Overview of the Caiman 340 PRO two-wheel tractor. Specifications, reviews

Motoblocks Caiman 320, 330, 340 – reliable high-performance equipment

Currently, the Italian company BCS S.p.a. under the Caiman brand is quite well known in Russia for its various agricultural products.

The range of equipment presented to her includes a variety of walk-behind tractors, cultivators, lawn mowers, mini-tractors, etc., using engines and technologies from well-known Japanese manufacturers.

For the Russian market, the Caiman engine blocks underwent some adjustment to lower prices by simplifying the design. For example, Subaru Robin units were used instead of Honda engines, and fluid clutches were replaced with dry clutches.

Series 3xx

Motoblock Cayman 320, the price of which is around 130,000 rubles, is equipped with a common Subaru-Robin EP17 engine with a capacity of 170 cubic centimeters and a power of 6 hp.

This rod-valve, overhead-valve spark-ignition engine has proven itself due to its simple and reliable design.

Caiman 320

It’s dry-clutched to a five-speed gearbox that has two speeds in one direction and three in the other (since the joysticks can easily be rotated 180 degrees, each of those speeds can be either reverse or forward).

The two-wheel tractor is equipped with a three-slot front PTO for coupling with a variety of attachments that require mechanical drive. At the same time, the walk-behind tractor is equipped with a device that blocks rear pick-up when using a rotary cultivator.

The maximum speed developed by the PTO is 965 rpm.

The ability to rotate the handles allows the walk behind tractor to work with both front and rear hinges. In this case, the inverter, which is part of the gearbox, automatically changes the direction of movement when the steering wheel is turned in the opposite direction.

All 300 series Caiman engine blocks are fitted with air wheels with developed lugs.

For more information about the Caiman 320 walk behind tractor, see the video:

330, 340

Motoblocks of the 330 and 340 models are distinguished by the ability to lock the differential, as well as separate control of the braking mechanisms of the right and left wheels, but they are significantly more expensive.

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The price of the Caiman 330 walk-behind tractor is around 190,000 rubles, and the Caiman 340 walk-behind tractor costs around 230,000, although its technical characteristics are significantly different.

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What are the other differences between these models and the Caiman 320? The main thing is the motor size, the 330 model has a nine horsepower Subaru EX27 engine with a capacity of 270 ccm and the 340 model has a 400 cc Subaru EX40 with a capacity of 14 HP, which this walking path enables tractors for more difficult work.

The Caiman 340 also has an additional forward speed.

advantages and disadvantages

The han d-led tractors of Caiman of the “three hundreds” series are reliable and functional mechanisms, just like the han d-led tractors of Patriot Ural, Texas, Foreman, Crisser, Viking, Forza, and their wel l-though t-out design and their ergonomics enable them for a variety of Jobs used.

But we must not forget a few disadvantages: This is above all the high price of the han d-held tractors themselves, to which the costs for attachments are added.


To a certain extent, this faces a long manufacturer’s guarantee (three years of main guarantee and two years of guarantee extension), but many buyers will use cheaper single tractors.

When choosing a han d-led tractor for heavy work, it should be borne in mind that the performance of the han d-led tractor Caiman 320 may not be sufficient for this – many owners who chose this han d-led tractor as the cheapest in the row have encountered such a problem.

This is particularly noticeable when using al l-metal wheels with pronounced tunnels on heavy soils.

In addition, the triad piping wave is not compatible with national attachments and requires modifications for installation into hand-led tractors from Caiman.

User Guide


First you have to carry out a pre-launch check. Check the engine oil level on the oil measuring rod. In order to enable operation with large inclination angles, keep the engine oil level at the upper marking of the oil measuring tab.

The transmission oil level should be between the markings on the measuring rod.

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If necessary, add the missing amount of oil:

  • Motor: Viscosity SAE 10W30
  • Gears: Viscosity SAE 80W90
  • Make sure that the gearbox is idle and the PTO is dismissed.
  • Entry the stop lever and the clutch lever with a stopper, open the throttle valve half.
  • Slowly pull out the winding part until the starter ratchet inserts into the engine crankshaft, then turn the crankshaft with a strong movement.
  • The current engine must be idle before starting work so that lubricants are distributed.

Technical service

Regular maintenance should be carried out. The engine oil of the Motoblocks Cayman, Sadko, Don, Hauter, Profi, Plowman, Champion, Carver, Husqvarna changes every 50 hours. This number can be reduced under difficult working conditions.

Remember that the engines of the hand-led Caiman tractors, as with all similar devices, do not have an interchangeable oil filter and some of their components are lubricated by splashes. For this reason, no highly viscous motor oils should be used and pay particular attention to cleanliness when filling the engine.

The hand-guided tractors CAIMAN 320, 330 and 340 use an oil bath air filter. The filter element must be washed into kerosene every 8 operating hours and the filter container is filled with motor oil.


CAIMAN ANachstractors can be referred to as reliable and easy-to-use devices, the high price of which can be brought back in by the duration of the trouble-free operation and the simple operation. With the right choice of a singl e-axle tractor in accordance with the intended operating conditions, he does his job without any problems.

The Caiman 340 should be considered for working on heavy soils and transporting large amounts of cargo, while the 320 model is useful for relatively light work. In a way, the 330 model is the “golden mean” of this range of walk-behind tractors.

Overview of the Caiman 340 PRO two-wheel tractor. Specifications, reviews

Caiman 340 PRO is a universal walk-behind tractor designed for various agricultural work and processing of all types of soil on plots of 100 hectares or more. A rotary cultivator is included in the scope of delivery.

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Caiman 340 per engine


The Caiman 340 Motoblock is equipped with a powerful Subaru EX40D single-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke petrol engine. With a weight of 150 kg and an engine power of 14 hp, an optimum tillage depth of up to 25 cm is achieved.

Special features of the hand-held tractor are:
  • Gear track (tractor type). The reduction gear is enclosed in an aluminum case and immersed in an oil bath. Thanks to this design, wear resistance and durability of the gearbox, and therefore the unit itself, increase. Gears are the most reliable method of torque transmission and can withstand any permissible load.
  • Convenient steering columns that allow the unit to perform a maneuverable 180-degree turn with the available attachments.
  • The Right Balance system, developed for the comfort of the walk-behind tractor driver. The design is made to relieve the operator as much as possible and significantly reduce the strain on the back and arms.
  • Quick Drive inverter that allows the operator to perform sharp maneuvers: curves, turns, etc.
  • RTO shaft, PTO. Thanks to the 3-spline shaft rotating at 990 rpm, all available attachments can be quickly mounted and dismounted on a motorized device.
  • Low-gravity system that shifts the center of gravity of the unit to the lower part. Thanks to this design feature, driving a walk-behind tractor under a slope becomes much easier and more efficient.
  • drive locking differential. During a turn, one wheel is locked, which dramatically increases the maneuverability of the device.
  • Drum brakes Mountain Brake. The high braking power of the braking system makes it possible to stop 150 kg almost instantly. regardless of whether it is on a flat surface or on a slope.
  • engine protection. Made of steel, which also has a special coating. Comfortable, height-adjustable handlebars help to adapt the machine to the operator’s height.
  • Motoblock petrol Caiman 340 has seven gears, which increases the maneuverability of the device, while four of them are in front and three are in reverse.
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The cost of the Cayman 340 walk-behind tractor varies from 130 to 242 thousand rubles. It depends on the configuration of the machine.


type of engine Petrol, 4-stroke Subaru EX40D
engine power 14.0 hp
cooling Air
transmission reduction gear
engine volume 404cc
Wheels Pneumatic
fuel tank capacity 3.6L
machining width Depending on the attachment
processing depth Depending on the attachment
number of speeds 4 forward / 3 back
coupling cone clutch
PTO revolutions 990 rpm
lever Foldable, adjustable
processing area From 4000m²
The weight 150kg


The tractor of the walk behavior is easy to assemble with a trendy and follo w-up functional device that can be used all year round. Equipment can be connected both at the front of the Kaiman and behind.

Adapter lawn mower floor-containing potato pendant cultivator cuttail shovel-liner bumshoper two-row plow pendant snow snail brush brushes

User Guide

In the Kayman Walk injury tractor, operating instructions are always delivered, which must be carefully examined before the first start of the device.

We offer ourselves familiar with the instructions by clicking on the link: CAIMAN 320,330.340 operating instructions

Particular attention should be paid to the following chapters:

  • General security when working with a motorized device.
  • Equipment assembly, engine block device.
  • Maintenance of the device.
  • The list of information that displays the causes of their demeanor and elimination methods.

Do not forget the run in the course of the walk behavior that helps to improve the device’s operating features and protect all parts from outbreaks.

Video review

Caiman 340 per engine block overview with Mnevmols

Checking the device and operation of the Motor Block Kaiman 340 Pro

Reviews of the owners

There are many reviews in the network of the owners of the Kaiman Model 340 Pro tractor. They are mainly positive. Users notice the hig h-quality assembly of the device, the simple administration and functionality.

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Ivan Ivanovich, 44 years old:

“It was bribed that the Motoblock is French, the confidence in the manufacturer immediately appears. He acquired Kayman three years ago, during this time he traveled his section of 0.5 hectares and through! And in greenhouses and in the garden and in the field. The car is excellent, it can be heard immediately, the brakes are never failed (part of the garden is a little under the slope). There are also suitable equipment, there were no problems with the start. Incidentally, the defense helped more than once. “

Igor, 33 years:

“I have a small country and therefore decided to facilitate my efforts by buying a French Kayman. I liked the car in the store. Large profiles for pneumatic fires, a Japanese engine, adapted handles, I are already silent about the performance. Kaiman did not fail in his work either, every 1.5 years worked properly. I don’t keep it in winter, I use it as a snowman. “

Victor, 41 years old:

“I’ve had a motorcycle for 4 years. I plow my website without any problems, I help my neighbors, during this time I bought the necessary equipment for the work, it remains to buy a car. The car is excellent, maneuverable, sharp curves for this are not a problem. For 4 years, no problems with the engine, the main thing is to add fuel and oil on time, change the oil and keep the machine clean. I recommend everyone. “

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