Overview of the Caiman Vario 70S plow TWK + single-axle tractor. Specifications, reviews

Engine block Caiman Vario 70S TWK

Caiman Vario 70S TWK is a very popular walk behind tractor in its class. Outstanding performance in a wide range of tasks. It is used for processing various types of soil, including virgin soil. Supports the installation of any add-on parts – especially due to the universal design. The Vario 70S TWK model enjoys great popularity in many countries around the world. In particular, the walk-behind tractor is in great demand in Russia, especially in the secondary market.

Purpose and design features

The machine in question is an improved version of the Vario 70S TWK walk-behind tractor and differs from it mainly in its higher engine power. At the same time, the functionality of both models is at a similar level. Like its predecessor, the hand-held Vario 70S TWK tractor can be an indispensable helper in agriculture. The technique is very popular in horticulture, agriculture and is also in demand by utility companies.

The car is assembled in France, while the components for it are shipped from different countries. Suppliers are reliable, from trusted manufacturers. In any case, the official warranty for the entire two-wheel tractor is 36 months.


The Caiman Vario 70S TWK walk-behind tractor is equipped with a Japanese Subaru EP 17 OHC engine, which is characterized by high endurance and resistance to heavy work related to the processing of soil and virgin land at great depths and heavy transport of heavy loads.

Japanese single-cylinder engine – 4-stroke, with overhead valve cylinder arrangement and cast-iron liners. Such a solid design allows you to connect professional equipment to the walk-behind tractor, which will work stably and reliably. The engine can be operated under conditions of extreme temperature fluctuations. For example, the engine starts easily at minus 30 degrees Celsius. The device has also proven itself in hot operation. The special design of the engine eliminates strong vibrations and noise, which favorably affects the reliability of all fastenings of important components and assemblies. The motor is air-cooled for best efficiency. The system prevents overheating. As a result, the engine always stays cool and can develop its maximum performance.

The Japanese Subaru EP21 OHC engine develops 7 hp, has a manual start type and is air-cooled. In addition, the 4-stroke engine is equipped with a 3.4 liter fuel tank. Motor dimensions – 800x600x800 mm.

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fuel consumption

With more power than the 60S model, the advanced walk-behind tractor (70S) can use more fuel. Although the average does not differ and is 2 liters per hour. At maximum load, the flow rate can reach 3 liters.

The main advantages of a walk-behind tractor include a gearbox or variator with automatic gear shifting. The device is made according to the classic automotive scheme and is considered quite reliable. Gear shifting occurs smoothly and almost imperceptibly, which is a significant advantage of any variator. In addition, high fuel efficiency is achieved. The parts in the box wear out evenly. You should not worry about the life of the product itself, since the variator is almost eternal. It uses two gears for forward and reverse.

The design of the variator is simple and requires almost no internal intervention. The fact is that the gearbox body is reliably protected by waterproof seals. In addition, all elements of the box are lubricated with a factory lubricant that does not have to be replaced. In this case, only a hig h-quality lubrication is used that is not outdated and does not lose its properties over time.

The gear mechanism is made of stainless steel. Such a material influenced reliability, even if the moisture hit. The chain reducer also consists of special, hardened steel. The gear chain does not stretch and has a long service life.

Key advantages of the model

The Caiman Vario 70s TWK Motoblock looks advantageous against the background of the competitors and most parameters. And yet the technology has minimum equipment. For example, the developer prepared the adaptation of the handle in three different ways. In addition, the technology can be folded or broken down by some elements. This undeniable advantage avoids problems when transporting the product.

It is noteworthy that the gearbox in the Caiman Vario 70s TWK motor block has an original location. The rear gears are therefore placed between the two fronts – according to the creators, you can process this solution more conveniently complex soil types that require maximum effort. However, it is unlikely that the operator will be worried in a good physical form.

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The hiking loss tractor has a large wheelbase that can be increased to 900 mm by weighting. The machine is equipped with a deep profile with tires so that you can use the technology when reworking the soil – such wheels have a minimal risk of smoking in the mud. In addition, the bikes have an excellent clutch with the floor, and thanks to a reduced transmission, the technology can even process rocky soil.

A motor block with a manual starter is offered in standard equipment, but an electronic analogue can be installed as an alternative. As for the engine oil, the manufacturer recommends a liquid with such markings (viscosity): 10W-30, 20W-30, 20W-40 and 30W-40. The capacity of the oil tank is 0.6 liters. In the fuel tank it is recommended to water at least AI-92 fuel. The maximum range is three hours until the next refuel.

The power selection wave is included in the basic configuration of the Kaiman Vario 70s TWK model. It serves as a means to transfer the torque from the engine to wheels. The tractor of the walk is equipped with special slices that are worn on wheels.

Unmounted equipment

We find the most popular elements installed in the Caiman Vario 70s TWK model:

  • Means of planting and digging potatoes and other vegetable plants
  • Fray
  • Proopel
  • Hook
  • The Wizard
  • plow
  • The trailer is noteworthy that the manufacturer has already made six mills available in the standard configuration with a special manufacturer of razor blade. The dresses are made of hardened steel. In addition, floor hooks, potato hikers, enchanted and plow were included in the standard package. Therefore, the owners of this walk do not have to buy these options.

Advantages in the company

The Caiman Vario 70s TWK model is easy to wait, and if it is repaired, there are no problems with original cheap spare parts. In the walk behavio r-tractor are combined all mechanical elements in a hidden housing as well as all movable compounds with protective seals and seals. The girdle is susceptible to the greatest wear. However, it does not require professional skills to repair it, as this is sufficient to read the instructions. The remaining components of the walk tractor work regularly for several years.

Light the garden

Please note that the Caiman Vario 70s TWK does not require preparation or maintenance for winter. Therefore, the equipment is cleaned quite a bit before every season and the performance of movable elements is checked if necessary. Thanks to the folding construction of the motorized car, it is easy to transport or store. Incidentally, it is recommended for the lon g-term storage of the product to let petrol and oil.

It must be admitted that the car is quite heavy, which can negatively influence the handling and maneuverability under restricted conditions. However, this disadvantage is compensated for by the possibility of soil processing at a greater depth without using soil hooks and other weighting. In addition, heavy mass increases the smoothness of the course. If the owner is in excellent physical form, it is not difficult to manage the equipment for him.

Prices in Russia

The new Caiman Vario 70s TWK Walk behavio r-tractor in the basic configuration costs more than 60 thousand rubles. The price often exceeds 80,000 rubles together with hinge devices. In general, we have to admit that version 70s are somewhat more expensive than the modification 60s.

If you look at the copy in a used state, it is better to look at the wander, the price of which is not less than 40 thousand ruble. The technical state of such options is within the normal limits.

Favorite Vanguard, Pubert Vario 60, Iron Angel GT500 and Husqvarna TF-338 include the closest analogues of the Caiman Vario 70s TWK model.

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In the motoblock family, Kayman Model Vario 70s Plough TWK+ is most preferable for a small farm and a personal economy. The advantage of this modification is a significant mass with a trailer clutch sources of 124 kg. And sufficient power of 7 HP, which enables you to effectively process virgin countries and complex soil.

Caiman Vario 70s plow TWK+

The Wal k-Aldomic wheels (two wheels kit), wheel arches with wheels, reinforced plow (plow), front weighting, fast, forged mills and the necessary brackets are equipped.

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Technical characteristics

Turning back There is
Wheels Pneumatic 4.0-8
maximum torque 13.9 nm at 2500 rpm
The brand of the engine Subaru
Engine model EP 21 OHC
lever Fold with adjustable position
coupling Belt
Engine type 4-stroke petrol
Type of gearbox Chain
Type of transmission Vario automat
The number of speeds 2 Vario-Forward / before 1 before 1
Plowing depth, mm 320
Engine volume, cm³ 211
The volume of the fuel tank, L 3,6
Processing area, m² 3000
Plow width, see 90

Functions of the application

With regard to technical properties and parameters of the Motor Block Vario 70s Plough TWK+, the VARIO 70S TWK+ modification is similar, thanks to the original French problems, the unit is not inferior to powerful professional motive blocks – it can carry out the most difficult agricultural. Work, transport various charges from masses up to 0 to 0 to 0 to 0.5 t.

In the aggregation with additional equipment, the Caiman 70 Plow TWK+ effectively performs household chores of snow cleaning to sweep the area and a sender of lawns. Thanks to the handle with the levers, it is very convenient to control the walking behavior tractor. The machine can be adjusted in vertical and horizontal planes.

Caiman Vario 70S plow TWK+ device

  • Professional Subaru EP-21 engine in the engine subgroup of 7 hp. It is characterized by maximum efficiency and reduced noise.
  • Thanks to the innovative gearbox with a linear location (lowered, reversed, raised), the operator can immediately select the required speed mode, depending on the operating conditions with specific attachments. Vario transmission includes the mechanism of driving pneumatic wheels, floor grinders, hinge guns and the box itself
  • All moving details of the chain drive for fast equipment II are in an oil bath. Special moisture seals reliably protect the inner bearings from contamination. The narrow optimized case can greatly reduce the resistance during operation.
  • The engine block vario is braked by reliable drum brakes.
  • Front wheel drive allows you to summarize functional devices for the Caiiman Walk behavior tractor: front and rotary mowers, a common rotating snowman, a screw, a dump.
  • Proper balance system provides minimal stress on a working person’s shoulder girdle and spine.
  • The Caiman engine note is characterized by high maneuverability thanks to the reduced center of gravity.
Distance between grapes

Caiman Vario 70s plow TWK+

Even such a reliable technique as the French Caiman Vario 70s plow TWK+requires careful care and compliance with the rules of operation. To prevent overloads and the terms of service work, which can significantly affect the resource and lead to outcrops, follow certain rules of operation of the Caiman Vario 70S plow TWK+:

  • Before starting work, carry out the runway of the walk behavior tractor according to the instructions.
  • Use high quality fuel ethyl gasoline AI-92, AI-95.
  • Strictly observe the prescription schedule prescribed by the manufacturer and with heavy loads decrease the interval interval.
  • Run oil 10W-30, 20W, 30W in the engine after 50 hours of motoring and more often in hard work, because the oil with intensive mode loses its properties faster, which negatively affects the technical condition of the engine.
  • Adaptation of the clutch mechanism, which increases the durability of the gearbox.
  • Do not allow overloads of the car, spend in accordance with fuel consumption.

The oil in the gearbox must be changed after 100 hours of operation (approximately once every two years)

Video review

Caiman Vario 70S plow TWK+ review

Reviews of the owners

Valentine’s Day:

“Kaiman Vario 70 with wheels and a plow, bought at an agricultural show last year. I use mainly in land cultivation, I plan to further expand the functionality. So far everything is happy with everything, a minimum of service, convenient in management, even in the cold started well. “

Sergey Sergeevich:

“I selected the gear to be used on Earth as well and used it with a Minioprice. Stopped at the Caimanvario 70S Plow Twk+Walk behavior tractor. I just got into the action, bought successfully, and the full price would be unbearable for me. A good assembly, nothing to retire, drove up and replaced the oil. It is easy to control, the programs are conveniently placed, even levers. Of course it became clear immediately. I work as I planned on the premises and in the household – transportation of cargo, the territory. I am happy with the car. “

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