Overview of the hand-led tractor MTZ-05 from Belarus. Device, properties, reviews

Motoblock MTZ 05: Specifications

Motoblock MTZ 05: Specifications

Motoblock’s “MTZ-05” in the Minsk tractor work began in 1978 with mass production when there was no such word in general lexicon. The term “motoblock” was only used by the Soviet citizens in the early 1980s. Previously, such devices in Europe were referred to as “base cutters” and in the Soviet Union as “walking tractors”. The design office of the Minsker tractor work has succeeded in developing a very successful mini agricultural machine in terms of its versatility and versatility. Therefore, modern Belarusian hand-led MTZ-09N tractors, the engines of which are completely different, are arranged according to the same principle.

About the history of the Motoblock MTZ-05

In 1978, five new products from the small agricultural machinery category were launched in the Minsk tractor plant: a four-wheel mini tractor MTZ-082 with 12 hp and two-wheeled hand-led tractors with a capacity of 5, 6 and 12 hp. The most massive of them was “MTZ-05”. This model of the hand-led tractor “registered” on the assembly line until 1992, when it was replaced by the MTZ-09n model, which has a stronger and more economical engine.

In addition to Minsk, the Motoblocks of this brand were also manufactured in the Smorgon supplementary work (SMORGON, region of Grodno) at the end of the 80s and early 1990s. In the course of the production years, tens of thousands of MTZ-05 engine blocks were produced, which their customers found not only in the Soviet Union, but also in many other countries (mainly in the former socialist camp).

The intended use of the hand-led tractor MTZ-05 in the household and its special features

Originally, the hand-led tractor MTZ-05 was intended for soil processing on small areas on which it is difficult or impossible to use a tractor. Namely in household plots and adjacent areas, in greenhouses and school test farms, in parks, gardens and orchards. It easily manages tasks such as plowing floors with low density, eggs, cultivation, processing different vegetable cultures between the ranks (piling, loosening, now). In addition, for the clearing of minced fruits, for mowing grass, for transporting loads up to five hundred kilograms and for inpatient work with a tap wave.

The intended use of the hand-led tractor MTZ-05 in the household and its special features

Motoblock “MTZ-05” with plow.

All of these tasks are adequately mastered by the agricultural machine. Due to the special features of its design, the han d-led tractor can be used on a variety of fields with all types of cultures. Its strength lies in the fact that the lane of the han d-led tractor can be varied (options: 425, 600 and 700 mm), depending on the width of the rows in the respective field or garden. This is possible due to the original design: the MTZ-05 has no frame, its body consists of several components of the gear. As a result, a wide variety of agricultural cultures can be processed on a singl e-axle tractor without damaging these plants.

The two-wheel chassis is equipped with a reversible steering shaft, capable of turning the widest range. The operator of the two-wheel tractor does not necessarily have to follow him during operation, but must be near him to the side, for example. Of course, that makes the job a lot easier. As well as a simple, easy-to-use folding stand (footrest) at the front under the engine. Another distinctive feature of the MTZ-05 walk-behind tractor is its higher total weight compared to modern walk-behind tractors: 135 kg without attachments. A massive walk-behind tractor works more stably without regularly digging into the ground.

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The device and principle of operation of the MTZ-05 walk-behind tractor

The main components that make up the classic Minsk walk-behind tractor are as follows: engine; Chassis; transmission and control; Aggregation system with towed equipment. The motor is fixed in connection with the clutch housing. Directly behind the engine is a power transmission mechanism that includes a clutch; Transmission, final drive, forced locking differential, final drives and PTO – power take-off.

The wheels are mounted on the wheel flanges of the axle drives and fitted with low-pressure pneumatic tires (tire size 5.90-13C or 6L-12 according to the new classification). The track of the two-wheel tractor is variable and changes as the wheels are rearranged. The five liter fuel tank is located in front of the top near the mount on the steering column body.

The principle of operation of the MTZ-05 walk-behind tractor is as follows: the engine transmits rotational energy through the gearbox and clutch to the camshaft, which drives the attachments (ploughs, cutters, ridgers, potato diggers, harrows, baking powder, mowers, etc.)

Motoblock engine “MTZ-05”

Motoblock “MTZ-05” was equipped with a single-cylinder four-stroke gasoline engine “UD-15” with a working volume of 245 cubic centimeters and a power of 5 hp (3.7 kW). “UD” stands for “Ulyanovsk Engine”. “UD-15” – air-cooled carburetor engine with overhead valves. Rotational speed – 3000 rpm.

In Soviet times, it was produced by the Ulyanovsk Motor Plant from 1967. This power supply has a simple design; Its distinctive features are unpretentiousness and good maintainability. “UD-15” is fully adapted for long-term continuous operation without loss of performance under difficult conditions (extremely low or high temperatures, long-term operation under load, etc.)

In terms of performance, the UD-15 is almost similar to modern imported 9 hp engines. (The fact is that abroad in the performance characteristics of the engine its maximum power, which it can show for a short time, is indicated, and in the USSR – its stable average power).

Technical characteristics of the MTZ-05 motoblock

  • traction class – 0.1;
  • Overall dimensions (in millimeters): 1800 x 850 x 1070;
  • weight – 135 kg;
  • ground clearance – 300 mm;
  • Speed: working – 2.15 km / h; Transport – 10 km / h.
  • fuel tank capacity – 5 l; average gas consumption – 0.35 liters. in hour.

Motoblock “MTZ-05” is equipped with a multi-plate clutch system. clutch – friction; All mechanisms are lubricated using an oil bath. The clutch and transmission are controlled manually. Transmission mechanical, speed, “six-speed” (4 forward and 2 reverse gears). The gears of this box are constantly engaged. The two-wheel tractor is equipped with a differential with intermediate wheel lock.

The PTO shaft is dependent, for work with special active tools. The rated speed of the flywheel is a thousand revolutions per minute.

Attachments in the standard “arsenal” of the MTZ-05 walk-behind tractor

  • single hull plow PL/1;
  • Okuchnik KO/2;
  • mounted mower KN/1;
  • Cultivator Cultivator KR/70;
  • half-ton semi-trailer ПХ/0.5;
  • Harrow BN/50.

All of these attachments are articulated to the agricultural machine via a hitch assembly, helping to significantly expand the capabilities of the MTZ-05. Depending on which tasks he has to solve. This walk-behind tractor is a universal worker, but all additional equipment for it must be purchased separately.

Motoblock “MTZ-05”: reviews of owners

Motoblock MTZ-05 is a “classic of the genre” in the truest sense of the word, a model that has held a leading position in the domestic market of mini agricultural machinery for decades. Of course, in the 21st century it is much less common to find it in the fields and on household plots. As the copies released in previous years exhaust their resources and fail. And they were replaced both by a new generation of Belarusian walk-behind tractors – “Belarus MTZ-09N” – and by a large number of cheaper similar Chinese devices.

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Motoblock “MTZ-05” with trailer.

Despite this, in many agricultural regions of Russia and the former republics of the Union, walk-behind tractors MTZ-05 continue to work perfectly. Because with the liquidation of the kolkhozes and sovkhozes, the importance of small agricultural machines in the countryside and their use has grown considerably.

The overwhelming majority of owners of MTZ-05 engine blocks speak only positively about this agricultural machine. Accordingly, the two-wheel tractor copes with all tasks one hundred percent; works stably and flawlessly, like a Kalashnikov assault rifle. It practically does not cause problems for its owner: maintenance is minimal (“Once a year I unscrewed the candle, cleaned it from soot”, etc.), the design is simple, the serviceability is excellent. It only takes a short time to “adapt” to this technique and master the skills to work with it. Although of course for this adaptation you need to be physically fit and a fairly strong person.

Many peasant craftsmen “adapted” so much that they improved the design of the walk-behind tractor in their own way: by attaching a seat from a motorcycle-wheeled tractor to it. And so turn the “accommodating” tractor into a “comfortably seated” one. (Optional: a car seat on car wheels).

Motoblock “MTZ-05”: homemade “comfort modification”.

The shortcomings in operation include insufficient clarity of the gear shift (“I put the walk-behind tractor in neutral, turned off the engine, and when it started, the walk-behind tractor suddenly “came to life” and drove off”). Another thing: in order to disable the differential lock, you will have to make a very large physical effort, and this operation will have to be carried out on every corner.

Motoblock “MTZ-05”: prices on the secondary market

On the Internet you will find a large number of advertisements for the sale of the former MTZ-05 Motobes. The price of agricultural data in the late 80s/early 90 s-release is between 25,000 and 50,000 rubles. For comparison: The new Minsk Motoblock “Belarus Mtz-09n” costs 78,000 rubles and higher. As a rule, your owners are usually sold together with the required set of additional equipment. And for the new they have to be bought for a fee.

In general, the MTZ-05 mot block came into the wonderful history of the Minsk tractor work and in domestic agriculture as one of the samples of extremely reliable, unpretentious, simple equipment.

Overview of the hand-led tractor MTZ-05 from Belarus. Device, properties, reviews

This model was very popular in Soviet times and remains popular. It was manufactured and used from 1978 to 1992 to create the soil for sowing, the cultivation of agricultural plants, the harvest of weeds and the transport of various goods.

Motoblock MTZ-05

The peculiarity of the MTZ-05 motor block
  • The hiking loss tractor works with an axis. MTZ-05 was developed as an alternative to full-fledged tractors if no work has to be carried out in large areas. He can easily transport goods that weigh up to half the ton.
  • Belarus-05 has a power selection wave that can rotate at a speed of up to 1000 revolutions per minute.
  • The weight of the structure is 135 kg.
  • He has established himself well while working with various attachments: cultivating, plows, pendants, mowers, cummer and harme.
  • Management is due to a comfortable turning wheel. All control levers are on the steering wheel, which makes it as comfortable as possible.
  • The size of the route is regulated and can be 425, 600 or 800 mm.
  • There is a single-cylinder four-stroke engine with a capacity of 5 hp on the MTZ-05 engine note.

Some MTZ models were equipped with 8 hp in a standard version of a tw o-cylinder engine.


Surname meaning
The trace of the walk behavior tractor Adjustable (450,600,700) mm
Soil 300 mm
The smallest rotary radius of 450 mm 1 м
Motobobo mass (constructive) 135 kg
The biggest mass of weapons hung on a walk tractor 30 kg
The biggest mass of the towed hal f-signs with the load 650 kg
The depth of overcoming Ford 0.3 m
Temperature limits where motoblock can be operated -10-+30 ° C
Engine type Fou r-Stroke, carburetor air cooling
To mark UD-15
transmission Mechanically, with constant hooks geared gear
Transport number: backwards forward forward 4 2
The chassis Pneumatic tires
The size of the tires 150×330 mm
Tractor Challenger: Overview of the lin e-up, this. Properties, photo, video reviews


Motoblock MTZ-05 was developed almost 50 years ago. Since then, the technology has gone far forward. Despite the fact that this Belarus is practical, there can sometimes be a desire to replace the engine. In this case, no special problems should arise


The market has a large number of engines from different manufacturers and electricity. The simplest Chinese engines are rustic in the quality, but the price is lower. One of them is Lianlong. It is certified for compliance with all European standards for properties and of high quality.

However, the motorized working hours of Japanese life and Honda is clearly inferior. Manufacturers of the country of the rising sun are considered the best in this matter.

Lianlong LL-160F Motor Honda GX160 Motor Lifan 168 F-2

When choosing a motor, you should pay attention to the following properties:

  • Number of cylinders;
  • Energy;
  • maximum speed;
  • Repair.

As a result, it is necessary to find the ratio in the context of price and quality perfectly.


The valve shifts with longer or large loads of the MTZ-05 hiking tractor. As a result, the amount of fuel changes, and Belarus-05 begins to work incorrectly.

In normal condition, the gap should be between 0.1 and 0.15 mm.

If the gap is increased, a certain sound appears from the engine, and the required amount of fuel does not occur.

Setting the game in the valves of the singl e-axle trap MTZ

If there are doubts about it, you should check them immediately. With the help of a thin blade with a thickness of 0.1 to 0.15 mm, you can set the position of the valves:

  1. Move into a small nut;
  2. Put the blade underneath and put the mother back to her original position;
  3. Scroll the flywheel several times;
  4. The valve should work freely, but the appearance of approval is not permitted;
  5. If a gap appears or the flywheel does not rotate, stand up again.


If the MT Z-Walk tractor generates unstable engine speeds, you should configure the carburetor operation. It is recommended to carry out this work before the start of sowing if the equipment was long without operation.

Scheme of the K-45 carburetor for the hand-led MTZ tractor

Carburetor adjustment:
  1. Screws that regulate the minimum and maximum gas amount, screw it together completely and then let it off on half a curve.
  2. Then transfer the power supply lever to the minimal position, while engine operation should not stop.
  3. The screw that regulates the screw helps to adjust the speed when idling so that the engine works correctly without external noise.
  4. With the screws you should configure the amount of fuel received correctly. When it is twisted, it decreases when it is loosened, the fuel flow increases.
Planning a change in the garden? Do it yourself!

In order to check whether the carburetor was configured correctly on the MTZ-05 walking tractor, you should function the engine and then receive the spark plug. If it is clean without foreign contamination, this shows the correct setting.

Important! The engine block engine should always be warmed up before starting the setting.

If a fiber appears on the candle, the reason can be either in the carburetor and more serious broken.


An important element during the engine is the clutch. Therefore, you should know how you can configure it correctly.

Two clutch errors:
  • The MTZ-05 tries to move with a completely pressed lever. This means that it leads. In this situation, the adjustment screw should be slightly twisted.
  • With a reduced clutch, the hiking tracto r-Sleit shoe, i.e. either there is not the necessary performance or does not cost at all. In this case, slightly attract the adjustment screw.
Video check of the exact setting of the clutch in the MTZ-05 hiking trail

The transmission of the MTZ-05 walk-behavior has 6 steps: 4 for driving forward and 2 to retreat.

Below you will find the maximum speed forward at each gear:

  • I step I – 2.15 km/h;
  • II step – 3.8 km/h;
  • III step – 5.35 km/h;
  • IV step – 9.6 km/h.

The maximum checkpoint when driving backwards:

  • I step I – 2.5 km/h;
  • II step – 4.46 km/h.
Video check of the gearbox for the MTZ-05 Walk-Hinge tractor
CPP repair

If the work of the box is accompanied by a noise in the gearbox, this is a sign of shortage or improper selection of oil. If this is not the case, you will have to add the carburetor, eat, drain the old oil and pour the new according to the recommendation of use of the instructions for use.

If the noise persists, the gears were bad. If they are not replaced in time, the consequences can be even worse. It is necessary to regularly check the performance of the control point and carry out preventive repairs.

electric starter

Many owners of the MTZ-05 put an electric starter on it in exchange for the factory. This way you can make the process of getting the engine to work much easier. Since at minus temperatures he often refuses to start.

To replace the electric starter you must first adjust the battery as the electric starter will not work.

Another important addition to the MTZ is the headlight. It allows you to work at dusk. It’s not in standard configuration, but it works great on battery.

Rating of the MTZ-05 engine grade with a headlight and an electric starter

User Guide

Now the MTZ-05 motblock is not manufactured, but is still widely used in agriculture. And the question about the instruction manual is acute, since it is almost impossible to find it in the paper version.

Here you can download it at the following link Instructions for the operation of the Motor Block MTZ-05

Basic rules of operation
  • If you acquired a new MTZ-05 motorcycle block that was not in service before the one, be sure to run it. This implies the work of Belarus in an economical mode, so that the details are violated in each other and work stably.
  • It is necessary to regularly monitor the condition of the parts of the migratory loss tractor: gearbox, chassis, steering wheel. After work, the remaining soil and other extraneous objects should be removed. Protect the MTZ-05 from atmospheric precipitation.
  • It is necessary to periodically lubricate all engine systems with oil: a crankcase, air filter, a crankshaft neck, an axis of the magneto breaker lever. In the winter season, it is recommended to use M-8G oil2 or M-8v2and in the summer M-10g2 or M-10V2. The axis of the control levers should be lubricated with ordinary lubricants containing Lithol-24 or Solidol. All oils should be made in accordance with the requirements of the relevant gosts, since in Soviet times there were unified requirements for everyone.
  • After turning on the Belarusian, you need to raise the starting pedal smoothly, the engine with the pedal in the lower position is not allowed.
  • Switching to the opposite and vice versa should only be fully bumped after Belarus-05. Otherwise gear breakage will occur.
  • When driving, you should hold the control bar firmly in your hands and turn the corners smoothly.
  • When not in use, the power tray should be turned off.
  • In the aggregation of attaching devices, the shkvoren should be reliably installed on the control couplings. It is strictly forbidden to work with an untouched Shkwurm.
Make support for wine

video ratings

It is now difficult to find a working MTZ-05, so you often have to restore it. It can be malfunctions with a checkpoint or a clutch. This is how the restoration process occurs.

Checking the MTZ-05 engine block restoration
Checking the soil of Belarus-05
Review of plowing by the MTZ-05 engine grade with an inverted plow

Reviews of the owners


“With my MTZ-05 I transported a huge amount of everything. Starting with garbage and ending with tree trunks of 3.5 meters for the construction of a bath. He loaded a little more than 0.5 cubic meters of raw wood. As far as the of f-road suitability is concerned, it is like an of f-road vehicle in view of its weight, but the truth is worse in winter. The UD-15 engine is easier, so you have to load more at the front to somehow press the hand-led tractor onto the floor. Its speed is low. My 6-7 km/h due to the large bikes. Now I am actively working with the following attachments: a plow, a stranger, a Hiller and a cutting plant and of course a cart. ”


“Well, after all, my acquaintance with this technique took place. He took the whole grass out of the garden, the days are good and warm and dry. The impressions are generally positive. I drove it into the garden, it works, it doesn’t fail. Rad lock helps a lot. The trailer didn’t overload much to get out of the garden. He drove three hours, a garden of 30 hectares, rainy summer, a lot of grass. Petrol took 2.5 liters. 5 liters filled, almost half of the tank left. Not without the first breakdowns – I replaced the candle, set A11, let A20 stand, tore the clutch rope, secured with screw and mother. As for the speed, the han d-led tractor takes its 10 km / h in 4th gear. The speeds switch on normally, they just have to get used to it. A problem is solved here. After the first impressions, I find that the on e-axle tractor is worth his money, even if he is 20 years old. Homemade products run around in our village, so they have a gear from the 1960s, they have no demolition. ”

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