Overview of the hand-led tractor Salyut 5 L 6.5 with a lifan engine. Owner reviews

“Greetings”: The first season

Last year I decided that I only needed a han d-led tractor. I chose the Motoblock Salyut (AGAT) -5 L-6.5 with an engine of the Chinese group “Lifan”. The selection was made according to the following criteria. The first is the reduction gear. My father-in-law once gave me an old Oka tractor. He has a blocked gear. When I opened it, I found a broken chain and bent waves with chain wheels. And I decided for myself that I like the reduction gear better. The time will show.

The second is the Russian production. Someone will say that this is a minus. But for some reason I trust Russian Iron. To date, a completely Chinese Salyut 100 has been produced, in line with the 100th anniversary of the FSUE science and production center for gas turbine technology “Salyut”. We will follow his life on Russian soil and draw conclusions.

The third is of course the most popular for all consumers – the price, for this money only Chinese brands can compete with Saljut.

The fourth is the location of the engine. The engine is somewhat lower than, for example, the NEVA reverberation tractors, and the center of gravity is also well calculated, which makes the Salyut-and-a-tractor manner more agile and easier to control.

Well, and the fifth is the weight of the han d-led tractor of 78 kg. Here, too, many will argue that this is not a “plus”. But for my requirements, and I mainly have to work with milling on a slight surface, that fits.

About the purchase

I bought my “salute” in winter. In general, I try to buy summer equipment in winter. On the one hand, these are discounts, the prices are cheaper than those to which the same device will be sold at the end of April. The difficulty only exists in the presence of the seller. They call many online shops, take the order towards the order, and then call them back and say, they say, sorry – not in stock. But, as you say, whoever found it – he was roughly looking. I came up with aphorism myself.

Signs: October 17-24

Motoblock “Salyut” in operation

Spring is here and the lon g-awaited start is there. Oils checked, fuel filled. Let’s go! He started perfectly, a bit smoking from the start, but after warming up and opening the air flap, everything became fine. The engine is strong and not very loud.

I would like to say that I enjoyed working on Salut. Good handling and maneuverability with little effort, it can be turned 180 degrees or as far as necessary and stay in motion (this is when working on cutting devices). He is taking new territory well, but to grind everything, he had to crawl five times back and forth. I generally silence about cultural land – this is a fairy tale: you want it faster, you want it slower – as your heart desires.

Ten hectares were plowed during the season. Satisfied with work. He also treated his neighbors, his old “mole” with a newly built “Greenfield” engine that lost performance during the season (well, we will deal with this year). He went another six hundred.


During this time there were also negative moments. When I milled the garden and started plowing virgin ground a week later, a whistle from the drive belts sounded. When I opened the housing, I saw that a strap was almost torn and that many small vertical cracks were on it; The second is also full of cracks. I had to go to the “Salute” shop and buy new belts. Well, that is already a claim to the manufacturer of the straps, or they have been around the big one since Peter, and it is time to install them on my Saljut.

After I had replaced it with new ones, everything got fine. At first I didn’t specially wear a housing to see – suddenly it is not a question of belts. But everything worked well and the housing was withdrawn. By the way, with the exchange of the belts, I didn’t have to try for a long time – I skimmed a few screws, removed, put on the belt and turn it back. A little lined with the clutch setting. Another inconvenience is the dangling wire of the stop motor button, which occasionally strives to get and pay onto the exhaust pipe. But this is a little thing that has pulled it with a clamp and everything is ready.

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And another misfortune occurred through my fault when he got his “greeting” out of the barn, touched the “gas” lever over the door carrier and broke it – it was plastic. I had to add or reduce the “gas” with a screwdriver. Hands will reach – we will find out. As I said, I trust the Russian iron, but there is no Russian plastic and rubber.

Yes, another defect, and maybe it is necessary for security – this is that there is no clutch lever lock. With long work it will be difficult to keep it. Nothing gets tired: neither the back nor the hand, but the brush is in a heavy tension.

Well, and so the rating in the first season is positive, the car is good and not disappointed with its acquisition.

Be in contact

If you have the wish and the opportunity to share the opinion of the work of garden technology, then we are always happy. In addition, the guest book is always open to you.

Overview of the hand-led tractor Salyut 5 L 6.5 with a lifan engine. Owner reviews

The L-6.5 L-6.5 Salute Motorized Block is an excellent universal unit that has long been known to the farmers. In addition to the many seasonal agricultural work, the tractor of the walk behavior for its owner and with the advent of winter will be useful. Snow, transport firewood, plowing, hills, plants, harvest – and many others work on his shoulder.

Motoblock Salute 5L 6.5


The greeting of 5 liters – reliable, maneuverable, unpretentious for the quality of gasoline, easy to maintain, compact, is well twisted.

Greetings 5 ​​L 6.5 with the engine of the Lifan has extraordinary technical features:

  • Power – 6.5 HP,
  • Top speed – 12 km/h ,,
  • Load capacity of 500 kg.


The Lifan engine, which is produced by the Chinese company Lifan Moto, is installed on the greeting and belongs to a group of engines for small motorized devices. Thanks to it, the technical properties of the motor of the 5 L-6.5 greeting are extremely attractive for consumers.

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Lifan 6.5 engine for an engine not e-Salute 5 l 6.5

Advantages of operation:
  • High quality of engine operation at a rational price;
  • Reduced noise;
  • Quick start (TS1 system);
  • Forced cooling;
  • the presence of an automatic starting lock for a reduced oil level;
  • the ability to block gasoline with the fuel crane on the carburetor;
  • Print lubrication system;
  • Modest fuel quality – the manufacturer recommends to water unhealthy (ethylated) petrol with an octane number of more than 85.
  • Basic service.
Characteristics of the Lifan engine, which is carried out according to the instructions:
  1. Check the oil level.
  2. It is carried out with small or medium loads – not categorically idle. This is due to the fact that a complete review of the complete review is impossible in idle mode – the lubrication of the inner parts of the piston group of the engine is not sufficient.
  3. After 5-8 hours, the butter is changed to the Sae10W30 or Sae 30 (summer).


The transfer of the walk consists of clutch and gear. Cup in the unit belt, made on two belts.

Gear transmission of an engine bloc k-Salute 5 l 6.5

Discussion gear. Thanks to the gearbox connection, high resistance to various loads, including external influences by foreign bodies, is guaranteed. It offers the singl e-axle tractor 2 forward gears and 1 reverse gear. Switching takes place by handle on the gear.

Transfer switch lever on engine block Salute 5L 6.5

Change the speed range, as described in the instructions, the position of the drive belt of the drive belt disk to streams with a different diameter or by reinstalling the PTO. Recommended oil brands for the transmission – TM 5-18 (Tad17i).

Pulley on a Salute 5L 6.5 engine block

Active drive devices are connected to the han d-led tractor via the PTO (PTO) (PTO), including various stationary systems and machines.

The frame is a standard design in the form of two steel squares to which the main components and mechanisms are attached.

Motoboblock - scheme Salute 5 l 6.5

Due to the constructive placement of the engine and the correct focus in the lower front area of ​​the device, Salyut 5 is much more stable than other models of han d-led tractors. It does not collapse during use. At the same time, Salyut has good maneuverability.

Thanks to its compact dimensions and mobility, it is extremely comfortable to work in a confined space.


Depending on the soil quality, you can set the desired processing depth by adjusting the sharp rail.

Autumn planting of the lawn

Sushnik for a Motornote Salute 5L 6.5


The Salyut 5-set comprises four redotillers that edit the soil up to 30 cm deep. The processing width is between 60 and 90 cm. The optional purchase of two additional cutting devices is planned.

Freak for a Motor Note Salute 5L 6.5

Air wheels

When transporting goods and transporting the han d-led tractor itself, air bikes are installed on the axis. With an axle extension, wheels with a larger diameter are installed.

Pneumatic wheels for Mtblock Salute 5L 6.5

trailer hitch

A attachment device is used for direct connection of special attachments or with a universal coupling.

Club bracket for a Salute 5 l 6.5 engine block


Engine power (PS) 6,5
Type of the engine 4 tact
engine Lifan
Displacement (cm 3) 195
fuel Petrol AI-92
Fuel tank volume (left) 3,6
Processing width (cm) From 30 to 88
Processing depth (cm) Up to 25
Number of speeds (forward) 2
Number of speeds (back) 1
transmission Mechanically
coupling Belt
Engine cooling Air
Packaging dimensions (mm) 1510 x 620 x 1335
Weight (KG) 76
Cutter cultivator 4 things.
Air wheels 2 pieces.

Optional equipment

The use of various attachments makes the singl e-axle tractor a universal multifunction device. Almost all work in the household, different types of land processing can be carried out with drawn devices.

Municipal brush snow plow karre okuchnik water pump (pump) shovel tipper potato planter sickle mower

Depending on the purpose and device, trailers are aggregated in three species with the hand-led Tractor Salyut 5 L-6.5:

  • Active drive tools are connected via a PTO (PTO). These are all kinds of stationary devices, mower of different modifications, pumps and pump units, generator growing devices, snow blower.
  • Using the universal coupling or directly on the clutch bracket: adapter, carts, trailers, eggs, more frequently, plows, potato fan machines, landfills, vegetable or different models.
  • Pneumatic bikes, types, eyelets, milling cutters, weed stitchers are installed on the gear axle.

Video review

Overview of the hand-led tractor Salyut 5 L 6.5 with a lifan engine

Owner reviews

Sviridenko Galina, Sumy region, village Bayrak

Motor cultivator CHAMPION BC 9813. Features, videos and reviews about the work

“We bought a bridge from a Salute 5 with a Lifanovsky engine. We are very happy, but this is a male toy, I can’t do it. Of the shortcomings – a very expensive problem, we will do something ourselves. A useful technique for the garden, even if only 30 hectares like ours. The main advantage is that everything is much faster, we control ourselves, we do not invite help. And the quality is excellent and the profits for money. Loosening and mulching are not suitable for us, the soil is not the same. Of course, of course, we would not have mastered our website. “

Churina Vladimir, Vinnitsa region

“Without technology, I don’t see normal life in the village. He always worked with equipment – a motorcycle, there was a Czech mower, various machines, circular. But the tractor walk wasn’t enough. Previously, they planted potatoes with a horse, also Hilled. The rest is done manually and even once with a shovel. And then a motorcycle block can solve all the problems. I looked at the minibrators, the cheapest and the prices bite. With this money I can buy two motoblocks, connect them and also another problem. So I stopped at a salute of 5 l 6.5 sling, all that needs rewriting itself. “

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