Overview of the Hiller and plows for the on e-axle tractor MTZ

Overview of the Hiller and plows for the on e-axle tractor MTZ

The plow is an integral part of the han d-led tractor and must be used by every owner of Belarus. It is worth noting that you are different and you should choose carefully.

Plowing are:
  • Switchable or they are also called shooting. Plowing is carried out with the help of a blade;
  • Disc (they rotate). Plowed with rotating windows.

From manufacturer

The official website presents a turning type-the universal PU-000-01 for the Motor block MTZ-09N. It is not only suitable for the MTZ-09N model, but also for any other hand-guided MTZ tractor. The universal plow is used by Belarus to plow all countries, including virgin countries.

Plugu PU-00.000-01 for Motobobok MTZ-09N

Characteristics of the Universal Pwug PU-00,000-01
  • A turning plow can be used on both new and already plowed areas;
  • The weight of the rotary plow is only 16 kg;
  • The width of a trail when plowing is approx. 30 cm, ie it is possible to work with large areas;
  • It is possible to work at a depth of up to 25 cm, the immersion is adjusted by special holes on the stand;
  • Because of its shape, it is possible to use Belarus to dig up chopping fruits;
  • The low weight of the structure facilitates transport;
  • The MTZ singl e-axle tractor is attached via a conventional attachment device.

The main design feature of this model is the shape of the turning plow. The ridge below takes the earth, and it extends and throws it up. As a result, the floor is thrown away from the ditch and does not fall back.

It is made of high quality steel and the design itself is simple and durable. This achieves a lon g-term reliable operation of the equipment instead of Belarus for a long time and under high loads.

Video check of the PU plow for the hand-led tractor MTZ-09


Several other similar plow models are compatible with Belarus.

Pflug P1-20/3

This turning plow is made by Mobil K from Gagarin. It has the same shape as the PU, but only a single handle of the plug hinge is fixed and at 21.5 cm almost a third less than with a universal plow.

Connector P1-20 3 for the MTZ-09 engine note

The design weighs 8 kg. It is worth using the P1-20/3 plow only if Belarus works with small plots.

Undoubtedly rotary plow

This model has configuration functions. The proportion of this plow is designed in the form of a spring. Its tip penetrates into the ground and the floor is not thrown aside immediately, but turns over the plow several times and then leaves it. This mixes the top floor better.

Double Horde Plow for MTZ Motornote

The maximum plow depth is up to 20 cm, the sharp width 15.5 cm, which is less than with other models, but plowing is more efficient.

This design weighs 12 kg and the speed of Belarus is 2 to 5 km / h together with a turning plow. It is produced in Russia.

Homemade option

The structure of the rotary plow is simple. His main part of the plant is the plu g-in. It sinks into the ground and plows. With MTZ-09N hand-led tractors you can do it yourself.

Protecting and mulching plants before winter

General scheme of a home-made plow for the MTZ Motornote

Phases of designing a homemade plow
  • A steel plate is required for this. The metal should be 3 mm thick. Since this element cuts the floor, a lot of pressure is exerted on it.
  • Next, make a dump. A metal tube with a diameter of half a meter is perfect for its production. It is sufficient to cut the Dump template out of the box, transfer it into the tube and cut it out. It is not worth taking too thick metal, the recommended thickness of the bowl for normal plowing of 3 to 5 mm.
  • Make a G-shaped clutch out of a square metal tube.
  • The next step is necessary to connect the garbage copy to a piece with the help of welding and a small piece of welding a square tube from behind to connect it with a problem with bolts. With these screws it is then possible to set the depth of the plow intake.

There are also a large number of different programs, drawings and videos in the forums on how to put together a plow for Belarus with their own hands.

Homemade plow for the MTZ Motor note

Plu g-in

A properly configured plow is the key to the successful passage of a plow. This is how it’s done:

  1. Depth setting. The recommended immersion of the plow in the soil is 5 to 7 cm. First, this is an average immersion of the shovel. Second, in this case you cannot injure a clay breed that can be below. Third, the roots are not covered with a large amount of land at such a depth of plowing, and they freeze in winter.
  2. Setting of the “angle angle”. This moment means adapting the immersion angle of the lema into the ground. If it is too big, it is used as an anchor instead of plowing, and only pull Belarus to the floor. If it is too small, it glides over the surface instead of plowing.
  3. And another advice. The first track should be as flat as possible. Since all subsequent consequences will be. After making the first fear, put the MTZ engine in a bike in a fear and continue working. If it is uneven, an additional adjustment is required.

Video reviews

Plow the Belarus MTZ-09n motor block with a universal plow

Plowing with a circular plow of the MZT-09N engine block


There are many reviews of the work of plowing on the Internet, for example:


“After doing the plow with his own hands, he started using it. At the same time, I forgot to have gone. As a result, Dirt stuck to the plow and worked like a bulldozer. As a result, I had to clean the entire rust and the scale, then it became much easier. “


“It is important to maintain the same tire pressure. In my experience, the pressure in 2 atmosphere is considered ideal. If less, then the bikes are deleted quickly and expanded under the weight of Belarus itself, it is better to pump them than unnecessary. If the pressure is not the same, the MZT will constantly go in one direction. And even better (if possible), replace the usual bikes with a primer shoulder, and working with the plow is clear and smooth. The main thing is to adjust it properly. “

Overview of the model area of ​​the Walk behavio r-Tractorpflugman. Features, reviews


Claims enable you to cut the furrows for the plants of agricultural plants, but their main use is exactly the hill of potatoes in order to obtain a greater harvest.

There are different types of Cigns:
  • Revolutionary. This is the simplest type of cercens that work with two plow.
  • Disc. This option is more effective. It works with two rotating windows. Who turn and loosen the floor.
  • Active. This special type of cumble that works with propeller. If the disc and the rotating cakes simply turn the top layer of the earth into potatoes, it is ground first and then amazes it.

From manufacturer

The official manufacturer offers a revolutionary perch universal OU-000-01 at the version.

Universal OU-00.000-01 CIGNS for MTZ Motoboblok

It has the shape of two connected plow. It is possible to adapt the width of the aisle due to the width of the plows at a different distance of 45 to 70 cm. The plow is immersed in a depth of 10 cm into the floor aircraft is 4 km/h. The design weighs 20 kg.


The best analogue for every factory attachment for MTZ are Lida products. Including the cigns.

OK-2 Cigns for MTROS MTZ

The OK-2 hip is represented by the Lida company and has similar parameters with a universal cigarette and a dive. The maximum immersion of this unit is 12 cm. Accordingly, the speed in this case falls to 3 km/h.

Unfortunately, no special hard disk cakes are provided for the MTZ Motor note.

You can choose a universal option for a tractor for walks that work successfully on it. The main thing is to choose a clutch.

The Ukrainian company Agromotorervis offers a large number of universal devices, including DISC cakes. The dimensions of the panes can vary between 18 and 36 cm. The immersion in it can be a maximum of half of the diameter. The disadvantage is that they should only process 1 line, while rotating craps with two rows run at the same time.

Homemade option

It is problematic to make a slice perch, it is much easier in its design is a opposite. For its production, it is sufficient to have two plows on hand that are not connected to Belarus with screws, but with the frame. And the frame itself is already combined with the MTZ.

Scheme of a homemade cercopor for the MTZ Motornote

The frame should be made from a square tube in the form of the letter “T”. This design is simple but effective and known since the Soviet period.

Video reviews

Checking the cigarette light of the universal OU-000-01 for the MTZ Motor note

Classes of Cigns on the MTZ Motorbridge disc

An example of Hilling through the Belarus MTZ-09 Motoblock


Here are some reviews of people who have already used this unit:


“If you choose between a hard drive and a revolutionary cigarette glass, it is better to take a slice. It is a little more expensive, but it works more stable and does not cut the potato tubers. Based on the exercise, the ranks are anything but always the same, and sooner or later they will hit a little bush. But if you bring it through the potato adversar, there should be no problems “not to occur” should not occur.

Chainsaw Champion 256 18: Description, specifications and usage rules


“If you look at which is better, there is no clear answer, everyone is good in their own way. The disco is better to use until the potato has risen or in the early stages of growth. It turns small lumps out of the ground and saturates with oxygen. After that there is an active growth of tubers, and the next day, sprouts under the floor are usually already visible. And with the current climate: plus 30 ° C and without rain, that’s what you need. And the revolutionary can already be used when the potatoes have grown and are gained in strength without being afraid of damaging them. “

Plug for MTZ MTZ: varieties and independent settings

The plow is a special device for plowing the floor equipped with iron wood wood. Developed for the loosening and environment of the upper layers of the soil, which is seen as an important part of continuous processing and processing for winter plants. First, the plugs were pulled behind them a little later. Today, the tool for plowing the floor on the walk-in tractor serves as one of the possibilities to use this auxiliary motorcycle, in addition to mini actractors or tractors.

Varieties of plowing of weapons

In order to increase the efficiency of the work, it is extremely important to approach the question thoroughly: which agricultural rustling is better to choose for motor vehicles.

There are the following types of tools for plowing for soil:

  • Double body (2-sided);
  • Revolutionary;
  • Disc;
  • Rotary (active);
  • turn.

There are also several options for your fixation:

  • Follower;
  • Anglenkt;
  • Hal f-trim.

Consider some more detailed soil processing devices.

Rotation (active)

The rotary tool for plowing soil for motor vehicles is compared to an iron comb that you can use with soil plows. Such types of agricultural organizations of various modifications can have a variety of configuration. However, these modifications are bound by the fact that their design continues to become upward, which enables the soil to pour away the soil with these devices from the furrow.

The active plow actually has the same area of ​​application as the ordinary tool for plowing the soil, the only difference that it works faster is more fruitful. However, there are certain functions of its use. With a rotary device, it is much easier to process unconditional countries that have been overgrown with wild plants. The soil that is thrown away by the attempts of these agricultural orphans is chopped and mixed, which becomes a plus when cultivating certain soil species.

When choosing a tool for plowing the soil, it is necessary to take into account the presence of an option to regulate the cutting depth and a certain degree of tendency for a greater effectiveness of the work.

Revolutionary (Rotary)

The tool for opening the floor of the back type can be folded together. This is probably the best option because it is possible to sharpen or turn the knife.

You should decide which variables the plow will have – which depends directly on which change in motor vehicles you use.

Motoblock Weima WM1100. Overview of changes, properties, reviews

For more effective use of the tool for plowing the soil, it is necessary to set up the tool. This makes it advisable to use the clutch device (you can do it without it).

In order to make a more precise adjustment, it is worth taking a number of main regulations into account:

  • It is necessary that the longitudinal axes of the unit and the controller are combined;
  • The vertical position of the comb.

Such an installation enables agricultural work to perform more productively. However, it is also necessary to use extension cables for the sem i-waves and iron wheels with charge for all types of tasks.

A rotary plow can, a drawing and certain skills, made of steel with high constructive strength. Therefore, no longer standing loads are worth it for such an adjustment made at home during the work on the property.

When using this equipment for motor vehicles, several recommendations must be observed:

  • The device should not have a thin rack, a shortened dump and no small thickness of the housing;
  • The operating manual must certainly be present.

Double case (2-sided)

A doubl e-sided agricultural tool (Hiller, also known as plow, doubl e-wing plow, milling milling) is practiced to loosen the floor around plants and to nail it to the base of the stems of different crops. In addition, weeds are eliminated between the rows. With such tools you can cultivate the soil, cut the grooves for planting and then fill it up by switching on the reverse gear of the device. Such constructions differ only in the working width – variable and constant. The difference is only in the movable wings between them, which set the width of the work handle.

A device that works with light motor vehicles (up to 30 kilograms) with an engine output of up to 3.5 hp with a constant working width. Your distinction feature is 12 mm racks (you protect the device from overload).

The most common more common types are devices with a variable working width. Her only mistake is the throwing of earth into the furrow after the passage. Such devices are delivered with units of more than 30 kilograms, with engines with a resource of 4 liters. With. and more.

Initial equipment

The manufacturer presents a multifunctional modification of a reversal device for plowing the state PU-00,000-01, which is adapted to the heavy hand-led tractor MTZ 09 N by Belarus, but does not fit in every MTZ. It is checked by plowing any density of any density, including virgin floors. As a distinction features, you can concentrate on the small mass of the device, which is only 16 kilograms.

Preparation for installation

The equipment of motor vehicles with plows that differ structurally from tractors has some special features.

In order to assemble the equipment on a light han d-led tractor, pneumatic wheels are replaced by metal wheels (tunnels) to reduce the load on motor vehicles when plowing. Stains are installed with special hubs that are installed on the axle instead of transport bike holders. The long hubs, which increase the stability of the device when plowing, are attached to the drive shaft with standing bolts and splints.

Potato harvesters and potato harvesters. Types, types, features.

Tools for plowing the floor with a mass of up to 60 kilograms, a handle from 0.2 to 0.25 meters are particularly suitable for operation with motor vehicles.

In addition, with light motor vehicles, an additional, increasing ballast weight with a weight of 20 to 30 kilograms is installed.

The aggregates used to plow the soil must have at least 2 driving speeds, one of them must be reduced.

It is undesirable to use devices with a gear and a weight of up to 45 kg for agriculture work.

How do you install?

On motoblöcken, plows that are intended for operation with certain modifications and multifunction devices are mounted that work with the majority of the units.

The tool for plowing the floor on the hand-led Tractor MTZ Belarus 09n is mounted with a standard or multi-purpose clutch device. It is recommended to attach the clutch with a pen to the cultivator. With this cultivation device, which has a horizontal game of 5 degrees during plowing, the clutch reduces the soil resistance that acts on the device and prevents a side dodging, which relieves the planter.

In order to couple the plow and the clutch, vertical holes are used on its frame, which are used in addition to adjusting the plow depth.

How do you set this up?

The regulation of the plow installed on motor vehicles includes the adjustment of the plowing depth, the establishment of the field board (angle of attack) and the tilting of the dump.

Flat platforms with a solid surface are practiced for adjustment.

The plowing depth is on the unit placed on the modeling conditions for plowing wooden beams, the thickness of which varies with the alleged depth from 2 to 3 centimeters.

On a faithfully configured agricultural orphanage, the field card lies with its end entirely on the surface of the spot, and the stand is parallel to the inner edge of the primrose and is at right angles with respect to the ground.

The degree of inclination of the application angle is adjusted by the adjustment screw. Turning the screw in different directions, they try to achieve this position of the angle of attack, placing his heel over the toe of the working part (lime) of the plow by 3 centimeters.

The slope of the dump is adjusted on the unit with the right floor on the prop. After the nuts of the fixation of the tool for plowing the soil are released into the overall frame, the garbage copy is placed vertically the plane of the earth.

A walk-injury tractor is brought to the workplace with a plow, put the right soil in the prepared furrow and begin to move at the last low speed. As you move, the one with a properly configured motorcycle unit on the right has a roll and its soil plow gun is perpendicular to the cultivated soil.

When the plow is adjusted according to all requirements the edge of the previous groove.

From the following video you will find the installation and operation of the plow for the MT3 engine grade.

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