Overview of the hand-led tractor Salyut-100 BS-V. Description, properties, reviews

Motoblock Saljut-100

Salyut-100 is a multifunctional hand-led tractor that has done the best of his predecessors. In most cases, excellent properties do not let this car be inferior to competitors. Good performance, user-friendliness, modern design and a variety of configurations are the main features of the hand-led tractor Salyut-100.

General information, purpose and design features

The car in question is the idea of ​​the work of the same name in Saljut, which was founded in 1912. Then the company was busy installing the Gnome aircraft engine, the spare parts of which were delivered from France. The work gradually developed and was used as a location for the assembly of popular MIG-25 aircraft, etc. Since the 1980s, the work started in parallel with the production of consumer goods. In particular, the production of agricultural and motorized devices from the Salyut family was recorded. The hand-led tractor Salyut-100 was considered a model model.

The car has proven itself so well that it has already gone through five large upgrades. The quality of the han d-led tractor was brought to the highest level and corresponds to international standards. Today the model is produced in China, but under the control of Russian specialists. Chinese assembly significantly reduced the costs of the car, but the quality remained at a decent level.

Motoblock Salyut-100 is successfully used in processing large quantities of ground, and thanks to the high performance, you can also process virgin soil. Together with attachments, you can carry out various tasks in connection with hills, plowing, transporting goods and other important tasks.

In the secondary farm, Salyut-100 is quite able to develop its potential. For example, a han d-led tractor is very effective when editing 20 and even 30 hectares. You can also wear a load of up to 400 kg. In a small agricultural company, farmers use this han d-led tractor in greenhouses to transport food and clean manure.

The design of the model uses a mechanical reduction gear with an aluminum housing. Also pay attention to the increased reliability of the gear that can reach 3000 hours. A long resource is a guarantee that the equipment feels good with increased loads.

A 3-speed gearbox is responsible for the gear change, in which two courses are responsible for the forward movement. A V-belt transmission is used to transfer the torque to the gear. The coupling consists of several combined elements: V-belt (2 pieces), a return spring, a tension roll with a lever, a pull rod with a control lever.

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Run in

The Salut-100 motor block is well adapted to the domestic conditions. Nevertheless, the manufacturer recommends the service before the first company. This is the simplest process and can be done at home without using the help of expensive dealers. So we find the most important steps that for proper runnin g-in:

  • If necessary, check the oil and fuel level in the engine to add
  • Check the first start of the engine in idle as well as the clarity of the shifts of the checkpoint
  • The first operation in the garden with a slight load of a maximum of 50% of the official data.
  • After 7-8 hours, the enema can be regarded as completed. It is necessary to examine the machine and pour oil and fuel if necessary.

Unmounted equipment

Consider the most common equipment that the owners prefer most:

  • cutter
  • Metal wheels
  • Mas s-rooms
  • tears
  • Pneumatism wheels
  • harrow
  • plow
  • Okhnik (disc or swinging)
  • Potato cap
  • Potato
  • Adapter or car – its maximum load capacity of approx. 350 kg
  • mower
  • brush
  • Snowman
  • water pump
  • Feed

Properties and engine

In the center of the “Salute-100” engine note is the classic design like grinding cultivating. In other words, the mills of this model are installed instead of bikes. If necessary, however, you can install pneumatic bikes. There is also a pulp pulp, with which you can install attachments with which you can expand the area of ​​responsibility that is available for the Salute 100 Motor note.

The mass of the device is 72 kg and the traction force is 70 kgf together with additional load on wheels (35 kg) and the front HUK (15 kg). The technology is designed so that it treats soil with an area of ​​up to 50 acres. In addition, the tractor of the walking behavior for the processing of up to 800 mm wide and the processing depth is 250 mm. In this case, the maximum speed reaches 12 km/h.

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The most popular engine for Fireworks-100 is the Lifan 168F-2B Chinese motor. This time the engine develops 6.5 hp. The Chinese ice cream in terms of properties is almost inferior to American and Japanese engines, which can also equip a motorcycle block. In addition, all engines have similar design functions. We notice the most important of you:

  • Cast iron casting cover that increases the resource
  • Effective cooling
  • Protection system that works with a lack of oil
  • little noise
  • High fuel consumption

Fuel consumption

The Salyut-100 motor block consumes an average of 2 liters of fuel per hour. With maximum stress, consumption can reach up to 3 liters. In general, the technology is very economical, which is confirmed by the manufacturer and reviews of real owners.

Prices in Russia

The cost of the Salut 100 Motor Torn can differ significantly from the type of engine and the installed fastening devices. It is recommended to buy the most basic version, and with the Chinese engine, additional attachments can be bought later. From 2017, the average price of the new Walk behavior box is 50 thousand rubles. In extreme cases, it can be possible to find the supported copy in good condition. The price of this option reaches about 25-30 thousand rubles.

The Salute 100 motor block in performance and price can be compared with models from bison, heart, Boston Crossser and others.

Overview of the hand-led tractor Salyut-100 BS-V. Description, properties, reviews

The Briggs & Stratton Motorblocks-100 BS-B engine is a solid multifunctional machine with a variety of production functions: cultivator, vegetable float, minload, snowman, mower, sweeping machine, woodworking equipment.

Motoblock welcome 100 BS in

This modification of the Bridge of Salute is an excellent assistant for farmers, amateur gardeners and utilities for work in medium areas. Acquiring Salutes 100 is a sure step towards work mechanization.


The design and principles of work of 100 BS-V are similar to 100 L6.5 models.

The main differences are:

  • Mighty Briggs & Stratton Vanguard (USA).
  • It has a gear transmission, two front gears, so the salute can easily cope with any task.
  • Large pneumatic wheels provide increased crossing ability even on complex ground.
  • Economical fuel consumption allows the tractor touring tractor to continuously work at a gas station for a longer period of time.
  • The winning game lies in the underestimated placement of the center of gravity, which makes maneuverability, control and work as a whole much easier.
  • It works steadily in squares with an average bias.
  • The tractor of the Walk behavior has compact dimensions – with the wheels and steering removed, it can be conveniently placed in the trunk of the vehicle.
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The Salute is equipped with a high quality four-stroke Briggs & Stratton Vanguard OHV petrol engine with a capacity of 6.5 hp, specially designed for installation on garden equipment.

Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Motor

The American company Briggs & Stratton provides a fairly high accuracy of manufacturing engine parts, so the idle process is completely ineffective.

In the engine’s operating instructions, the company gives only a few simple recommendations:

  • Oil replacement after the first 5-8 hours of engine operation, which is a finish.
  • Gasoline should be used clean without an oil additive with an octane rating above 77. The more stable engine operation provides Briggs & Stratton additives.
  • In various temperature conditions, SJ/CF oil is used. At a negative temperature, according to the instructions, it is recommended to use a synthetic oil or non-intensive 10W-30 item 998208. It should be borne in mind that at a temperature above 4 ° C when using oils 5W-30 , 10W-30, consumption increases significantly, so you need to constantly monitor its level.

Important! It is recommended that brands of fuel and oil are used in clear accordance with the description in the instructions.

The recent series of “Briggs” with EXI marking does not require oil replacement for the entire period of operation, which is precisely explained by the high accuracy of the engine assembly.


The transmission of the walk tractor consists of:

Coupling in the engine block Salyut-100 BS-V-due to a reliable cuneiform gearbox. With a break in a belt, the operation of the device does not stop.

Brishhmous transmission of the engine not e-Salute 100

The engine block transmission is 100 BS in gear which means it is reliable, durable with an engine resource for more than 3,000 hours. It has the highest useful coefficient between gears, provides a minimum of power loss and requires practically no maintenance. Thanks to its quality, different motors can be used.

Motoboblock control handle salute 100 bs in

In this model, the salute switch is transferred to the steering wheel so that it is not necessary to switch on the required gear. The clutch handle is produced in such a way that the resistance can be felt when the resistance is pressed and the holding force is minimal in the position pressed in the handle. Thanks to the setting of the handle in 2 aircraft, it is possible to optimally configure the walk-behavior tractor for every user.

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The control of the oil of oil TM 5-18 (TAD17i) is carried out by a special probe-one-different innovation in the design of the walk-in tractor.

The pulley of the power of the engine block of the greeting block of 100 BS-V is the average stream of the driven strap disk and the installation of external, including stationary, is installed.

Belt disc wheel pane 100 BS-V

The framework of the hiking tractor is produced in the form of two steel squares with the main nodes and mechanisms specified on them.

Motoblock Salute 100 BS-V

Club bracket

There is a clutch clamp to install interchangeable devices (directly or through a universal trailer coupling) and frontal units in the tail of the hiking loss. The connection can be installed directly and via a universal problems.

Club bracket for an engine block Salut 100


The arrangement of the binding skeleton (contained in the equipment of the Salute 100 B’s engine) is regulated by the floor depth. With a larger deepening of the bar, the processing depth is within 100 to 25 mm.

Sushnik for a wal k-welcomed tractor welcome 100 BS in


The true pride of the hiking wall, like all hundredt h-fire fire currency, are three tube of meals. Forged knives are made of hig h-quality spring steel. The cultivation width is 360-800 mm, depending on the amount of milling systems.

Mühlen for a motor block Salut 100 BS in


Pneumatic bikes with an expressive profile are installed on the wave that are used when working with installed units and move the hiking tractor yourself.

Pneumatic bikes for the Motor note Salute 100

Technical characteristics

Brand: greeting
Width of loosening: Over 60 cm
The depth of loosening: Over 20 cm
Motor manufacturer: Briggs & Stratton
The work volume of the cylinder, see: 205
Nominal capacity for operating speeds, kW/(rpm): 4.8 / 3600
The volume of the fuel tank, L: 3,8
Type of gear (gear): Mechanical (gear)
Transfer, forward movement (number of speeds): 4
Transfer, reverse movement (number of speeds): 2
Type of the cultivator: Fantastic equipment (plow, perch, catrophabler, dump for snow, pump installation, etc.)
The number of mills: 6
Cutting diameter, see: 32
Leading bikes: There is
Adjustable handle: There is
Cycle diameter, mm/inch: 400/15
Mass, kg: 98
Work width, see: 30/60/98
Work depth (max.), See: 25
Type of: petrol
Warranty: 1 year
Country of Manufacture: Russia / PRC
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Unmounted equipment

The widest amount of different sound devices and assemblies enables 100 BSTS of the complex of local and agricultural exercise and to work on the greeting engine blocks. A universal machine can be successfully carried out by almost all types of soil processing, the territory of snow and garbage, transport of goods, harvest.

Around 50 types of different attachments from foreign manufacturers and the CIS countries are rational with the 100 BS-V Saluta Motor note.

Brush community car aircraft cutter snopato-ottal pump water (pump) potato-adhesive rotor mower-potato pad

Depending on the diversity and the purpose, the greeting motor block can be placed:

  • With a power shaft,
  • With the help of a trailer directly, directly,
  • Through a universal problems and on the gear axis.

Video review

Evaluation of the Salute 100 BS-V motor with the Briggs & Stratton engine

Reviews of the owners

Smirnov Alexey, G. Zolotonosha

“I worked with the motor of 100 BS-V in the third year. A powerful productive machine. I got a page after cut Samosev, I had to go in some places two or even three times. Now the floor has become normal, suitable for sowing. In principle, I am happy with the engine unit in all works. The only thing the engine in relation to petrol is very moody – everything is clearly filled with the instructions, problems with inferior fuel begin immediately. “

Semenyuk Tikhon, p. Great Bagachka, Poltava region

“I took a BS V greeting from a friend with an American engine to transport the load. The trailer already leaned, but the MB was still pulling. The steering wheel is reliable and regulated in all directions, it is easy to work. He has a motoblock for 6 years and never turned into a repair. So you can take you will not lose. “

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