, in any weather and under all conditions it starts and fulfills the task.

Snowman Husqvarna 5524 ST

The powerful Briggs & Stratton petrol engine is designed for lo w-temperature operation and is easy to start thanks to the buil t-in hand cable. The maximum output is 5.5 hp, which means that you can achieve speeds of 4 kilometers per hour.

The snow blower Husqvarna 5524 ST has overload protection. The instruction states that in this case only the shear bolts on the snail are damaged.

Husqvarna 5524 ST is large and therefore difficult. 95 kilograms of your workforce will vacate the construction site without much difficulty.

The drill has a diameter of 30.5 centimeters, its width and height are 61 and 58 centimeters. The snow blower Husqvarna 5524 ST can be controlled well, but a stepless gear is installed. Therefore, the movements are smooth and switching is soft and produced.

In total, the car has six courses, four of them for forward trip and two for reverse gear. They are switched on the control panel via a small lever. Thanks to the differential lock, the snow blower Husqvarna can handle 5524 st effortlessly curves. It is also possible to turn with one hand – a clutch locking lever is attached to the handle.

The snow blower is driven by a V-belt marked with B35 (889LI). Beat dimensions:

  • Width – 17 mm;
  • Height – 11 mm;
  • Inner length – 889 mm;
  • Work length – 930 mm;
  • Outside length – 938 mm.

It should be noted that the snail and traction drive straps are not adjustable.

If you start to slip through the snail and the drive belt or are worn out, you should be replaced. When replacing, make sure to let the fuel out of the tank.

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Some useful tips for the operation of the Husqvarna 5524 ST petrol snow reference:
  • Replace the spark plug every season, preferably every 100 operating hours.
  • Check the straps regularly for damage, a break can have devastating consequences.
  • Change the oil after 50 operating hours.
  • Check the condition of all screws before starting work, if necessary, put them on.


engine Briggs & Stratton Snow Max (800 series)
Power / engine size 6 PS
Fuel tank volume 205cm³
transmission 6+2
cleaning tw o-stage
Fuel tank volume 3 л
Working width / snow height 61/58.5cm
Snail diameter 30.5 cm
Wheel diameter 12 inches
Wheel size 16 x 4.8 ″
Dimensions L / B / H: 130/65/120 cm
Weight of the snow blower 103 kg


  • Motor, professional, made for work at low temperatures, manually raised in all weather conditions;
  • A tw o-stage snow space system, a lon g-lasting snail crushed and promotes the snow to the whipped wheel, from where it flies out through the bell;
  • The control panel is convenient and practical, there are basic control systems for the snow blower;
  • ejection adjustment using the lever located on the control panel;
  • Wheels with a diameter of forty centimeters have a particularly deep profile;
  • LED headlights for efficient work in the twilight.

Video review

owner reviews

The Husqvarna 5524 ST snow thrower is rated five out of five possible stars. Gently cleans without damaging surfaces.


“A large and heavy machine with good maneuverability and speed. Starting by hand is not difficult, it starts quickly and easily. It works at any temperature, it happens a t-15C and below that it doesn’t start immediately. But there are no complaints about the work, it cleans the snow with high quality, throws it far away. For a couple of seasons nothing broke, bent or started to wobble. The headlights haven’t proved useful yet, but they shine well.”

Anton, Moscow:

“I bought it in the fall, it turned out to be a marriage, gasoline was dripping from the carburetor. I called the service and they came. fixed for free. I have never met such an efficient snow blower before. Not comparable to my past. I clean the area around the house, everything is tiled, no damage has occurred. Happy with the purchase.”

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Husqvarna ST5524 snow blower. Overview, characteristics, reviews

Husqvarna snow blowers have proven to be one of the best snow removal tools in the garden equipment market. Husqvarna ST5524 is a professional model that can be used for cleaning a variety of areas both at home and on an industrial scale.

Snowman Husqvarna St5524

The device is based on a four-stroke petrol engine Briggs & Stratton 800 SnowSeries. The drive unit was specially developed for Husqvarna snow blowers.


The power of the Husqvarna ST5524 snow blower is 5 hp. With. This is a small model. Unlike more modern models, this snow thrower only has a manual engine start. The lack of an electric starter significantly affects the device start at sub-zero temperatures.

Snowman Husqvarna St5524 at work

Husqvarna ST5524 is a small model, the maximum width of the augers is 61 cm, and the height is 59. At the same time, the manufacturer recommends using a snow blower with a snowdrift height of no more than 30 cm, if the snow depth exceeds 30 cm, the operator must reduce the speed of movement reduce and go through the construction site twice.

The maximum driving speed can be 4 km/h. For maximum convenience, the model is equipped with a speed change system: 6 forward and 2 reverse gears.

Features of the Husqvarna ST5524:
  • two-stage snow processing system (snow is crushed by an auger and then ejected by a bell);
  • stable engine (B&S SnowSeriesMax are designed for hard use in winter);
  • the ability to lock the differential, which allows you to change the direction of movement;
  • the presence of headlights for working in the dark;
  • 3 liter fuel tank;
  • Auger height adjustment. This function is essential when clearing snow on easily damaged surfaces such as tiles or stones. The second type includes crushed stone and pebbles. If the height of the auger is set incorrectly, stones can get into the device and damage its parts.
  • overload protection system.
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If the engine overheats, the snowthrower will stop before the engine has completely cooled.


type of engine petrol
engine volume 205cc
engine power 5 hp
engine power 3700W
begin electric starter
Fuel tank volume 3.0L
coverage 61cm
handle height 59cm
Snail diameter 30.5 cm
weight (kg 103

User Guide

Before being put into operation, the manufacturer recommends that you familiarize yourself with the operating instructions. This document is attached to every model. If the Snowpock equipment is bought on the secondary market, you will find the operating instructions on the Internet or on the company’s official website. Today the Husqvarna ST5524 model is not delivered to the territory of Russia and the CIS countries.

The device of the snowman

The instructions for using the device contain the following points:
  • Workshop for safe work with the device. This article contains the preparation rules, security, work as well as care and storage.
  • Assembly.
  • Usage process.
  • Service maintenance and configuration of devices.
  • Storage rules.
  • Sel f-elimination of malfunctions.

With regard to the usage rules and the security precautions, these points are the same for all snowy ones of the lin e-up. The assembly characteristics vary depending on the model and the presence of certain parts. As a rule, all snow machines are delivered to the assembled shops. Before operation, the user must collect parts of the structure according to the schemes. In addition, depending on the human dimensions and the properties of the treated surfaces, the operator must adapt some structural elements of the snowman.

The drive belts of the screw and the rod drive of the sno w-covered Husqvarna ST5524 are not set. If malfunctions are recognized in these details, it is recommended to replace them immediately. Before the repair work, it is necessary to switch off the engine and lose the fuel completely.

This is necessary for the productive use of the snow leader:
  • Before the work begins, it is recommended to check the pressure in the wheels of the snow cell motor.
  • The light of the ignition must be inspected and changed regularly. The spark plug becomes every season, every 100 hours or if the part fails.
  • Storing a snowman must be in a dry ventilated room.
  • The maintenance should be carried out before and after use, after the season has been completed and before commissioning.
  • The sheet storm oil should be replaced every 50 hours of operation.
  • Before use, pay attention to the condition of the screws, especially to attach the garbage dump for snow (screws and housings).
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An engine block is a snowboard requires careful care. Pay attention to vibrations during work and other signs that are not characteristic of this technology, you can point out a collapse.

Video review

Checking the sno w-c h-hu s-husqvarna ST 5524

owner reviews

Nikolai, Kharkov:

“Husqvarna ST 5524 acquired the snowman more than a year ago. Among the advantages I can highlight the low weight compared to other devices. I use a machine in a suburban area where I often have to change the direction of movement. The high maneuverability of the snowman comes to rescue. The lack of an electric steamer is one of the shortcomings. “

Igor, Voronezh:

“I bought a model 2 years ago to clean the area near the business. Since the territory is small to use the snowman, the snowman is not very profitable. He can buy perfectly with work. Now I use in a suburb for myself and neighbors on a suburb. Small alley cleans without any problems. Fastening elements are among the shortcomings of KHuskvarna. When a stone or a frozen snow snow comes, they fail. “

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