Overview of the diesel and axle tractor Tselina MB-400D. Functions and advantages, video work, owner reviews

Motoblock Tselina MB-400D. Overview, properties, reviews

Celina MB 400D is a model of a universal agricultural unit for working ashore.

Virgin Ground MB-400D engine block

Motoblock produced in Russia, equipped with a Vympel 170 OHV four-stroke diesel engine. Cooling type – air bubbles. Belongs to the middle weight class, you can maneuver and are easy to use.

Technical characteristics

Starting the machine is facilitated by the automatic decompressor. The engine power is 4 hp.

The Control Scheme of the Virgo Healing Unit

The machine is no n-slip, can maneuver on uneven ground and keeps all functions. The singl e-axle tractor can transport loads with a total weight of up to 500 kg.

Main purpose:
  • Agricultural work of the main purpose (plowing, cultivating, mulching, weeds, hay, etc.);
  • Community use (cleaning of the territory of rubble and snow);
  • Freight traffic;
  • Planting of various crops, minced fruits, sowing;
  • Hack fruits;
  • Applying fertilizers to the floor;
  • Irrigation of the area.
Properties of the Tselina MB 400D Motoblock:
  • The volume of the Vympel 170 OHV engine is 211 ccm.
  • The device is equipped with a mechanical chain gear with two speeds.
  • Cup type – straps. Number of gears: 4, of which 2 reverse gears.
  • The ground clearance is 14 cm.
  • The fuel tank of the han d-led tractor Tselina MB 400D holds 6 liters of fuel.
  • Diesel of all brands is used as fuel.
  • Dimensions of the han d-led tractor: length 1400 mm, width 460 mm, height 1100 mm.
  • The weight of the machine is 120 kg.
  • The singl e-axis tractor is started manually, the average diesel consumption is 289 g/kW/h.

Application and device

The area of ​​application of the han d-led tractor Tselina MB 400D are areas with soft soil, black and sandy floors, clay floors. This technology may be applied to virgin ground. For the processing of poet floors, it is recommended not only to use a plow, but also stollen and, if necessary, to use symptoms.

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Virgo's device is virginal

The Celina MB 400D device is classic: two pneumatic bikes, the main components – the engine, the oil pan, the gear – are located under the protective housing. Above the wheels on the side of the crane buttons there are fixed cushions that protect the operator of the singl e-axle tractor into the ground from penetrating. Even at low speeds, the torque remains high and the device does not lose performance.

Device characteristics:
  • compact dimensions;
  • Motor speed 3600 rpm;
  • High focus – the han d-led tractor must be directed during operation;
  • low weight, which means that the unit can be transported in normal cars;
  • A large selection of attachments;
  • There is a handle;
  • The control handle can be adjusted both in the horizontal and height, and the gear lever is arranged so that it can be easily reached without being distracted by working with the singl e-axle tractor;
  • used tire model F106 (tire size 4-10);
  • Dimensions of the transport train – 310 mm, work – 590 mm.
Complete set of the Celina MB 400D model:

Protection sheets Radstopper extension cutter


The on e-axle tractor Tselina must be operated in accordance with the instructions. Inlet time: 5-10 hours. Oil change at least once a season. During storage, the singl e-axle tractor must be protected from moisture and moisture. Before you start the season work, you should inflate the bikes until the tire pressure is normal again.

Video review

Overview of the conversion of the hand-led Tselina tractor by the owner into a snowmobile

Owner reviews

Grigorij, permanent wave:

“Our local units are produced and assembled in our city, Perm, in Perm! As far as I know, they have only been manufactured since 2006. It is very good that you immediately manufacture attachments for these machines. My neighbor recently bought a diesel from my neighbor, he is satisfied with everything, but of the wishes – I would like to have more bikes so that the car itself is more stable.

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Overview of the diesel and axle tractor Tselina MB-400D. Functions and advantages, video work, owner reviews

The hand-led diesel tractor Tselina MB-400D is a powerful unit with a weight of 120 kg, which has wide bikes to get through the floor with different viscosities. Installed diesel 4-stroke single-cylinder engine with a work performance of 4 liters. With.

The han d-led tractor can transport loads of up to 550 kg. The gearbox has 4 courses, 2 for the forward and 2 for reverse gear. The reinforced chain reducer differs from the quality and durability of the work.

The device is equipped with a Vympel 170 diesel engine, which is characterized by reliability and durability. The fuel consumption is 289 g/kw*h. A special feature is the maximum torque of 8 Nm.

Virgin Country MB-400D

Particularly noteworthy is the ability of the engine to work in the range fro m-5 to +35 ºс and to reach speeds of up to 3.5 km/h in first gear and up to 9 km/h in second gear. The design is compiled in such a way that you can connect additional devices with the help of which the functionality of the handled tractor Tselina MB-400D is significantly expanded.

The engine is started manually, but thanks to automatic decompression, no large effort is required.


  • High accessibility by large relief wherks;
  • Reliable protection of the body and simple transport by the bumper sheet;
  • Ergonomically adjustable handle makes the operation more convenient and easier;
  • Protective wing protects the operator from lumps of earth during work.


  1. Reinforced double chain gear;
  2. Sparing fuel consumption;
  3. Air cooling of the engine;
  4. The ground clearance is 140 + 10 mm;
  5. Four-stroke diesel engine;
  6. Reverse presence.

Preparation for work and maintenance

The following steps should be taken before commissioning the hand-led tractor Tselina MB-400D:

  • Set steering wheel height.
  • Connect the control bars to the levers on the left handlebar.
  • Press the levers one after the other and check the tension of the straps.
  • Wipe the outer parts fa t-free.
  • Start the engine according to the operating instructions.
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  • The unit is completely filled with high-quality ravenol gear oil. After that, only such oil should be used.
  • Use the han d-led tractor according to the operating instructions.


Type of the engine Diesel, 4-stroke, single cylinder
Engine power / speed, (RPM) 4.0/3600
Displacement, (cm3) 211
Maximum torque (NXM) / speed (rpm) 8.0/2900
Starting system Manual
Fuel consumption, (l/h) 289
Reducer 2-course, mechanical, chain
The number of front/back programs 2/2
coupling Due to the tension of the cuneiform gears
type of wheels 19×7-8
length (mm) 1600±50
Width (mm) 460±20
Width with additional wings (mm) 770±20
height, (mm) 1100±50
mass (kg) 105

Video review

If you are the Virgin Cuts owner of the MB 400D, we suggest posting a video review of this unit on our website.

Owner reviews


“He had experience with the MB-400D Virgin terrain. The model is quite tolerable, but the diesel engine sometimes caused serious inconveniences. It is quite difficult to process the virgin land with it, the model is not suitable for large areas. Local bikes can only be used in summer. It is also better to change the oil because it does not like frost. The main advantages of the model are small cost and the highest economy (about 0.6-0.7 liters per hour of work). There were double impressions from the work of the Walk behavior tractor. “

We also propose to publish a review of the presented model on our website for those who already own this model.

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