Overview of the DT-175 tractor “Volgar”. Characteristics, elimination of problems, video work, reviews

Overview of the DT-175 tractor “Volgar”. Characteristics, elimination of problems, video work, reviews

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In the late 80s, 20 tablespoons. At VTZ, the production of a tractor DT 175 Volgar began. It was replaced by the outdated DT 75.

The Caterpillar Tractor DT 175 has improved the ability to cross Country and belong to degree 3. The highest movement speed is 21 km/h.

Then a modification of DT 175C was developed. A distinction was made between improved speed properties, the highest working speed was increased from 8 to 15 km/h.

A hydrotransformer is installed on the model of the tractor DT 175C. Thanks to this, the gang shift is more smooth despite the traction effort on the hook.

Technical characteristics

Weight and dimensions

The weight of the tractor dt 175 Volgar reaches 8030 kg. And its total dimensions are 517 × 190 × 290 cm.

This is considered a standard for caterpillar tractors of the 3 traction class.

The width of the caterpillars is 47 cm.


The tractor DT 17 5-Volgar is equipped with a si x-cylinder diesel engine with four stroke. Its strength is 170 hp.

The fuel injection occurs directly into the cylinders and the supply takes place via the recipient.

The turbocharger provides a large amount of air, which causes improved fuel burning.

The characteristic technical properties of the SMD-66 engine include:

  • Determine the required amount of fuel;
  • Increased number of crankshaft revolutions;
  • The air is cooled before the engine is supplied via the charge air cooler.
  • A thermostat was installed, which supports the required temperature of the frost protection device independently during operation and contributes to war m-up quickly in the winter season.
  • The fuel is additionally warmed up before serving the cylinder to make it easier to start the engine in winter.


The gearbox of the tractor dt 175 Volgar has 5 degrees: 4 for driving forward and 1 back.

Due to the presence of two lowering (technologically), you can easily use them for field work and the transport of heavy machines and trailers at low speeds.

Cherry and transmission

The transfer of the tractor dt 175 Volgar comprises:

  1. A double cloud coupling, constantly closed and dry. The clutch coupling is in the flywheel of the engine;
  2. The torque transmission is carried out by a Cardan gang;
  3. The Gidrotransformer G4-400-70 is installed on the tractor DT 175 C, which is able to carry out work with heavy attachments.
  4. The diameter and the width of the edge were increased in the retaining rollers of the chassis.
  5. The diameter of the finger of the caterpillar strap is 25 mm and the width is 47 cm. For this reason, the contact area of ​​the tractor dt 175 increased with the surface and the clutch improved. This model can be used on wet and bulk floors.
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Cabin and management

The tractors of DT 175 and 175c are equipped with a organic cabin with a well though t-out arrangement of the control levers and the dashboard. The operating cabin is placed on 7 floor dampers made of rubber, which largely reduces the vibration.

The seat is located above the right caterpillar, which is perfectly visible to the furrow.

To reduce the noise, the manufacturer was installed by noise insulation. The side and the upper disturbance of the cabin have special plates that play the role of thermos cards.

In summer they don’t miss the heat and cold in winter. The glasses are also tinted to prevent a light sunlight in the operator’s cabin.

In the tractors of DT 175 and 175C, a power selection wave is installed on the back of the gear. All attached and excluded devices are associated with this.


The tractor DT 175 Volgar has achieved great popularity due to high technical features and improved cros s-country ability.

It is also used under the most difficult conditions and on heavy soils.

The Caterpillar Tractor DT 175 is used for plowing and shocking heavy virgin areas, which is used as a bulldozer for leveling sand grains mixtures and for snow removal, rubbing wood from the location of the log house and for transporting heavy supporters.

You can also find reviews in the forums if the Volgar tractor was used as an excavator.


Before the DT tractor 175 goes out fully, the Volgar must be examined by operating instructions.

This will help to understand the principle of machines and the rules for maintenance.

Despite its large weight and impressive technical properties, the tractor DT 175 Volgar is easy to maintain.

  • In order to increase the lifespan of the tractor, it is necessary to operate it in such a way that all details violate and get into the grooves. The procedure takes about 8 hours. At this point, you can only charge the engine at half of its performance. Replace the engine oil at the end of the procedure.
  • If you don’t want to use the tractor for long, you have to clean it, use it in a dry place, let oil and gasoline drain, separate the spark plugs and grease the parts so that no corrosion forms.
  • Engine oil should be changed every 100 hours. Soviet oils according to Gost are best suited for the bay: M-10G2K or M-10DM.
  • The gear oil should be changed after 1,000 rolled hours. TAP-15V is used for replacement.
  • Tractor motors dt 175 Volgar optowel fuck. They differ in the quality of the fuel, but so that the engine is served as long as possible without failure, it is necessary to use a clean and fresh diesel.

Basic malfunctions and repairs

One of the characteristic features of the caterpillar tractor is their simplicity of the design, they have nothing unnecessary and all details are on an intuitive level. To repair most of the breakdowns, there is no need to have special skills. It is sufficient to simply examine the operating instructions.

The engine will not start: Lack of oil or fuel; Dirt entered the air or fuel filter; The light of the ignition does not give a spark; The carburetor is not configured correctly
Excessive vibration comes from the tractor: The presence of fuel and oil; Fixing fastening elements on the device; Fastening
Brakes do not work: The free hub of the pedal has increased (adjust its position); The brake disc or the block was worn out (replace the corresponding details).
If the hydraulic system does not increase the appendix: There is not enough oil in the hydraulics (it is necessary to bring it into the desired brand). The hydraulic system pump is in the AUS status (you should switch on). The safety valve sees (you have to disassemble it and clean it).
Starter does not work: Break or bad contact of the wire (soldering or pairing); Battery charge weak (charge); Short circuit (replace or brush the surface of the collector); Bad contact of the magnetic switch (turning switch hub by 2-3 revolutions).


Here is a video review of how the cultivation with the caterpillar tractor DT 175 Volgar is carried out:

And here is a video rating of the Volgar that runs through a snowy field:

Owner reviews

The following write the following those who managed to get to know the tractor dt 175 Volgar in action, in thematic forums:

Alexander: “In 1990 I bought a tractor that I worked successfully on for 20 years. And he fulfilled its purpose with all might. The box has never been broken down for repair. I undermined the drums a few times and changed the ligaments. In the course of time, he set up the engine: he made the fuel injection a little earlier. This increases the engine output before our eyes. Now he is already taking a wel l-deserved break, the engine is dead and the chains are torn too often, although the gear and the hydraulics can still be expanded for sale.

Tractor DT-175 (Volgar). Overview, device, specifications, reviews

This model of a Soviet caterpillar tractor was developed based on the legendary DT-75. His developers and creators were the engineers of the Tractor Plant Dzerzhinsky Volgograd. This agricultural device belongs to the third traction class and is a universally applicable agricultural machine.

Tractor DT-175M

It is used to carry out various road, construction, land extraction, earth movement, agricultural and other work with the participation of functional (specialized) supporters, semi-trailers and assembled devices of active and passive species, including broad cutters. This technique was developed to work on medium and heavy soils under difficult conditions, with excellent maneuverability being determined in swampy areas.

Tractor DT-175S

The tractor was published in two versions with subspecies that differ in completeness:

  • DT-175 m (Volgar);
  • DT-175 S (Volgar);
  • DT-175S-1- Available hydraulic system, tap wave, towing and attachment devices, PZHB;
  • DT-175S-2-built-in tap wave, hydraulics, there is a towing device, but no tail clutch;
  • DT-175S-3-side drive and PZHB, hydraulics, hinge system and traction clutch system are not available.

The tractor DT-175M was produced from 1986 to 1992, the DT-175S and its modifications from 1992 to 1994.


The main difference feature of the DT-175 tractor is the built-in two-reactor torque converter G4-400-70, which enables the tractor to automatically increase or reduce the speed without jerking (taking into account the traction) (continuously) on the device hook) . Let us take a closer look at the device of the DT-175 tractor on caterpillar chains.

Power Point

The Dieselaggregat SMD-66 has a V-shape and gives the tractor DT-175S an output of 175 hp. With. The fou r-stroke engine has six cylinders with direct fuel injection by the recipient.

Diesel devices SMD-66

Built-in generator for 1000 W, injection pump of the two-part type ND-22/6B4 automatically supplies the engine with diesel fuel under pressure and adapts the injection power and smoke. The engine is also equipped with a closed nozzle FD-22 with a four-nozzle spray.

Read more: Overview of the tractors LTZ 60. Description and specifications. Service functions. Main disorders

The combustion engine also contains two filters (interchangeable elements are made of paper):

  • Grob cleaning;
  • Fine cleaning.

The turbocharger technology is used with the participation of the compressor unit TKR-11S-1.

The tractor DT-175 is perfectly adapted to work under different climatic conditions with strong temperature changes.

Petrol-in-cylinder carburetor starter P-350 with a capacity of 13.5 liters. A diesel power plant also starts with minus degrees. The starter is equipped with an electrical starter (installed in the cabin control panel), there is also an external manual starter.


The hydraulic system of the tractor DT-175 (Volgar) consists of the following elements:

  • Hydraulic gear pump NSH50U-3;
  • Hydrotransformer G4 400-70;
  • Oil tank.

Thanks to the hydraulic system, the rear function roof is raised, which is aggregated with the tractor using a rear cultivation or towing system.


The cabin of the tractor DT-175 (Volgar) is double metallically equipped with a powerful ventilation system. It is attached to a rigid frame with seven rubberized shock absorbers. The tractor cabin was moved to the right for more stability.

The device of the tractor DT-175

Tinted slices protect the driver from glare and heat, and there are front (electrical) and rear (manual) wipers. The seats are adjustable. Hebel pedal control system. Double Skin reliably protects the driver from temperature fluctuations, drafts and noise.

Cherry and transmission

There is a compensation suspension in the DT-175 chain vehicle, the axis of the rollers is reinforced. Engineers improved and increased:

  • Energy intensity of springs;
  • Chain width (up to 47 cm);
  • Rim dimensions;
  • Finger diameter (2.5 cm);
  • Diameter of the street bikes;
  • Number of chain members (45 pieces).

The transmission is mechanical, with 4 forwards (including 2 low) and 1 reverse gear. The rear axle consists of:

  • Planet (turning mechanism);
  • Main chassis;
  • Brake system.

A tap wave is connected to the gearbox, with the help of which various active attachments are attached to the diesel tractor DT-175.


Traction category 3
Nominal power force 34
Tractor dimensions, L*b*h, mm 5170*1900*2900
Basic volume, mm 1745
Trace size, mm 1330
Wenderadius, mm 2500
Permissible board depth, mm 600
Weight (KG 7420
Sable of the rear cannon, kg 2280
Specific ground pressure 54kpa
Horsepower 170
Motor weight, kg 1220
Work volume, L 9

User Guide

There are only a few sections in the manual that require special attention from the operator of the caterpillar vehicle:

  • The device of the tractor DT-175;
  • Technical characteristics;
  • Safety requirements;
  • Drive in the power plant;
  • Maintenance;
  • Disruptions, the causes and recommendations for elimination.

Let’s briefly concentrate on some sections.

First run, enema

This procedure extends the lifespan of the engine and other parts of the agricultural machine. The procedure takes about 8-10 hours. During this time, the moving parts of the power plant, gears and other design elements are vilified and set.

It is necessary to do without loading. Over time, the load is gradually increased and brought to ¾ of the engine power.

At the end of the enema, a complete oil change is carried out in the crankcase of the engine and gearbox.


The DT-175 tractor machine is unpretentious in maintenance and waiting. In order to ensure a long service life without failures, it is sufficient to observe the following rules:

  • It is recommended to use motor oils to be completely replaced by motor oil. It is recommended to use motor oils: M-10G2K and M-10DM.
  • Replace the transmission lubricants all 1000 mothers trained, the gear oil of the TAP-15V brand is recommended.

Oil M-10G2K Oil M-10DM gear oil TAP-15V

  • Do not forget to let the work fluids to let go of the tractor.
  • Use only hig h-quality work fluids.

The main misalignments and ways to eliminate them

The engine does not start, puts:

  • The fuel ended (petrol at start or diesel fuel in a diesel engine);
  • The lubricant ended;
  • Filter elements are blocked (for air or fuel);
  • The starter’s ignition system was burned out (a candle, magneto, a hig h-voltage cable, etc.);
  • The starter’s fuel supply system is blocked or failed (carburetor, hoses, filters, etc.);
  • The diesel pump was blocked or not in order.

The starter does not start the engine:

  • The wire does not contrast or broke off;
  • The battery was unloaded;
  • The magnetic switch does not violate;
  • There was a short circuit.

Hydraulik does not answer:

  • The hydraulic pump is switched off;
  • Oil level below normal;
  • The safety valve does not work well.

The brake system failed:

  • Brake pads are worn out;
  • Brake discs are worn out;
  • It is necessary to set the brake pedal.

Video review

Pachot Review by DT-175 Tractor

Checking the departure of the DT-175 tractor in the snow

Owner reviews

Ruslan, 49 years old:

“He worked before the collapse of the Union for DT-175 and found this monster of the Soviet tractor building. The car is strong, hardy and unpretentious in care. Of course I broke more than once, but there were no problems with the repair – spare parts were available and succumbed to repairs faster. Despite the promised sound insulation, it often had to use Berushi. The engine was overheated in strong heat, I had to stop. The starter saved in winter, but I had to sweat a lot. The series of functions is impressive, the hydraulic system has simplified management and facilitates and works with the units that have been stored. “

Nikolai, 54 years old:

“I bought a cheap tractor DT-175 at the end of the 1990s. He opened his construction companies, such equipment was necessary. After that, the tractor worked for another 8-9 years, pulled the blocks, pitches, pitches, etc. Then he still couldn’t stand it and fell apart: caterpillars, engine and others. I also did not stay here: what I sold on Chermet, which is on spare parts (what lived). “

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