Overview of the han d-led petrol tractor Patriot Volga. Specifications, owner reviews, video

Motoblock Patriot Wolga

Patriot Volga is a han d-led tractor of the compact class, a very productive and agile device for everyday tasks. Despite the budget positioning, the equipment even meets the most demanding business people. The support for a variety of attachments makes the Volga a universal singl e-axle tractor. It is valued by summer residents, farmers and gardeners. In addition, the machine is in demand in city and local transport. Take into account the advantages of the device, its technical properties and usage features.

General information and design

Patriot Volga is equipped with a powerful engine that develops a high torque and thus enables it to overcome all obstacles, including terrain and muddy surfaces. At the same time, cooperation with heavy attachments is possible – for example with plow and hooks. In the second case, the stability of the singl e-axle tractor is significantly increased when processing hard underground. It is not difficult to pull the han d-led tractor through the garden – especially thanks to the special transport bikes that are in front of the machine. Also take a look at the profiled air bikes, which also ensure excellent suitability for of f-road. The engine is designed for a certain speed, which can be adjusted depending on the complexity of the task. The performance of the han d-led tractor is so large that its tillage knife can plow the floor with a width of 850 mm in one work, which is a good result compared to competitors. The availability of maintenance work and the low cost of consumables are one of the main advantages of a han d-led tractor and make it an indispensable helper in many areas of business. There is support for cheap 92. Petrol and AI-95.

Advantages of technology:

  • The han d-led tractor is equipped with side and front protective inserts that protect the machine body and the operator from various damage as well as flying grass, stones, branches, dust and dirt.
  • Set reinforced knife. Thanks to them, the han d-led tractor is able to process particularly dense soils and virgin floors.
  • Ergonomic handle with gripy rubber raids. They are also very pleasant in the hand with sweaty hands. This makes it significantly easier to control the han d-led tractor, also thanks to the controls attached to the handle. Thus, all controls of the machine are at hand and do not have to be used. In addition, the handle can be adjusted in height and horizontal and the device and body construction of the operator can be adjusted.
  • Robust motor protection in the form of an energ y-absorbing fron t-floor rod
  • Wide “dental” bikes that enable fast and efficient work on any surface and regardless of climatic factors
  • Fou r-stroke engine, economically and reliable
  • High maneuverability through reverse gear. Can be turned by 180 and 360 degrees
  • Extensive connection options for attachments of all kinds. This enables you to exhaust the potential of the han d-led tractor 100 %.
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Before first use

When buying a tractor to walk behavior, you need to ask yourself whether it is worth doing it before full operation, that is, with the maximum load. As a rule, such a procedure is carried out in an economical load, so that the details are used and adapted to weather conditions. Let’s consider in detail the process of runnin g-in:

  • Motobobok is assembled
  • The engine is introduced. It should work idling for 30-40 minutes. You can gradually increase the speed
  • Prevention of the work of the gearbox. In this case it is important to check the serviceability of the speed switches so that the box turns on smoothly and without delay. All noise, vibration and screens are completely eliminated as the motoblock is new. If a malfunction is found, the car can be changed or returned within 15 days from the date of purchase
  • Having assured the absence of extraneous noise and vibration, as well as the absence of oil subtexts in the lower part of the tractor of walking, you can proceed to the race. In this case, all types of economic work are allowed, including hilling, cultivation, plowing, transporting goods, etc. It is important to note
  • The ru n-I n-in takes an average of 8 hours. After its completion, it is necessary to conduct a full check of the technical condition of the product in order to avoid violent situations in the future. The fact is that the next day the tractor of the walk can already be under full load. The machine should be ready for this.

Equipment not assembled

Patriot Volga can be equipped with hinge options that perform a specific function. Therefore, the choice of attachments should be approached based on their needs. The manufacturer explicitly gave the opportunity to choose and therefore sells a tractor without options. Let’s consider in detail which attachments for Patriot Volga are considered the most popular:

  • Kholinka
  • Potato Cumulator
  • Potato
  • plow
  • floor hook
  • Hayfield
  • Car
  • Cultivating Mills
  • unlucky for weed
  • water pump
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engine and properties

Motoblock Patriot Volga is equipped with a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine with a volume of 0.2 liters. The power of the engine is 7 hp. The device is equipped with a manual start, and the fuel tank capacity reaches 3.6 liters. The design also makes for a multifunctional opposite that can unfold 360 degrees. There is also a gearbox and disc clutch that are integral parts of the Walk’s tractor. The gearbox is a three-stage mechanism with two front speeds and one rear speed.

Other parameters: depth of processing – up to 300 mm. The mass of the device is 75 kg.

fuel consumption

Motoblock Patriot Volga spends 1-2 liters of gasoline per hour.

Prices in Russia

The average cost of the Patriot Volga walk-in tract on the Russian market is 28-30 thousand rubles, not including the options for hinges.

Competitors: Partner PFT85-800R, OKA MB-1D1M13, Mobile for MKM-3-B6.5, Neva MB-Compact S-6.0, Huskavvara TF334, Neva MB-6.5 RS, Ugra NMB-1N17, MCCULLOCH MFT55 170R.

Overview of the han d-led petrol tractor Patriot Volga. Specifications, owner reviews, video

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general information

The Patriot Volga Motoblock is a device that allows countries to carry out various types of farming.

The tractor of the Walk behavior is equipped with a powerful petrol four-stroke engine 7 hp. The volume is 212 cubic meters. CM, power 5150 watts.

The motor has a high torque, thanks to which the device can work even on wet soil.

Attachments are connected to the Patriot Volga walk-behind tractor – hiller, plow, cleat and more.

It is also possible to place weights on the technical device, this increases the weight of the walk-behind tractor, increases maneuverability on difficult soils and increases maneuverability.

Patriot Wolga Patriot Wolga

The device is equipped with pneumatic wheels. The deep wheel profile increases the mobility of the device, the driver can also control it off-road.

The weight of the Patriot Volga walk-behind tractor is 85 kg. Unlike the lighter models of the Patriot line, the Volga has a slightly increased productivity – the track width that the walk-behind tractor handles is 90 cm.

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Country of origin of the Patriot Volga walk-behind tractor: China. The brand comes from the USA. The manufacturer grants a 12-month guarantee on the device. With proper maintenance, the device can last much longer.

model features

The main advantages of this model are:

  1. medium weight – increases maneuverability, but allows the unit to pass even on soft ground;
  2. moderate consumption of gasoline per hour (1-2 liters, depending on the speed and type of work);
  3. the presence of a reversal, allowing the device to rotate 360 ​​degrees. Important: Use reverse gear to turn the tiller only when it is stopped;
  4. disc clutch in oil bath;
  5. reduction gear;
  6. three-speed gearbox (two forward gears, one reverse gear);
  7. manual start;
  8. tillage to a depth of 30 cm;
  9. protective mudguards covering the lateral and front upper parts of the body;
  10. reinforced tillers that process both simple and dense, frozen soils;
  11. rubberized grips for ease of use in cold weather and to minimize operator hand slippage;
  12. adjustment of the control handle in height and horizontally;
  13. reinforced bumper protecting the engine from damage;
  14. the ability to connect many types of household attachments (thanks to a trailer unit made in Russia).

Patriot Wolga

The basic package of the Patriot two-wheel tractor includes:

  • User manual in Russian;
  • pneumatic wheels;
  • cutters (6 pieces);
  • Trailer unit suitable for attachments from domestic production;
  • Warranty card (guarantee period is 12 months).

The Patriot Volga walking tractor can be used by connecting any type of attachment from the Patriot manufacturer of the same name, or devices from manufacturers suitable for the factory hitch.

With enough resources, you can make attachments yourself, but you can mount them on a walk-behind tractor only if the dimensions of the fasteners match the factory dimensions.

It should be borne in mind that the walk-behind tractor wears out faster when using attachments with inappropriate parameters.

maintenance and operation

The gasoline engine of the Patriot Volga walk-behind tractor runs on two types of gasoline: AI92 or AI95.

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It is recommended to use oil for four-stroke engines 10W30 (manufactured by Motul, EXPERT, SUPREME HD or any other with similar parameters). You must use HYPOID gear oil (recommended by the Patriot website) to fill the transmission.

Transmission oil HYPOID 4-stroke mineral oil SUPREME 4-stroke semi-synthetic oil EXPERT 4-stroke semi-synthetic oil SPECIAL


Almost all walk behind tractors need a break-in period – a period when the implement is not being used at full power. The running-in time is 5 to 20 hours, depending on the model

  • After the first start, the engine should work for 10-30 minutes, according to which the speed can be increased. In the absence of thir d-party noises in the checkpoint and engine, you can start the tractor of the walk behavior on the ground.
  • For the period of the first 20 motorcycles, a motor block can be carried out, the carriage from load, cultivation, hilling. At full power, the engine is only introduced after 20 mothers.
  • After running, run Öler’s set and examine them for damage.
  • Clean the milling cutter (if necessary). Make sure that oil and fuel do not flow.
  • In the future, planned technical inspections will be carried out, even if there are no problems with the tractor of the walk behavior, every 50, 100, 200 or more hours.
  • After the end of the guarantee period (12 months), technical exams of the carburetor and the engine are carried out in the professional service center.


Engine power 7 PS
The width of recording 100 cm
transmission 2 forward /2 before
transmission gear
coupling Panel in oil bathroom
Connect active hitch From the
Pneumatic bikes type 4.00-8
The weight 105 kg

Video review

Reviews of the owners

Yaroslav, Gomel “Motoblock can be maneuverable and powerful. First I doubt that it would overcome the virgin countries that the weight seemed to be small, but then I realized that it did it. The fuel consumption corresponds to the specified – 2 liters per Hour. I use 92 petrol, work is fine. The properties fit me, from which I use the plow and the hill. There are also disadvantages: a loud engine as for me only at maximum speed. Vibration is with the Work strong, the feasts have to be worn out and interrupted. “

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Vladimir, St. Petersburg: “In the country I use my Volga from Patriot. The tractor of the walk behavior is excellent, the price is of course not very low, but its quality of work is also noticeable. I have been working for myself for 5 months, since spring 2017 I have used a stranger from The Hügel. On the site for the construction of the house, he used the Volga to loosen the country that was empty for several years. Now I have made a nice side with this walk tractor. Of course, we would not have mastered him manually. “

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