Overview of the hand-led tractor Tselina MB-501. Properties, trailer equipment, plow video, owner reviews

Motoblock “Celina”: Reviews of the owners

For those who work in agriculture, there is a hot time with the introduction of warm days. It is necessary to have time to prepare the soil for planting, plant seeds and much more, until harvesting and preparing the soil for wintering. Working in the country is hard work, so farmers and summer residents simply need machine support. Motoblock “Celina” is an excellent solution to this problem. It is compact, agile and strong enough. What this device is and what the customer reviews are about is discussed in this article.

The history of a han d-led tractor

“Celina” is a brand of the young Person company “Instrument Academy”. At first she worked in wholesale with consumer goods from wel l-known Ural manufacturers. In 2005, own assembly facilities were created, and since 2006 they started producing products under the “Tselina” brand. The production of attachments was started under the same brand, which were designed by our own designers.

In 2011, the commercial director Ovchinnikov Ruslan Viktorovich gave one of the internet portals that can be found on the Internet, an interesting interview. In 2015, a new assembly hall with storage options was opened.


The history of this company is very similar to the history of its Chinese trading partner Lifan. They were founded at about the same time. Lifan was originally busy repairing motorcycles and motorcycle engines. In 2003 they started producing motorcycles, in 2005 they started producing cars, and in 2015 the construction of an automobile plant in Lipezz began, the opening of which is planned for 2017.

Technical properties of the han d-led tractor

A number of models are produced under the “Cylina” brand, both in the execution and in appearance. It is therefore better to display data on models in the form of tables.

Technical properties of Motoblocks Tselina MB-501

Technical properties of Motoblocks Tselina MB

Technical properties of the diesel unachstractor Tselina MB – 400D

Technical properties of Motoblocks Tselina NMB-601, 603.901

In their total mass, hand-led Tselina tractors are according to the technical features of well-known local manufacturers specified in the brochures. However, the weighting is remarkable compared to the originals of the dry matter, on average about 10-20 kg. The focus is high, which can lead to a fall on the side with such a mass, which happened in one of the videos.

In some models, an electric starter is added with a battery and a headlight. The model range is characterized by the presence of a model with a diesel engine. It should be pointed out that these handmade tractors are compatible with a number of attachments of local manufacturers.

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Motoblocks were developed to fulfill different functions of an agricultural orientation: for the care of a personal property, for the preparation of feed and firewood, for the transport of building materials and various freight with a weight of up to 300 kg.

Motoblock engines

The main part of the engines used to assemble the hand-led Tselina tractors works according to a four-stroke scheme and has a cylinder. They are economical, reliable and light. Almost all of the motors listed in the table are used by others, including local manufacturers of small agricultural machinery.

It should be pointed out that the company “Academy Instrument” is actively working with the Lifan company, which is its main distributor in Russia. So it is not surprising that there is a powerful lifan engine with nine horsepower in the model range.


With regard to motors, you will find a special offer on the Tool Academy website to replace an old engine with a new one from Lifan. You can find details about the campaign on the website.

Motoblock engines

The motors presented above are operated with fuel, which is not lower than AI-92. Don’t forget that every engine has to go through a grinding phase for new devices. During this time, try not to overheat the engine and monitor the oil level. After the first oil change, you can drive at full throttle. One of the most common tips for maintaining a han d-guided motor is the need to keep the air filter clean.

In the model range there is a Vympel 170 OHV diesel engine. The motor block MB-400D is equipped with this engine. The engine is structured according to a four-stroke single-cylinder scheme. Incidentally, the motorcycle tour declared for this engine is 3000 hours.

Motoblock reducer

The Tselina brand uses two types of gears for its products: chain and gear. At the top of the technical properties of motoblöcken in the tables it is explained which gearboxes are installed in which models.

Chain reducer

Unfortunately, there is no current data on the Tselina brand gearbox, except for the fact that the improved chain gear (MB.01,000.1-01) is used, the specifications for which it is manufactured in China were published for this. Accordingly, the description of the transmission of the “operating instructions” 005.45,0100 RE1 for the singl e-axle tractor Oka Kadvi is taken. This gearbox has two forwards and two backward passages. The design used was used in handmade tractors that were developed in the 1980s after it has been subjected to a series of modifications and is suitable for use in modern devices.


Reduction gears

The reduction gear is manufactured in accordance with the specifications of the original, which is installed on Salyut-5 (650300000-01). The original transmission is strong compared to the above case because it consists of a single source. During the watering process, a number of stiffening ribs are brought into its structure, which give the structure the building strength. This achieves an increased wear resistance of driven by this type. Typically, the operating time of such a gearbox is over 3000 hours. Due to the firm seat of the inner elements and the rigidity of the housing, the gearbox can work for pointed loads without collapse.

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Motoblock transmission

Celina uses two types of gear couplings with the engine pulley. V-belt transmission is a proven reliable and relatively cheap system. This type of hitch is easy to repair in the field, which is important as the walk behind tractor weighs 110 kg even without the body kit. In addition, belt-driven devices visually “jump” less during operation.


On a number of models for Tselina engine blocks, a multi-plate clutch in an oil bath is used. This type of clutch is considered reliable and more responsive than a belt clutch. True, it is practically impossible to repair this gearbox in the field if it breaks down.

Attachments on the two-wheel tractor

Starting with the description of this section, I want to focus on the fact that Tselina manufactures all attachments in its own facilities. Most likely, careful work was done here to inspect the market, since the catalogs do not list devices that can be purchased from competitors. The range of devices is wide and well described in the brochure, which can be downloaded and consulted from the official website. There is also a compatibility table not only with Tselina products, but also with brands from other manufacturers. In the same catalog you can find a large number of adapters, wheel hub extensions, various couplings and adapters for them.

Pleasantly pleased with the presence of various grommets, they differ in mass, external diameter and width, and are designed for various fastenings.

A good tool for cultivating the land will be the Tselina cutter, of which there are several types. These cutters differ from analogues in that when processing virgin soil at low speeds, the roots are wound on the cutters, and not cut. Such processing allows you to extract most of the weed horses from the soil.

The only active equipment produced under the brand name “Tselina” – self-developed snow blowers SP-56 SP-70 – is compatible with a number of engine blocks of domestic production. Compatibility issues can be clarified in the catalogue.

Operation and reviews of walk-behind tractor owners

In one of the reviews, the owner of the Tselina MB-901 walk-behind tractor operated it in winter a t-20 degrees and recommended changing the transmission oil depending on the season. The author of the review published a series of photos with changes to the chassis. He swapped the wheels of a walk-behind tractor for car wheels to improve grip on snow, he welded chains for the wheels. In one of the messages, the author conducted a test drive, which showed a speed of 20 km / h on the speedometer of a parallel car. In the spring there was another message that the site was edited by this unit, the author was satisfied. There were no more messages.

Sign: August 6th to 15th

Another review from a user who bought 2013 MB-901 Tselina for a small plot of 6 hectares was left in 2016, during which time no problems with the operation of the walk-behind tractor were noted. But in terms of operating moments, I noticed that the device is heavy, the center of gravity is high, and without lengthening the hubs on the wheels, the device can tip over when transporting cargo, which is not very good considering the weight of the device. A fall can cause the two-wheel tractor to fail. The author noted the good quality of the engine.

Some reviews were found on the MB-601 model, almost diametrically opposed. One of the users praised the device for wide wings and a wheelbase for stability and a chain gear, which offers a greater maneuverability of the device due to the presence of two front and two rear speeds. A good and comfortable handle is called separately.

The second review of the MB-601 was a cry of the soul that the device is not comfortable and heavy. During the processing of the earth, the side is flooded in the side in which the furrows are uneven, the tips of cultivated plants are cut off. He noticed that it seems faster in terms of working speed, but it is somehow easier with a shovel.

A video was published in good quality and with the selective speech by the operator, which is visible to the Jungfrau’s MB-600 apparatus in the virgin country and according to the area previously processed. The author of the video as a whole was satisfied with the work of the tractor of the walk behavior. In the video, an attempt was also presented to plow the virgin floor with a plow, the equipment was bent.



It should be noted that this brand develops, builds new assembly facilities and tries to improve the attachments produced, and carefully examine the models both on the market and on the market. A successful marketing train is a nice memorable name. Active work with partners. For small distributors, conditions are created in the form of remuneration for advertising costs if the trademarks Tselina, Lifan, Vimpe l-Handelsmarke are funded.

Peculiarities of selecting and storing cuttings in winter

In view of such different user ratings, we can say that subjective factors play a major role. Extremely negative ratings can be attributed to the fact that the surface, growth and the work types carried out were not selected correctly. If the reader has decided to buy the Virgin Hall Motoboblock, he should carefully familiarize himself with the entire range of the company described in the catalogs.

Motoblock Jungfrau MB-501. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motoblock Virgin Ground MB-501 is a universal device in the class of light agricultural units. It can be used for agricultural work on sandy, tone floors, Chernozems as well as in greenhouses, gardens, in personal actions and summer houses as a auxiliary unit in land, harvest and municipal works.

Motoblock Tselina MB-501

The Virgin Lands MB-501 is equipped with a four bar life ladder petrol engine. Engine cooling occurs through air clouds. The power of the engine is 6.5 hp.

Petrol engine Lifan DBG-6.5

Motoblock is not recommended to plow virgin terrain. The overload of the engine can lead to a breakdown. Therefore, the engine is worn faster. Use the MB-501 destination as a household permit technology, the duration of the continuous operation of the device should not be longer than 3-5 hours.

The purpose of the Walk behavior: Tractor:
  • Cleaning the territories in different seasons (round brush, shovel shovel);
  • Irrigation of the garden (motorcycle);
  • Agricultural work on soft and moderate soil;
  • Harvest and transport of harvest to the storage point;
  • Hay (grass mow);
  • Grab root plants (beets, potatoes);
  • Cultivation.

Technical characteristics

The steering wheel of the engine unit is swollen. It is set in height and pages. You can select the height of the column based on the growth of the machine operator. The power selection is made by the pulley.

Properties of the Motobean MOB-501 Motor note:
  • The engine of the virgin cuts MB-501 is a cylinder, cooled by air bubbles.
  • Dimensions of the assembled unit: length 1100 mm, width 50 mm, height 900 mm.
  • The milling cutters are not included in the basic equipment, they have to be purchased separately.
  • The speed of the engine per minute is 3600.
  • The volume of the engine cylinder is 196 cc, the han d-led tractor is equipped with a mechanical gear.
  • Started manually.
  • The wheels on the device have a small standard size for machines of this weight, wheel sizes 4.00-8.
  • Machine weight 68 kg.
  • The device works backwards in 1st gear, forward – 2 gears.

Materials for refueling the hand-led tractor: petrol AI-92, gear oil-SAE 80W-90 API GL-5 from Ravenol (recommendation from the manufacturer).

Overview of the hand-led tractor Salyut-100 BS-V. Description, properties, reviews

Gear oil 80W-90 gear oil GL-5

SAE 30 oil is recommended for the engine, API SF/CD is also from Ravenol. Mix no oils of different ways, such as B. sem i-synthetic and synthetic. The singl e-axle tractor is already supplied – Ravenol oil is filled into the crankcase of the engine.

The main advantages of the MB 501 are compactness, lightness, even a woman can handle it. In order to operate this device, no special knowledge or skills are required, information from the operating instructions are sufficient.

This model is best suited for soil processing, the track width can be adjusted from 60 to 80 cm, the diameter of the knife for MB-501 is 36 cm, the best temperature regime for the operation of Celina 501 is from minus 5 to plus 35 degrees Celsius . It is allowed to assemble larger tires – 4.00-10.


Sickle mower kr-80 potato rotor trolley okuchnik single

Application and device

Motoblock Tselina MB-501 meets the requirements for the amount of exhaust gas, the device is certified (GOST 12.1.012-90). Used standardized and certified tire model F106.

Technical features of the hand-led Tselina tractor:

  • The steering wheel is adjustable in height;
  • You can adapt the size of the track;
  • Compact, light, well managed;
  • Lo w-noise source, so it can be used in places where a certain noise threshold cannot be exceeded;
  • Equipped with a powerful brand-lifan engine;
  • High quality plant assembly.

Complete set of the Motoblock Tselina MB-501:

  • handleed tractor with wheels;
  • Assembly accessories and additional components (extension – 2 pieces, protective wing – 2 pieces, stopper – 2 pieces);
  • Motor manual;
  • Handbook for handmade tractor;
  • Pack list 91 pieces);


Maintenance intervals: An oil change must be carried out at least once a season, the variety of oil is specified above. Inlet time: from 5 to 20 hours. The resilience of the trolleys is up to 200 kg. Do not exceed the recommended transport weight so as not to overload the motor of the han d-led tractor. Only start working with the machine when the machine is filled with fuel and is completely ready for operation (assembled and in perfect condition).

Video review

Overview of the hand-led tractor Tselina MB-501

Owner reviews

Igor, Beresniki:

“Without a han d-led tractor, it is difficult on Datsha. Manual work like the grandparents was yesterday. I bought Tselina 501 because of its small size and explained strength, 6 horses are more than enough for a garden and house gardens. I use a plow with a cutter. If there is a greenhouse, I think it can also be used there. I am satisfied with the machine, I advise everyone who is looking for a small compact device at a reasonable price.

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