Overview of the establishment of the Parma chainsaw: Description and Properties

Review of the se t-up of the Parma Brand Electric Saw. Technical features and operating rules

Electrical saws of the Parma chain are produced by a brand that is part of the Russian together with TM Rezer, Carver. TM Parma is mainly specialized in four production areas: the production of garden equipment and inventory, power equipment, climatic devices and equipment.

Electric Saw Parma

In a variety of products, electrical devices are particularly presented by the Parm a-electrical saws that observe wood with different hardness, wood impacts as well as carpenters and carpenters. The electromotor of the chainsaw turns the tire with a chain that creates the sawing. Electrical saws of Parma are extremely effective and not only offer a quick woodcut, but can also replace other tools and devices at the same time – a hand saw, an ax, an Secateur.

How you can protect yourself against counterfeits

The more popular the technology, the faster the market of the product of dubious quality will fill with characteristic brand logo. It is not always possible to recognize a fake before buying. The following actions help identify the counterfeits:

  1. Bright packaging with high quality confirms the authenticity of the tool, blunt colors, cheap cardboard shows the opposite.
  2. The manufacturer’s website contains the catalog of original products with suitable descriptions, properties and photos. Simply go to the website and compare the proposed Parma chain engine with the original.
  3. We visually check the quality of the casting, the assembly, the adjacent parts – porous structure, dark colors and gaps between the details should be suspected.
  4. We read the barcode and provide complete information about the tool, the manufacturer and the country of production.

Modifications of Parma-M and Parma 2-m

Chainsaw Parma 2M

Performance, simplicity and low price are the three main advantages of Parma-M Electric Saw. Perm Masters worked well on the device and ensured the reliability and stability of the work. It is widespread in forest companies and workshops. The saw will definitely hold you long.

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Unfortunately, this model is not changed. It has no automatic lubrication mechanism and protection in the event of a slip. You can see a photo of the old player’s power plant below:

Despite the quality of the assembly and the monolithic design, these two defects do not allow inexperienced people to work safely and productively with a saw.

In a more advanced modification, the 2nd manufacturer took into account the defects of the previous model and finally. The 2nd Parma Electric Saw has a Zapopy brake mechanism that significantly increases the safety of working with it. The protective button for unintentional starts and a fuse with a sharp leap in tension in the network is also provided. The automatic lubrication of the sowing device is also a plus of the 2 m model.

The engine power is 2000 W and the design of the working chain enables the tool to be used for pickling in small volumes for all types of carpentry and drainage of wood in each direction.

Nevertheless, both models have a considerable weight. The full set weighs 9 kg, so that unprepared hands have to be hard.

The installation of the Parma Electric saw

We offer to get to know the most popular changes in Parma electrical chain saws:

  1. Electric saw “Parma” of an old style m.
  2. Electric saw chain “Parma” 2m.
  3. Electric saw chain “Parma” M3.
  4. Parma 4m electrical saw.
  5. Electric Saw “Parma” M5.
  6. Electric chain saw “Parma” M6.

Features of the electrical saw “Parma”:

  • Compact dimensions;
  • Small weight;
  • Ergonomics;
  • Chain lubrication;
  • Comfortable oil supply adjustment;
  • Simple change in the headset;
  • Environmental friendliness, lack of exhaust gases;
  • Observation window in an oil tank;
  • The upper security committee offers reliable defense of the operator.
  • The noise level during operation is reduced;
  • Hook for convenient connection of the extension cable;
  • The presence of start.

Electric magic “Parma” M of the old style

This is an outdated modification. They do not yet have the functions and increased safety requirements that are characteristic of the electrical saws of the Parma of the following generations: there is no automatic lubrication of the circuit and the chain brake as well as the emergency button on the electric motor.

Colorful garden from spring to autumn or which plants to plant?

Electric Saw Parma M

The weight of the first Parma of the old sample (see the photo below) 9 kg. The capacity of the collector a phas e-electric motor of 2000 watts, the power plant is used from the network with a voltage of 220 V. Tires 38 cm long and a saw chain with a step of 9.3 mm are used.

Electric saw chain “Parma” 2m

The mass of an electric saw is 5.6 kg. The performance of the cros s-e -mail. Motor 2000 W, electricity of 220 V. This is an extended modification with an automatic chain that can be easily set. The oil tank is equipped with an observation window with which you can visually control the filling of the tank with lubricants.

Electric saw chain “Parma” 2m

The manufacturer has perfectly balanced the tool and reduced the tiredness of the operator during lon g-term work. By blocking the chain, the engine, upper protection, you can create the necessary safety conditions during operation. A sauce is used: a guide tire 40 cm long and a saw chain for 57 links.

Power, WT2000 Tension, B220
Tire length, cm40 Number of links, PCs. 57
Oil tank volume, ML100 The position of the engine is transversal
Close the tent setting of the voltage Weight, KG5.6
Tire length, customs 16 Chain step, customs 3/8 (0.375)
Paz width, mm1.3 The speed of the chain, m/second12.1

Further information on the tool can be read in the operating instructions.

Electric saw chain “Parma” M3

The mass of the chainsaw is 6.6 kg. A 220 0-W power current is used by 220 V.

Electric saw chain “Parma” M3

There is a button that blocks empty, there is a protective shield and a brake system. The lubrication of the Parma Electric Saw is automatic, the oil supply regulator is built. The observation window enables the abundance of the oil tank to be controlled. The guide tire has a length of 45 cm, the saw chain has 62 teeth.

Power, WT2200 Tension, B220
Tire length, cm45 Number of links, PCs. 62
Oil tank volume, ML110 The position of the engine
Close the tent setting of the voltage Weight, KG6.6
Tire length, customs18 Chain step, customs 3/8 (0.375)
Paz width, mm1.3 Chain rotation speed, m/s13.6

Parma 4m chainsaw

The chainsaw weighs 5.6 kg and a 2000 W electromotor is arranged in the body in the longitudinal direction. Start of the button, starting block is planned. Security is guaranteed by the upper protection and the chain brake. Automatic chain lubrication, there is a controller.

Electric chainsaw Parma M4

The viewing window of the oil tank enables a prompt filling of the container without being completely emptying. A 40 cm long rod and a 57-tier chain are used.

Power, WT2000 Tension, B220
Tire length, cm40 Number of links, PCs. 57
Oil tank volume, ML110 The position of the engine
Close the tent setting of the voltage Weight, KG5.6
Tire length, customs 16 Chain step, customs 3/8 (0.375)
Paz width, mm1.3 Chain rotation speed, m/sec15.8

Electrosaw “Parma” M5

This is a household modification, the mass of the electrical saw is 5.5 kg, an electric motor with an output of 1600 W is arranged across the body. Print button control, the start button is blocked. The electrical saw is operated with a 220 V network.

Electrosaw “Parma” M5

A saw set of the REZER brand is used: a 57-member chain and a 40 cm long bar. The protective bar and the chain brake reliably protect the device’s owner from injuries. The oil tank has a transparent viewing window that shows the oil level in the tank. The lubricant supply to the chain is automated, convenient setting. The handle is comfortable, rubberized.

Performance, W1600 Tension, B220
Tire length, cm40 Number of links, PCs. 57
Oil tank volume, ML110 The position of the engine is transversal
Close the tent setting of the voltage Weight, KG5.5
Tire length, customs 16 Chain step, customs 3/8 (0.375)
Paz width, mm1.3 Chain rotation speed, m/sec11.5

Electric chainsaw “Parma” м6

This is a compact electrical saw developed for garden maintenance. The weight of the device is only 3.3 kg, the power of el. Motor 1000 W, the engine is fed by a 220 V network via a power cable.

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Electric chainsaw Parma M6

The electrical saw is started at the push of a button, and a lock is provided for unintentional star t-up of the device. Security is increased, there is a chain brake and a protective shield. A 30 cm long rod and a 45-brown chain are used.

Performance, W1000 Tension, B220
Tire length, cm30 Number of members, piece 45
Oil tank volume, ML110 The position of the engine is transversal
Close the tent setting of the voltage Weight, KG3.3
Tire length, customs12 Chain step, customs 3/8 (0.375)
Paz width, mm1.3 Chain rotation speed, m/sec6

Reviews about the electrical saw Parma 2m

Sergey: The service life is 2 years. Advantages: The saw is quite powerful. Disadvantages: it just has a terrible brake, as well as difficult. Feedback: Saw Parma 2m was initially satisfied, but now the season has come to saw often, firewood is needed. There were problems. Works well, then stops. The engine is running, but not the chain. After a restart, everything starts again.

Leonid: The service life is 2 years. Advantages: The saw is compact, easily fits into the trunk. Disadvantages: short line, so you often have to use the carrier, not mobile. Feedback: The Parma 2m chainsaw was bought by me a long time ago. But I rarely use it occasionally. Works great and perfect for at home. For transport, you can take off the tire and fold up comfortably.

User Guide

The operating instructions are included in each electric tool and contains detailed structured information that is divided into sections:

  1. The device of the electrical saw “Parma”.
  2. Assembly order.
  3. Completeness.
  4. Requirements for safe work and operation.
  5. Principles of work: how and what can be seen.
  6. Technical features of a certain Parma Electric Saw.
  7. Installation.
  8. Service.
  9. Malfunctions of the chain Electric Saw.


The manufacturer is completed by the Parma Electric Saw:

  • Instructions;
  • Capacity with original oil 100 ml;
  • Lead tires;
  • Saw chain;
  • Universal screwdriver;
  • Protection cover for the tire;
  • A set of replacement brushes.


Before starting the electrical saw, it is necessary to carry out a number of actions:

  • Collect a saw, put on a sawmill;
  • Pull the chain;
  • Check the network voltage, exclude jumps.
  • Make sure the integrity of the network cable;
  • Fill out the oil tank and then check its filling.
  • Perform the electrical saws according to the descriptions in the manual;
  • Check the oil supply, fit it if necessary.
  • Check the brake system.

Serva of the Parma Electric Chain saw

Chain Electric Saws are unpretentious, but need the following service actions:

  • Clean the ventilation holes of the saw in good time;
  • Clean the saw from Tyrsa and pollution;
  • Monitor the filling of the oil tank;
  • Control and adjustment of the prerequisite of the lubrication to the chain;
  • Use only original components;
  • Pull the saw chain in time.

Important: In order to repair only those components listed in the operating manual, all other repair work, including the sharpening of the chains, should be carried out in service centers. Lubricate the electric saw chain with original oil oil.

Before it disassembles the electric tool itself, it would not be superfluous to see a video how to break down the chain Electric saw of the Parma brands:

Malfunctions, causes

The following problems are characterized by Parma electrical saws.

The electrical saw does not switch on:

  • There is no power supply;
  • The cable is not connected;
  • The chain brake is involved;
  • The cable is torn;
  • The engine failed.

The chain does not stop immediately, with a delay:

  • Problems with friction coupling.
  • empty oil tank;
  • The channels are clogged with fat.

In the full version of the manual by the Parma Electric Vehicle, M3 can examine more detailed information on the use of technology.

General information

Saw cut of a tree

Electric saws have a number of advantages compared to gasoline models. The most important are:

  • Environmental friendliness:
  • less weight;
  • low vibration level;
  • produce less noise;
  • Easy to master and operate.

At the same time, an electrical saw is required for each electrical tool to access the power source. This can be a significant problem in working in great personal actions. Other disadvantages are dependence on the weather conditions. The unit can fail under conditions with high humidity and in the rain. Another characteristic of Chain Electric Saws, including Parma, is the need to regularly work at work.

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He is busy producing electrical saws for 10 years. Thanks to the high materials, the characteristics of which successfully compete with western analogues, as well as prices that are several times lower than European, the Russian production of saws among consumers are required.

Electric or petrol saw?

The answer to this question is very simple. If you plan to harvest wood on an industrial scale and to work with high humidity under conditions, you should choose the gasoline option. Such saws are more powerful and enable them to work almost without interruption for several hours. They are also mobile compared to electric.

The chainsaw is ideal for indoor use. It costs an order of magnitude cheaper and does not require as many care nipulations as gasoline.

Parma motor saws are ideal for all work in the country. It will not be difficult to saw firewood to light a bath or to fell a tree up to 35 cm thick. With an extension cable for the power source and also fill the tank with oil in time, from where the lubricant is automatically distributed. If you monitor the condition of the instrument and protect it from rain, it will serve loyal services for many years.

Chainsaws Parma. Overview of the model range, properties. Fuel and lubricant for chainsaws

Chainsaws Parma: A quality tool of a Russian manufacturer

The first mention of the products of the Italian company Parma dates from 1980. The manufacturer specialized in the production of Parma electric chainsaws and chainsaws, but was unable to assert himself on the market alone due to the strong competition. In 1997 the Parma brand was taken over by the Russian company Uralopt instrument. The entire production was shifted to China, where devices are now being produced under this logo.

It should be noted that Parma chainsaws are not only equipped with Chinese, but also with Japanese parts. In particular, the units are equipped with a fuel system and carburetors from the wel l-known Japanese company Walbro. Brand products are installed in the factory under the supervision of experienced technologists and engineers. All Parma devices are certified in Russia, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificates.

Let us draw attention to the company’s loyal price policy – today the Parma chainsaw can be bought at a price of 5,800 to 6,700 rubles.

Features of the Parma models:
  • Compact size and low weight;
  • Information support from the manufacturer and the availability of a network of service centers;
  • Adequate price and high maintenance.

Model palette of Parma chainsaws

Domestic online shops sell several models of Parma chainsaws for both private and semi-professional purposes. We will get to know some of them better.

Parma-BP 46/40

Household model for the longitudinal and crossings of wood. It can be used for repair and construction work, for harvesting and sawing firewood, for cutting garden trees, for the care of hedges and for other household work. The device is driven by a 2-horsepower two-stroke engine, which is equipped with a 16-inch rail and a 57-brown saw chain. For the convenience of the operator, the chainsaw is equipped with a multi-point antivibration system on steel springs and a primer, which makes it easier to start the engine at cold temperatures.

The chainsaw engines Parma BP 46/40 is produced with the patented aftercharge and clean2 technologies from chrome-plated parts. Such innovations not only extend the lifespan of the engine, but also reduce fuel consumption by 20 %. With such high technical properties, the model has a relatively low weight – 4.8 kg and a reasonable price.

This chainsaw can be bought at a price of 6,000 rubles, complete with a plastic case for transport and storage.

Parma-BP 42/35

Another domestic class tool from this manufacturer. The chainsaw is equipped with a two-stroke internal combustion engine with a capacity of 1.8 hp. The basic configuration is supplied with a 14-inch guide tire and a 53-link saw chain. To make it easier to start the engine, it is equipped with a quick starting system that allows you to easily start the engine even at the lowest temperatures. The Parma BP 42/35 is equipped with a Walbro semi-automatic carburettor, as the fuel saving is 15-20% compared to similar tools.

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The design features and operational characteristics of this model allow you to use it for all kinds of economic work, to use it for the construction and repair of apartment buildings, garages, baths, sheds and other premises. With this chainsaw you can prepare and see firewood, crowning trees in the garden or perform work to maintain a hedge. The chainsaws are equipped with all modern security systems, which are equipped with an effective brake of instant stop of the chain, a metal zeeper and a high-quality multiple anti-vibration system.

In domestic online stores, the Parma BP 42/35 model is sold at a price of 5,890 rubles.

Parma BP 146/16

The manufacturer classifies this model as semi-professional, although he warns that it is not suitable for dismissing forests and cannot be used in intensive mode for a long time. The chainsaw is equipped with a two-speed engine with forced air cooling, the power of which is 2.45 hp, and the number of maximum revolutions reaches 12,500 rpm. Such characteristics make it possible to complete the saw with a guide tire for 400 millimeters and to install a 56-link saw chain.

In their reviews, the owners of the Parma BP 146/16 model note efficiency, reliability, durability and high maintenance. It should be noted that the details of the piston group are made of high-quality alloy, the walls of which are covered with chrome. The economy of the engine is achieved through the use of modern aftercharge and Clean2 systems. The use of these technologies not only reduces fuel consumption, but also increases torque by 10-17%. The Parma BP 146/16 chainsaws are equipped with all modern safety systems, including instant chain stop, a metal zeeper and a three-point vibration cancellation system.

The high characteristics of the model are combined with a completely moderate price – 6,200 rubles.

Parma BP 138/14n

As a completely new model from this manufacturer, the chainsaw appeared on sale at the end of 2018. The device is equipped with a 1.85 hp engine with a chrome cylinder plating and a metal card that greatly increases its durability. In contrast to previous models, Parma BP 138/14N has a noble chain tensioner. The saw is made of high-grade, frost-resistant plastic, equipped with a reliable chain brake and multi-point system of extinguishing swing.

Currently, the Parma BP 138/14N Parma model can be bought at a price of 6 050-6 700 rubles.

Unpack and prepare for operation

  • When buying a chainsaw, conduct a thorough inspection of its body, individual components and parts, and make sure that there are no visible damages and malfunctions. If defects are detected, contact the seller to replace the saw with a similar replacement or eliminate breaks.
  • Ask the seller to test the engine to ensure that it is in good condition and works;
  • Before continuing with the assembly and operation of the Parma chainsaw, read the manual carefully, familiarize yourself with the requirements for maintenance and operation of the tool and study the safety rules.
  • Assemble the sawing system, recharge the engine and the automatic chain lubrication system;
  • Check the body of the unit for fuel and oil leaks, if available, you will find the cause of the leak and restore the density of the system;
  • Place the chainsaw on a flat surface, secure it by stepping onto the back with your foot, switch on the ignition and start the engine.

Important: If you start the engine “cold”, you should pump in the carburetor with a primer fuel. With a functioning engine and a properly set carburetor, 3-5 clicks are enough on the Primer button.

Parma chainsaws and lubricants

The Parma chainsaw is driven by a two-stroke petrol incineration engine with forced cooling. The rubbing parts of such engines are lubricated with oil in the fuel mixture. This fuel consists of AI92-95 petrol and special engine oil. The preparation of the mixture does not take much time and consists of three steps:

  • Pour the required amount of gasoline with a high number of octane into a measurement container;
  • Add the oil with a medical syringe in the right ratio;
  • Stir the fuel.

Important: Do not prepare a large amount of the mixture and store it for a long time because the engine of the chainsaw needs fresh fuel.

List of motor oils for Parma chainsaws:

  • Echo Jaso FD with donor;
  • Husqvarna HP;
  • Oleo-Mac Prosint 2T;
  • Master Jaso Fd.
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The performance of your chainsaw and the longevity of individual components and parts depends largely on the correct function of the automatic lubrication system. Keep the oil tank and the oil line clean, regularly check the amount of oil that gets into the work area. To do this, put a clean sheet of paper on the floor and start the chain by letting the engine snap. If oil drops remain on the sheet, the system works normally.

To fill the automatic lubrication system, we recommend that only use special detention oils with a viscosity index that protects the saw in any weather. It is not recommended to use normal motor and transformer oils as lubricant, it is forbidden to fill the spindle and waste fluid into the tank.

Chain oils for Parma chainsaws:
  • Echo Premium B&C;
  • Husqvarna chain oil;
  • Oleo-Mac Polar Lube;
  • Stihl Waldplus.

advantages and disadvantages

  • Parma chainsaws are suitable for use in different climate zones;
  • The walls of the rubbing parts of the piston group are chrom e-plated;
  • The chainsaw is equipped with a quick start system that makes it easier to start a cold engine.
  • All Parma chainsaw models have a balanced body and ergonomic handles;
  • The saw is equipped with a multi-point vibration damping system;
  • Delivery in a hig h-quality plastic case.


  • Too little hig h-quality plastic is used in the production of chainsaws;
  • Low quality of the “native” chain and tire.

Chainsaw Parma: video check

Parma BP 138/14N – Model 2018:



Mount chainsaw Parma – sawing:



What you write in the forums: Reviews of the Parma chainsaw

Anton Oskolnikow, 28 years, Wolgograd area:

This is my first chainsaw, there’s nothing to compare, so I’ll give my subjective impressions. After buying the saw, I immediately pulled all the screw and nut connections – many parts were not properly fastened. I have not run the engine but I am preparing the fuel at a 1 to 30 ratio as directed in the manual. The engine starts normally, but recently it began to stall with severe heating. The saw set does not differ in particular quality, if the tire is still usable, then the chain was thrown out after a few weeks.

Vladimir Sibirtsev, 42 years old, Vladimir region:

For the first time after buying a garden shed I thought about buying a chainsaw. I didn’t choose much, Parma attracted me with its appearance and reasonable price – why need an expensive branded instrument for the dacha? Now I doubt the correctness of my decision. No, there is nothing to complain about the engine – it starts cleanly and keeps momentum, although it cannot be described as particularly economical. But frankly, the quality of the plastic and the saw set is disappointing. The oil tank cracked during the first serious frost (I decided to cut the firewood for the bathroom), but I threw the chain away after a few hours of use.

Pros: design, price, reliable engine;

Disadvantages: poor quality plastic, weak chain and bar, consumes a lot of oil.

On our site you can also find descriptions and reviews of chainsaws (battery and petrol) of the following brands: Bosch, Oleo Mac, Eurolux, Taiga, Interskol, Hitachi, Eco, Lesnik, Poulan, Daewoo, Hammer, Soyuz, Sturm, Parma , Bison, Champion, Huter, Echo, Patriot, Ural, Karcher, Carver, Husqvarna, Makita, Druzhba, Kruger, Caliber, Stihl, as well as feedback on chainsaws from these brands, if you have something to say about the build quality and experience of operating certain models of chainsaws from these brands, write your rating in the comments, it will be very useful for our readers.

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