Overview of the Caiman 320 PRO two-wheel tractor. Specifications, reviews

Overview of the Caiman 320 PRO two-wheel tractor. Specifications, reviews

The caiman 320 PRO petrol two-wheel drive tractor is a representative of reliable French agricultural technology that has conquered the European markets in a short time. The device is designed for private use on small farms up to 30 hectares.

Motoblock Kaiman 320 Pro

Thanks to a wide range of attachments, the Caiman 320 PRO two-wheel tractor becomes a universal device that is actively used all year round.

The two-wheel tractor is used for work as:
  • tillage;
  • cut furrows;
  • planting potatoes in the ground;
  • plant buds;
  • to weed
  • preparation of fodder;
  • Transport of bulk and general cargo;
  • harvest potatoes;
  • Clearing rooms of snow, etc.


The Cayman 320 with petrol engine is equipped with a powerful Japanese Subaru EP17 single-cylinder four-stroke engine with overheat protection function. The engine power is 6 hp. The weight of the whole unit is 90 kg, thanks to which the plowing depth with various attachments (plough, header) can reach 25 cm.

Design features of the Caiman 320 Pro:
  • The petrol engine has a guard made of high-strength steel with a special coating. It protects the engine from small and medium-sized stones, dirt and dust, as well as its lower part from hitting invisible obstacles during tillage.
  • Adjustable handlebars for operator comfort.
  • The special design of the steering columns enables a walk-behind tractor with a canopy to turn almost one hundred and eighty degrees from a standing start.
  • With the Right Balance system, the operator is protected from back and arm overload, which has a positive effect on overall work productivity.
  • The tractor transmission is equipped with a reduction gear. Its body is made of aluminum and reliably protects the gears from damage. Thanks to the oil bath in which the mechanism is immersed, the service life of both the gearbox and the walk-behind tractor increases.
  • The Mountain Brake drum brake system provides high braking power and is effective on both flat and sloping surfaces.
  • The low-gravity system made it possible to shift the center of gravity of the machine to the lower part, due to which the maneuverability of the unit in any conditions has increased dramatically.
  • The Quick-Drive inverter allows you to make a sharp turn in the right direction from a standing start.
  • Thanks to the PTO shaft with three slots, any attachments can be attached to the device.
  • The differential lock makes it easy to turn a wheel in the right direction.
  • Motoblock petrol Caiman 320 has five speeds, three of which are in the front and two in the rear.
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As for the cost of the unit, the price for it can vary from 158,000 rubles to 168,000 rubles.


type of engine Petrol, 4-stroke Subaru EP17
engine power 6.0 hp
cooling Air
transmission reduction gear
engine volume 265cc
Wheels Pneumatic
fuel tank capacity 3.6L
machining width Depending on the attachment
processing depth Depending on the attachment
number of speeds 3 forward / 2 back
coupling Drying with manual control
PTO revolutions 990 rpm
lever Folds, adjustable
The area of ​​processing 2500-3,000 m²
The weight 90 kg

Unmounted equipment

French Kaymans differ from motoblock from other manufacturers in the fact that they can attach attachments in front of the device and behind them. The following devices were created for the manufacturer’s gardener.

Brush pendant Rotary Mowers of floor-containing rag-hollow plug-pout Double-River-Schneemann-potato-trailer adapter lawn mushroom cultivation mill

User Guide

In the instructions, all information about the tractor of the walk behavior from the technical features of the device and ends with possible breakdowns was submitted.

Pay attention to such instructions:

  • The device of the Walk behavior.
  • Operation.
  • Technical service.
  • Frequent breakthroughs, their causes and methods of elimination.

Complete instructions for the Kaiman Motor note are presented here: Operating instructions CAIMAN 320,330.340

The work of the unit must be paid in a economical mode. It begins with idle revolutions and gradually increases the performance, the unit is brought to a normal operating state.

Right runnin g-In – the key to working motor block for a long time.

The processing process can take place from several hours to several days (see instructions). During this time, parts of the engine, the gearbox and the gear are rubbed together. We recommend seeing a video how to correctly execute the Kaiman Motor Block.

Caiman 320 Pro
Create certain rules when working with Caiman:
  • Change the oil (after 50 hours of operation) and monitor the level in the crankcase.
  • Check the amount of fuel (in the “Kayman”, petrol of the AI ​​92 brand) and fastening elements (with weakening, pull them up).
  • At the end of the work, it is essential to clean the car of pollution, dry and lubricate all parts with oil.
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Video review

Checking the device of the motor block Kayman 320

Overview of plowing through the Caiman 320 per engine block

Reviews of the owners

The gasoline Caiman 320 Pro received many positive reviews on the Internet due to its functionality and performance.

Vladislav, 42 years old:

“The main reason for my choice was the Japanese engine that has established itself from the best side. I started working on a walk and I appreciated his other advantages over other manufacturers: comfortable tractor bikes, a reduced focus and an excellent maneuverability. In addition, the unit is characterized by high functionality – with their help, and Pasha and soot, grow and harvest! I will buy a brush and a trailer. All roofs have gradually acquired. “

Oleg, 26 years old:

“I have an action of 32 acres and no time for processing. So I bought a little (solid price) a Kaiman 320 motor block. So far, there are only tailors, slices, potatoes, perch and ceremonies. I will put together the entire set for a few years. The car is excellent, the move is smooth, the start on the first attempt. The care is unpretentious. The maneuverability is great! “

Dmitry, 39 years old:

“I chose the 320 model due to relatively small weight and high performance. I have a cottage outside the city, so I have to take a walk with me. For 3-4 hours with him, I manage to process my entire website. I was a little worried about how the work would go under the slope, but nothing who goes to the tractor who is leaving, bought the steering wheel perfectly. The brakes are excellent, the car is standing – it will not move. I am satisfied with the purchase. “

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Motoblock CAIMAN 320 Pro with petrol engine Subaru EP17 6 PS – this is a professional heavy han d-led tractor with an independent tap wave. The multifunction device is designed for all year round for all work in agriculture and in the household.

Grape processing in early spring

Technical characteristics

type of engine Petrol, 4-stroke Subaru EP17
engine power 6.0 hp
cooling Air
transmission reduction gear
engine volume 265cc
Wheels Pneumatic
fuel tank capacity 3.6L
machining width – depending on attachments
processing depth – depending on attachments
number of speeds 3 forward / 2 back
coupling Drying with manual control
PTO revolutions 990 rpm
lever Folds, adjustable
The area of ​​processing 2500-3,000 m²
The weight 90 kg

Application functions

Different nozzles are driven via a tap wave. An essential advantage of this construction is the lack of slip and clamps, which often occur with machines with belt drive. With hanik milling milling, the Caiman single-axle tractor offers a processing width of 52-66 cm at a depth of 20 cm.

According to the owners, this is one of the best han d-led tractors in terms of ergonomics and ease of use – the steering column can be adjusted to the height of the operator, thanks to the inverter, you can quickly change the direction of movement different types of additional units.


  • The coating of the engine with a special layer creates reliable protection against mechanical damage caused by foreign bodies when it comes to various obstacles.
  • Due to the low center of gravity – the low gravity system, a comfortable control of the device, optimal work on the slope is guaranteed.
  • The change in the movement of the hand-led tractor is carried out due to the presence of the inverter of the Quick Drive system.
  • An independent tap wave (PTO system) enables you to easily connect various attachments to the han d-led tractor and to quickly replace other devices.
  • Air bicycles with aggressive agricultural profile ensure stability and good of f-road capability.


The machines are very simple and ergonomic to use. Since some components are lubricated by spraying in Caiman aerial structors and there is no interchangeable oil filter, it is strongly advised to use oils with a high level of viscosity. You should carefully monitor the cleanliness of the engine.

  • Oil change is prescribed every 50 hours, engine – Sae 10W30, gear – Sae 80W90.
  • The air filter should be washed every 8 hours – with hard work almost every day.

The price of the han d-led CAIMAN 320 tractor varies between 130 and 155,000 rubles, which is deterred by its purchase. Not every owner can afford such an amount.

In addition, when choosing Caiman aerial tractors of the 300 series, it should be taken into account that this machine is the least powerful. Therefore, you should buy a more productive unit for large amounts of work.

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User Guide

Video reviews

Cayman 320, autumn plows

Reviews of the owners

Leonid, Saratow:

“I am very satisfied with the work of the singl e-axle tractor Cayman 320. For my farm, its strength is sufficient and the floor is developed, not difficult. I use it on the floor, in winter I remove the snow. The factory guarantee has not yet expired, but so far everything has worked perfectly.


“This is my first serious technique, before that there were easy cultivating people. It is convenient to work, not difficult, in contrast to the old models from the Soviet period. I like that you can do without belts. The price is of course decent, but we bought the Cayman together with my brother, it turned out to be more profitable. Part of the old clutch was renewed so that it could be installed rationally. And so it’s easy to use and wait safely.

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