Overview of the champion snow-chill range

Reviews of snow plows “Champion”: The advantages and disadvantages of popular models

When choosing the snow clearing device, you should always pay attention to the price-performance ratio. Every buyer wants to spend a minimum of money and buy an efficient and reliable car for themselves. By analyzing the ratings about the Champion snow references in various forums, we can come to the conclusion that it is one of the most profitable offers on the market.

Where is the champion snow refrigerator produced?

The home of this brand is the USA, but it is manufactured in China in compliance with all technological requirements and production rules. Due to its high quality and competent marketing policy, snow blower has achieved global popularity. The properties of the equipment are constantly improved by interaction with the developers of such equipment worldwide and the introduction of the best experiences and practices in our own production.

The brand is currently positioned as Russian. However, the devices are still produced in the Celestial Empire, but the design, ergonomics and a number of design solutions take into account the requirements of domestic consumers and the climate.

Model series snow blower “champion”

The brand’s product line consists of 14 models. In order to make a choice, not only the reviews of the champion snow references, but also their technical properties, have to be analyzed. The most important are:

Type of the engine. The engine can be an electric or petrol engine. Cars that are equipped with the first version of the engine are usually cheaper. Equipment with a petrol engine differ in engine size and performance. These indicators are higher for combustion engines, which is why they are more expensive.

Cleaning method. It is sel f-driving and manually. Models of the first type are characterized by a high nominal output and are equipped with a mult i-stage gear. As a rule, they are used to clean large areas. No n-sel f-driving cleaning devices require human exertion: they have to be pushed. However, if you choose a compact model with low weight, the control becomes easy. In addition, such properties of the unit give maneuverability.

Champion snow blower reviews

The owners of Champion snow plows cite the advantages:

  1. A wide range of products that enables you to select a machine to solve every problem;
  2. Cheap price-performance ratio compared to competitors;
  3. Reliability and long service life (especially for snow blades with Briggs & Stratton engines);
  4. Availability of a network of service centers in the Russian Federation.

The disadvantages of the technology of the brand described are much lower. Basically observe consumers:

  • Higher price compared to competing products. However, the additional costs make up for high reliability and long service life.
  • Difficulties in repairing devices with a Briggs & Stratton engine. The fact is that the spare parts of the abov e-mentioned unit are quite expensive and the number of qualified specialists who can professionally carry out repair work to restore this type of equipment is low. Therefore, the cost of repairing a snow blower is considerable. However, if you follow the operating instructions and timely maintenance, the machine will hold out for a long time without failures.

Master 656, ST656BS

This model is ideal for clearing snow in the courtyard of a private house. The performance of this device depends on the engine. It can be 5.5 or 6.5 hp. The width of the bucket reaches 56 cm.

The maximum range of snow throwing is 12 meters, which is a very good indicator.

Note! It is worth noting that the equipment of the Champion 656, ST656BS is very economical: the fuel consumption is only 0.8 liters of fuel per hour.

According to the owners of the Snow Match Champion ST656BS, the machine has the following advantages:

  • Simplicity of design, simple operation;
  • Reliability and processing quality (there are no leaks in thread connections);
  • High company resources (more than 500 hours or 20 years of correct operation);
  • Availability of spare parts outdoors and a wide dealer network.

The snow blower Champion 656 has practically no defects. Some owners only notice an inadequate shovel height (51 cm), which leads to difficulties when cleaning in snowy regions.

Master 656, ST656BS

Master ST556

The champion ST556 is designed for snow removal on small areas. This is due to its dimensions (the width of the bucket is 56 cm and the height only reaches 42 cm) and the low output of 6.5 hp. The equipment is economical (average consumption – 0.8 l / h), the maximum snow throw width is 8 m.

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The snow blower Champion 556 has a number of advantages. These include:

  • Simplicity in design and operation;
  • Maintenance;
  • Long lifespan with exclusively intended use (fresh snow).

With regard to the disadvantages, users notice small dimensions, which restricts the area of ​​application of the device.

Master ST661

Just like the snow blower Champion 656, this model is economically, easy to use and very reliable. It differs from his counterpart by dimensions (the shovel width is 61 cm instead of 51 cm), increased power and lower weight (61.5 kg compared to 72 kg). In addition, the ST661 champion is more maintenance-friendly (the champion engine is easier to wait than the Briggs & Stratton engine). It should be noted as a disadvantage that the variability is lower when choosing speed. The model is equipped with 4 forwards and a single rear level.

Master ST661

Master ST553

In its technical properties, this model is similar to the champion ST556. It differs only at the height of the bucket, which is 51 cm compared to 42 cm in the prototype. Thanks to a revised model, the ST553 KG weighs less than the ST 556, which makes it easier to use.

The main advantages are:

  • High quality cleaning;
  • Practical dimensions and low weight;
  • Simplicity in administration.

However, the device also has certain disadvantages. Judging by the ratings of the users, the machine is characterized by:

Incomprehensible instructions that make the assembly and setting process difficult;

Uncomfortable oil drainage system.

With regard! Owners of the snowman in question recommend monitoring tire pressure. With an insufficient indicator, discs can rotate and cut nipples, which can lead to the wheel being replaced entirely.

Champion ST1170E

The purpose of this model is to clean snow in large areas (e.g. parking lots and entrances to shopping and office centers). Engine power depends on the type of engine and can be 11.0 or 13.5 hp. The machine is quite heavy: it weighs 121 kg. The width of the bucket is 70 cm and the height is 54.5 cm.

The main difference between the ST1170E model is a caterpillar movement. Thanks to this, adhesion to the surface improves, which allows you to effectively remove snow even in icy areas. The higher price compared to other representatives of the Champion line is justified by the possibility of cleaning the slopes and climbing. In addition, the advantage is the presence of a large number of options.

  • The connection of the bell through which the snow is thrown away is often clogged with ice due to small teeth;
  • Thin blades on the rotor can bend when foreign objects enter, so they should pay special attention when cleaning.

Master ST1170E

Champion ST762E

This model is intended for personal use and snow cleaning near a private house (cottage). The main advantages of this snowman are:

  • The presence of a 6-speed checkpoint, where 4 gears are designed to move forward and 2 back. This gives maneuverability and allows you to choose the cleaning mode more effectively.
  • Equipping the machine with an electric starter that starts the engine even at low temperatures;
  • The presence of searchlights to cover the cleaning area, which makes it possible to remove snow from the territory even in the dark;
  • The presence of the function of remote regulation of the directional direction of snow emissions using a special cable located in front of the driver.

In their reviews, the owners identify the following shortcomings of ST762E:

  • High probability of freezing of the helical gear;
  • Unknown or not always working gas adjustment.

Champion ST662E

It is recommended to use the snowmaker of this model in personal use sections including home areas. In terms of characteristics, this unit practically does not differ from the Champion ST762E. Optionally, the handles are added, which makes winter cleaning more convenient.

The machine is equipped with manual and electric start. Both options work non-stop, which all users note in their reviews. In addition, Champion ST662E has light weight and high maneuverability. And thanks to a high power indicator, it can even cope with ice.

At the same time, the model also has certain shortcomings:

  • Consumers note a reverse problem in their comments (doesn’t always turn on or only goes in second gear).
  • In negative comments, some owners also indicate the need to rearrange the snow groove control cable (falls on the muffler, which is why it melts).
  • Many are not satisfied with the quality of the screw belt, torn when cleaning wet snow.
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Master ST662E

Champion ST761E

This is an almost complete analogue of the Champion St762E model. This device differs only in the power of 7.0 hp. Against 6.5 hp due to such a high indicator for a snow blower, the machine removes snow any consistency (just fell, wet, crusted or with ice). The owners notice a practical control panel, quick settings, clean and reliable assembly and a high speed of movement in both directions (forward and backward).

With the model described, it is possible to switch off the differential to increase performance, but it is rarely used by someone because the standard display is sufficient for efficient operation.

In general, the Champion ST761E is the best choice for cleaning small adjacent areas, according to the test reports. The ratio of price and quality can be described as ideal. Almost all users in their comments determine the complete lack of defects and a very affordable price.

Master ST861BS

This model is equipped with an American Briggs & Stratton engine, which offers a high output of 9 HP, reliability and long service life. Champion ST861BS is ideal for cleaning large areas due to:

  • A powerful tw o-stage snail and a metal bucket with a width of 61 cm and a height of 54.5 cm, with which you can even remove ripe;
  • Large bikes that offer high of f-road capability (the machine can move on a slope with ice cream);
  • The choice of movement speed (6 gears when driving forward and 2 – reverse gear);
  • Comfortable rope drives for setting the erosion and throwing width (up to 14 m);
  • The presence of an electrical start that enables a stable start at extremely low temperatures.

The only disadvantage is the high costs for consumption materials and the complexity of repairing the engine.

Master ST861BS

Master ST246

This is one of the lightest (with a weight of only 26 kg) models with small dimensions (bucket width – 46 cm, height – 30 cm). These properties make it ideal for rooming freshly fallen snow on tiled or paved garden paths.

Due to its low weight, the champion ST246 can clear snow on terraces and even on flat roofs. The rubber base does not damage the surface to be cleaned, so it is possible to clean all level surfaces, even with expensive surfaces.

Under the defects, the owners emphasize some of the difficulties that occur when cleaning solid snow or ice, as well as the inability to work on uneven surfaces. The snowworm is set mechanically, which also leads to certain inconvenience at work.

Master ST655

The model occupies a niche between industrial snow blades and devices for private plots. Performance of 5.5 hp and a bucket with the dimensions 56 x 32 cm is sufficient to remove snow from an average surface. The engine is arranged vertically, which means that the champion ST655 can also be operated in cold weather.

The device starts quickly and smoothly by the presence of an electric starter. The snail is equipped with special teeth for chopping ice cream, which significantly simplifies the cleaning process. In addition, the owners notice the lightness and maneuverability of the device, the reliability of the assembly and the friendliness of the maintenance.

The problem points when using these snow blower are:

  • Snow removal over 30 cm;
  • Uncomfortable fastening of the handle to turn the slide, which can lead to flying out;
  • Inadequately wide bikes that reduce continuousness.

Master Ste1650

The main difference between this machine and other models is that the champion Ste1650 is an electric and not a fuel unit. It is equipped with an electric starter that offers a stable start in any weather. The snowman is ideal for cleaning small areas around the garage, in the country or in a country house.

  • Lightness (weight of only 16 kg), which offers the possibility of a transport at any location (the main thing is that the cable takes the next power source);
  • Affordable price;
  • Simplicity of care and operation.

Since the power supply is electrical, the problem parts of the device are the wire assembly places and the network connection.

The bracket grinds frequently and the network connection is not sufficiently protected from moisture, which causes the risk of a short circuit and the output of the device.

Champion ST1510E

This is one of the most powerful models on the line, the engine of which can give up to 15 hp. This snowball player is equipped with 8 gears: 6 of them are designed in such a way that they can proceed and 2 for the backward movement.

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The Champion ST1510E model is suitable for industrial operation. First, it is equipped with a spacious bucket (width 108 cm, height 51 cm), and secondly, its screw is equipped with special teeth that are suitable for squeezing ice cream. Third, this machine belongs to the class of sel f-driving: it is sufficient that the operator only configures the angle of the gutter for the release of snow and selects the speed of movement. An additional bonus is the presence of a knife for cutting snow defenses, headlights for cleaning in the dark and the functions of heating the handles.

It is worth emphasizing the low popularity of the model. There are no evaluations of the owners on the Internet, which makes it difficult to make a decision on the purchase. Perhaps the question of question for this snowman is noticeably reduced due to the relatively high price.

Characteristics of the operation of snowmobic devices

After purchasing the Snowpock machine, it is recommended to carry out the following:

  • Understand the assembly according to the instructions. As a rule, there are no problems for Champion models in this phase.
  • Before the start, it is necessary to carefully examine the manufacturer’s recommendations for the operation and use of basic functions, otherwise the likelihood of unforeseen situations increases significantly. And if they are not properly used, the device can fail completely without having time to fulfill its priority tasks (and the case may not be guaranteed).
  • Pour the cord fuel and oil into the tank in the tank according to the recommended proportions.
  • Follow the security requirements: protect protective clothing, shoes with no n-changed soles and a special mask.
  • Check the tire pressure.
  • The standard guarantees for snow are 12 months. The lifespan of the equipment depends on operating mode and compliance with the maintenance rules.

This means that Champion manufacturer models are easy to use, comfortable and durable. They differ from the competitors in the optimal ratio of price and quality, which was estimated by the owners of the units of almost all existing models.

At the same time, a number of defects can be distinguished. This includes: the high repair costs (therefore it is extremely important to meet the requirements of the operating manual) and the difficulty of cleaning high snow drifts.

Snow master

Champion snow plows

Champion Snowpock Equipment is reliable, high tech units, including experts with a well thought out design, a modern design and cost effective. Today, Snowpock Champion machines are widely used not only in private farms, but also in utility companies, where high performance and maximum endurance of the equipment used are required.

Champion Sno w-Offers – What are the advantages of the technology?

To date, the champion’s snowpock equipment has been very popular, and the manufacturer of high demand for their products was achieved thanks to the responsible approach to the manufacture of snowmobiles.

Every Champion Snow Cleaning machine is equipped with a reliable motor. Depending on the model, its design may include a gasoline or an electric motor. The first option is a good choice when cleaning snow and ice in medium and large areas. In turn, snow attacks with electric motors are quite suitable for clearing freshly conquered snow on the steps near the house, the adjacent territory, as well as in hard places where there are a large number of barriers.

Snow blower

The introduction of the snowy engine comes with a manual or electric starter. At the same time, the electrical circuit of each model is as simple and understandable as possible, which allows you to easily and quickly replace the failed device. A reliable screw mechanism and a one- or two-stage system with instant fencing and effective processing of snow masses are responsible for effective snow removal. In cars with a single step, new snow settles in the bucket, from where it is immediately thrown down the gutter. In snow offers with a two-stage system, icy masses of snow enter the bucket to the snake, where they are crushed and only then thrown out through a high groove.

Each Champion Snowmaker is a fairly maneuverable and stable machine, achieved due to the presence in its design of wide wheels or a reliable tracked mechanism. Depending on the type of control point, the Champion Snow Mauler can move at one or more speeds.

Champion Snowpipe’s major advantage over other manufacturers’ snow removal equipment is its low cost. This, coupled with a wide variety of models, allows you to purchase absolutely anyone suitable for specific conditions.

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The Champion Snums – Summaries – Rating and Properties

Each champion produced by the Snowman company has its own operational indicators, design features and is used for specific purposes. We offer in more detail the advantages and parameters of some of the most popular and inexpensive snow courts of the Champion brand.

Champion ST656

Snow blower Champion 656

This brand champion’s snowman has reliability and the highest assembly of the highest quality. The model is ideal for operational cleaning of relatively small and medium-sized areas of freshly conquered and stuck snow-covered snow.

The basis for building the snowman is the most reliable engine with an instantaneous air cooling system. The maximum range at which snow masses are thrown is 12 m.

  • Power – 5.5 liters. With.;
  • Bank for pouring fuel – 3.6 liters;
  • The width of the leg scoop is 56 cm;
  • The height of the leaf bucket is 51 cm;
  • The mass is 72 kg.

All spare parts of this snow surface consist of permanent metal alloys, which significantly expand the conditions of the good operation of the most important elements and mechanisms of the model considered.

Master ST556

Snow Plow champion ST556

This champion is mainly used to eliminate the middle and large house areas, parking spaces and stops for public transport. The highest possible productivity of the machine is provided by a reliable 4-stroke engine and a highly renting 2-course system made of fence and shredding snow.

A high maneuverability on the site and an excellent stability of the machine was achieved due to the rear bike tour of the snowman and the wheels with a good clutch. With this function you can use a model for a coating that is under a significant incline. The main features of this Snow Pipe Champions are:

  • Power – 5.5 liters. With.;
  • Bank to pour in fuel – 3 l;
  • The width of the leg scoop is 56 cm;
  • The height of the leaf blade is 42 cm;
  • The mass is 62.5 kg.

The operator has the ability to change the direction of the snow and to turn the exclusion feed in the range from 70 to 190 °.

Champion ST762E

Champion ST762E: snow blower

The champion petrol snow in this popular configuration is equipped with a hig h-quality engine with an effective air cooling system. The champion is launched with an electric starter by a snow gun of the snowman.

Include the properties of this rather popular machine:

  • Power – 6.5 liters. With.;
  • Bank for pouring fuel – 3.6 liters;
  • The width of the leg shovel is 62 cm;
  • The height of the leaf bucket is 51 cm;
  • The mass is 82 kg.

In the configuration of this snow pipe, Champion offers a powerful, permanent headlight, with which the model can use the model early in the morning and late in the evening.

Champion ST1074BS

Champion ST1074BS: snow blower

The assembly of this model by the champion, which is covered up to the smallest detail, ensures even under the most difficult operating conditions.

The crushing of cave snow is carried out by a screw mechanism by the Zhard type. In order to improve the maneuverability of the snow surface, the manufacturer has equipped it with a modified control point with which the machine changes to one of the 6 front and two rear speeds.

The properties of this model of the Champion brand include:

  • Power – 10 l. C.;
  • Bank to pour in fuel – 3 l;
  • The width of the leg shovel is 74 cm;
  • The height of the leaf blade is 50 cm;
  • The mass is 93 kg.

Despite the sufficiently large dimensions and high real performance, this petrol snowmaker consumes a relatively small amount of fuel.

Champion Stt1170e

Snow mill Champion Stt1170e

This caterpillars of the champion is equipped with a fairly powerful to the smallest detail that works properly even under the most difficult operating conditions. At work, the machine can move at several speeds, which, despite the presence of caterpillars, can maneuver it in hard places.

The big advantage of this rather popular snow pipper is that each cut screw is made of a lon g-lasting metal alloy. Therefore, the screws are only cut off with strong effects on the third party objects.

Champion model properties include:

  • Power – 11 l. With.;
  • Bank to pour fuel – 6 l;
  • The width of the leg shovel is 70 cm;
  • The height of the leaf bucket is 54.5 cm;
  • The mass is 135 kg.

The maximum distance The drainage of snow masses is 15 m. The average fuel consumption by the snowman is about 1.8 l/h.

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Master ST861BS

Champion St861B's snow blower

This powerful champion for snow-covered machine is equipped with a reliable 4-stroke-lylinder engine and an effective 2-speed system from the fence and shredded snow masses. The model is fairly easy to repair and does not require frequent exchange of consumables.

The properties of this snow pipe include:

  • Power – 9 liters. With.;
  • Gießen Bank to the fuel – 2.7 liters;
  • The width of the leg shovel is 61 cm;
  • The height of the leaf bucket is 54.5 cm;
  • The mass is 89 kg.

The champion in this configuration is characterized by quite high maneuverability and good stability in coating with a large number of snow drifts.

Champion ST1376E

Snow mill Champion St1376e

One of the most important characteristic characteristics of this sno w-capped machine should be differentiated and the presence of the lon g-lasting steel screw mechanism. All of this is made by the model of one of the most productive snowboards in its price category.

The main advantages of this snowman of the Brand Champion experts unanimously identify a relatively modest fuel consumption and the highest ability to become a cros s-countryess.

For the ability to work at night, a pretty popular snowman contains a durable halogen headlight.

The properties of the model include:

  • Power – 13 liters. With.;
  • Bank for pouring fuel – 6.5 l;
  • The width of the leg shovel is 76 cm;
  • The height of the leaf bucket is 54.5 cm;
  • The mass is 124 kg.

This snow master snow machine can be used effectively in medium and large domestic areas, sidewalks and pedestrian paths.

Champion ST855BS

Champion ST855BS Snow Plow

The champion in this fairly popular configuration is recommended by the manufacturer to clear small snow drifts from freshly conquered and liable neck snow. The model is equipped with a reliable hig h-performance engine, which is driven by a bran d-resistant Electric starter.

Among other things, the champion should highlight the presence of an improved control point with which the machine can move in a large speed range. A reliable rack of a metal alloy and a strong impeller is responsible for the fence and grinding snow. A special coating of squeezing elements reliably protects you from corrosion. The properties of this popular model of the Champion brand include:

  • Power – 9 liters. With.;
  • Bank to pour fuel – 2.8 liters;
  • The width of the leg scoop is 56 cm;
  • The height of the leaf blade is 32 cm;
  • The mass is 25.4 kg.

With small weight and small dimensions of the Snowman Champion you can successfully use it in hard places.

Champion ST1086BS

Snowpflug champion ST1086BS

This model with high performance champion has received demand due to the correct thought design, small dimensions, excellent operating indicators and low fuel consumption.

The design of the snowman is based on a reliable Briggs & Stratton petrol engine, which has high wear resistance and an enlarged work resource. The engine is started by an electric starter.

Under the characteristic characteristics of this snowman, the champion experts underline his simplicity in the company. All machine controls are brought to ergonomic rubberized handles. In addition, this machine consumes a significantly lower amount of fuel than analogue from other known brands. The properties of this snow track from Champion include:

  • Power – 10 l. With.;
  • Bank to pour fuel – 6 l;
  • The width of the leg shovel is 86 cm;
  • The height of the leaf bucket is 51 cm;
  • The mass is 80 kg.

This fairly popular champion model can be successfully used to clear neighboring areas, civil climbing, parking spaces and parking spaces.

Master Ste1650

Champion Ste1650 snow blower

This electrical snow blower of the Champion brand becomes an indispensable and effective helper when setting snow in a small room near the house, the sidewalks and the stairs. The small dimensions and the relatively high maneuverability of the model enable active and extremely successful use in difficult to access.

The design of this fairly popular snow plow includes a reliable engine, which is started with increased reliability by a wear-resistant branded electrical starter. Durable plastic drills resist light bumps on hard objects without a risk of deformation.

The characteristics of this champion snow reference include:

  • Performance – 1.6 kW;
  • Width of the intake shovel – 50 cm;
  • Height of the suction maker – 33 cm;
  • Weight – 16 kg.

The handle of the snow blower is foldable, which allows you to transport and store them in a spac e-saving manner.

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