Overview of snow plows Interskol. Installation, operation, video work, reviews

Overview of the range of Interskol snowploughs. Description and rules of operation

Interskol self-propelled snow plows have proven themselves exclusively on the positive side: inexpensive, sufficiently productive and maneuverable, easy to operate and maintain.

Despite the relatively recent appearance of Interskol snow plows on the market, the machines quickly gained popularity precisely because of their reliability and quality factor.

Snow throwers are manufactured by JSC Interskol, which was established in 1991. Snow plows are manufactured by the Bykovsky Electric Tool Plant. In addition to snow throwers, the brand produces a wide range of petrol and power tools for professional and household use.

After the company took over the Italian plant Felisatti, the organization of a modern high-tech MSM center became possible. Thanks to the introduction of innovations, high-precision production was created, which is remotely controlled. Interskol’s production facilities are also located in factories in China.

Modifications of the snowblower

Interskol snow blowers are mainly used to clear snow masses on a flat surface. The productivity of the machines is quite high – at least 6-9 acres per hour.

The units are used in private courtyards, farms, parks and utilities.

Interskol snow blowers are represented by three models, which differ in the power of the installed engine – 5.5 and 6.5 hp, in the characteristics of the snow guard with a bucket and in the presence of an illumination headlight. The Interskol SMB-650E snow plow is equipped with an electric starter, which allows you to start a gasoline engine from a conventional 220 V power supply. This model of a snow plow is the most popular among users.

The cost of a snow blower 550 version is about 21 thousand rubles. The SMB-650E model, as the most functional, costs more – about 35,000 rubles.

Device, assembly, principle of operation of snow blowers Interskol

Interskol snow plows are distinguished by a simple rational device: a gasoline engine and a toothed auger are housed in a metal case. The petrol engine is based on the design of the latest Japanese Honda GX engines.

Assembly, disassembly of the snow blower

Snow plows for sale come partially assembled for ease of transportation. Thanks to its simple device, assembly can be carried out manually, guided by the instruction manual.

Some components and components are made in Chinese companies, despite this, snow blowers are of high quality of workmanship. When preparing the snow thrower for summer storage or transportation, it is also easy to disassemble the unit.

The principle of operation of the snow blower

When the toothed auger rotates, the masses of snow are caught inside the body and then, thanks to the air flow, are ejected through the sleeve of the adjustable chute. With the help of an additional rotary device, a two-stage ejection of the snow mass is realized.

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Snowman Interskol SMB-650E

Thanks to the execution of a gear screw in the form of a band, the introduction of an intercol is carried out smoothly, but with sufficient effort. The stability and good continuity of the snow removal machine are provided by bikes that are equipped with tires with developed primers. The presence of a flashlight makes working at dusk and darkness easier.

Snow management

It is easy to control the snowman – the lever of the selected gear is defined in the grooves on the plate, and the wheels are switched on by levers on the handles. The area of ​​snow emissions – the maximum of 12 m, is regulated by tipping the rotary channel and the direction of the removal by rotating the handle. Snow impact parameters: 54x57cm. (SMB-650) and 41 x 53 cm. (SMB-550).

Snow removal truck intercommit SMB-550

Characteristics of the operation of the snowman

The manufacturer recommends that the owners remove snow in the morning, preferably not encoded. The more efficient the machine works more efficiently. The quality of the snow mass is also more affected by the quality of the snow itself than the motor force.

The splendid snow, the more distance it will be rejected. Heavy wet snow is not thrown in 12 m.

Owners of Intercol’s snow places unanimously notice the essential advantages of the units during operation:

  1. The presence of differential and 2 rear speeds enables you to conveniently maneuver with the machine and easily develop.
  2. Thanks to a variable gear, the machine can work on a reduced and increased gear area. This allows you to set the optimal operating pace.
  3. High performance and reliability of snow breakers Intercol.
  4. Easy maintenance.

The tw o-stage snow supply offers the durability of the parts and mechanisms of the Snowpock machine, since the rotation of the rotary mechanism occurs at low speeds.

Top snow packing machines differ in the maximum rotation, while foreign bodies can fall in the cleaning strips and lead to the devices of the device.

From the defects of the snow places, the Intercol most often indicate the weak strength of the lighting slip, some rattling of metal parts during work and the difficult work with wet snow. In view of these nuances, however, you can always organize effective safe work.

Services of the snowman

When operating the snowman, it is necessary to comply with the safety rules: to pay attention to people, animals, equipment and various property in order to enter the field of vision. Snow writers are not designed so that they clarify the frozen hardened snow, thick ice cream. Do not work on surfaces with complex relief and slopes.

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The start of snow removal machines takes place manually and the SMB-650 E model has an electrical introduction of a conventional outcome.

Model maintenance

The implementation of the maintenance of the snow removal machine includes refueling the fuel tank with AI-92 or AI-95 petrol, and SAE 85/95 oil is used for lubrication. SYE 5W30 Synthetic oil is used as motor oil. For the gearbox, the oil of the GL 6 class SAE85-95, GL-5, GL-6 is recommended. Preventive work takes place after 25/50/100 hours before lon g-term storage.

SAE30 Oil Sae5w30

The detailed information of the manufacturer about the device, the assembly and disassembly of the snow removal machine, the removal of malfunctions and the current repair, the competent exchange of consumables (belts, friction bikes) are included in the factory instructions for the Intercol of the Snow Plite.

Video review

Intercol operates the Snowpock car

Performing the belt replacement in the Schneebrus s-Intercol

Reviews of the owners

Sergey Petrovich, 31 years old, Moscow:

“I’m working on the Interskol SMB 550 snow plow machine for the fifth year in park economy. Before that there was a Minitor HTZ. I had to turn him down as he couldn’t reach the dimensions everywhere and his power is over the top. All lanes, paths are now snow cleaned. I set the height of the runners and the machine moves normally on any surface. There are not enough electroplasts. And so the technical characteristics, the width/height of the capture are normal, the snowdrifts are divided. The assembly is of high quality. “

Bogdan, 56 years old, Nikopol: “We bought the Intercol 650 3 years ago. We have a decent plot of 45 hectares, however, in winter we have to discard in a smaller area. But there was a problem with his hands. Now I work a few hours a day – and order.

Pros: A good car, easy and comfortable to work with. Gasoline takes little. Boot from the network.

Cons: There are several cons: the handles are low, wet snow poles on the bucket, on the irregularities of the ground the unit stuck at times. If you are not very savvy, the car is good in principle. “

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Overview of snow plows Interskol. Installation, operation, video work, reviews

Snowlacks Intercommers are low cost representatives of gasoline snow removal units.

With the advent of winter, the importance of snow packing increases repeatedly. Therefore, many owners appreciated the snow attacks that appeared not so long ago – they are not inferior in quality to brands that have been known on the market for many years.

Interskol self-propelled snowplough machines are designed to clear snow on large areas with a flat surface. They are used in the private sector, in the community and in farming and in personal dealings.

Snow splitter performance is very reasonable for an hour for 5-8 acres, allowing you to replace manual labor with maximum efficiency.

The preparation

The lineup of Intercopal snow splitters is represented by versions that differ in some parameters: with power – 6.5 hp. and 5.5 hp, snow caption 54x57cm and 41×53 cm, and additional functionality – the presence of headlights, an electric steamer.

The most popular brand model is the SMECOL SMB-650E Snowmaker.

Among inexpensive petrol snow removal vehicles of different brands in the budget group worth up to 50.0 thousand rubles, this modification of the Intercot Snowpliter takes first place in the best technical devices.

Be sure to buy a snow pock in the summer, you have the opportunity to save at least 15-20% on its cost.

device, operating principle

The operating principle of the snowman is quite simple: the screw rotating inside the housing takes the snow, which is then thrown out of the impeller through the rotary chute with a stream of air.

The design of the snowman is: a gasoline engine, a metal case, control elements, a toothed screw.

For the compactness, it is Intercol snow employees are in a partially disassembled instructions of the operating instructions easy to assemble the machine yourself.

If necessary, van transport is available, its dismantling is also available.

The four-stroke petrol engine that powers the snail is based on the Japanese Honda GX power unit, reliable and easy to operate and adjust.

Such a motor develops high traction, unlike low-power (up to 3 hp) electric snow plows.


  • Improved two-stage snow blower system – thanks to the additional rotating mechanism, the longevity of the units is guaranteed at low auger speeds, cleaning is carried out safely and efficiently. In single-stage snow plows, the augers constantly rotate at maximum speed, and if foreign objects get into the cleaning zone, they can quickly fail.
  • Reverse Presence.
  • Can be used on site thanks to the differential.
  • Stable wheels with developed studs.
  • Easy snow thrower maintenance and repair.
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Features of operation and maintenance

Snow plows are started manually. The Interskol SMB 650E snow plow model provides for electric start – before starting work, the machine is connected to a 220 V socket.

The reliable transmission has a reduced range in the forward and reverse directions, which allows the operator to comfortably maneuver the snow plow and choose the optimal work rhythm depending on the geometry, height and density of the snowdrifts.

For efficient operation of the Interskol snow plow with minimal snow cover, a higher gear is selected, for cleaning dense masses of snow and high snowdrifts – a lower gear.

The maximum parameters for picking up snow by the machine are impressive, depending on the power of the engine they are: width 53-57 cm, height 41-54 cm. Snow ejection removal is carried out at a distance of up to 12 m, but depending on the quality of the snow mass, these parameters can vary significantly.

In the event that foreign objects get into the working area, the safety bolts of the auger are cut off, therefore, taking into account this feature of operation, the manufacturer supplies spare bolts with the Interskol snowblower.

The snow chute is durable and made of metal. Some brands that reduce the cost of building a snow plow make this element out of plastic, but the durability of such a gutter is not long.

The instruction manual for the Interskol snowblower describes in detail the characteristics of the machine, safety rules for the operator and his surroundings, animals, property.

The limits of snow plows, specific rules for the safe operation of the engine, fuel consumption, recommendations for starting are expressly indicated.

The manufacturer emphasizes the importance of personnel compliance with all requirements in order to avoid dangerous unforeseen situations. Interskol snow blowers cannot be used for clearing snow on steep slopes, terrain with relief soil. Do not test the snow thrower’s strength on a thick layer of ice.

Servicing the Interskol snowplough consists of timely refueling and regular oil changes, the choice of which should be made taking into account cold weather operation.

Oils SAE85-95, GL-5, GL-6 are used for the gearbox.

To extend the service life, all moving parts of the snow thrower must be greased after 25 hours of operation.

At the end of the winter season, measures must be taken to prepare for the storage of the snow ear (empty the fuel, the carburetor, a smear, the necessary repair).

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The preventive maintenance of the snowman Interskol should be carried out by qualified specialists with a certain frequency.

From the negative moments, the owners determine a somewhat loud work of intercopes due to the rattles of metal parts and the insufficient performance of the lighting slip. Sometimes it may be necessary to replace the screw of the screw or the friction wheel.

The exchange of the Sno w-Fachen belt intercol is shown in the video evaluation:

In any case, the future owners should first focus on the technical and functional properties of the machine.

If the choice is made in accordance with the actual needs, the necessary functions and the consideration of personal financial skills will be a real assistant in the economy and pay off in the shortest possible time.

Video review

Reviews of the owners

In the forums, the owners mainly leave positive reviews about Intercol’s snow attacks. These are functional, powerful and reliable units.

Sergey, Ukhta: “I worked in the third year as Snowman Interskol SMB-650. Very comfortable, compact, starts quickly. Always ready to work, you don’t have to change the HUK, as before with a tractor for walks. If you have to remove wet snow, you have to remove the spring from the emission fork and the performance does not decrease. There can be a lot of snow inside in a strong snowstorm, it is necessary to clean and dry it. After each cleaning, I always dry the air filter. If the snow was limited, don’t load hard. And so very satisfied with the snow surface. “

Grigory, Lipetsk region: “At first it was unusual to work as Snowman Intercker, now I’m automatically ready. To start normally, I warm up at the beginning. It throws back the snow, which is good for a height of 4 to 5 meters. It is necessary to open and clean at regular intervals, as a lot of snow is stuffed into the bottom of the snow. The rear speeds are comfortable, they don’t have to withdraw it manually. “

Gennady, Smolensk: “I have been working with an intercol with an electric starter for 2 years. They were scattered by more than one ton with a shovel, of course not to be dealt with. The assembly is normal, it pulls well, the speeds are normal. In principle, the device is not complicated if you find out. The only thing the screw band burned after the first day of work I had to choose a car, now it works. But it is impractical to change it. “

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